Fun with Car Number Plates

25 Oct 2016

The owners of these cars probably never realized the fun other people would have by making up stories about their cars.

Here is one version (perversion?)

Today in Penang, a car was seen chasing another car.Your guess is as good as mine as to which was chasing n which was running away


Here is another.

In Penang, two cars were in an accident. One car banged the other on purpose. Can you guess which was the aggressor?

Is this doctored?


I ask because the number plate belonged to another vehicle back in February 2016.
Perhaps the owner sold his plate to someone else….

“Hey baby, wanna ride in my PU551 Wagon?” I love Malaysian car plates.



Ferrari with ‘MAT 1’ number plate catches motorists’ eyes BY ADRIAN DAVID – 4 MAY 2015 @ 3:40 PM


KUALA LUMPUR: Heads were made to turn when a silver Ferrari, bearing the ‘golden’ registration number ‘MAT 1′, zoomed along Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle, today.
The sports car caught motorists’ attention along Jalan Raja Chulan not for its expensive price tag but the number plate which in Malay insinuated ‘MATI’ for death.
A Road Transport Department source revealed that the luxury car was registered to a former chief minister.

Read More :

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The Cages. In Batu Gajah!

25 Oct 2016

The practice of keeping these severely disabled inmates in pens began in 2009 and according to the home, the Welfare Department is aware of the practice.


Dignity must be accorded to all

October 24, 2016

By right the Welfare Department is responsible to supervise homes and prevent atrocities from occurring because disabled or able, dignity must be accorded to all people.


By Dr Amar Singh HSS

The recent report of children caged in a residential home for children with disabilities in Batu Gajah has prompted the National Early Childhood Intervention Council (NECIC) to revise and reissue these guidelines first written and circulated in 2002 by Network (a sister organisation of the NECIC). By right the Welfare Department is responsible to supervise such homes and prevent such an atrocity from occurring.

The NECIC is a registered coalition of parents, therapists and professionals from a large variety of NGOs and aims to promote early childhood intervention and services for children with disabilities. The NECIC is concerned that many residential homes for children with disabilities are poorly managed, have potentially serious hazards and are not conducive for the development and well-being of these children. According to Article 23:1 of the Convention on the Rights of the child, ‘a mentally or physically disabled child should enjoy a full and decent life, in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance, and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community’.

Dignity must be given to very person, disabled or able.

Dr Amar-Singh HSS is the President of National Early Childhood Intervention Council.

9h9 hours ago

Unicef gesa Malaysia siasat dakwaan kanak-kanak cacat dikurung via


PETALING JAYA: Tabung Kanak-Kanak Antarabangsa Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (Unicef) Malaysia menggesa pihak berkuasa supaya menyiasat dakwaan kanak-kanak cacat dikurung sebuah rumah kebajikan di Batu Gajah, Perak.

Dalam satu kenyataan malam tadi, Unicef berkata semua dakwaan penderaan kanak-kanak perlu diambil serius dan perlu disiasat dengan teliti.

Agensi Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) itu berkata pihaknya “sangat bimbang” selepas media menonjolkan layanan yang diterima kanak-kanak cacat Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Batu Gajah.

“Semua kanak-kanak berhak dilayan secara bermaruah dan terhormat, serta diberi perlindungan dan penjagaan yang mereka berhak terima.

“Kami menyeru pihak berkuasa dan agensi perlindungan supaya menyiasat isu ini dengan segera,” kata Unicef Malaysia.

Lack of funds forces home to lock inmates in pens: Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Batu Gajah says inmates .

PETALING JAYA: A charity home is forced to keep some severely mentally disabled inmates in pens at night as they lack funds to build rooms for all the inmates.

Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Batu Gajah chairman Sivalingam Ramasamy said that come bedtime, the severely disabled inmates would usually “attack” the others by biting and poking them in the eyes while they were sleeping.

“We had to separate these children to keep the others safe and since our funding is so small, our only resort was to put them in those pens,” he said.

Ten of these inmates are being kept in the pens at night.

The charity home houses some 47 disabled inmates between the ages of 15 and 60, while only six full-time workers along with some partially disabled volunteers are there to monitor them.

Sivalingam said due to the lack of funds, they could only afford to pay the workers a small allowance which was not sufficient to keep them.

“There aren’t enough workers to monitor all the inmates and even some of the workers we do have won’t stay for long.”

‘Demi keselamatan penghuni’: Batu Gajah: Rumah kebajikan menempatkan Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) …


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Sleepy Politicians, come to Parliament at half-past eight….


We sang this song in primary school:

Sleepy head
Come to school at half-past eight.
Teacher said,
“Why you come to school so late?”
“Because my father cut me


Ahmad Bashah caught with ‘eyes shut’ during swearing-in ceremony


Be like the new Kedah Mentri Besar. Sleep on the job.

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The Police raid on the office of Sisters in Islam (SIS) that was not a raid…

25 Oct 2016

Police raid SIS office, nab worker over CBT case involving RM207,563

Rozana said once she and their lawyers arrived at the office the police clarified that their investigations had nothing to do with SIS.

“We have been informed that their investigations were more toward what she (the staff member) used to do in her previous work.

“We have been informed that our staff would be taken to the Dang Wangi police headquarters for further investigations.”

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zainol Samah confirmed that police from the Dang Wangi Commercial Crime Investigation Department raided the office.

“Investigations are ongoing about a criminal breach of trust case involving RM207,563.”

24 Oct 2016

Police raid not related to Sisters in Islam, clarifies activist

SIS: It was not a raid, just a misunderstanding


Police only wanted to speak to one of the SIS staff members on a separate matter, says Executive Director Rozana Isa.

PETALING JAYA: Sisters in Islam (SIS) revealed that the so-called raid at their office in Jalan Universiti earlier today was a misunderstanding.


Executive Director Rozana Isa said the police had not come to conduct a raid on SIS but to speak to one of their staff members on a separate matter.

She said she was out of the office when she received a phone call from a staff member that the police were at the door.

She then gave specific instructions not to let anyone in until she got there.

That’s when the situation escalated as the police were adamant and started making threats about breaking down the door.

“The staff negotiated with them to wait for our lawyers to come but they got very impatient and told my staff they were obstructing justice,” Rozana said in a statement issued today.

“We were willing to cooperate but wanted to know what the matter was about specifically.

“The communication on this matter was not clear at all.”

She explained that she had given instructions not to let anyone in because she was afraid for her staff’s safety.

“I informed the police that the safety and security of the SIS staff was paramount and my responsibility.”

Rozana thanked everyone who contacted them after the ordeal.

Polis Tahan Kakitangan Di Pejabat NGO SIS, Kata Marina Mahathir: PETALING JAYA – Polis hari ini menahan seora…

Ok, crisis over. Cops calmed down a lot at the end, even asked if can take photos with me. 😬

Rushing to office. For some reason the cops are there trying to break down the front door!!

SISTER IN ISLAM punya geng.. including Marina Mahathir…. Siti Kasim..


Rozana Isa
Executive Director
Sisters in Islam

Sisters in Islam office being raided by cops


2h2 hours ago

Polis serbu pejabat SIS, seorang wanita ditahan


Pengasas SIS Datin Marina Mahathir mengesahkan ia tiada kena mengena dengan badan bukan kerajaan itu, dan pihaknya akan beri kerjasama

PETALING JAYA: Polis hari ini menahan seorang kakitangan Sisters In Islam (SIS) berhubung satu kes pecah amanah.

Pengasas SIS Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir mengesahkan kunjungan pihak berkuasa itu tidak ada kena mengena dengan badan bukan kerajaan itu.

“Kita semua sedikit terkejut dengan serbuan ini, tetapi apa kami pastikan ia tiada kaitan dengan SIS.

“Polis sebenarnya mencari seseorang yang sedang bekerja di sini atas sesuatu kes di tempat kerja lama dia.

“Kami semua akan bekerjasama,” kata Marina.

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Mahathir, Musa and Musa’s ‘secret letters’…


musa hitam dan mahathir

24 Oct 2016

Dr M produces secret letters over Musa’s resignation as DPM


Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today published two letters said to be from his then deputy Musa Hitam, to rebut Musa’s claim that he resigned from cabinet after Mahathir accused Musa of trying to oust him.

Musa said this in his recently published memoir ‘Frankly Speaking’.

Instead, Mahathir said on his blog, that Musa resigned because he did not like Mahathir offering Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah the trade and industry minister post in 1984.

“To see how truthful Musa’s frank story about himself, please read his two letters. The copy of the original is not legible, so I have printed the contents. You can compare,” he said.

The original letters were not published in full, but Mahathir appended a transcript of what was written.

He also said he cannot uphold Musa’s desire for secrecy, by publishing the letters, since Musa’s memoir implies he has nothing to hide.

The first letter, said to be from July 5, 1984, was marked ‘Top Secret’ while the second letter from July 31, 1984 noted that the contents are secret.

Tengku Razaleigh was trade and industry minister from 1984 to 1987, while Musa Hitam was deputy prime minister from July 18, 1981 to March 16, 1986.

In 1987, Tengku Razeleigh challenged Mahathir for the Umno presidency leaving a rift that would lead to Umno declared illegal, after Mahathir won the polls in a razor-thin margin.

Musa Hitam blames ‘AIDS’ for rift with Mahathir

Published 15 Aug 2016, 3:25 pm     Updated 15 Aug 2016, 3:55 pm

It is often claimed that Musa Hitam resigned as deputy prime minister in 1986 due to irreconcilable differences with his then boss, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

However, the decision to quit, was not something that built up over time, but happened rather suddenly when Mahathir accused Musa of trying to topple him.

This false accusation, Musa believes, was spread by a trio, who were known as “AIDS” – which is short for Anwar Ibrahim, Daim Zainuddin, and Sanusi Junid.

Ex-Utusan editor confirms ‘AIDS’ attacked Musa

Published 16 Aug 2016, 12:11 pm     Updated 16 Aug 2016, 2:48 pm

Former Utusan Malaysia group chief editor Zainuddin Maidin has confirmed that Musa Hitam fell victim to false allegations during his time as the deputy prime minister.

Zainuddin said the allegations – spread by Anwar Ibrahim, Daim Zainuddin and Sanusi Junid, collectively known as ‘AIDS’ – had driven a wedge between Musa and then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The trio had spread rumours that Musa was eyeing the top post in order to fulfil Anwar and Sanusi’s own ambitions to become prime minister, as well as Daim’s desire to become the hidden “king maker”, according to Zainuddin.

“As the chief editor of Utusan, close to the then deputy prime minister Musa Hitam at that time, I saw for myself the truth to his claims that he was made the sacrificial lamb because Mahathir believed AIDS’ false accusations he wished to topple Mahathir as the prime minister.

“It is because of those accusations that he stepped down in 1986, after Mahathir himself brutally confirmed it,” Zainuddin (photo) wrote on his blog today.

Mahathir, he said, had also been uneasy with the fact that Musa often jokingly referred to him as “bomoh” (shaman) during the then deputy prime minister’s weekly meetings with newspaper editors.

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Fake news: The arrest of Miss Universe 2016 (Filipina Pia Wurtzbach) in Malaysia.

24 Oct 2016

Not sure who the young woman is in this news post, but I hope help comes her way. Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, has never been to Malaysia and has been working in the States for the past week. Pia Alonzo


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Filipino-German actress who is currently Miss Philippines and Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach has been arrested at Kuala Lumpur…

24 Oct 2016

Cops: We did not arrest Miss Universe


SEPANG: Police are denying a fake news report that says Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2016 from the Philippines, has been arrested in Malaysia for attempting to smuggle drugs into the country.

Sepang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Aziz Ali said there was no truth to the report being widely spread on the Internet.

“She has not been arrested. Its a fake news report,” he said when contacted Sunday.

A Fake Site Spreads Crazy News About Pia Wurtzbach



On Sunday, October 23, several Facebook users shared a story with this fake headline: “Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach arrested at Kuala Lumpur Airport with 10 kg of cocaine.” It also featured Pia’s picture.

The story was published on a website with a deceptively official-sounding name, News24-TV. We clicked on the website’s information page and it claimed to be part of a TV network based in Cologne, Germany. Of course, we doubt this claim.

Esther Swan of the Miss Universe Organization got wind of the fake news and posted a clarification on her Facebook page. “Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, has never been to Malaysia and has been working in the States for the past week,” she wrote.

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Putrajaya will blacklist firms that support Bersih but won’t name the firms.

Who are the firms backing Bersih?

Vincent Tan, YTL and other ‘cronies’ of Mahathir’s are accused of donating tons of money to PKR for GE13.

Propaganda:Facebook video accusing Mahathir and his cronies of trying to topple the BN government…

24 Oct 2016

4h4 hours ago

Will Umno also blacklist Gerakan’s Tan Keng Liang?

Last month, I read a news article stating that Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang had offered to sponsor a stadium for Bersih. He claims that Bersih should hold the upcoming rally in a stadium and not on the streets.

The offer by Gerakan is clearly a kind of sponsorship to Bersih.

So, will Umno also blacklist Tan since he is also ‘sponsoring’ Bersih?

I hope Abdul Rahman can answer this. And please walk the talk on this.

: EPU & UKAS have identified several pro-Bersih companies, will no longer work with them: Rahman Dahlan

EPU, UKAS cut ties with companies which had sponsored Bersih rallies

Selangor govt blacklisted companies which had supported Umno, says Noh Omar

KUALA LUMPUR: Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar said the Selangor government had previously blacklisted companies which were known to support Umno.
He said the companies include waste management contractors working for Alam Flora.
“When waste management services were taken over by local governments in Selangor, those contractors were blacklisted,” he said when met by reporters at the Parliament lobby today.
The Selangor government took over cleaning and maintenance services from Alam since August 2011, with local authorities hiring their own contractors.

Noh was commenting on the recent announcement by Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan that the government will blacklist government-linked companies that provide financial support to electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0.

Read More :

23 October 2016

Chin said Rahman had no right to dictate which company could fund Bersih, as it was a “free market and it comes under the freedom of association.”

Rahman did not have the right to discriminate against the business communities. “We are not selling firearms. We are just fighting for clean elections and we are against corruption,” she said.

Chin pointed out that Bersih had often invited politicians from both sides to join their rallies and convoy.

‘Govt to blacklist companies who fund Bersih’

Rahman Dahlan promises immediate action, says companies that seek government contracts to be scrutinised.

Utusan urges Putrajaya to ‘blacklist’ Bersih’s sponsors


Utusan Malaysia has urged Putrajaya to blacklist businesses which funds electoral reforms pressure group Bersih’s ongoing roadshow.

In an article by Awang Selamat today, the daily said that it was wrong for businesses to back a group that is tyring to depose a democratically elected government.

“Another issue which needs attention is the business dealings or award of contracts to companies and entrepreneurs who sponsor the series of Bersih gatherings.

“This issue has been repeatedly raised to Awang’s. These pro-Bersih companies should rightfully be blacklisted,” read the article written by the Umno-owned daily’s senior editors under the same pseudonym.

The article also claimed that state governments that are not administered by BN often had the same policy of “blacklisting” companies which are seen as the “enemy”.

“What is happening now is (Putrajaya) is empowering the guilty parties.

“These businesses are making a profit which are used to fund Bersih which wants to overthrow a government outside the democratic process,” read the article.

In view of this, the authors urged Putrajaya to take preemptive action against the “Bersih 5 threat”.

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Is this true: NST says Selangor MB blames BN and UMNO for Sungai Semenyih contamination!

23 Oct 2016

39m39 minutes ago

Azmin: Luas already lodged a police report on Sungai Semenyih contamination

KUALA LUMPUR: Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali today confirmed that a police report has been lodged over the issue surrounding the contamination of Sungai Semenyih.
He said the Selangor Water Management Authority (Luas) had taken the initiative to file the report asking police to launch an investigation into the matter after unidentified odour from the river forced the closure of Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant last month.
“Luas has taken the initiative to lodge a police report so that police can investigate on this matter.
“We want the culprit behind this pollution to be taken to justice.” said the Gombak MP.

Earlier, Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar challenged Azmin to lodge a police report over the allegation that the contamination was an act of sabotage by Barisan Nasional and Umno.
He said the state government should also produce evidence to the police on the alleged sabotage claim.

Read More :

Don’t point fingers Azmin, Johan brings up sand mining project, claims it could be the cause

SHAH ALAM: Semenyih assemblyman Datuk Johan Abdul Aziz today lambasted Selangor Menteri Besar for blaming BN and Umno in Sungai Semenyih pollution case.
Johan said the allegations by Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, claiming that the contamination was an act of sabotage by BN and Umno, was a poor attempt to hide the PKR-led state government’s weaknesses.
“I want to ask the MB, if he says that BN and Umno were the ones who sabotaged the river, who was responsible for approving the sand mining project situated near the river intake location in Dengkil?
“According to the law, any sand mining project must be at least two kilometres away from a river, but the sand mining project there was only about 300m from the water intake point. The mud and dirt flows directly into the water treatment plant there.
“I want the MB to answer this. Were BN and Umno the ones who approved this project? Were we the ones who gave the permit and licence to this company?” he told the New Straits Times when contacted earlier today.

Johan, who is also Hulu Langat Umno chief, was commenting on Azmin blaming BN and Umno for the pollution incident in Sungai Semenyih, claiming that it was an act of sabatoge.

Read More :

Source of Semenyih pollution narrowed down to Nilai, taps still dry in many districts



SHAH ALAM: The source of odour pollution that caused the shutdown of the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant this morning has been roughly pinpointed as Nilai in Negri Sembilan, the Selangor state government has confirmed.
Selangor executive councillor for Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs Elizabeth Wong said upstream waterways in Nilai were found to have an unusually strong odour as they flow into Sungai Buah, which leads to the Semenyih intake point.

“Dead fish have also been sighted in the area. River surveillance teams from Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) and the Selangor Water Management Board (Luas) were deployed this morning to narrow down the source of the odour.

Read More :

Azmin blames BN, Umno for Sungai Semenyih contamination

By Hariz Mohd


BANTING: The PKR-led Selangor state government today has blamed Barisan Nasional and Umno for the recent water contamination at Sungai Semenyih, claiming it was an act of sabotage.
Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, in making the allegation, said it was done in an attempt to undermine the state government’s capability in handling the issue.
Speaking to reporters today, Azmin, who is PKR deputy president, also claimed that the state government has “strong evidences” to back the claim.
“From initial reports and evidences collected, there were tendencies that this incident was an act of sabotage by BN and Umno to undermine Selangor government,” he said after the groundbreaking ceremony of Labohan Dagang Water Treatment Plant project in Mukim Tanjung 12, here.
The MB said the state government believed BN and Umno were behind the incident by looking at, among others, the way the contamination had happened.
“From our investigation, it was seen that the way of contamination was pretty standard and very systematic.
“We have strong evidences in the case of Sungai Semenyih, and the Department of Environment and the Attorney-General’s Chambers are completing their investigation.
“At state level, we have taken stern action by seizing the land owned by the company that had caused the pollution, as well as all its equipment.”

Azmin also alleged that the Sungai Semenyih incident was not the first, saying that “it was serial (bersiri).”

Read More :

KUALA LUMPUR: The operation of the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant has to be temporarily halted again today due to odour pollution detected in the Semenyih River.

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) in a statement issued by its Customer Service Centre (Puspel) on its official Facebook this morning said, it will mobilise its assets to provide water supply to affected users.

As of now, it could not be determined when the plant could resume operation and water supply would continue as normal, Puspel said.

The four affected districts are Hulu Langat, Petaling, Kuala Langat and Sepang.


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Crime: The Wire Trap on the Kesas Highway is only for motorcyclists…



5m5 minutes ago

Perompak rentang dawai di laluan motosikal, kata Kesas via


23 Oct 2016

Kesas lodges police report over wire trap on motorcycle path


Kesas Sdn Bhd has lodged a police report over a sabotage attempt to trap motorcyclists using a motorcycle lane along the Shah Alam Expressway (LSA) early yesterday morning.

Kesas in a statement today said photographs on the sabotage attempt were also handed over to the police to facilitate investigations.

“The trap was discovered during a routine patrol along the motorcycle lane at 5am yesterday but no motorcyclists were caught in the trap.

“Immediate action by Kesas Patrol managed to foil the sabotage attempt against motorcyclists plying the lane,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, a Kesas spokesperson, when contacted by Bernama, confirmed that a patrol member suffered minor injuries when he rode into a wire trap set across the motorcycle path.

The wire trap was laid to incapacitate victims before robbing them.


Nope.wmv Retweeted psyduck


Nope.wmv added,

Suspected thieves lay wire trap across bike lane, images go viral on social media


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Jamal Yunos regrets kissing Mahathir’s hand; will spit on it next time.

23 Oct 2016

10h10 hours ago

Si anjing ni hisap2 tgk zahid komedi ni…kalo ko jantan, ko try ludah tun..ko tu xde tlor…jmpa ko mmg kena pnyepak la ko


Watch your mouth, Khairuddin warns Jamal

PETALING JAYA: Former Umno divisional leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan has given a warning to Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos that he is not the only one who can act like a gangster.

“Someone please ask this little village gangster if he thinks we’re all just going to sit by and let him do whatever he wants,” he said in a statement issued today, in response to remarks by Jamal about former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

Jamal was quoted as saying that he regretted having shaken hands with Dr Mahathir and having kissed his hands in the past. Jamal said that if he met Mahathir now, he would spit on the latter’s hand.

Khairuddin, known to be a Mahathir loyalist, said Jamal was not fooling anyone with his tough guy act and that he should learn to watch his mouth.

“I dare this two-bit gangster to spit in my hand before he spits at Tun Mahathir’s,” said Khairuddin.

He claimed that Jamal’s statements and actions brought shame to the Malays by giving the impression that Malays were cheap and had low standards. “Jamal’s culture of cheap gangsterism is something that no real Malay could ever accept,” he said.

22 Oct 2016

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Abdullah takes over in Malaysia
BBC News

steadyaku47: Cium Tangan…..What a disgusting and contemptible habit!

Rosmah-handkissers…Is she a ‘queen’? | weehingthong


Jamal regrets having kissed Mahathir’s hand


October 22, 2016

Former premier’s behaviour unbecoming and he says he will spit on Mahathir’s hand if he is given the chance.

PETALING JAYA: Umno divisional leader Jamal Md Yunos, who heads the Red Shirts movement, is reported to have expressed regret over having shaken hands with Dr Mahathir Mohamad and having kissed the former premier’s hand.

Jamal said Mahathir’s recent behaviour was unbecoming of an elderly statesman, and that he would spit on Mahathir’s hand if he met him again, according to Malaysiakini.

Jamal said Mahathir’s new Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia would be unable to gather Malay support for the opposition and the planned Bersih 5 street rally in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 19.

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