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Vernacular Schools: Not a cause of disunity unlike the “doctrine” of Ketuanan Melayu…

… The idea of a single stream, first mooted by Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim in 2009 has been debated for years. Single-stream schools ― either in the Malay or English language ― are seen by their proponents as a … Continue reading

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This 2010 video angers UMNO man: (2/5)NTV 7″非谈不可” 民联国陣KPI大比拼,倪可敏Nga Kor Ming vs魏家祥Wee Ka Siong

— It’s an old show but I suppose that when you are running out of things to attack…. — (2/5)NTV 7″非谈不可” 民联国陣KPI大比拼,倪可敏Nga Kor Ming vs魏家祥Wee Ka Siong … Uploaded on Mar 20, 2010 继2005年倪可敏及魏家祥于”風云巨辩”辩论会正面交锋以来,­上述两位政治新生代领袖今次接受NTV 7 电视台的邀请, 分别代表民联及国陣于2月8日晚上8时假隆雪中华大会堂针对”民联国陣KP­I 大比拼”展开辯论,再分高下。這是倪可敏继2005年受邀与当今马华总会长­拿督斯里翁詩杰辩论后马华与行动党双方再次唇枪舌剑,令人注目。倪可敏曾于2007年­当选全国十大杰出青年,是迄今唯一荣获该殊荣的在野党领袖,他今年也刚被东方日報专题­列為我国政治明星之一;魏家祥则于2005年赢获该大奖,两位全国十大杰出青年正面交­锋结果如何,让人拭目以待。 — 1 … Continue reading

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— This is genuine The Star ‏@staronline 41m41 minutes ago Education Ministry: All schools nationwide to open tomorrow http://bit.ly/1PN55Ee  PETALING JAYA: All schools nationwide will open Thursday, including those in Johor that were closed for the past two days, says … Continue reading

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Lim Guan Eng was jailed in 1998: Why? Read on…

— Fumbling Ex Malacca Chief Minister apologizes three times. Have you forgotten who this man is? — LIKE FATHER LIKE SON Lim Guan Eng and his father, Lim Kit Siang, share quite a number of things in common. One similarity is … Continue reading

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Fumbling Ex Malacca Chief Minister is charged with sedition. We have not forgotten who this man is.

— Lim Guang Eng followed his father, Lim Kit Siang, into ISA detention… — 5 October 2015 Favorited 6 times BERNAMA ‏@bernamadotcom 1h1 hour ago Rahim Thamby Chik pleaded not guilty to a charge of publishing seditious statement alleging Selangor … Continue reading

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The NST on Twitter on 1 Oct 2015 is still almost all about Najib, Najib and Najib.

— The NST is right wing and pro-government. The New Straits Times is part of Media Prima group of companies. The Media Prima group has equity interests in TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and TV9. In addition, the Group also owns more … Continue reading

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Malaysia under the BN govt: The KLSE, the Ringgit, the Economy…

— 16 October 2015 … Malaysian reserves down by S$31 billion, among sharpest falls Malaysian reserves are down by US$22.7 billion or almost a fifth this year, and Indonesia has lost US$10 billion or 9 per cent. TODAY ‏@TODAYonline 11h11 … Continue reading

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The Muslim ‘Bomb-Clock Boy’: Will the Truth ever emerge?

— MORE TALES IN THIS THAN WE THINK! — Breitbart Two days after the Sept. 14 incident, President Barack Obama intervened by praising the boy, praising his clock-in-a-box, and inviting him to the White House for an October event. “Cool clock, … Continue reading

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The Police in Singapore

— The Singapore Police Force has grown from an 11-man organization to a 38,587 strong force. Singapore has been ranked consistently in the top five positions in the Global Competitiveness Report in terms of its reliability of police services. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Police_ForceContinue reading

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The SLOW Internet in Malaysia

… 22 February 2018 … 20 February 2018 The Malay Mail‏ @malaymail Malaysia’s 4G speed among slowest in the world, report shows KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 — Malaysia’s 4G mobile internet service is among the slowest of 88 countries surveyed, according … Continue reading

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