Peter Bellew leaves MAS after less than a year as CEO. 2nd Foreigner-CEO to resign.


18 October 2017



Malaysia Airlines CEO Peter Bellew is leaving the struggling company to return to Ryanair


Malaysia Airlines Loses Third CEO Since 2014

CEO Peter Bellew is leaving the struggling Southeast Asian airline to return to Ryanair

Malaysia Airlines Bhd. Chief Executive Peter Bellew said Tuesday he is leaving the company, in a surprise resignation that could have the potential to upset the struggling Southeast Asian airline still recovering from the loss of two jets that killed hundreds in 2014.

Mr. Bellew, who was promoted to what he described as the “toughest job in aviation” in July last year after his boss Christoph Mueller abruptly quit, wasn’t available for a comment.

Mr. Mueller too quit after just one year on the job, citing personal reasons. Before him, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya departed after his contract ended in 2015.

Mr. Bellew is returning to Ryanair Holdings RYAAY -0.25% PLC as chief operations officer. In a statement by the Irish discount carrier, Mr. Bellew said he was “excited to return home.” Before joining Malaysia Airlines, he was involved in a senior operations role at Ryanair.

The announcement caught Malaysia Airlines by surprise. The airline said it “takes note of the unexpected announcement” by Ryanair, adding that Mr. Bellew had “expressed his commitment” to Malaysia Airlines last month.

Malaysia Airlines, which said its turnaround remains “on track and on schedule,” has made some progress after it was taken private by its main shareholder—Malaysia’s sovereign-wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

The company is due to take the delivery of is first two Airbus A350 jets before the end of this year and has recently ordered new planes from Boeing Co. , including its midsize 787 Dreamliner jets.

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Malaysia Airlines doesn’t sound happy at all with Ryanair‘s announcement…


21h21 hours ago

 After saying he had no plans to leave for Ryanair just a few weeks ago, Peter Bellew is doing just that.


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Peter Bellew: “Zero interference” from the Malaysian government or Khazanah; going to Ryanair as a form of national service to Ireland.


3h3 hours ago

Bellew explains why he is leaving Malaysia Airlines to return to Ryanair



KUALA LUMPUR: Peter Bellew, who helmed Malaysia Airlines Bhd as its group managing director and chief executive officer for less than 1½ years, explains why he is leaving the national carrier to return to Ryanair.

In the statement issued on Wednesday, he said that he received a call from Ryanair late evening two weeks ago to be COO.

“It is Ireland’s greatest company.  They need my help and there is a big challenge.  It is a form of national service,” he said in a personal statement why he was rejoining the Irish low-cost carrier.

On Tuesday, Ryanair announced that Bellew would be rejoining the Ryanair team in Dublin from Friday, Dec 1.

The statement took the Malaysia Airlines board by surprise, calling the announcement “unexpected”.

Malaysia Airlines noted that Bellew had publicly “expressed his commitment to Malaysia Airlines” at a press conference with Malaysian and international media on Sept 27 when asked on speculation that he would re-join Ryanair.

He explained: “But a week later the call came and in life we can really never say never.  I am looking forward to being close again to my family and friends 14 hours away in Ireland.”


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AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ535: Some people are always waiting to run down AirAsia…

Oct 16

Crew were not screaming but telling passengers as they had to sit down and belt up and get oxygen on for safety reasons

Oct 16

Aviation: AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes on Flight QZ535 : ‘Our pilots and crew did a sup… – The Edge Markets

18 October 2017

DCA: AirAsia crew did right in Sunday’s emergency situation


PETALING JAYA: The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has come to the defence of the pilot and crew of AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ535 against allegations that they responded inappropriately to an emergency situation last Sunday.

DCA director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the rapid reduction of altitude was part of standard operating procedure.

“Modern aircraft fly at a very high altitude, more than 30,000 feet, in which the pressure outside is too low for humans to survive,” he said. “So the pressurisation system is automatic to ensure the cabin pressure is comfortable for passengers.”

Azharuddin said he did not know what exactly happened with the QZ535 flight but he suspected there was a problem with the pressurisation system.

“This is common,” he said. “The captain can adjust the system manually or semi-manually. He can resort to many procedures to ensure the passengers fly comfortably.

“One of the ways would be to bring the aircraft down as fast as possible to normalise pressure so passengers do not have to continue using the oxygen masks.

“The captain’s action was correct.”

The pilot came under heavy criticism from various quarters for the rapid drop in altitude, which reportedly caused a panic among the crew members and passengers.

Asked to comment on reports that some of the crew members were shouting, Azharuddin said that was part of their training and they did the right thing.

“Because of the rapid descent, which causes depressurisation, resulting in the oxygen masks dropping for passengers to use, the crew is trained to shout to get important instructions across to passengers.

“At that point of time, their priorities change from pleasing passengers to ensuring their safety.”

He said the crew members had to exert their authority over the anxious passengers.

“They can’t be calm and smiling at this point. They have to shout to get their instructions across and make sure the safety of the passengers is taken care of.

“The main reason for having cabin crew members on an aircraft is to ensure the safety of passengers. Serving them a meal is secondary.

“I can’t say exactly what happened on that particular flight, but in general, this is normal SOP by the crew, who have to move fast in such a large aircraft and make sure they get their instructions across to passengers.”

17h17 hours ago

. surfaces from hush-hush with tweets defending Flight


Oct 16

Passengers on flightQZ535 thought they might die when the plane dropped 20,000 feet mid-air.



Here is an example of the cooments made:

i hope all crew members of Flight lost their job… they should never again be allowed to be a cabin crew member

Oct 15

AirAsia Perth to Bali flight QZ535 plunges 20,000 feet in mid-air emergency


Aircraft doesn’t ‘plunge’, it makes a rapid controlled descent to below 14,000ft where air is breathable 🙄



Replying to

4) Plunging 20,000 feet – was that an out-of-control event? No. When cabin depressurisation is detected, the most urgent thing to do is for the pilot to put the aircraft into a steep controlled descent to get to a flight level where air is breathable





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Now, Halal Barbers?

Wan Ji: Not wrong for Muslim women to get haircut in non-Muslim hair salon

By Opalyn Mok

GEORGE TOWN, Oct 17 — It is not wrong for Muslim women to have their hair cut by female hairdressers in non-Muslim hair salons, PKR preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin said today.

He said an old ulama named al-Imam al-Mardawi mentioned in the Kitab al-Insaf that it is not wrong for non-Muslim women to look at or touch the hair of Muslim women.

“Therefore, there is nothing wrong for Muslim women to get their haircut at a non-Muslim hair salons,” he told the Malay Mail Online.

Wan Ji was responding to a viral video clip of religious preacher, Shahul Hamid Seeni Muhammad, warning Muslim women not to frequent non-Muslim hair salons.

The two-year old video clip was one of a few videos that started making its rounds online and on social media the last few days.

The video started with Shahul Hamid saying it was wrong for Muslim men to go to female hairdressers before he added that Muslim women too must not let non-Muslim female hairdressers touch their hair.

In two other video clips, also back in 2015, Shahul Hamid said it was wrong for Muslims to wish others “happy birthday” and that it is haram for Muslim parents to send their children to Chinese vernacular schools.

Commenting on this, Wan Ji pointed out that a famous ulama, Syaikh Salman Auda, had stated that celebrating birthdays is “harus”.

He said back in 2013, the late Karpal Singh wished the late Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat on his birthday.

“If it is haram, for sure, Tok Guru Nik Aziz will stop Karpal but he did not,” he added.

As for Muslim students studying in Chinese vernacular schools, Wan Ji, who is also the Penang Chief Minister’s information officer, used another example practiced by previous Muslim ulamas for generations to stress his point.

“During the Abbasiyyah dynasty, Khalifah al-Ma’mun formed the Baitul Hikmah for a non-Muslims, Ishaq Hunain, who translated Greek books to be learnt by the Muslims. As a result, many great ulama were born such as Ibn Sina, Al-Biruni, al-Khawarizmi and many more,” he said.

He said it is not true that it is haram for Muslims to study in Chinese schools.

“In fact, this contradicts what had been practised by Muslim ulama for many generations,” he said.


17 October 2017


Haram for Muslims to get haircut from non-Muslims, says religious teacher

Sharon Tan


A RELIGIOUS teacher, who previously courted controversy by urging Muslims to boycott curry powder made by Hindus, says it is haram for Muslims to receive a haircut from non-Muslims.

Ustaz Shahul Hamid Seeni Muhammad, headmaster of Maahad Tahfiz Darul Tahzhib, said in a video uploaded two years ago, which has since gone viral, that getting a haircut from non-Muslims was haram.

“From the time I started studying in a pondok school to Form 1 and up until now, I have not allowed any non-believers to touch my head. It is better for us to go to Muslim shops because at least this way, we can help Muslim businesses,” Shahul Hamid said.

Three years ago, also through a video a clip that went viral, Shahul Hamid urged Muslims not to buy curry powder products from “Hindu” companies like Baba’s and Alagappa’s. He also poked fun at a dishti bomma, a square metal plate with the face of a “fearsome demon” on it, at the entrance of the Alagappa’s flour mill near Permatang Pauh.

In the haircut video clip, which has been viewed more than 9,000 times, Shahul Hamid also said it was haram for Muslim women to go to a non-Muslim salon, as a woman’s hair was considered aurat and should not be exposed to non-Muslims, even if they are women.

Shahul Hamid also made a jab at transgenders working at salons by mimicking their voices, which he said sounded like frogs.


9m9 minutes ago

Pulau Pinang anggap Shahul Hamid tak langgar akidah, elak isu tauliah



31 July 2014

PAS preacher apologises for curry powder remarks, pleads withdrawal …

PAS preacher apologises for curry powder remarks, pleads withdrawal of police reports (VIDEO)

By Opalyn Mok

BUKIT MERTAJAM, July 31 — Stung by the heat over his curry powder remarks, Islamic preacher Shahul Hamid publicly apologised today for his racial slight against Malaysian Indians and Hindus.

The PAS member, accompanied by Penang deputy PAS commissioner Datuk Mujahid Yusof Rawa, also begged his detractors to withdraw their police complaints against him and to give him a second chance to make amends.

“I am here now to openly apologise to all over the offensive words I’ve said during a religious speech and I wish to state that I did not intend to insult or to incite racial tension as I was only trying to attract the attention of my audience then,” he told a news conference at the Bandar Perda mosque here.

“I am sincerely apologising to all Indians. I regret saying those words and I promise not to do this again,” he added.

Shahul also said he wished to meet with ethnic Indian community leaders to personally apologise to them for his remarks.

A video clip of Shahul’s speech, in which he told Muslims not to buy curry powder from “Hindu companies” such as Alagappa’s and Baba’s was uploaded to social media sites recently, provoking fury from the minority communities.




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SlimmeWhite Advert: Both sides of the Case…

The four-minute clip shows a woman whose husband throws her out of the house and divorces her despite her many pleas.

The video alternates between flashbacks of conversations the couple had before their marriage, in which he promises to love the woman even when she is old and wrinkled. However, the present-day reality is far removed from what he promised as he abuses her both physically and verbally.

After she is thrown out of the house, her sister recommends she take the Slimme White beauty drink.

One month later, noticeably fairer and thinner, the woman is seen walking past her husband, who chases after her and apologises for his actions, telling her he still loves her.

However, she tells him to move on, saying she will pray for his happiness.


WAO slams Slimme White ad on domestic abuse victim

September 29, 2017

Women’s Aid Organisation says women need respect and equality, not a beauty product that promises fair skin and a flat tummy.

PETALING JAYA: The Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) today slammed an advertisement featuring a domestic abuse survivor whose husband begs her to return after she uses a beauty product to make her thinner and fairer.

Calling the Slimme White ad “offensive, unhealthy and irresponsible”, WAO said such advertisements were also “incredibly damaging” as they implied that women who look a certain way deserve abuse, and that their husbands have a right to abuse them.

“Ads like this enable domestic violence.

“The video’s perverse logic is essentially: be pretty and your husband won’t hit you. What an insult to women,” it said in a statement.


Company defends ad, says it teaches respect for wives


PETALING JAYA: A company that has come under fire for an advertisement deemed as degrading to women, has defended the message behind the slimming and whitening product it promotes, saying it teaches men how to better appreciate their wives.

Speaking to FMT, company director Mohd Faizal Aminuddin of SlimmeWhite Malaysia said the advertisement attempted to show the reality of some marriages and how men had to learn how to appreciate their wives more.

He lamented that a certain blogger had totally misinterpreted the storyline, twisting the original message and claiming that the advertisement degraded women.

He said the company was considering taking action against the English language blogger because of the controversy that had ensued.

“We are going to take action against the blogger as it has gone too far and the original meaning of the ad has been distorted,” he said.

He said the advertisement, uploaded to Facebook on Monday, had received positive feedback and that sales for the Slimme White beauty drink had been encouraging.

“We received a call from a customer, telling us that she was in the same situation and the ad had inspired her to change for the better.

“But it is sad that the message was misinterpreted by some people,” said Faizal.

The advertisement has been shared over 31,000 times and viewed 1.7 million times to date.

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Oman bans Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), SEGi University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship…

6 October 2017

USIM says administrative issues to blame for Oman ban

SEREMBAN, Oct 6 — The Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) has met with the Oman’s Cultural Attache following the country’s move prohibiting its students from pursuing studies at four local universities including USIM.

USIM vice chancellor, Prof Datuk Dr Musa Ahmad expressed regret over issues arising and the USIM acknowledged the ban issued by the Omani Higher Education Ministry affected the reputation and image of the university as well as sparked various speculations and negative interpretations by various parties.

“This ban against USIM is not related to the quality of our academic programmes and it clearly indicated that our academic programmes are of a high quality and in line with the rigorous assessment that the university needs to go through to obtain accreditation (recognition) by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) for each programme.

“The ban was made due to administrative issues at USIM level including visa application, academic management and financial process.

“In a review made, USIM admits there are matters raised due to the weaknesses of the internal administration of the university while some specific problems are still in the process of settlement as it is closely linked to current policies of the university and outside agencies and this requires a bit of time,” he said in a statement here today.

Musa also announced that a task force, comprising personnel from both Oman’s Cultural Attache and USIM, would be formed to address the issues between the two parties promptly.

4 October 2017

Miscommunication may be reason for Oman’s ban on universities

October 4, 2017

Higher education minister Idris Jusoh says his officers will meet Omani officials on Monday to resolve the matter.


KUALA LUMPUR: Oman’s ban on four Malaysian universities may be due to miscommunication, says Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh.

Idris said relations between Malaysia and Oman were very good and his officers would seek a meeting with Omani officials on the matter on Monday.

“I hope the matter can be resolved amicably. I don’t see any big problems.

“If there are any improvements that need to be made by the universities, we will make sure they are done,” he told a media conference after launching a high-speed broadband project at Universiti Malaya today.

Oman’s cultural attaché in Malaysia, Yahya Salam Al Mandhari, was quoted as saying that the accreditations were revoked over various “violations”.

Referring to the discovery of fake degrees using the names of Universiti Teknologi Mara and SEGi University, Idris said the two institutions would take legal action against the syndicate involved.

“I have been told they have already taken the necessary action,” he said.

The Kosmo! Bahasa Malaysia newspaper reported recently that a syndicate was selling fake degrees using the names of the two universities at prices as low as RM1,000 apiece.

The newspaper added that the two universities had lodged police reports.

2 October 2017

(Update) Oman bans four Malaysian universities over alleged ‘academic, administrative abuse’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Higher Education Ministry of Oman has banned four Malaysian universities due to alleged academic and administrative abuses by the varsities.

The universities are Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), SEGi University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship.

In total, there are 378 Omani students enrolled in the four universities.

The Times of Oman, in its report, stated that the Committee for the Recognition of Non-Omani Higher Education Institutions and the Equivalence of Educational Qualifications in the Oman Higher Education Ministry had issued a decision to stop dealing with these universities.

It said Omani students were not allowed to attend the educational institutions following the decision.

“The decision is due to the various alleged abuses by the universities,” it said.

Oman’s cultural attache to Malaysia, Yahya Salam Al Mundhari, said the reason for the withdrawals were due to alleged academic and administrative abuses.

“Most of these reasons are academic and administrative, including the existence of complaints against these universities by some of the Omani students studying there (in Malaysia),” said Yahya.

“These universities are not complying with some of the laws of the country of scholarship such as registering students, allowing them to study on tourist visas, and most of these universities are unresponsive and not cooperating with the Cultural Mission in solving the challenges facing Omani students,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, in an immediate reaction, USIM deputy vice-chancellor (academic and international) Prof Datuk Dr Zulkiple Abdul Ghani said the university has yet to receive any official information on the ban from Oman’s Higher Education Ministry or its embassy.

“The issue was only made aware to us through news reports from Times of Oman.

“However, an immediate meet-up will be organised by USIM with the Oman embassy to discuss this issue.

“Any problems or issues related with international students, whether it involves student welfare, finance or academics, have always been given the utmost attention by USIM as we believe they (international students) are our stakeholders,” he said.

Meanwhile, a SEGi University spokesman said it would obtain further details about the ban to solve the issues immediately.

“We view the matter seriously as SEGi is out to achieve the highest education standards to serve the future generations.

Meanwhile, Limkokwing University rubbished claims of such abuse occurring in their university.

In a statement today, its pro-vice chancellor (International), Professor Cedric D Bell said the university has no records of Omani students making complaints in their learning experience or any related matters.


Bell said the university categorically rejects the contrived reasons provided by the ministry for its reasons.

He added that the university will take necessary steps to address the reputational damage it would from this ‘unwarranted’ action.

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Sultan of Johor: Johor will cut ties with Jakim. Zamihan is a liar, an ‘empty tin with no brains’…


He claimed that he did not refer to Sultan Ibrahim in his lecture and that he held the Malay rulers in high regard. However, as Sultan Ibrahim was the only ruler to have voiced such objections, it is unlikely that Zamihan was referring to anybody else.

Zamihan had also said that he has not worked for Jakim for 13 years, but Jakim later said that he was still under their employ, though he had been seconded to the Home Ministry.



14 October 2017


What about other states, Malaysians ask after Johor sultan cuts ties with Jakim

Looi Sue-Chern

MALAYSIANS are wondering if other states would be so bold as to follow the Johor sultan’s lead in cutting off ties with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar decreed that the federal religious authority would no longer advise the Johor Islamic Religious Department after one of Jakim’s officers, Zamihan Mat Zin criticised the sultan’s prohibition of religious segregation, while also mocking the other races in a lecture that has gone viral.

Many Malaysians took to Facebook and Twitter today to praise the sultan for making yet another gutsy move against religious extremism in the interest of interfaith harmony.

Well-known human rights lawyer Siti Kasim also lauded the sultan, asking when the other states would do the same.

“Perhaps only the Sultans can save us from the madness we are having with these religious extremists. After all their the Heads of Islam!!” she wrote on Facebook.

Earlier today, Sultan Ibrahim asserted that religion came under state jurisdiction and that Johor religious authority would no longer have dealings with the federal religious body

The royal command came following Wednesday’s arrest of preacher Zamiha, who is now under investigation for sedition over a lecture in which he criticised the sultan’s decree against a Muslim-only launderette in Muar.


Don’t deal with Jakim, Johor sultan tells state Islamic department. Johor sultan calls Zamihan ‘empty tin with no brains’

Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has called Islamic preacher Zamihan Mat Zin “an empty tin with no brains.”

This comes after Zamihan purportedly criticised the sultan over his objection to having Muslim-exclusive laundrettes.

“Several muftis and religious experts have come out with their own views and arguments about this matter, but unfortunately there was a speaker called Zamihan who criticised me and disparaged those muftis.

“The way he spoke was very arrogant and haughty, as if he is the only one who is right in scorning the other races.

“I consider him to be an empty tin without a brain,” Sultan Ibrahim said during the Tun Hussein Onn University convocation ceremony today, as reported by Sinar Harian.

However, Sultan Ibrahim said Zamihan lied when the latter attempted to deny what he said after the speech had gone viral and received public condemnation.

“Do not lie to me. After this, just lecture in front of the mirror to see who you are for yourself,” he said.

Sultan Ibrahim also asked for Johor’s Department of Islamic Affairs (JAINJ) to no longer have any dealings with the national Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

He said that Jakim does not need to issue their views to Johor, as religious matters fall under the purview of the state.

“If he (Zamihan) is truly a Jakim preacher, I do not know where Jakim picked him up from.

“After this, I will instruct JAINJ to no longer waste their time dealing with Jakim,” he said.


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The Anti Kleptocracy Rally (14 Oct 2017, 4.00 – 11.00 pm) is over but the work continues…

15 October 2017


27m27 minutes ago

TV 3Suku, why want to lie. Social media is so efficient & fast nowadays. Shud consigned the editor to the drain.



2h2 hours ago

Mukhriz disclosed that dr. Mahathir was not feeling well at yesterday rally but he insisted to march on for rakyat.



12h12 hours ago

Melissa Goh Retweeted Melissa Goh

At 92 years old , Dr M is starting it all over again . Will he throw his hat in the ring for ?

Melissa Goh added,


12h12 hours ago

Thousands rally in Malaysia to oust premier Najib Razak



KUALA LUMPUR (REUTERS) – Thousands of protesters gathered at an unsanctioned rally on Saturday (Oct 14) to demand action against Prime Minister Najib Razak over the mismanagement of billions of dollars by a state fund.

Malaysia’s opposition are counting on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal to turn as many voters as they can against Datuk Seri Najib, who can call for national polls anytime between now and the middle of next year.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce plenty of people-centric initiatives later this month when he tables his last budget before the polls. Just a few months prior, he announced billions in housing and cash aid for the Malay community.

But Mahathir, who saw through Malaysia’s industrialisation as its longest-serving prime minister, warned that nothing good will come out of allowing his former protege to continue to rule.

“Never before have we had a prime minister who is a thief. He steals so he can have a comfortable life,” Mahathir told the crowd when delivering the final speech of the night.

“We need to bring down kleptocracy in our country… Najib’s fate is in our hands. We can get rid of him, just by voting PH,” the former prime minister said.


13h13 hours ago

There we go !


12h12 hours ago

Peaceful Malaysia? Retweeted Tan Keng Liang

Are you there? Can Gerakan gather the same crowd to support your cause? Liar!!

Peaceful Malaysia? added,

14 October 2017


13h13 hours ago

Mereka naik LRT bawa belon bertulis “MO1 Malukan M’sia, Stop Stealing Our $$ MO1 & Pay Back My $$ MO1!”. Kreatif!



Wait a short while for the “live” broadcast to come on…


14m14 minutes ago

The medical team treating a participant that fainted while listening to the speech at the rally.



7m7 minutes ago

A fan taking a selfie with at the rally.



29m29 minutes ago

Suhakam’s assembly monitoring team at Padang Timur. For complaints contact 0193338490





All quiet at Padang Timur, one party forgets flag poles


Pakatan Harapan will attempt to stage their first major rally today, dubbed the “Anti-Kleptocracy rally,” in protest against the lack of action taken over the 1MDB saga.

The rally is scheduled for 4pm at Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya. Rally organisers have been holding talks throughout the country in recent months in an attempt to mobilise 100,000 people.

Although the police have disapproved of the event, citing possible traffic congestion as the main reason, organisers are pressing ahead.

There are also concerns that the event might be disrupted by a group of people, led by Sungai Besar Umno division head Jamal Md Yunos, who intends to sell discounted fish at the rally venue.

LIVE reports from the rally follows:

2.40PM – Amcorp Mall: Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad will drop by Padang Timur at about 4pm although he will only speak late at night.

“He is having a walkabout and will visit the stalls. He will then need to take leave to rest and come back by about 8pm,” says Bersatu’s media officer Mohd Ikhmal Abu Bakar.

2.35PM – Padang Timur: Sungai Besar Umno division leader Jamal Md Yunos’ promise to set up at fish stall at noon did not materialise.

Some of his supporters say he will likely show up with the goods at about 3pm.

2.30PM – Padang Timur: The anti-kleptocracy rally appears to have run into its first hitch.

The roads all around the venue are adorned with the flags of Pakatan Harapan component parties, except for PKR, which are conspicuously missing.








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When the man robbing your house is a ‘senior police officer’…

13 October 2017


Senior police officer arrested for housebreaking

KAJANG: A senior police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law yesterday when he was caught red-handed stealing from his neighbour’s house in Taman Bangi Avenue, Bangi.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yusof said a team from Bangi police station was deployed to the house when police were alerted about the incident at 5pm.
“Upon arriving at the scene, they found the backdoor had been pried open. Police found a man armed with knife coming down the stairs with a bag allegedly filled with the stolen items.
“He resisted and fought back when the policemen approached him. He was however apprehended and was taken to Kajang police headquarters for further action,” Dzaffir said today.

He said checks showed that the 31-year-old man was a senior police officer serving at Bukit Aman.

“Initial investigation showed that the house owner, a 45-year-old financial advisor was working during the incident.

“He rushed back home when he was informed and he identified the suspect as his neighbour. He also confirmed that the stolen items were from his house,” he said.


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TMJ to Govt: Just shut this newspaper company down rather than waste people’s money…

..Every month, millions of money are given to Kosmo which is under the Utusan flagship but their main purpose is only to instigate people and write news such as cheap gossips.

My advice to the government, it may be best if you just shut this newspaper company down rather than wasting people’s money.




13 October 2017

TMJ: Shut down Kosmo and publisher instead of wasting rakyat’s money


Johor crown prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim told Bahasa Malaysia daily Kosmo and its publisher Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd to shut down if they continue to publish “cheap gossip” and articles designed to “instigate the people.”

“This is the mentality of our Malay society in some places in Malaysia.

“Every month, millions are given to Kosmo, which is under the Utusan flagship, but their main purpose is only to instigate people and write news such as cheap gossip.

“My advice to the government, it may be best if you just shut this newspaper company down rather than wasting people’s money,” he said in a statement posted on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page.

He appeared to be lashing out against a Kosmo article titled “Tunku Ismail guris hati peminat” (Tunku Ismail slights fans) for highlighting a joke he made during a dialogue session held at the JDT Cafe in Johor last night.

In the article, the daily claimed that local football fans were slighted by his remarks about the Malaysian football team not being “his national team.”

The Football Association of Malaysia president supposedly said during the dialogue that “Your national team is not my (national team). I am from Johor, you know.”

“After a dialogue of more than an hour regarding football and current issues, only the joke in the last 20 seconds of my dialogue is now trending.



4h4 hours ago

Ahmad Affan Retweeted Taslim Razin

Brave 👏

Ahmad Affan added,

Replying to

This is out of the chart! Johor friends are saying, in their defense, that TMJ is just being sarcastic about the whole part time thing

Replying to

aku rasa tweet ni paling sesuai pada whole “sarcastic thing”. Benda pertiwi is a sensitive matter, you don’t get to dictate that matter

4h4 hours ago

Yeah… Not sure how high that guy’s sense of humor is… or how low…

  1. End of conversation

1h1 hour ago

TMJ tells why he doesn’t read daily newspapers


By Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim

After a dialogue of more than an hour regarding football and current issues, only the joke in my last 20 seconds of my dialogue is trending now. This is one of the reasons why I don’t read newspapers in this country anymore.

Their persistence to sell the newspaper have resulted in them writing news and articles similar to a gossip magazine. To my foreign friends, this is a true example of the now infamous slogan “Malaysia Boleh”.

This is the mentality of our Malay society in some places in Malaysia. Every month, millions of money are given to Kosmo which is under the Utusan flagship but their main purpose is only to instigate people and write news such as cheap gossips.

My advice to the government, it may be best if you just shut this newspaper company down rather than wasting people’s money.

You want everything to be free without putting any effort or hard work in and at the same time despise the fact when others are doing well.

When a long article is written, people are lazy to read. There are even some that may not fully understand. Even when a live video is broadcasted, they still can’t comprehend?

I’ve been informed regarding efforts to enhance the education system in this country and I think the authorities need to execute it as soon as possible because there are 3 crucial factors that should be given attention in the country.

The lack of education, bribery and extremism. If it continues, the future of our kids and grandchildren will be bleak.

Regarding the statement that I wanted to meet the “red cap” boy, let me reiterate that we’ve already met before when he was giving ideas towards pressuring the previous FAM leadership.

Now I would like to ask him and all football fans, what makes them unhappy right now? What can I do for him or the others?

I really want to ask for myself what do they really want from FAM at this present moment. If there is in fact really anything.

FAM has now established a good relationship with the supporters, unlike the previous FAM.

So please, do tell me when we can meet. I was just asking to meet and suddenly it’s as if the whole nation is crumbling down.

No one took note of the important issues but the joke or the small talks was given the limelight. Malaysia…

The above is first posted on the Facebook page of Johor Southern Tigers. Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is the crown prince of Johor and president of the Football Association of Malaysia. 

The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

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Will Jamal Yunos be selling fish at Padang Timur during the anti Kleptocracy Rally?

Jamal plans to sell kembung, cencaru, selayang and mabong at RM5 a kilogram.

14 October 2017



13 October 2017


13 October 2017

‘Try and stop me’ – Jamal threatens to pour ‘air ikan’ on mayor

Zulaikha Zulkifli

Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos has challenged Petaling Jaya mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain to stop him from selling fish at Padang Timur tomorrow.

He threatened to drench the mayor with wastewater from his fish stall if the latter showed up at the venue, where the opposition plans to hold the anti-kleptocracy rally.

“He should not just issue warnings. If he is really the head of (MBPJ’s) enforcement unit, please come to our stall tomorrow. We will pour ‘air ikan‘ (fish water) on the mayor’s head.

“Please ask him to stop me tomorrow. Don’t stop (us) from doing a good deed. I want people to buy fish at reasonable prices.

“So, Mr Mayor, come tomorrow. I want to shower him with ‘air ikan‘,” he told Malaysiakini.

Jamal said he respected the call by deputy inspector-general of police Noor Rashid not to cause trouble tomorrow. He said his group has no intention of ignoring the police’s instructions.

“I don’t want to oppose what the deputy IGP said. To me, his job is to maintain order, but I have my opinions as well.

“I am an NGO leader who is given a mandate by our members. I have a responsibility (to fulfil),” he said.



Don’t create chaos at weekend rally, Jamal Yunos told


BUKIT JALIL, Oct 12 — Police have advised Sungai Besar Umno leader Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos to watch his behaviour if he decides to be in the vicinity of Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) rally this Saturday.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim said Jamal has been warned that police won’t hesitate to use the law on him if he causes any disturbance with his planned fish sale near Padang Timur in Petaling Jaya, Selangor where the PH rally is to be held.

“If he does, we will see what is the offence which he committed, and if it violates local government laws, then we will ask them to take action.

“I want to advise Jamal. Don’t disturb. Don’t try to create chaos here. That’s my advice,” Noor Rashid told a news conference here today.

News portal Berita Daily yesterday reported Jamal saying he plans to sell fish cheaply from noon at Padang Timur on October 14. .



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