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The Batu Arang shootings: 4 went out, 3 men are shot dead by police and the 4th (a woman) is “missing”…

New government, but same old police force

P Ramasamy  |  Published: 

ADUN SPEAKS | A 7km chase of four people by the police from Batu Caves to Batu Arang in the early hours of last Saturday ended in a shootout, in which three suspected robbers were killed.

The fourth one, a woman, Moganambal Govindasamy, is missing.

The dead are Moganambal’s husband, Janarthanan Vijayaratnam, of Sri Lankan origin who holds a UK permanent resident status and works in the UK, Moganambal’s brother Thavaselvan and their friend Maghendran Santhirasegaran.

While the police are sticking to their version that the three men shot dead were robbers fleeing from the police, the family members might have a different story to tell.

The police under the changed political circumstances must wake up to the idea that the repetition of the old narrative, “there was chase, the robbers shot at the police and the police returned fire resulting in their deaths”, is not acceptable.

The public must know exactly what happened in the Rawang shootings, resulting in the death of two relatives and a friend, and with one woman gone missing.

One of the relatives has claimed that the bodies would not be claimed unless the police can account for the missing woman (Moganambal, on right in photo below, with her husband Janarthanan).


Too many incidents of police shootouts resulting in the deaths of suspected robbers have not gone beyond the testimony of the police.

Other than the versions provided by the police in the shooting incidents, there are no other alternative interpretations as how the so-called robbers met their fate.

Testimonies from family members have been drowned in silence as though they are considered biased and a cover-up of the wrongdoings of their dead relatives.

To date, in the cases of those who died in police shootings, no serious inquiries have been held to ask for police accountability and whether, in the first place, the shootings were justified.

Meanwhile, despite the assurances of the new inspector-general of police, there is no qualitative change in the manner of police operations in the country. Human lives are being lost.

Even with the emergence of the new government and the promise of institutional reforms, some members of the police force are acting with impunity.

Deaths in custody, deaths resulting from police shootouts and other abuses emanating from the uniformed personnel are acts against public interest.

The Batu Arang killings are not the first – and certainly not going to be the last.

But what is important is that the government must initiate a full inquiry to ascertain really what happened.

Were those who were shot dead really robbers or were they merely suspects?

What happened to one of the dead person’s missing wife, Moganambal?

Why would a UK citizen, Janarthanan, who was on a short visit to Malaysia, engage in robbery?

P RAMASAMY is the state assemblyperson for Perai. He is also deputy chief minister II of Penang.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.



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Family of man killed in shootout wants cops to reveal wife’s whereabouts


PETALING JAYA: Family members of a man killed in a shootout with police on Saturday claim that authorities are withholding information on his wife who was present during the incident but who has not been seen since.

Sivahnanthan Ragava, the lawyer representing the families of the man and two others also shot dead, said the police had informed them that Moganambal Govindasamy was apprehended but had refused to say where she was.

However, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaluddin denied this. He told FMT this evening that there was no woman in the car. There were only three men in the car. No woman,” he said.

He said he could not confirm the arrest of Moganambal as he had not been informed on the arrest of any woman.

Moganambal’s husband – Sri Lankan national Janarthanan Vijayaratnam – her brother Thavaselvan and another man Maghendran Santhirasegaran were killed in a shootout with police following a high-speed car chase at Batu Arang, Selangor.

The Star quoted Noor Azam as saying the trio, whom he described as robbers, had ignored an order by a police patrol team to pull over their car at Bandar Country Homes.

This led to a 7km chase, during which two of the men allegedly opened fire at the police officers, forcing them to return fire and killing all three.

Noor Azam said the car was found to be a stolen vehicle, adding that police seized two pistols, a machete, three ski masks and gloves from the suspects.

Sivahnanthan said the families were questioning the police’s version of events.

He claimed that the police refused to tell the families the whereabouts of Moganambal, who was also in the car.

“They don’t know what happened to her, whether she is alive or not, as the police refused to give them any information.

“The police must give a satisfactory explanation as to what happened to the woman,” he said, adding that the families had lodged police reports.

Family of man killed in shootout wants cops to reveal wife’s whereabouts


Family of men shot dead by police in Rawang demand answers

Hariz Mohd  |  Published:   |  Modified: 

The family of two men shot dead by cops in Batu Arang, Rawang in the early hours of Saturday is demanding answers from police on what had transpired and the fate of the wife of one of the deceased who is now missing.

They said they were puzzled with police’s statement that the duo (G Thavaselvan and V Janarthanan), who were in-laws, and their friend (S Maghendran) all of whom police shot dead in the incident, were suspected members of a home invasion gang.

Left: G Thavaselvan; Right: S Maghendran

According to Jasminder Kaur, 31, her husband G Thavaselvan, 31, had gone out with his sister G Moganambal, 35, and Moganambal’s husband V Janarthanan, 40, and Thavaselvan’s friend S Maghendran, 23, the night before to dine at a restaurant in Serdang.

Janarthanan is a Sri Lankan citizen who holds a UK permanent resident status and works in the UK.

He, Moganambal and their three children had been living in Portsmouth and arrived here on Aug 27 to visit a sick relative, according to Jasminder.

Jasminder Kaur

Jasminder said they lodged a missing person report on Saturday when the four failed to return home but learned later on Sunday that the three men had been shot dead.

“I want to get a clear picture of what happened to my husband. Where is my sister-in-law and why was my sister’s husband murdered? What am I going to tell their kids?”

Jasminder said that it was unacceptable to be told that her sister-in-law’s husband was involved in crime here, claiming that the family was well to do in the UK and had only come here for a visit.

“Until we get justice, and get my sister-in-law back, we won’t claim their bodies,” said Jasminder when met outside Bukit Aman where she and family members had arrived to lodge another police report on her missing sister-in-law.

Jasminder added that the four had left in a Perodua Alza rented by the visiting family while the vehicle that was reportedly involved in a police chase was a Volkswagen Polo.

She said the Alza the four had used when they went out on Friday evening had been found in Serdang, not far from the restaurant they had gone to that night.

Meanwhile, Janarthanan and Moganambal’s eldest son, Logantharan, 17, said he could not believe that his dad had been shot dead by police.

“We heard the news that three men had been shot but I didn’t believe it as my dad is not like that. And my mom is still missing. We hope the police will find her. Because we want our mom back.

“We have lost our dad, we have no one else. We got our future in the UK,” he said.

The family’s lawyer Sivahnanthan Ragava, when contacted, said they wanted the inspector-general of police to look into the matter seriously and provide answers on what had happened to the woman.

He also questioned how Janarthanan had become a suspect when he had only come here for a visit after six years, while Moganambal’s last visit to Malaysia was three years ago.

On Saturday, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaludin held a press conference saying that a team of police officers from the state CID’s Serious Crime Division together with Gombak district police had shot dead three suspected robbers during a shootout at Jalan Batu Arang at about 5 am that day.

He said at Bandar Country Homes, the men had refused to stop for checks when ordered to by police and a high-speed chase ensued before the suspects’ vehicle went out of control and crashed.

According to Noor Azam, shots were then fired towards the police and the police team returned fire, killing all three. Police also seized two semi-automatic pistols and three parang, among other items.

When contacted, Noor Azam said police would investigate the family’s claim regarding the missing woman.

He said police would also want to establish her connection with the suspects.


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Hadi Awang mocked the Dayak because they wore the cawat (loin cloth)…

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Is war between Iran and Saudi Arabia imminent?





‘Catastrophic’ war w/ Iran will DESTROY Saudi Arabia


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Iran has been preparing for a possible attack since the US 2003 invasion on Iraq, Professor Mohammad Marandi at the University of Tehran tells News With Rick Sanchez. A hot war would be “catastrophic,” destroying not just the oil industry and global shipping but Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Iran hopes there are “enough sane people in the US to avoid that,” Marandi says. #QuestionMore #RTAmerica
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What are PAS and UMNO telling everyone when they together raised the keris…


Saturday, 14 Sep 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: The joint charter between Umno and PAS has been signed, marking the official political cooperation between the two largest Malay-based parties in the country.

The charter was signed on Saturday (Sept 14) during the two-day Himpunan Penyatuan Ummah (Ummah Unity Gathering) at PWTC, Umno’s headquarters, and was witnessed by leaders and thousands of supporters from both parties.

Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang officially signed the charter at 12.30pm after addressing the crowd.

The last time Umno and PAS cooperated was during the 1974 General Election, when PAS candidates contested under the Barisan Nasional banner.

Umno’s signing of a political pact with PAS could potentially give the country’s largest Malay party a boost, following its devastating defeat in the 14th General Election last year.

Pakatan Harapan leaders have criticised the pact as championing Malay-centric interests and accused the cooperation of sidelining other races.


Received via Whatsapp…

zzzazaz.jpg @malaysiakini

Keris now a symbol of national, not Malay, sovereignty

Neil Khor  |  Published:   |  Modified: 

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Hisham apologises for keris act .

There is nothing wrong with the keris as a Malaysian national symbol. HRH the Agong raises it and kisses it when accepting his appointment as the nation’s supreme ruler. Used in that context, the symbolism behind the keris is clear. It is a symbol of the Agong’s ‘ ketuanan ’ just as the crown is a symbol of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s. Civil servants, including the Prime Minister, makes an oath of allegiance and loyalty to that ‘ Ketuanan ’.

The keris , when used by the Malay rulers, signify their protection over the country and its constitution. One must read the federal constitution carefully to understand the role of the rulers. The Agong’s role is to safeguard the rights of all Malaysians. Thus when the Agong raises the keris and kisses it upon his ascension to the throne, he is upholding the sanctity of his office, his ‘ ketuanan ’ or right to protect the constitution as well as other matters.

At the same time, the keris has an older significance especially to the Malay community. It is almost sacred to the Malays. I remember watching documentaries about keris -making on RTM as a child. It is both beautiful and, if used against another, dangerous. It brings us back to a time when such an instrument was part of the Malay warrior’s identity.

Being from a family of traders and civil servants, it is quite hard to identify with the keris . It must be equally hard for those who do not share in a background in commerce to appreciate the symbolism behind the abacus. But both, the keris and the abacus, have their symbolic meaning in our multiracial society.

In other words, there is really nothing wrong with the keris . However who wields it and in what context does matter. When Umno Youth leader Hishamuddin Hussein wielded the keris as a gimmick during Umno annual assemblies he was not doing anything new. Previous Umno leaders have done the same thing.

What was different was the context. At a time when Umno controlled nearly half of all parliamentary seats and the BN had a 90% majority, it was rather strange that Hishamuddin should wave the keris and demand for more ‘ Ketuanan ’.

In this case, the Umno Youth leader hoped to benefit from the symbolism of the keris . But, there is a right place and time for everything. In this case, Hishamuddin may be a prince of Umno but not of Malaysia.

Umno’s keris- waving reveals two things that have direct consequences for the party today. Firstly, it shows that Umno does not differentiate itself as a political party and the party that has won the elections and thus entrusted with governance. This is important because it makes a mockery of the people’s will and the whole concept of elections. The keris in such a context harks back to the feudal age where might is right. With 107 parliamentary seats under its control at that time, Umno came across as extreme and on the brink of becoming uncontrollable.

Secondly, keris kissing at a time when there were outstanding inter-ethnic and inter-religious misunderstanding became a symbol of arrogance. Here, the symbolic role of the Agong was directly usurped. If an Umno leaders raises the keris and kisses it as a sign of ‘Ketuanan Umno’, what does it mean when the Agong does it?

In Umno’s case, the keris was un-stitched from its national context and used as a symbol of ‘Ketuanan’. If so, does the Umno-led government only want to protect the rights of Umno members at the expense of the rest of us?

Now that the elections have reduced Umno’s parliamentary dominance by some 30 seats, its leaders are rushing to disassociate itself from the keris . What they should do is to step back from tempering with the symbolic meaning of the keris , restore its sanctity as part of the regalia of HRH the Agong and thus reassure all Malaysians that the keris does not belong to Umno but to all Malaysians.

This is the price Malays pay for having their culture incorporated as the basis of Malaysian national culture. Their language is no longer just Bahasa Melayu but Bahasa Malaysia. Similarly, the keris is more than just a symbol of the Malay community’s warrior past – it is now a symbol of national sovereignty. There is nothing wrong in raising the keris and kissing it. But future leaders might want to choose the right place and the right time to do it.


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M. Bakri Musa: When Clueless and Desperate, Thump Your Chest For ‘Malay Unity’!

*When Clueless And Desperate, Thump Your Chest For “Malay Unity!”*
M. Bakri Musa

The recent, much-ballyhooed love-fest between the two exclusively Malay political parties PAS and UMNO was not a major realignment of Malaysian politics, as many had interpreted, rather a pitiful demonstration of the despair, dumbness, and most of all the desperation of their respective leaders. They had failed to address the embarrassing backwardness of Malays while they were in power for the past 60 years.

Now dislodged from their lofty perches as a consequence of the 14th General Election, these leaders are left with thumping their collective chests calling for Malay unity. When pressed, as with unity towards what, their vacuous thinking is exposed. They are devoid of answers. What they are really scheming at is to be back in power so they could once again loot the nation with impunity.

The ugly reality and utter shame of continued Malay backwardness remains, made intolerable considering that all the major levers of powers–from the sultans, ministers, and the civil service–have been in almost exclusive Malay hands during those decades.

Instead of facing up to that failure and doing much-needed soul-searching, these leaders and their followers now resort to scapegoating and wallowing in their victimhood status. With the predominantly Chinese Democratic Action Party now in the ruling coalition, it becomes their favorite whipping-boy.

With Mahathir bringing in such sterling talents as new Attorney-General Thomas, those previously powerful and untouchable leaders now face criminal prosecutions that could put them behind bars for the rest of their lives. Instead of lauding this brave move, UMNO and PAS Malays would prefer instead that their favorite and clueless former AG Apandi remain in charge. Malays should be ashamed of him and others of his ilk, not proud of them.

Malays must confront the reality that many of our leaders have been corrupt and incompetent. They have also betrayed the rakyats’ trust in them. Leaders like Najib had been in cahoots with foreign elements, both East and West, to rob Malaysia to satisfy their insatiable greed.

Why did we let them? How did these flawed characters rise so high? Does that reflect on our culture? Where is the Koranic wisdom that Allah would not allow His community be in error? Why have Malays been so wrong in choosing these leaders?

Worst is their lack of shame, much less any sense of remorse or contrition despite the motherlode of foreign currencies stored in used-produce boxes (instead of in banks) found at their residences. Malays still consider these criminals fondly as their bossku (our boss). Look at the perversity of the recent by-elections at Semenyih and Cameron Highlands.

This new Malay alignment was purportedly to defend Islam and Malay interests. The first is laughable if not pathetic. This great faith does not need defenders, least of all from these slimy characters. Islam had withstood the hordes of Moghul invaders and survived powerful Western colonialism. It does not need these lebais with their “Syariah-compliant lies!” What next? Syariah-compliant fornication? Such bida’a!

I would have far greater confidence – and respect – had these leaders articulated their vision beyond such hackneyed calls for Ketuanan Melayu or make Malaysia Tanah Melayu again. What do they have in mind? A pogrom against non-Malays? You would have the Chinese Navy landing on Malaysian shores in no time. The Japanese took only days to overrun Malaysia despite formidable British defenses.

No, you would not need the Chinese Navy. A few amois from the Mainland would distract these corrupt leaders and achieve the same end. Look at what that moon-faced boy from Penang could get away with Najib!

Get real, folks! The sooner these Malay leaders in UMNO and PAS accept the present reality, the easier and faster they could make the adjustments and return to power to lead us forward.

If only these leaders had said they wanted Malay unity towards improving our schools and healthcare, so as to enhance the quality of our human capital, or strengthening our social structures to reduce rampant abandoned babies, underaged marriages, and drug addiction! Go beyond, as with freeing our people from the myopic and crippling interpretation of our faith. Then I and many others would be the first to join forces with them.

Consider Islam in Malaysia. Heavily supported by the state, it has reduced the ummah to the proverbial sheep, not the flock that could freely graze in the lush, green pastures and protected from predators, as gloriously expressed in J S Bach’s cantata “Where Sheep May Freely Graze,” but flocks being led to the slaughterhouse by their greedy, corrupt, and unscrupulous shepherds.

Tradition has it that the prophet was once asked for the signs of the end of time. “When the naked, destitute, and barefooted become your shepherd!” (Approximate rendition).

These are the new Malay leaders, our wira negara dan bangsa – naked of ideas, destitute of imaginative initiatives, and barefooted with their experience or competence.

Jonathan Brown recalled in his book Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenges and Choices Of Interpreting The Prophet’s Legacy, the advice given by one Mustafa Maraghi, the Grand Mufti of Al Azhar, to his country’s rulers, “Bring me anything that benefits the people, and I’ll show you a basis for it in the Syariah!”

Malay leaders and ulama have it backward. They are busy looking into those ancient texts on how to develop the nation instead of studying the problems and then recruiting the best minds to solve them. These leaders are obsessed only with displaying their ostentatious piety when they should be focusing on formulating sound public policies.

They will continue doing so until we, the rakyat, tell them in no uncertain terms that that is no longer acceptable.

My book excerpt will resume next week.


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Avoiding Debit/Credit Card Fraud, and what to do if it happens to you…

Did you know that your credit card liability is only RM250 if your credit card is stolen?

Go to Bank Negara Malaysia main website

Unauthorised Use of Credit or Debit Card

Unauthorised Use of Credit or Debit Card is a transaction involving the charging of expenses/purchase of goods and services without the consent of the cardholder. Such transactions may occur as a consequence of credit or debit cards that are lost, stolen, not received, issued on a fraudulent application, counterfeit or other fraudulent conditions as defined by the credit or debit card issuer.

Fraudsters are no longer just using SMS to elicit contact with unwary members of the public in an effort to extract personal banking information for unlawful purposes.

How it’s done?

  • Victim receives SMS or telephone call: Requesting victim to confirm a credit card transaction for the purchase of goods or services purportedly charged to the victim’s credit card.
  • When victim calls the telephone number provided in the SMS, the fraudsters identify themselves as agents of a commercial bank, and again, ask the victim to confirm whether the credit card transaction had taken place.
  • When victim informs the fraudster that he has no such credit card or transaction, the fraudster will start to sound concerned and will advise victim to lodge a report with Bank Negara Malaysia’s “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu”, or with the commercial bank’s “credit card management department”. The fraudster will provide the victim with the telephone number for the “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu”.
  • When victim calls the telephone number provided, they are greeted by a automated voice message which identifies the company as Bank Negara Malaysia, and the call will then be answered by someone claiming to be a Bank Negara Malaysia officer. This officer will request for information relating to the victim’s banking and credit card accounts under the pretence of lodging a complaint on behalf of the victim.
  • The fraudsters now have sufficient information to illegally transfer funds out of the victim’s bank account or to conduct illegal transactions through the victim’s credit card account.

How to Protect Yourself?

  • Do not respond to SMS or call from unknown person asking for your credit/debit card details.
  • If someone claiming to be from your card service provider calls you and asks you to confirm the security numbers on the back of the card (the last three digits on the back of the card), you should end the call immediately
  • Be sceptical – Bank Negara Malaysia officer will never call you to ask for your credit/debit card or banking particulars; and
  • In case an arrangement has been made, keep copies of all the communication records and documentation

How to Report?

You can report directly to Bank Negara Malaysia via the following communication channels:

Call: 1-300-88-5465 (1-300-88-LINK)
Fax: 03-2174 1515
SMS to 15888: BNM TANYA [your report / query]


HSBC Malaysia Bank


Debit card fraud

Take preventative measures against debit card fraud

What is fraud?

Fraud occurs when there is a criminal intention to deceive someone or an entity to gain something of value, such as money, power, authority and materials.

Target victims

Anyone is a potential target and scammers love to prey on those who are ignorant, gullible or greedy.


Skimming is an electronic method of capturing a victim’s personal information used by identity thieves. It is a small device that scans a debit card and stores the information contained in the magnetic strip. The stolen data stored in the magnetic strip of a cloned card may later be used to effect transactions.

Skimming can take place during a legitimate transaction at a merchant and can occur easily in a restaurant if your card is taken away while the bill is being settled.

E.g.: If your waiter/waitress is a skimming identity thief,

  1. He/she can steal your debit card data using a hand-held electronic device
  2. Within seconds, your debit card information is captured and can be sold or used by other criminals

Phone scam

A scammer contacts the victim on a pretext of being a Bank officer checking on a default payment and usually attempts to trick you into giving out personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and debit card numbers. Most victims unknowingly assume that the calls are from regulators and respond to avoid embarrassment or as a result of supposed warnings given by the “officer”.

E-mail scam

Also known as ‘phishing’, its purpose is for personal gain or to damage another individual through email. Phishing scams are typically fraudulent email messages appearing to come from legitimate enterprises, usually directing you to a spoofed website or otherwise get you to divulge private information. The content of the email typically attempts to inflict a sense of urgency and panic in order to trick customers into revealing confidential information on a fake website/popup.

SMS scam

An SMS scam usually involves phone messages initiated by a scammer to trick victims into believing that they have won a contest/reward to lead them into compromising their banking information and/or create an internet banking facility without the victim even realising it.

Avoid being a victim

Keep yourself secured from fraud by following the tips below:

  • Ensure that your debit card is kept in a secured place at all times and immediately notify HSBC for any lost or stolen cards
  • Do not leave your debit card unattended in public areas and/or inside your car/locker to avoid theft
  • Do not respond to an unauthorised person asking for your debit card details via SMS, phone calls or emails
  • It is unusual for anyone claiming to be a Bank Negara Malaysia officer to call, check and ask for your debit card details. If this occurs, end the call immediately
  • Should you receive SMS transaction alerts on any unauthorized transactions, notify HSBC immediately
  • Remember to retrieve your debit card after performing transactions at any self-service machines e.g. ATM, self-service petrol pump stations and any retail outlets
  • Do not disclose your debit card details and PIN to another person or third party
  • Do not write PIN details on your debit card or keep your PIN details near your debit card
  • Avoid using easily identified numbers like the last six digits of your IC, telephone numbers, driving license number or birth date as your PIN
  • Do not permit another person or third party to use your debit card or perform any transactions on your behalf
  • Always adhere to the Terms & Conditions for the use of your HSBC Visa Debit Card



Here’s What to do if You’re the Victim of Credit Card Fraud

by Desiree Nair

If you’ve ever gone through the misfortune of seeing an unauthorized charge on your credit card statement, you’ll know just how nerve-wracking the situation can be. When faced with this scenario, take a swift action to limit your liabilities and secure your credit card from further unapproved charges.

Is it Really Fraud?

The first thing to do when you notice an unusual transaction on your credit card statement/bill is to identify if the charge is really fraudulent to begin with. Consider that certain purchases you have made may be billed under an unrecognized biller.

This is often the case with online purchases, where charges may not be credited under the website you shopped with, but rather its company name. For instance, purchases from Lazada, the online shopping website, will appear on your bill as ‘Ecart Services’.

What you should do every time you buy online is print or download the receipt. This way you can cross reference and verify the details of your payment when your statement arrives.

At other times, there may be a hold on your card for an unfamiliar amount, sometimes due to bookings for hotel rooms or car rentals. If you use your card at a self-service pump in a petrol station for instance, there will be a pre-authorisation or temporary hold of RM200 charged to your card.

Finding a transaction like this on your bill may be worrying if you have not made a purchase in that amount. But rest assured, pre-authorised holds are usually reversed within three to four business days. Nevertheless, if you are uncertain about any charge on your bill, contact your bank immediately.

Read Also: How to Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

You’ve Found a Suspicious Charge, Now What?

What do you do if there really is an unauthorised transaction on your statement? Just follow these tips and try not to freak out!

  1. Don’t procrastinate, call your bank immediately and find out about the details of the charges.
  2. File a police report if you find that your card is lost, stolen, or if your PIN has been compromised. Contact your bank and cancel the card immediately (note that they might charge for replacements).
  3. Next, fill out a charge dispute form; it is usually found on your bank’s official website or at any of its branches. Submit the completed form along with your police report and other supporting documents (e.g. receipts, transaction slips, etc.).
  4. Remember to keep a copy of your reports and receipts to support your claims.

Note that according to Bank Negara’s Credit Card Guidelines, if your card was lost or stolen, your maximum liability should be RM250. This is provided of course that the cardholder has not acted fraudulently and informs the bank as soon as possible.

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can happen to anyone, so it’s best to be mindful of your transactions, keep a close eye on your credit card and make these tips a habit:

  • Sign up for online statements and check them regularly; once or twice a week, as well as before your auto debit date or bill payment due date.
  • Don’t lend your credit card to anyone and don’t share your PIN or other card information.
  • Make sure you cut up and destroy all expired credit cards.
  • Avoid using a public computer or public Wi-Fi network to sign into your bank account or shop online.
  • Have your card issuer’s contact information ready so you can immediately report any credit card theft or loss cases.
  • Check your charge slip to ensure all payment details are accurate.

Last But Not Least

When handing over your cards to a cashier, pay attention to how he or she handles your card. See that they don’t take a picture of the card or run it through a second terminal. Also, check that the card they return is actually your own and not a fake.

Now you know what to do in case of credit card fraud and how to protect yourself as well! If you are looking for a credit card that is both secure and rewarding, do check out our comparison page for help finding a card that ticks all your boxes!


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The MCA and MIC: Under the sarong of PAS and UMNO?











KUALA LUMPUR: MCA will build consensus, understanding and close the gap between the various racial or religious groups, says Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker (pic).

The MCA vice-president said the party will not follow DAP’s stance against the political cooperation between UMNO and PAS or label the act “Taliban-like”.

“On the contrary, we are going to engage and remind them to be mindful of the fabric, content and spirit of the Federal Constitution, that is the very foundation of our beloved country and has given us peace, harmony and progress for the past 60-odd years,” he said in a statement on Sunday (Sept 15).

The cooperation between political parties is partial and inherently a norm, and there are common issues and platforms that political parties should work on, he said.

“We do not want ‘apartheid’-like politics in Malaysia whereby cooperation with or among certain religions or races is seen to be a ‘taboo’ or ‘forbidden’,” he said.

Ti said that all political parties should be accorded their rightful dignity and respect.

“In the spirit of the founders of Malaysia, we must attempt to build inter-racial and inter-religious understanding, cooperation and tolerance.

“MCA will continue to uphold this spirit of our founding members, provided that the Constitution and its spirit is not being trespassed or trampled upon,” he said.

Despite having suffered collateral damage in the last general election, MCA will hold on to the belief that the way forward is cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect and understanding, he said.



Guan Eng’s ‘political trickery’ causing racial tension, claims MCA veep

PETALING JAYA: MCA has warned Lim Guan Eng against “cunningly pitting” the party against PAS and Umno over the boycott of non-Muslim made products, saying the DAP secretary-general should stop playing the race card.

MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker was referring to Lim’s criticism of MCA and MIC for “not even daring to raise their objections to their political masters in PAS and Umno” over their alleged support of the boycott campaign.

Ti reminded Lim of a news report on Sept 2 that quoted MCA president Wee Kia Siong as condemning “irresponsible” groups calling for the boycott. Wee also said it was important for all Malaysians to support local brands.

“Let’s not hurt each other or hurt ourselves because no rational businessmen would choose their customers based on race and religion,” Wee had been quoted as saying.

Ti accused Lim of “cleverly wanting to up the tempo and temperature of race and religion by pitting MCA and MIC against PAS and Umno”.

“It is this (kind of) very cunning political trickery by the likes of Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders that have caused a rising of the racial temperature on the national scale,” he said.

Ti, who is also a senator, warned Lim against “playing or firing up racial conflicts to divert his personal issues” and avoid Wee’s challenge for a debate on issues concerning the Penang tunnel.

He said Lim should heed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s call that all Malaysians should not play up sensitive issues in the interests of any party.

Meanwhile, MIC vice-president C Sivarraajh told Lim to “shut up” and “focus on his flaws as finance minister”.

“Who said we didn’t oppose the boycott? MIC and MCA said clearly (to) buy Malaysian products, regardless of whether they were produced or sold by Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans or Sarawakians,” he told FMT.

The former Cameron Highlands MP claimed that it was Pakatan Harapan that started to politicise the boycott after PAS and Umno leaders began campaigning to buy and support products made by Malays.

Sivarraajh said there was nothing wrong in supporting such products.

“But it is wrong when they urge Malaysians to boycott other businesses,” he said.

“Boycotting is not good for Malaysia. The economy will be affected once everyone starts to boycott each other’s products.

“I believe we should all focus on developing the nation rather than stage boycotts,” he said.

FMT has reached out to Lim for comments.

Guan Eng’s ‘political trickery’ causing racial tension, claims MCA veep


DAP’s u-turn saga – Where is PAS welfare state now?

On Monday    22-05-2017 15:51:00

22 May 2017

Press statement by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker


DAP’s u-turn saga – Where is PAS welfare state now?

DAP Lim Guan Eng’s latest attempt to “white wash” or exonerate responsibility for their cooperation, empowering and undertaking on behalf of PAS is indeed laughable. We all knew what DAP did in the previous two general elections in their attempt to gain and wrest power. Their undertaking on behalf of PAS and throwing political caution to the wind has been classic DAP’s politics.

DAP had gambled off the political rights and standing of the Non-Muslims and Non-Malays since 1969 when they won handsomely in every general election. Can Lim Guan Eng or DAP tell us what the minority non-Muslims and Non-Malays have gained every time DAP increased in seats at the expense of MCA?

Post 1969 – We lost a few important Cabinet posst such as Minister of Trade etc culminating with the loss of the Finance Ministry which was in the hands of MCA.

In 2008 and 2013, we see the emergence of PAS into a national threat as a result of DAP’s empowerment of PAS by exchanging votes between PAS and DAP which allowed DAP to wrest many seats from both MCA, MIC and Gerakan etc.

Now that PAS (a party in the backyards of the East Coast and north Peninsular) has emerged as a party with national influence as a result of DAP’s support, DAP is saying UMNO is better than PAS to escape any responsibility for their empowerment of PAS.

In the Rocket’s continued u-turns for political expediency rather than working together to protect the rights of non-Muslims and Malaysians in general, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng latest’s salvo that “PAS more extremist, racist and chauvinistic than UMNO (The Malay Mail Online, 21 May 2017) is classic DAP’s twist and turns.

Now, DAP is copying and doing a cut-and-paste of MCA’s warning that “PAS is a threat to our national wellbeing.” I have said many times that between UMNO and PAS, it is like the “devil and the deep blue sea” and DAP’s attempt at painting PAS as innocent and pure compared to UMNO during the “Asalkan Bukan Umno” and ” UBAH” years were politically irresponsible and should be condemned.

At least Lim has now acknowledged that UMNO “does not talk” the way PAS does.  (The Malay Mail Online, 21 May 2017).”

MCA had repeatedly warned voters against balloting for PAS when PAS never minced its words and actions of their intentions to implement hudud law and to have a theocratic state by amending the Federal Constitution.

Instead of supporting MCA’s cautions, Lim Guan Eng inked an agreement on 29 April 2013 (just six days before going to the polls on 5 May 2013) with PAS represented by its President Dato’ Sri Hadi Awang that “PAS has the right to fights for its concept of an Islamic state.”

It was MCA which warned and stated that based on theocratic regimes worldwide, despite these countries having Cabinets and elections, they also have a Council of Elders (similar to PAS Syura Council) consisting of religious clerics who enjoy absolute power and can override decisions made by the government.

The Bagan MP’s memory is so conveniently short that he should be reminded that in the 2008 and 2013 general elections, it was Guan Eng and his father Lim Kit Siang who openly embraced Hadi Awang for the cameras, just to convince and lull non-Muslim to vote PAS.

In spite of all cautionary calls by MCA, DAP continued to whitewash PAS as a party that was no more keen to establish an Islamist state, but to implement a “PAS for All” welfare state which was just a façade.

Prior to becoming BFFs, Kit Siang had long lampooned Dr Mahathir Mohammad as “racist”, “tyrant”, “thief” and even likened him to Uganda’s Idi Amin and Tanzania’s Robert Mugabe for not relinquishing power for so long and for refusing to resign.

DAP had demonised UMNO, but now claims “PAS is worse than UMNO.” So since DAP was in an unholy yet strategic alliance with PAS, DAP should label and acknowledge itself as “worse than PAS which is worse than UMNO.”

Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker
MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman
MCA Central Committee Member
MCA Kuantan Division Chairman

-MCA online-






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