LGE wins: Penang High Court orders NST to pay RM130k and publish a public apology over the undersea tunnel project…



19 September 2018



GEORGE TOWN, Sept 19 ― New Straits Times (NST) was ordered to pay RM130,000 in damages and costs to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng in a consent judgement at the High Court here today.

The local English-language newspaper was also ordered by Justice Hadhariah Syed Ismail to publish an unconditional apology in its Sunday edition, New Sunday Times.

“The defendant is ordered to fulfil both terms in this consent judgment within 14 days from today,” she said in the judgment.

NST will have to publish an unconditional and unreserved apology in reference to two articles titled “Come clean on payments, Penang urged” and “Penang BN claims CM lied over 4 issues” published on January 17 and January 19 respectively.

Lim had filed a defamation suit against NST over the articles that was written based on statements issued by the then Penang Barisan Nasional chairman Teng Chang Yeow.

In his suit, Lim claimed NST had portrayed him in the articles as having lied to the public about the undersea tunnel project, misled the public on matters of public expenditure, abused his position as the then chief minister, that he is a schemer and manipulator, a habitual liar, lacked good character and dignity and lacked credibility, integrity and respect.

He further claimed that NST had failed to exercise the requisite standard of professionalism in publishing the articles and had failed to take reasonable steps to verify the truthfulness of the statements issued by Teng.

Lim also claimed that NST did not give him reasonable opportunity to reply the allegations made in the articles and failed to print his explanations on the subject.

He was claiming for general damages including aggravated damages and exemplary damages, costs and other reliefs deemed appropriate by the court.


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Ipoh Food: 黃爺爺 Huang Ye Ye (Grandpa Huang) in the New Town…

19 September 2018


黃爺爺 Huang Ye Ye

Address: 37, Jalan Theatre, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Negeri Perak

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM
Phone: 012-559 2478

The photos speak for themselves.

The first photo shows how appreciative all 6 of us were of the food.



What we ordered…






The place





What can you order?








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Jho Low speaks for himself…

17 September 2018



Jho Low


This website provides factual information, court documents, and other materials on behalf of Jho Low, a global philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur who has been identified by various parties as a figure in what has become known as the 1MDB saga.

Mr. Low will also provide comment and opinion, as well as public statements through his spokespeople and legal team. Mr. Low maintains his innocence, and believes he will be vindicated once all the relevant evidence has been presented in a fair and legitimate court of law. Read a personal letter from Mr. Low here.

Visitors are encouraged to return to this site for updates regarding developments as these matters progress.

To read a statement on the recently published 1MDB books, click here.

This website was created on behalf of Mr. Low Taek Jho (“Jho Low”), through his legal counsel, to provide information to the public

©2018 Jho Low • All Rights Reserved • Terms of Use


Statements to the Media

Statement regarding Recent Books on 1mdb – 17 September 2018

Billion Dollar Whale is one of three recently and hastily published books, with the authors attempting to write ‘instant history,’ without the benefit of evidence and before the issues have even begun to be resolved.

As reviewers and commentators from the Financial Times and Australian Financial Review, among others, have pointed out, this particular book is mostly about transactions undertaken by global financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds and the managers of 1MDB – all of whom were experienced in such transactions and knew exactly what they were doing.

In fact, Mr. Low seems to disappear from the narrative when any of the alleged fraud occurs, only to then be accused – without any evidence – of having been responsible for it.

But, as The Financial Times noted, that sort of tale doesn’t sell books or get the authors a movie deal. Thus, this book is written with allegations disguised as fact and gossip passed off as legitimate reporting. The narrative is framed to allow the authors to write about celebrities, and models and parties, without ever proving any of the allegations.

Rather than wait for the full facts surrounding this case to emerge, the authors chose to publish their tale while there are ongoing and unresolved proceedings in the US, and before a single piece of evidence has been produced before any court.

Billion Dollar Whale is guilt-by-lifestyle, and trial-by-media at its worst. We simply ask that the audience bears this in mind if they choose to read this, or any of these books.



Statement regarding political charges – 24 August 2018

Statement regarding the Malaysian Government’s plans to sell the yacht Equanimity – 23 August 2018

Statement regarding lack of a chance to receive a fair hearing – 17 August 2018

Statement regarding the yacht Equanimity, illegally taken by the Malaysian and Indonesian governments, as it arrives in Malaysia – 06 August 2018

Statement regarding the Malaysian and Indonesian governments’ illegal seizure of the yacht Equanimity – 04 August 2018


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The new PAS: Hankering after multiple partners with UMNO as “Wife No. 1″…


Throughout the PAS general assembly, both PAS and Umno have openly declared an openness towards a formal alliance between the two former rivals. 

MIC has also officially announced that it has allied itself with PAS. 

However, MCA said it will not agree to Umno-PAS cooperation if it goes “on the path of racial and religious politics” as it would be “against the founding of Barisan Nasional”. 

“If any party in Barisan goes against the spirit of multiculturalism, moderation and power-sharing, it means Barisan will cease to exist,” said MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/16/we-are-not-extremist-says-pas-as-it-tries-to-allay-mca-fears-of-its-alliance-with-umno/#6L1WaHtwTI2YbkG1.99


17 September 2018


Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin has dismissed Umno vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin suggestion of a new “Pakatan Malaysia” coalition with as a “psychological game” aimed at splitting Pakatan Harapan.

“It just shows that Umno is desperate. Umno warlords, who have enjoyed so many perks and privileges, simply cannot survive the harsh reality of being in the opposition.

“It is also a mischievous psychological game to divide Harapan and create mistrust among leaders and members,” the PKR lawmaker said in a statement today.

However, Sim said this was something that “will never be successful.”

“First of all, the mandate given by the people of Malaysia is very clear. In the 14th general election, they voted for change. They wanted Pakatan Harapan to lead the country. They rejected Umno-BN.

“Secondly, Harapan is a strong and stable coalition built upon years of close working relationships. The foundation among rank and file (members) are very strong,” he said.




KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 — Umno, PAS, MIC, MCA, Gabungan Parti Sarawak and Gabungan Bersatu Sabah can form a new coalition together with PKR, Umno vice president Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin suggested.

He refuted Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s claims that Umno has been destroyed, pointing out that Umno remained the biggest party in Parliament.


“It is not impossible for all these parties to combine together with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and to form a new coalition, ‘Pakatan Malaysia’, no longer ‘Pakatan Harapan’,” Khaled said in a statement last night.

“Malaysian politics are currently based on one political coalition against a myriad of political parties. This means that all political parties have their own influence and strategic importance in forming the government. Each one must be strategic and open in ensuring their survival.”

Umno division chief Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz recently offered to help PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s campaign in the upcoming Port Dickson by-election, as the latter seeks to return to Parliament and succeed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.

Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also confirmed that all Umno MPs have signed a statutory declaration empowering him to negotiate with other political parties outside of the Barisan Nasional, including PH component parties and PAS, to once again assume federal power.


16 September 2018

In PAS, membership drops by almost 80,000 members

Hariz Mohd & N Faizal Ghazali  |  Published:  |  Modified:

PAS MUKTAMAR | PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan today announced at the 64th PAS muktamar in Kuala Terengganu that the party’s membership now stands at 818,029 members.

This is down from the 897,800 members announced by Takiyuddin at last year’s muktamar, a drop of 79,771 members or 8.89 percent.



Excerpts from:

THE PAS Syura Council and central leadership will decide on what sort of cooperation the party should seek to establish with another political party.

PAS delegates at the party’s annual congress today unanimously passed the resolution to let the party’s highest policymaking bodies decide on the direction the Islamist party should take as a member of the opposition

Although the resolution did not mention which political party PAS was considering as a partner, it may be safely assumed that it is Umno.

“It’s okay for us to get closer to the enemy in order to guide them in the ways of Islam,” said Youth delegate Afnan Hamidi Taib Azamudden during the debate, in Kuala Terengganu today.

He said unlike Western political theory, which was only interested in popularity, political Islam was about guiding others to the faith.

“We can reconcile with Umno if it accepts Islam too,” said Afnan.

Any kind of pact with Umno or other parties would only be acceptable on the condition that they upheld Islamic principles, he said.


KUALA TERENGGANU: PAS has a message for fellow opposition party MCA: Do not be worried about us, we are not an extremist party.

PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the accusation that PAS is an extremist party was a perception which was not true.

“MCA does not have to worry about what PAS strives for in its politics. PAS is not an extremist party as it is being perceived as.

“We have governed for many years and we are a registered party that follows the laws of the country.

“PAS itself rejects any sort of extremism,” said Tuan Ibrahim at a press conference after the closing of the PAS 64th Muktamar here.

He said PAS is willing to meet and have a dialogue with MCA to clear any sort of doubts.

“We prefer having discussions, and we can do the same with MCA,” he said.

Throughout the PAS general assembly, both PAS and Umno have openly declared an openness towards a formal alliance between the two former rivals.

MIC has also officially announced that it has allied itself with PAS.


KUALA LUMPUR: MIC has indicated that it will cooperate with Islamic party PAS in the future.

MIC president Tan Sri S.A Vigneswaran said he felt comfortable after meeting PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

“When I met Hadi, he assured me that ‘hukum Islam’ (Islamic rules) will not affect (jejaskan) other religions and those principles are not used on other religions.

“So, I have instructed MIC lawyers to work with PAS and also explain to our members that PAS’ principles will not affect us,” said Vigneswaran in a press conference after the party’s central working committee (CWC) meeting on Thursday (Sept 13).

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/13/mic-willing-to-work-with-pas/#A5bePvEmhdmFJmqT.99


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Perkasa: Yap Ah Loy’s businesses were opium trading, prostitution and running gambling dens…

24 November 2017


Don’t glorify Yap Ah Loy , says Perkasa

PETALING JAYA: Perkasa has questioned those who credit Yap Ah Loy for the development of Kuala Lumpur, after a recent tribute to the Chinese kapitan in the form of commemorative stamps by Pos Malaysia.

Instead, the Malay rights group said Yap was involved in criminal activities in the city.

“Yap Ah Loy came to Kuala Lumpur much later. And his businesses were opium trading, prostitution and running gambling dens,” said Perkasa deputy president Sirajuddin Salleh.

He went on to attribute the opening of Kuala Lumpur to Raja Busu, a member of the Selangor royalty during the 19th century.

Sirajuddin was commenting on a statement made during the launch of Yap Ah Loy commemorative stamps issued by Pos Malaysia in cooperation with several Chinese organisations, in conjunction with the 180th year of Yap’s birth.

“When we look at history, we can see that without Yap Ah Loy, there would not be a Kuala Lumpur,” said Yap Wai Ming, Yap’s great-great-grandson, at the launch of the stamps on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Sirajuddin said the role of Chinese migrants in the growth of Kuala Lumpur had been exaggerated.

“Can you say without Chinese, Brunei will not be what it is today?” he asked.

“Can you say without the Chinese, Indonesia will not be what it is today? There are big cities in Indonesia which have grown without the Chinese?”

“Don’t blow about Yap Ah Loy so much. He was here. He could have been one of the community leaders then,” he added.









Response by Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi to ‘Non-Malays don’t understand Malaysia’s history’

Dear Shazwan Mustafa Kamal,

(the Malaysian Insider journalist concerned)

I have spoken to my solicitors. The blatant lie by Dr Ramlah Adam  pertaining to me “checking” and “signing” the History syllabus is tantamount to defamation. They have approved the following response to be forwarded to The Malaysian Insider.

Dr Ramlah Adam has erroneously accused me (a blatant lie) of being paid to “check the syllabus”. I have irrefutable documentary evidence that I was only appointed as a “Pakar Rujuk” to ascertain factual accuracy of our History textbooks (menyemak buku teks sejarah untuk mengelakkan kesilapan fakta). I would like to state categorically that in no way was I ever involved in checking the current lopsided and biased History Syllabus. In this regard, Dr Ramlah should either apologize for making a false accusation against me or provide solid evidence that I was involved in checking our History syllabus and that I signed it.

I would also like to add further that in my letter dated 3 September 2002 to the Education Ministry, I volunteered to “menyemak buku-buku teks sejarah” without any payment. The Education Ministry did [however] pay me an honorarium.

I am also dumbfounded by Dr Ramlah’s…assertion that the non-Malays who came to Malaysia contributed “as either investors or labourers (kuli)”. Make no mistake about it. Many cities and major towns developed and prospered due to the hard work and sweat of the non-Malays. A classic example is Kuala Lumpur. All historians worth their salt will admit that Yap Ah Loy was the prime builder of early Kuala Lumpur. It is sad to note that Dr Ramlah Adam provides a flimsy excuse for denying the rightful place of Yap Ah Loy in our country’s history by saying that this is so because he was not the founder of Kuala Lumpur. Yap Ah Loy was definitely not the founder of Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless, we can never deny the historical truth that it was Yap Ah Loy who was primarily responsible for rebuilding Kuala Lumpur after the Selangor Civil War. According to J. Kennedy in his book (A History of Malaya), “Until the coming of the British Resident to Kuala Lumpur in 1880, Ah Loy was the real authority in the town.” He further states that Yap Ah Loy ” … did more than anyone to establish the little township destined to become Malaya’s capital”. Kennedy’s views are shared by other historians. According to Margaret Shennan, “Kuala Lumpur was another town created by the enterprise of the Chinese”. In the words of J. M. Gullick, “Down to 1879, Yap Ah Loy was Mr. Kuala Lumpur”. According to B.W. Andaya and L. Y. Andaya, Kuala Lumpur in 1891 had a population of 43,786 with 79% being Chinese.

Dr Ramlah Adam makes a classic contradiction in her statements. On one hand, she says “The history syllabus is well-balanced” and that there is “nothing wrong” with the current history syllabus for secondary schools. She subsequently contradicts herself by admitting that the Form 4 syllabus had placed a lot of emphasis on Islamic civilization and that the government was working to revamp it. The learned professor should make up her mind and not beat around the bush.

I am a strong proponent of One Malaysia wherein every ethnic group is treated equitably under the Malaysian sun. I believe all Malaysians have a moral duty of ensuring that our students in schools study History that is not only accurate but also generally objective and well-balanced. In this regard, I would like to urge renowned historians and other educated members of the public to speak the truth and not what is politically correct to safeguard one’s rice bowl. Let’s take heed of Edmund Burke’s famous saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. May God always bless Malaysia!

I trust that you will do the needful.

Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi


Non-Malays don’t understand Malaysia’s history, says Perkasa

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — Secondary school history textbooks seem too Islamic and Malay-centric because non-Malays fail to understand Malaysia’s history, Malay rights group Perkasa asserted today.

Perkasa leadership council member Datin Paduka Professor Dr Ramlah Adam flayed historian Dr Ranjit Malhi Singh today for saying that the current history syllabus had downplayed the contributions of non-Malays and other religions in the country’s history.

“The non-Malays do not understand this because they do not want to accept the concept of Malay supremacy (ketuanan melayu),” Ramlah told reporters here.

Ramlah, who is also a historian and the author of the Form 3 and Form 5 history textbooks, insisted that there is “nothing wrong” with the current history syllabus for secondary schools.

“The history syllabus is well-balanced … we don’t talk or put in negative issues that have happened, we take in the positive (parts).

“What do you want to be put in? About how the contributions of the non-Malays are in the form of the Malayan communist party?

“We do not emphasise May 13 even. It is negative … we only put in one line, the important thing is that we must maintain racial harmony and patriotism,” she stressed.

Ranjit, who was the author of history textbooks until 1996, believes that “scant attention” has been paid to the efforts of the Chinese and Indians in the development of the nation.

He has also charged that there are too many “half-truths and factual errors” in the current syllabus, and that it is laden with “value judgments.”

But Ramlah said the reason for the emphasis on Malays and Islam was because the Malays were recognised by the British as the original inhabitants of the land.

She also said that historical records showed that various agreements were done and signed by the British and Malay rulers, and not any other race.

Ramlah pointed out that the parties which signed the 1957 Merdeka agreement and the agreement for the formation of Malaysia in 1963 were also the Malay Rulers.

“We are not discriminating, we are following what has been clearly recorded in history.

“The non-Malays, they came to this country, contributed as either investors or labourers (kuli),” she added.

The Perkasa leader went to great lengths to explain that the contributions of the non-Malays have been mentioned in the history textbooks — the late Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun H.S Lee, for example, were duly recognised for their efforts in shaping Malaysia.

“Ranjit was talking about how Yap Ah Loy was not recognised … well, he did not form Kuala Lumpur, that’s why he’s not mentioned.

“Ranjit himself was called by the government, along with Tan Sri Professor Dr Khoo Kay Kim, to check the syllabus … he signed it and got paid. There was no complaint then,” Ramlah claimed.

Ranjit had lamented the fact that non-Malay leaders like Yap Ah Loy were not duly recognised in the history textbooks.

Ramlah admitted, however, that the Form 4 history syllabus had placed a lot of emphasis on Islamic civilisation, and that the government was working to revamp the current module.


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Billion Dollar Whale: Casino operators and nightclubs refer to their highest rollers as ‘whales’…

Why was the book titled as such? Lim said he initially thought it was because of Jho Low’s size and appearance. But he discovered the answer in page 3 of the book:

“Casino operators and nightclubs refer to their highest rollers as ‘whales’, and one thing was certain about Low, he was the most extravagant whale that Vegas, New York and St. Tropez had seen in a long time – maybe ever”.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/15/kit-siang-gets-angry-reading-about-jho-lows-alleged-antics-involving-britney-spears/#xY0exRm88BstiVaV.99

19 September 2018






How to Buy Your Way Into Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inner Circle (Exclusive Book Excerpt)

by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope
September 18, 2018, 6:00am PDT


In 2009, the world’s biggest movie star developed an unlikely friendship with some obscenely wealthy Hollywood wannabes, whose millions in gifts to the Oscar winner became a focus of the largest corruption case in U.S. history.

On the morning of July 20, 2016, just as Leonardo DiCaprio was preparing to welcome the usual assortment of models and multimillionaires to his annual champagne-soaked charity gala in Saint-Tropez, the U.S. Department of Justice was unveiling to the public the results of its investigation into one of the biggest corruption scandals ever, an embezzlement scheme estimated to have reached a staggering  $4.5 billion.

The forfeiture complaint, filed in Los Angeles, listed more than $1 billion of U.S. assets — including Hollywood mansions, New York apartments, private jets, artwork and, most notably, the 2014 blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street, which garnered five Oscar noms and grossed almost $400  million globally — that it said had been bought with money illicitly obtained via myriad financial structures from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB. Among those cited in the DOJ’s filings were Riza Aziz, the stepson of then-Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and the producer who set up Red Granite Pictures alongside Joey McFarland with the help of $64  million tapped from 1MDB. Then there was Jho Low, the flamboyant financier and big spender who had successfully leveraged his close ties with Razak to use 1MDB to his  advantage.

DiCaprio’s connection to the 1MDB scandal can be traced back to October 2009 and his relationship with Low. Still in his late 20s yet newly flush with what the government claims was $700 million in allegedly siphoned 1MDB funds, the baby-faced Malaysian had embarked on a wild U.S. shopping spree — regularly dropping millions of dollars in A-list nightclubs as he attempted to lure celebrities into his paid-for orbit. Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx were among those drawn in by his seemingly bottomless pockets, and he reportedly dated Miranda Kerr. But DiCaprio was the prized  asset.

Alongside the gifts that he would shower on his new friend DiCaprio — including a lavish trip to South Africa to watch the 2010 World Cup, a Basquiat painting and even Marlon Brando’s Oscar for 1954’s On the Waterfront — Low would become a neighbor, spending $39  million (traceable back to 1MDB) on a vast Hollywood Hills mansion just a few doors down from the star.



Tom Wright has dismissed the allegation that he and co-author Bradley Hope hastily published their book Billion Dollar Whale, which accuses fugitive businessperson Jho Low of masterminding the 1MDB scandal.

“Hastily published? It was three years of our lives!” tweeted the Wall Street Journal reporter.

Wright was responding to a statement published on the Penang-born Low’s website, which described the book as “guilt-by-lifestyle, and trial-by-media at its worst”.


17 September 2018


Tom Wright sat down last week with Coconuts Editor in Chief Chad Williams in Hong Kong to talk about the damage that’s been wrought, the people who bear responsibility, and who is likely to face justice.

Coconuts: How much of a role did the 1MDB case ultimately play in Malaysia’s stunning election upset in May?

Wright: I’d say it was crucial. Not just our reporting, but Sarawak Report, The Edge … I think that without the reporting on that scandal, the government would have stayed in power, because I think there’s a run-of-the-mill [level of] corruption in Malaysia that people are pretty inured to — and then there was this scandal.

A lot of people say “didn’t it also happen under [former and current Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed]?” and there certainly was a lot of corruption under Mahathir. But with the amount of money there is in the global financial system now, the ease with which countries can raise capital — and in this case, they easily raised $6.5 billion very quickly with Goldman Sachs’ help — that meant the quantum of corruption was much higher, and I think that’s what eventually captured people’s imagination in Malaysia.

There’s a lot of cynical commentary out there. People saying “Well, y’know, Malaysians don’t understand 1MDB,” and that’s not true. They do understand it. They know that a ton of money was stolen, and it wasn’t just 1MDB and the intricacies of that complicated scandal, it’s a testament to a society and a system that has become incredibly corrupt over the years, enabled by Western financial institutions and expatriates.

Q: How much do you believe Najib and Rosmah were in the know? How much of the blame for this can they be apportioned? 

A: When we started reporting this three years ago, it seemed very much like Jho Low was some kind of bag man for Najib. The New York Times did a story in February 2015 about Jho Low’s apartment in the Time Warner Center in New York City, and it painted him very much as a bag man, and that was sort of everyone’s understanding at the time.

But then Sarawak Report came out with a story about Jho Low taking the money into his offshore accounts, and then as we kept reporting, it became clearer that Jho Low was really the only character who had a 360 (degree) view of what was going on.

I don’t think Najib is blameless, by a long degree. I’m sure he knew it was a political slush fund, that they were getting hundreds of millions of dollars for [former ruling political party] UMNO, and that his family was getting mansions and running film companies and all this kind of thing, which he may have just seen as a benefit of being prime minister. Terribly corrupt. Not saying it’s not. But did Najib know that Jho Low had run the fund in a way that took out US$4.5 billion, US$5 billion, maybe US$6 billion dollars? I don’t think so. I think he was disengaged from the day-to-day processes in a way that Jho Low was not. Jho Low was running the show.

Q: Was there a particular moment when Jho Low’s centrality to all this suddenly came into focus for you guys?

A: I think when we got hold of WhatsApp messages between Jho Low and a number of people, including bankers at Malaysian banks, where he is clearly directing them to do this with money, do that with money, move money into the prime minister’s accounts, out of his accounts. You saw through those WhatsApp messages that he was the puppet master … telling the bank that US$680 million would be arriving from overseas.

Read the whole article here:


In April 2013, a socially awkward 30-year-old Asian financier named Low Taek Jho — aka Jho Low — recorded a ballad, “Void of a Legend,” at Jungle City Studios in Chelsea.

Friends including rapper/DJ Swizz Beatz were there to assist on the vanity project when Busta Rhymes and Pharrell Williams dropped by.

Low, inebriated, called out to Rhymes, “Yo! I own you! You’re my bitch!”

Rhymes was put out but said nothing as Williams made small talk to cover everyone’s embarrassment. Low had meant nothing negative. It was, to him, a clunky, playful reference to the $100 million he had just spent for a share of EMI Music Publishing, one of the top publishers in the music world and with clients including Rhymes.

It was also a rare misstep for Low among his celebrity friends, whom he usually treated with great reverence and unprecedented generosity, such as the time he gifted a $9.2 million Basquiat to his good buddy Leonardo DiCaprio.



16 September 2018


PETALING JAYA: The leaked version of the Billion Dollar Whale book on how fugitive businessman Jho Low had allegedly played a role in the 1MDB scandal is making its rounds on social media.

The 306-page e-book, in Portable Document Format (PDF) version, has been making its round via WhatsApp in Malaysia and Singa­pore since Thursday evening. It was rapidly shared among users.

It is learnt that MPH customers in both countries who pre-ordered the book had cancelled their orders after they found the leaked copy.

Wright has cautioned against forwarding the leaked copy.

“If you have received an illegal galley copy of Billion Dollar Whale, please tell the person sending it to you that Hachette (publishing company) will take legal action against them. The copy has an embedded digital footprint,” Wright said in a WhatsApp message to The Star.

Singapore-based former book publisher John Francis said the leak would have a big effect on the sales of the book.

“Some of my friends who had asked MPH to reserve their copies cancelled the orders.

“It is wrong to secure the leaked version, which is akin to pirating copy.

“But there is no way to stop people from going for free stuff,” he said.

Francis said readers should respect the intellectual property and copyrights of the book and its authors.
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/16/book-on-jho-low-leaked-and-distributed/#GAB162WpbCCixHtK.99




For Jho Low’s 31st birthday celebration in November 2012, he allegedly splashed millions of US dollars to get Britney Spears to briefly pop out of a fake birthday cake, for South Korea’s Psy to do a live show, and for Alicia Keys’ husband to arrange things.

This was part of the book “Billion Dollar Whale” shared by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang in a speech at Teluk Intan, Perak today (Sept 15).

Lim cited the book about how Low had allegedly hosted a circus-themed extravaganza that would be known in Las Vegas as the most expensive private party ever held.

The party supposedly included an indoor Ferris wheel, circus performers, and a who’s who of Hollywood – including stars like Leonardo DiCaprio.


Spears reportedly took a six-figure sum in US dollars for her brief cameo while Swizz Beatz, Low’s producer friend and husband of Keys, received US$800,000 (RM3.31mil) for an evening’s work.

“Low arranged for every aspect of the event to be paid from the 1MDB bonds,” Lim claimed in his speech during the opening of the DAP Teluk Intan service centre.

The book “Billion Dollar Whale” is written by the Wall Street Journal’s two award-winning journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope.

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The Terengganu Sultanah and “The Sarawak Report: The Inside Story of the 1MDB Expose”…

18 September 2018

PAS are making a loud protest over the mention in the book The Sarawak Report that JL had boasted that socialising with the Terengganu Royal family had assisted in him netting the role of advisor to the Terengganu Investment Authority before it was turned into 1MDB.

They assert it is an insult to suggest that the Sultanah was on the board or involved in the setting up of the TIA (which the book does not).

However, PAS ought to be careful what they say, since the SISTER of the Sultan was a director on the Board of TIA. If the Sultanah claims that it is wrong to suggest she was one of the Terengganu Royals friendly with Jho Low, then the sister of the sulltan clearly was associated since she was also on the board of Loh and Loh Corporation after it was absorbed by UBG which was by then half owned by Jho Low.

Moreover, it was Dato Aziz Akhir, the Tengku Rahimah’s husband who was the other official advisor, together with Jho Low, to the board of TIA. He had been involved for some time in business with Jho Low.

There is no question that The Sultan of Terengganu himself held an important position as Chairman of the advisory board of TIA and he was publicised as being the first person to suggest the setting up of the fund to the Menteri Besar of the state.

The Sarawak Report made no suggestion of any impropriety on the part of any of the Terengganu royal family, either for socialising and doing business with Jho Low at that time or for being extremely involved in TIA, which they were.

PAS, on the other hand, has now issued various statements suggesting they believe there would have been some impropriety for the royal family to have been involved. They ought to think before they denounce.

– Sarawak Report


14 September 2018

‘Terengganu sultanah was never involved in TIA’

Bernama  |  Published:  |  Modified:

The Terengganu Royal Council of Regency said the statement in the book entitled “The Sarawak Report: The Inside Story of the 1MDB Expose” which linked the Terengganu sultanah with the issue was not true at all.

The council vehemently denied the statement on the third page of the book which reads: “Jho was also friendly with a key player in Terengganu, the wife of the Sultan, whose acquiescence was needed to set up the fund and he later cited her support as having been crucial to his obtaining the advisory position.”




KUALA LUMPUR: The Sultanah of Terengganu, Sultanah Nur Zahirah, has never been directly or indirectly involved in any government administrative affairs and in particular the establishment of the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA).

Terengganu Royal Council of Regency said the statement in the book, entitled “The Sarawak Report: The Inside Story of the 1MDB Expose”, which linked the Terengganu Sultanah with the issue, was not true at all.

The council vehemently denies the statement in the third page of the book, which reads: “Jho was also friendly with a key player in Terengganu, the wife of the sultan, whose acquiescence was needed to set up the fund and he later cited her support as having been crucial to his obtaining the advisory position.”

“The sultanah has never at any time known or has any relationship with the ‘Jho’ mentioned in the book,” it said in a statement today.

Therefore, it said the writer of the book should take appropriate measures to rectify the fact and apologise to the Terengganu sultanah for making the irresponsible statement.




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“When the Political Imagination runs wild” or “What could happen in your wildest dreams when you are desperate”…

Is desperation the mother of all political invention?

All 51 UMNO MPs have signed statutory declarations empowering Zahid as party president to negotiate with political parties outside of Barisan Nasional (BN) to form an alliance which would enable the Malay party to once again assume federal power.

Meanwhile, PAS assumes confidently (arrogantly?) that UMNO is enssnared in its net of political intrigue.

What about MCA.

And MIC?

3m3 minutes ago

Yup…this is what is cooking…


KUALA TERENGGANU: The formation of a new political pact to replace Barisan Nasional is not impossible in the future, said Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang…

The PAS president said Malaysian political history has shown that pacts are never permanent, as parties change alliances many times.

“Umno joined the Bandung Conference during (former PAS president) Dr Burhanuddin Helmy’s time in 1955.

“PAS also participated in the movement to secure independence in 1957, although we had a different view of how independence should be achieved,” he said.

Following the May 13, 1969, incident, the country needed unity, and PAS agreed to join the coalition government.

When the Alliance was disbanded in 1974, Barisan Nasional was formed. PAS was also involved then.

“So if the Alliance had a lifespan, surely it is the same with Barisan.

“There will be a change someday, so let’s just wait and see,” said Abdul Hadi at a press conference after opening the PAS Supporters Club convention here.

The convention is held on the sidelines of the PAS muktamar (general assembly).

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/15/there-will-be-a-change-someday-it-is-possible-to-form-new-political-pact-to-replace-bn-says-hadi/#jiXB5sU0xMqbDYAy.99

SELLING a pact with Umno to party members may be the agenda of the day at the PAS congress this year, but that did not not stop party leaders from poking fun at their arch rivals last night.Or likening them to the devil.


Mahathir doesn’t want UMNO in PH…

PETALING JAYA, Sept 14 (Bernama) — Pakatan Harapan (PH) will not accept UMNO into its fold, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

The prime minister, however, said UMNO members can join PH component parties if they individually quit their own party first.

“If they (UMNO) want to work with PKR, no way we will accept them into Pakatan Harapan (as a component party).

“But if they individually join as party members of PKR, Bersatu, DAP, or whatever, then we can accept them, but not the party,” he told a press conference here today after chairing the supreme leadership council meeting of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) of which he is chairman.

The prime minister was asked on the possibility of UMNO working together with PKR and return back as government.


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 15 ― Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has confirmed that all Umno MPs did indeed sign statutory declarations empowering him as party president to negotiate with political parties outside of Barisan Nasional (BN).

The negotiation is for one primary purpose ― to form an alliance which would enable the Malay party to once again assume federal power.

The Bagan Datuk MP was responding to Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz’s  argument that Umno should stay out of the Port Dickson by-election as a show of “goodwill” to PKR.

“All of them,” Zahid told Malay Mail when asked how many out of the 51 Umno MPs signed the SDs.


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When Najib’s hot shot lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, was the Road-Show Man, ably supported by Khairy Jamaluddin and with the approval of Muhyiddin Yassin.

Excerpts from:

Trial by media: What about Sodomy II?


While Anwar languished in the gaol, Shafee and Khairy proceeded with their roadshow. Was this an attempt to convince the Malaysians who bothered to attend of Anwar’s guilt? There were even allegations that Shafee took his roadshow to the Malaysian diaspora in London.

Anwar had already been tried; why did Shafee feel it necessary to try him again?

Several excerpts from news reports at the time were disturbing. During his first stop on Feb 17, a week after the Federal Court upheld Anwar’s conviction, Shafee managed to stream his Kelana Jaya roadshow live.

He told the crowd: “Anwar mencubit-cubit dia punya puting (Anwar pinched [Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s] nipples.”

Claiming that he took “no pleasure” in the deed as a young man’s life “had been wrecked”, he said he had acted because he knew that “justice had finally been done”.

But perhaps Shafee’s double standards are not unexpected. After all, he is a lawyer and is only serving his client to the best of his ability. Najib himself has been said to believe that “cash is king”.

At any rate, after having gone overboard with Anwar’s character assassination, Shafee is now showing his hypocrisy by demanding that Najib be saved from a trial by media.

Mariam Mokhtar is an FMT columnist.

The views expressed by the writer are not necessarily those of FMT.


Excerpts from:

Rebuilding Malaysia

Mariam Mokhtar

Bad judgement. Bad taste. Bad form. Khairy, what were you thinking, when you went on Shafee’s porn-like road-show?

Sometimes, the past can return and bite you on your bottom. Ouch!

Cast your mind back to February 2015. The Sodomy II trial which finally nailed former Opposition Anwar Ibrahim, has just ended. Anwar is jailed. His earlier High Court acquittal was overturned. He is thrown into Sungei Buloh prison, to serve his five-year-sentence.

The lead prosecutor, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, was roped in by Najib Abdul Razak, who for reasons known only to himself, decided NOT to use the government’s own Public Prosecutors.

Nancy Shukri told parliament, Shafee was paid RM1,000. Last week, Sarawak Report (SR) alleges that Najib paid Shafee, RM9.5 million. Why?

The rakyat, Anwar and the whole world awaits a response from Najib and Shafee.

So far, there is no news from them? Why not? This is a serious allegation.

Back to 2015.

Anwar is jailed. He had been tried, and convicted.

So, why was it necessary for Shafee and the Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, to go on a roadshow, throughout Malaysia, to convince the rakyat of Anwar’s guilt. If my sources are correct, Shafee took his roadshow to London to shame Anwar in front of Malaysian students and Malaysians working and living there.

The despicable duo were trying to convince the public that  Anwar’s guilty verdict was justified .

Below are excerpts from various news reports at the time.

Shafee sexed-up the talk

The duo wasted no time in a total humiliation of Anwar and the first roadshow started on Feb 17, one week after the Federal Court upheld the opposition leader’s conviction and prison sentence. They streamed the Kelana Jaya roadshow live.

Shafee described the purported foreplay and said, “Anwar mencubit-cubit dia punya puting” (Anwar pinched Saiful’s nipples).

Journalists checked their court transcript on the in-camera evidence, and found no mention of this supposed foreplay.

One person who went said, “People walked out. They wanted to hear legal reasons, not lascivious and lurid stuff, fed by Shafee’s warped imagination.”

Audiences stayed away from subsequent roadshows, and the government cancelled its sponsorship; but both Shafee and Khairy continued regardless.

Sports minister handling of the “truth”

At the roadshows, Khairy who is also the Umno-Baru Youth Chief, would speak before Shafee. He explained that they invited Shafee to “bring the truth” and confirmed that BN will no longer keep silent on the conspiracy charge.

Oh dear! Look who’s looking daft now! Will he respond to the SR allegation?.

There is more to the conspiracy charge, which in 2015, the whole BN machinery was trying to kill.

Shame also to the erstwhile, Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, for agreeing that Shafee’s roadshow, could take place.

Shame on you Khairy! When the time comes for an Umno-Baru leadership contest and your name enters the ring, we will remember your poor judgment of participating in Shafee’s porno-roadshow.

Better still, quit politics. Focus on playing polo!


Excerpts from:

Rebuilding Malaysia

Mariam Mokhtar

Who are you calling a coward now, Shafee?


Last week, Sarawak Report (SR) alleged that Najib Abdul Razak had paid RM9.5 million to Umno-Baru linked lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, the lead prosecutor in the trial of former Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, in Sodomy II.

The trial sent Najib’s nemesis behind bars for five years. It also ended Anwar’s political career. It served as a warning to others that Najib could do the same to those who got in his way.

So, who is the coward now?

In January 2016,  after the Federal Court verdict against Anwar in the Sodomy II trial, Shafee gave press interviews in which he described Anwar as a “coward”‘.

Shafee usually has plenty to say to people, but when reporters approached him with the SR allegation, his response was a meek, “I will issue a statement, but not today“.  So, who is the coward now?

Why has the cat got his tongue? Why is he acting like a dog with his tail between his legs?


Seventh. Having put Anwar behind bars, Shafee and his sidekick, Khairy Jamaluddih, went on a government sponsored roadshow, to justify to the rakyat, Anwar’s conviction. Why the overkill? Perhaps, Najib did not think the rakyat was convinced of Anwar’s guilt.

Eighth. With a poor turn-out, the government ended its sponsorship but both Shafee and Khairy continued the roadshow. The plan to humiliate Anwar had backfired.

Someone who attended the roadshow said, “It was like listening to a porn film narrator. Shafee relished his role, and started to fantasise about many things which had not been said in court, such as the foreplay when Anwar tweaked Saiful’s nipples. Many people walked out.  The lurid details, had been fed by his fertile imagination.”

Ninth. Khairy told the audience at the roadshow, that BN will no longer keep silent on the conspiracy charge, and that Shafee will “bring the truth.”

In the light of the RM9.5 million allegation, what is the truth, Khairy?

Tenth. Shafee gave press conferences and boasted about “delivering justice”. Many lawyers and at least one former High Court judge slammed him for “advertising himself” and for lowering the dignity of his profession.

Shafee dismissed their concerns, and said that he took “no pleasure” in the Federal Court’s decision to convict Anwar.

Blaming Anwar, he said, “a young man’s life has been wrecked,” and “I know that justice has finally been done, so I am professionally satisfied with the result today.”

Really Shafee?

Lawyers are supposed to uphold the law. The allegation of RM9.5 million does not lend him any credibility and brings his profession into disrepute. What justice?

Perhaps, it was not Shafee’s legal genius, which helped to turn the tables on Anwar.

As for wrecking lives, Shafee has wrecked the hopes and dreams of Malaysians to be rid of corrupt politicians and crooked lawyers. He tarnished his profession, and destroyed a functioning democracy from operating.

With this allegation in mind, Shafee’s past cases should be re-examined.


Mar 26, 2015

16 March 2015

Gov’t admits organising first Shafee roadshow

Ram Anand  |  Published:  |  Modified:

The federal government has admitted to organising the first roadshow conducted by Shafee Abdullah on Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II trial but said it had nothing to do with subsequent roadshows conducted by Shafee.

De-facto law minister Nancy Shukri told the Dewan Rakyat today the government “only organised the first roadshow”.


Shafee roadshow proves Umno aware public backs Anwar, Kit Siang says


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 — Umno Youth’s plan to launch a nationwide roadshow to explain Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy conviction is the ruling party’s way of admitting it has lost public support, Lim Kit Siang says.

The DAP veteran leader said although Anwar lost the case in the Federal Court, the Opposition Leader chalked a clear win in the court of public opinion, forcing Umno to embark on a campaign to regain support.

“The… national roadshow featuring (lead prosecutor Tan Sri Muhammad) Shafee (Abdullah) is not only unprecedented and questionable… but is as good as an admission that although Shafee had won in the Federal Court with a 5-0 verdict in his favour, he has lost out in the court of public opinion,” Lim said in a statement.

The Gelang Patah MP labelled the roadshow “pathetic” and accused Shafee of attempting to have “a second bite of the cherry” in his prosecution of Anwar.

He asked if Shafee, who is Malaysia’s representative in the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), would next plan a campaign to win international favour.

Last week, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin announced the wing’s plan to embark on a series of forums to explain Anwar’s sodomy conviction and rebut claims of political persecution by the Opposition Leader.

Despite acknowledging calls for the attacks against Anwar to stop since he was already convicted, the sports and youth minister defended the campaign as necessary to preserve Umno’s “dignity” against the long-standing allegations.
Shafee has also given a number of media interviews on the case, denying that the court ruling had been influenced by political powers and attacking Anwar’s person, even labelling the former deputy prime minister a “closet homosexual”.


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Muhammad Shafee Abdullah: Charged under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act (Amla) 2001…

13 September 2018


Shafee had to hand over both passports…



MACC nabs lawyer Shafee at KLIA

A top lawyer for BN and Umno, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, is expected to be charged at the KL Sessions Court this morning for alleged money laundering in relation to 1MDB.

MACC deputy chief commissioner Azam Baki confirmed this, saying that Shafee will be charged under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act (Amla) 2001.

He will be taken to Jalan Duta court complex this morning to face several counts of money laundering, in relation to monies allegedly received from 1MDB into his personal accounts. – MKINI




KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 — The Attorney-General’s Chambers is deploying retired Federal Court judge Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram to head the prosecution against Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah today.

The senior private practitioner is due to be charged under the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act (AMLA) 2001 this morning, believed to be over RM9.5 million in fees he was paid by former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claimed last week that an affidavit from the AGC showed the fee was for Shafee’s role in leading the prosecution against the former during his second sodomy trial.

The former judge was one of two private lawyers that Attorney-General Tommy Thomas recruited to handle the cases against Najib and those related to the 1MDB corruption scandal.
















Malaysiakini understands that Shafee was picked up by a team of investigators at about 6am at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport earlier today.


: Police this morning detained Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah, lawyer of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He is expected to be charged at the KL sessions court today with four counts of money laundering.







A top lawyer for BN and Umno, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, is expected to be charged at the KL Sessions Court this morning for alleged money laundering in relation to 1MDB.

MACC deputy chief commissioner Azam Baki confirmed this, saying that Shafee will be charged under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act (Amla) 2001.

Malaysiakini understands that Shafee was picked up by a team of investigators at about 6am at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport earlier today.

He will be taken to Jalan Duta court complex this morning to face several counts of money laundering, in relation to monies allegedly received from 1MDB into his personal accounts.




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