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Shahidan Kassim: Malaysian Death Camps as tourist attractions?

… Cabinet minister Shahidan Kassim once considered making a tourist attraction of the biggest of the human trafficking camps discovered near the Thai border. Shahidan Kassim Malaysian Politician Dato’ Seri Dr. Shahidan bin Kassim is a Malaysian politician. He is … Continue reading

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RM1million reward for information on Dr Mahathir’s ‘hidden’ riches!

— MAHATHIR MAHATHIR … Mahathir is Mahathir Jun 2, 2015 Malaysiakini ‘If exposing me makes millionaires, why not?’ ‏@malaysiakini 2h2 hours ago Dr Mahathir: ‘If exposing me makes millionaires, why not?’  … 8 November 2018 Show my ‘billions’, … Continue reading

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Skeleton of child buried under kitchen floor in Selayang, K.L.

— 12 November 2015 Star Thursday November 12, 2015 MYT 5:52:29 PM Housewife gets two years’ jail for burying son’s body in kitchen floor by maizatul nazlina KUALA LUMPUR: A housewife who buried her son’s body in a kitchen floor … Continue reading

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Watch the video: Malaysian Death Camps – Art of the Matter

— Human Trafficking: Right at our door step and on our shore! Come one, come all, come and tour our Malaysian Death Camps! — Malaysian Death Camps – Art of the Matter — Published on May 28, 2015 In this week’s episode … Continue reading

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“Have MORE babies!” That’s what the Minister who has AMOST EVERYTHING says to other Malaysian women.

— On 25 May 2015,Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Rohani Abdul Karim, told Parliament that families were encouraged to have at least three or four children to address the country’s declining birth rate. — Your Indonesian maid will cost … Continue reading

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Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM): Pro BN, launched by Najib when he was the PM…

— CHRISTIANS FOR PEACE AND HARMONY MALAYSIA (CPHM) … 12 December 2018 .. Perkasa, Muslim agencies to attend interfaith Christmas dinner @nonvitaltooth @_chuad @skumar176 @lowelsielow54 @billtay25 @chongbeng @arifsetia20132d @eddydaud @GEanalyst @CA4MSIA @richardrichli @imfsea_aruna @kuabt @ahkmlog @twt_stupid @zulnine09 — estee … Continue reading

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Gosh! Did the Sergeant-Major really expose himself to their women?

— Cop accused of exposing himself to women — Sandra Segaran and 4 others follow Otai Reformasi ‏@OtaiReformasi 2h2 hours ago Kg Gatco: Polis didakwa buka zip, cuba tunjuk kemaluan … Jumaat, 29 Mei 2015 Kg Gatco: Polis didakwa buka … Continue reading

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Shahril Azlan Ahmad Kamil, shot at a police road block in April 2009, wins suit against Police and Government

— Court of Appeal upholds award of RM318,000 for Norizan Salleh, shot by the Police — Star Friday May 29, 2015 MYT 9:52:28 AM Man who was shot at roadblock wins suit against cops by m. mageswari SHAH ALAM: Container equipment … Continue reading

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Videos: Let me get on the plane! At KLIA.

— 29 May 2015 AT KLIA AirAsia flight AK380 KL-Jakarta — Xiaohong Xiaohong May 26 · Flight AK380 to Jakarta. pax late to the gate. Not allowed for boarding. Aircraft door was closed and was waiting Air Traffic Clearance for … Continue reading

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Video: Cat in a washing machine. Somewhere in Malaysia.

— — Star Wednesday May 27, 2015 MYT 11:35:20 PM Video of girl leaving cat in washing machine goes viral by victoria brown PETALING JAYA: A video of a man kicking and throwing cats, and a girl leaving a cat … Continue reading

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