Some Malaysian Bosses: Go! Never come back. How dare you play #Pokémon Go at work!

25 September 2016

Pokémon Go players shown the door for playing in office

September 25, 2016

Six employers out of 150 polled have fired their employees for indulging in the game while at work, a recent survey by the MEF says.


PETALING JAYA: The next time you’re caught in a frenzy over tracking your Pokémon Go, you might just find yourself being shown the door by your employer, figuratively speaking.

A recent survey conducted by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) has revealed that six employers have terminated the services of their employees for their obsessive playing of Pokémon Go while at the office, a report in the Sunday Star said.

50 per cent of poll participants were from the manufacturing sector while the rest were from other industries.

“Based on our preliminary findings, six employers, or 4 per cent of the 150 companies (polled), admitted that workers who indulged too much in the game have been dismissed,” MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said.

However some employers opted for the softer approach and advised their employees instead against playing the game while at work. Others issued warning letters or imposed suspension from work without pay, the report said.

“Some 96 per cent (of employers) also prohibit workers from using the company e-mail address to sign up for the game,” Shamsuddin said, adding that 25 per cent of respondents admitted to having caught their employees in the act of playing Pokémon Go during working hours.

Longer lunch breaks have also become more common as employees go on the hunt while outside the office with some 11 per cent of employers having noticed this change.

54 per cent of those polled also said they wanted to request that game developer Niantic Labs remove PokéStops and Gyms near their offices or work place.

Pokémon Go players shown the door for playing in office

Six employers have dismissed workers for playing the popular location-based game while at work, reveals a survey by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).

MEF executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan says the poll on the impact of the game on workers was taken among 150 employers in various sectors.

“Based on our preliminary findings, six employers, or 4% of the 150 companies, admitted that workers who indulged too much in the game have been dismissed,” he tells Sunday Star.

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Working with Mahathir is a political reality…

24 September 2016

I work with Dr M to prevent ‘second Najib’ coming, says Kit Siang

Susan Loone

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang defended yet again his association with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamed, saying it was for the future of Malaysia.

During his speech at Penang DAP’s 50th anniversary celebration, Lim asked the crowd if they supported the party’s decision to join hands with Mahathir.

This would also involve working with Mahathir’s team, including Umno’s splinter Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), led by former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Many of the participants, sitting at the 306 tables at the dinner held at the Spice Arena in Bayan Baru, put their hands up.

“Mahathir and I were attacked by various quarters, especially by the Malay extremists, for sitting next to the ex-PM during the launch of the Citizens’ Declaration.

“But we look forward and look to the future,” said the Gelang Patah MP.

Lim said by working with Mahathir, he supports a “grand coalition of Pakatan Harapan” to face the coming general elections.

Lim noted that the idea was mooted by Mahathir’s son-cum-former Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir, who is also Bersatu vice-president.

He added that DAP is also seeking a change of system, including defeating BN and Umno, and not merely trying to unseat Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“I support the grand coalition of the opposition to ensure there is no second Najib,” said Lim, to loud cheers from the crowd.

“The people lost hope when Pakatan Rakyat (DAP-PKR-PAS alliance) disintegrated, but we want to create a new hope for the future of Malaysia,” he added.

Guan Eng quizzes Ambiga on cooperation with Mahathir

Hafiz Yatim     Published 22 Sep 2016, 7:03 pm

Grilled by Ambiga Sreenevasan at a conference today, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng turned the tables on the social activist and asked why she was willing to work with Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Penang chief minister, in ending a hard-hitting question-and-answer session, asked how Ambiga could reconcile with the former prime minister, given that he is seen as the source of the country’s problems.

To this, the former Bar Council president pointed out that the Penang chief minister’s own father, DAP parliamentary adviser Lim Kit Siang, is able to work with Mahathir.

Ambiga added that the question of her and Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah forgiving the 91-year-old does not arise.

“We are facing a bigger problem that is insurmountable (with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak). Even your father Kit Siang, who was imprisoned (under the Internal Security Act), has managed to put aside his differences, as so with Anwar Ibrahim.

“That really says something about the political reality and this creates a necessity for realignment. Look, I did not face any jail, unlike Kit Siang or Anwar, and even they are willing to go ahead.

“Who am I compared to both of them? I completely agree the entire system is rotten because of the previous regime. However, the country should come first now, before anything else,” she said.

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A Crocodile? Malacca had, Port Dickson did not but what about one near Taman Seri Sentosa, KL?

Crocodile! Malacca got, Port Dickson no got lah!

2nd Crocodile seen in Kuantan!

The Likas Lagoon Crocodile: This one is real, unlike the Port Dickson Crocodile!

24 September 2016

Residents claim spotting crocodile in Klang River

KUALA LUMPUR: Personnel from the Fire and Rescue Service and Civil Defence Force are scouring the Klang River near Taman Seri Sentosa here for a crocodile that some residents claim to have spotted in muddy undergrowth last night.

The residents claimed to have seen the reptile in the undergrowth close to the flats at about 10pm and notified the Bukit Jalil Fire and Rescue Station, its operations chief Samsol Maarif Saibani said today.

He said a team of Fire and Rescue personnel rushed to the area after the station was notified.

“We also informed the Civil Defence Force of the sighting,” he told Bernama.

Residents claim spotting crocodile in Klang River

Residents claim spotting crocodile in Klang river via


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PTPTN: No loans in future for 1.3 million borrowers!

How to check PTPTN Loan Balance, Blacklist Borrowers, SSPN Deposit via SMS.

Are you among the 1.25 million PTPTN borrowers listed in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)?

PTPTN: Are you one of the 33,000 civil servants who haven’t repaid your loan? Salary deduction began in September 2015.

24 September 2016

Over a million PTPTN borrowers may be denied future loans

September 24, 2016

PTPTN borrowers who fail to repay loans on time or not at all blacklisted by CCRIS.


PETALING JAYA: About 1.3 million National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) borrowers are at risk of being denied loans or other credit facilities by financial institutions, The Star reports.

The English daily said this was so after the borrowers were blacklisted under the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) for either failing to service their study loans on time or defaulting on repayments, which in turn saw them classified as “bad paymasters.”

CCRIS is a database used by financial institutions to evaluate those who have applied for loans.

PTPTN Deputy Chief Executive Officer (policy and operations) Mastura Mohd Khalid told the English daily that all PTPTN borrowers would be listed in CCRIS once it was time for them to start paying back their loan, which normally began six months upon graduation.

Those who regularly repay their PTPTN loans, she revealed, need not worry.

“If they are good paymasters, then their future loan applications will be approved.”

Mastura also revealed that since PTPTN started to use CCRIS in 2015, more defaulters had come forward to negotiate for a more lenient repayment mode.
Since its inception in 1997 until July this year, PTPTN has handed out loans to 2.49 million students.

Apart from CCRIS, PTPTN is also collaborating with the Immigration Department to bar defaulters from leaving the country.

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Who said the Public agrees to K.L. parking rate hike?

Parking Hell in KL City centre parking: No thanks to Tengku Adnan and the K.L. mayor…

After Merdeka Day 2016, DBKL will CLAMP your wheel for illegal parking in KL! #ParkingHellinKL

Video: Paying the price for DOUBLE-PARKING (KL)

24 September 2016

Who did the KL mayor survey, the car park owners?


YOURSAY | ‘Do you really expect us to believe that the average Joe on the road is going to agree to a price hike?’

Public backs hike in parking rate, says mayor

GE14Now!: Do you really expect us to believe that the average Joe on the road is going to agree to a price hike? Just like we all supposedly supported the Goods and Services Tax (GST), right?

We have a lot of Hillary Clintons in this country too – all lying through their teeth and expecting us to buy into their lies wholesale.

Kuala Lumpur mayor Mhd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz, we have news for you – the average Joe’s level of intelligence has risen and we can smell a lie when one is offered. Your nose appears to be lengthening as well, Mr Mayor.

Southpaw: Of course, in this country, we rakyat only want things that are expensive and wish to pay more instead of less, for if we pay less in our purchases we will be hauled up to court.

Anonymous 1595491436431853: Yes, many people are happy and support the parking fee hike. The mayor probably refers to those who have benefited from the hike, as it’s more income for them.

And only a retarded brain thinks that double parking can be solved by a parking rate hike. If he enforces the law well, even if there was free parking there would be no double parking issue.

Chipmunk: Who in their right mind would agree with a parking fee hike unless he owns and manages the parking lot? Can you show the rakyat your statistics that show that the public agrees to this hike?

Please do not insult our intelligence unless you too have a share in this matter (remember the recent Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arrests of your staff)?

Mosquitobrain: Mr Mayor, do not pass the buck to the taxpayers. Remove all dead wood and the corrupt from your council. And support your claims with facts and figures.

Anonymous_3f6d: What bull, Mr Mayor – we can also say we have conducted a survey and all were against this parking fee hike. Talk is cheap and so are lies.

Anonymous #13114320: I don’t know whom you are trying to fool – probably yourself. Show us where and how many residents were surveyed. I just went to Bangsar yesterday and the problem was not rates, but you have a serious lack of parking space. Yet you claim things have improved.

Tpn: Mayor, just go and ask people working in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) and Bangsar and you will get a 100 percent disapproval.

Mamak Mee: Since when did the chairmen of a few associations in Bangsar and Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) become the voice of KL residents? How ridiculous.

Falcon: Seriously? Bangsar and Taman Tun Dr Ismail are the barometers for the DBKL parking fee hike? I cannot understand why the nation’s appointed top civil servants are obsessed with exposing their stupidity for the world at large to see.

Korkor: Over to you Bangsar and Taman Tun Dr Ismail residents. You guys represent the whole of Kuala Lumpur, huh? Well you don’t represent us in other parts of KL, and Mr Mayor, please don’t try to hoodwink us.

Public backs hike in parking rate, says mayor

Anne Muhammad     Published 22 Sep 2016, 11:52 am

The public supports the new parking rate in Kuala Lumpur based on the feedback obtained, according to mayor Mhd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz.

He said the feedback was from residents in Bangsar and Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

“Many people support the increase in the parking rate, but the press does not support. I don’t know about the other side (opposition).

“When there is an increase in parking lots, and we control them, the people have ample space to park, especially in Bangsar.”

More people will have the chance to park, he argued, instead of the spots being hogged when the rates were lower.

“In the past, there was double parking, but now there is space to park. The residents in Bangsar and TTDI are happy,” he told reporters, after the march past in conjunction with DBKL’s 47th Enforcers’ Day.

Mhd Amin was responding to the opposition submitting a protest memorandum to DBKL over the hike, which was deemed as too steep.

The memorandum, along with a petition with 11,000 signatures from city dwellers, asked for a review of the hike in fees and the city parking system in general.

Amongst others, the memorandum detailed complaints by the public that the parking machines only accepted coins for hourly rates and motorists could not pay for other time periods.

Commenting further, Amin said that contrary to what the opposition was accusing, the new parking system was not a funding sinkhole, but was poised to generate hundreds of thousands of ringgit in revenue.

“The opposition said that we wasted money on the new parking system, in truth we did not even pay a single sen, but will get about RM700,000 to RM1 million in revenue with the new system,” he said.

Meanwhile Deputy Federal Territories Minister Loga Bala Mohan said that the rakyat had accepted this after hearing the explanation from the ministry.

“The new parking rates will be retained. So of course, they (the opposition) want to look busy. Though if they want to submit the memorandum, they are free to do so,” he said.

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Map of Singapore with ‘names’ for Johor Bahru: Car Thief, Cheap Petrol, Massage, 1MDB, etc…

24 September 2016

‘Brutally honest’, funny map shows what each Singapore neighbourhood is known for



SINGAPORE – What comes to mind when a friend mentions Queenstown? Is it sports shoes?

What about Geylang? We’d bet that more than a few of you said “prostitutes” or something to that effect.

According to a map that purports to chart what each neighbourhood in Singapore is most popularly known for, Yishun is the place to find murderers and siao langs (the “crazies”), and Bukit Batok is known for “rat hill”.


Even Johor Baru has been marked out. The Woodlands Causeway Checkpoint is labelled “Traffic Jam” and as you cross over, the area is known as “Car Thief“, “Massage”, and “$1=3RM”.

– See more at:

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IGP: We arrested Ali Tinju. What double standards?

Did Ali Tinju threaten Maria Chin Abdullah?

23 September 2016

IGP : No double standards, Ali Tinju arrested

Zulaikha Zulkifli

Police have detained Gerakan Merah leader Mohamad Ali Baharom, also known as Ali Tinju, after he purportedly threatened Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah, Khalid Abu Bakar said today.

The inspector-general of police said they recorded Ali Tinju’s statement before releasing him on police bail soon afterwards.

Khalid also warned all quarters not to blindly accuse the police of practising double standard.

“The actions were the same. There is no double standard. We summoned Ali Tinju, he came to us immediately. I called him in at 8am, at 8.30am he already came to us.

“He immediately surrendered himself, we arrested him, recorded his statement and let him go on bail after that. Same with (DAP’s Jelutong MP) Jeff Ooi and any other.

“Don’t try to accuse us of double standard and whatnot. If you don’t know, ask first. Don’t make unfounded allegations,” Khalid told a press conference after officiating the 1Aman Week community outreach programme in Putrajaya.

We will not let Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts clash, says IGP

Zulaikha Zulkifl


Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar assured he will not let the pro-BN Red Shirts clash with Bersih 5 protestors.

“We will not allow such a clash to occur. Whatever the case we will have to look at their notice to us. We will take action when the time comes,” he said.

Khalid was commenting on Himpunan Merah leaders’ threats to stalk Bersih activists during their roadshow in October and face off against the yellow-clad protestors during the Nov 19 rally.

Commenting further, Khalid said that per existing laws, police will facilitate and allow peaceful rallies, but not if they are designed to topple the national leadership.

IGP said groups that want to organise peaceful rallies or demonstrations must send in their notice, as per current laws, to the police within the stipulated ten-day period so that they can make preparations.

“We will not object as long as the gathering is allowed by the laws and the constitution. But any gathering aimed at toppling national leaders is expressly not allowed.

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MACC investigates a Dato Seri of Tourism Malaysia…

22 September 2016 | MYT 8:07 PM

MACC investigates high-ranking official in Tourism Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: A high-ranking official of Tourism Malaysia with the title “Datuk Seri” is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over alleged abuse of power.

Sources revealed that the commission officers had been “camping out” at Tourism Malaysia’s headquarters since Tuesday, checking on the official’s alleged abuse of power that might also involve criminal breach of trust.

“The officers are checking possible siphoning of funds via Tourism Malaysia’s procurement and advertising divisions,” one source said Thursday.

“They are in the process of obtaining evidence,” another source added.

The MACC was also investigating the purchase of domestic and international flight tickets from a travel company that apparently belonged to one of the Datuk Seri’s family members.

MACC quizzes Tourism Malaysia officers linked to ‘Datuk Seri’ probe


PUTRAJAYA: Four Tourism Malaysia officers have been called in by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for questioning over its ongoing probe involving a top official in the agency’s advertising division.
The top official, said to hold a ‘Datuk Seri’ title, is being investigated for abuse of power over the purchase of flight tickets, a job allegedly given to a company belonging to his family member.
MACC had questioned the officers at noon today and are believed to have visited the agency’s office several times since Tuesday.

Read More :

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The new Airport Tax is really the new Passenger Service Charge: Pay more from 1 January 2017.

New Passenger Service Charge
Domestic: New RM11 (up from RM9)
Asean: RM35
International: RM73 (up from RM65 KLIA; RM32 klia2)

22 September 2016

Trim the fat and stop raising taxes, says MATTA

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 22): The government’s plans to boost its coffers by introducing tourism service fees at hotels and increasing passenger service charge (PSC) at airports may discourage tourism, said the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA).

MATTA president Datuk Hamzah Rahmat said in a statement today that an increase in charges would boost government revenue in the near term, but may result in a net loss over the long run.

“The loss of earnings from tourists turned away by new fees and higher charges is likely to surpass the amount collected from guests and passengers. As such, continuing to increase taxes is not sustainable. To stimulate growth, many countries are reducing taxes, as increase will stifle,” he said.

The Edge Financial Daily had, on Sept 2, reported that the tourism and culture ministry planned to impose a tourism services fee of between RM5 and RM30 per room, per night, on anyone who stays at a hotel or serviced apartment — be it a local or foreign tourist — as a means to increase funds to promote Malaysia as a tourism destination.

Today, news reports highlighted, quoting transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai that a new PSC or airport tax, which will see higher rates imposed on air travellers, will be in place from Jan 1 next year.

In his statement, Hamzah pointed out that Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (Tourism Malaysia) traditionally maintains a large network of offices nationwide and globally, but said such a scale of physical presence is no longer necessary in today’s digital age.

As such, he highlighted that “a lot of fat can be trimmed off”, with funds saved channelled into development as well as advertising and promotions to draw more in more tourists.

“If Tourism Malaysia can do that, it will be a mean and lean organisation and earn the salute of tourism industry players,” he said.

New airport tax effective Jan 1, 2017: Liow (Updated)


KAJANG: The new Passenger Service Charge (PSC) or “airport tax”, which will see higher rates imposed on air travellers, will be implemented on Jan 1, 2017.

As to details of the new charges, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said, it would be announced by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) soon.

“Mavcom presented their views to me, and we are looking at the finer details. We also discussed in the cabinet today. The details will be announced by Mavcom.

“We made certain decisions, but all of this is under Mavcom’s purview, so I will leave it to them to make the announcement,” he told reporters after launching the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Bandar Sungai Long, here, today.

theSun, on Wednesday reported that the new rates for PSC had been approved by the Cabinet and is to be implemented at all airports nationwide, in a move deemed to “level the playing field”.

According to aviation sources, the new increased PSC charges would be:

» RM11 for domestic flights, up from RM9 currently;

» RM35 for flights to Asean countries; and

» RM73 for international flights, up from RM65 out of KLIA, and RM32 from klia2 currently.

Despite the increase, Liow maintained that the new charges were still considerably lower when compared to many other countries.

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Attorney-General will cite Lim Guan Eng for contempt of court…

22 September 2016

AG gets leave for contempt proceedings against

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 ― The High Court today granted leave to the Attorney-General (AG) to initiate commital proceedings against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over his statements relation to his corruption case.

Judge Datuk Hanipah Farikullah made the decision in her chambers today after hearing submissions by Senior Federal Counsel (SFC) Datuk Amarjeet Singh, who represented AG Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali.

Also present were SFC Suzana Atan, Shamsul Bolhassan and Alice Yoke.

Speaking to reporters later, Amarjeet Singh said the court granted leave to the AG to commit Lim for making allegations that he (AG) had scandalised the courts and interfered with the administration of justice.

“It is concerning certain statements that Lim made in a press statement after he was charged that appeared in social media,” he said, adding that he will file the court papers relation to the commital proceeding against Lim within two weeks.

The AG as the plaintiff had filed an ex-parte originating summons regarding the matter on August 18 and had named Lim as the defendant.

In it, the AG had sought leave for the commital proceeding to have Lim jailed for contempt-of-court for allegedly issuing statements in the print and/or social media which were detrimental to the administration of justice, lead to erosion of the people’s confidence in the judicial system and questioned the dignity and integrity of the courts.

The AG is also seeking costs and other relief deemed fit by the court.

According to the AG, statements made by Lim at press conference after the launching of the  “Dr Wu Lian Teh Symposium” by the Penang Institute in Jalan Brown, George Town, Penang that the corruption charges against the Bagan MP were a conspiracy and that he (Lim) would be jailed, could be clearly interpreted as the courts were also being roped in on “trumped up corruption charges”.

On June 30, Lim pleaded not guilty at the Penang High Court to corruption charges relating to the changing of status of a parcel of land from agricultural zone to housing development zone and purchase of a bungalow at below market price.

Lim’s case has been set for case management on September 30. ― Bernama

– See more at:

Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, had allegedly said the “trumped-up corruption charges” against him were part of a conspiracy involving the courts to imprison him.

Court papers stated that Lim’s statements had affected the administration of justice, reduced public confidence in the judicial system, and jeopardised its (judicial system) dignity and integrity.

The documents stated that the A-G, in his capacity as the upholder of public interest and in the pursuit of justice, must safeguard the integrity of the judiciary.



KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 ― Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng takes “serious offence” to insinuations that he had scandalised the courts or interfered with the administration of justice, his lawyer said today.

Gobind Singh Deo, who is representing Lim, also said that he has firm instructions from his client to resist the Attorney-General’s application to cite Lim for contempt of court in relation to the CM’s corruption case, after the High Court here granted the AG leave yesterday.

“The allegations against Lim Guan Eng are most serious in nature and have serious implications against him.

“We therefore reserve our client’s rights in the matter or matters connected with it in any event,” said Gobind in a statement.

– See more at:

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