The Politeknik Seberang Perai canteen operator’s tale: More to it than we think? Race, religion and what else?

It seemed such a simple tale.

The canteen operator from Politeknik Seberang Perai (PSP) had his contract not renewed due to “administrative reasons”.


That ought to have been the end of the story but it isn’t…

29 June 2017


I was told to convert to Islam, says polytechnic canteen operator

Susan Loone


The canteen operator from Politeknik Seberang Perai (PSP), whose contract was not renewed due to “administrative reasons”, now claims he was told to convert to Islam if he wants to continue operating his stall.

“I was disappointed with the statement, but I did not take it seriously. I know it is now a norm,” Gopi Krishnan Gopal said at a press conference in Komtar today.

Gopi Krishnan said the PSP head of administration, who told him and his wife, Khor Hong Geik, to convert to Islam, is now retired.

He claimed to have also received calls from various quarters, including a government officer from Putrajaya, who told him to “keep things quiet” as there were efforts to get his stall at PSP reinstated.

“I told the officer to raise the issue with Prime Minister Najib Razak’s department, and to ask the PM to ensure that all polytechnics in the country have a canteen operator to provide food for non-Muslims, especially vegetarians,” Gopi Krishnan said.

“We are not asking for a temple to be built in the polytechnic, just a stall to serve non-Muslims, some who are vegetarians due to religious reasons,” he added, saying he served 1,200 non-Muslims students in PSP.

28 June 2017

MIC whitewashing Indian food trader issue, says Ramasamy

June 28, 2017

If food trader was let go due to ‘administrative reasons’, Kamalanathan must reveal what these are, says DAP rep.

GEORGE TOWN: A federal minister has come under fire over the handling of an issue involving an Indian food trader at a government polytechnic here who was allegedly let go due to the stall’s “non-compliance with the shariah code”.

DAP’s P Ramasamy said Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan’s press statement was merely a public relations stunt in an attempt to whitewash the issue.

“Most of the time, it is very difficult to fathom on whose side Kamalanathan is on. Is he an Indian rep or is he representing those who manage educational institutions?

“It is not known whether he really takes up and articulates the various problems by members of the Indian community.

“So much so, he has become a ‘yes man’ for those in power rather than a person who is genuinely interested in furthering the interests of the downtrodden and poor Indians,” Ramasamy told FMT.

Ramasamy said since Kamalanathan had admitted to not knowing what had happened, the explanation of the trader being let go due to “administrative reasons” was questionable.

He said Kamalanathan had yet to clarify what these violated administrative guidelines were or why the Indian food trader had failed to follow them.

27 June 2017

Removal of canteen operator not a racial issue, says Kamalanathan

The termination of an Indian food service provider at Politeknik Seberang Perai was not a racial issue, said MIC education bureau chief P Kamalanathan.

“I wish to stress here that the issue is not a racial issue as in total four contractors were terminated based on administrative reasons,” said Kamalanathan, who is also the deputy education minister.

According to earlier news reports, the Indian food canteen operator, who was the only non-Muslim canteen operator on campus, was told to cease operations on grounds that his stall was not “syariah compliant”.

A Facebook post on the matter, from someone who appears to be a student of the college, has been widely shared online and on phone messaging services.

According to one such message, a petition by some 300 students against the removal of the only Indian food stall on campus was unsuccessful.
Kamalanathan said the MIC president S Subramaniam is very concerned with accusations of racism against the canteen operator. He said that the party president had ordered him to investigate the matter.

“MIC will not tolerate any discrimination if the accusation is found to be true,” he said.

He explained that he had contacted the director of the institution who clarified that four contractors, including the Indian food stall operator, had their service terminated due to the non-adherence to the terms of the contract.

The other three operators who had their service terminated were Malay, he said.

26 June 2017

Jun 26

Food stall ordered shut for alleged shariah non-compliance

June 27, 2017

Stall operator’s plea and phone conversation purportedly with a high ranking official at a government educational institution in Penang goes viral.


GEORGE TOWN: An education institution on mainland Penang has allegedly told the only non-Muslim food stall operator in the campus canteen to cease operations as his stall is not “shariah compliant”.

The operator, who has been serving Indian food at the government institution in Seberang Perai for more than six months, is upset. It is claimed that an appeal by both the stall operator and Indian students at the institution has been rejected by the administration.

The institution, however, has denied the accusation.

The stall is the only Indian food outlet among several Malay outlets at the institution, under the ministry of education, that offers various courses.

The food stall operator has since voiced his unhappiness with the institution’s administrators on WhatsApp and Facebook.

On Facebook, a post shared by Melissa Ann MM has garnered nearly 1,000 shares at the time of writing. Melissa appears to be a student of the college.

An identical statement by a food seller by the name of “Gopy” has also gone viral on WhatsApp.

It was attached with a voice recording of a conversation said to be between one of the institutions’s top administrators and the affected food seller.

In the recording, a man, apparently in the top ranks of the institution, says the food seller’s appeal against the decision to let him go had been rejected.

“Aren’t you that Indian shop? The appeal has failed, I am not sure why…we are implementing shariah-compliant ISO (standards), maybe your shop was selling non-halal food, right?

“That is why we could not consider (the appeal),” the man is heard saying.

The food seller is then heard pleading with him, saying he has spent a lot of money on the stall and has not broken even yet. He says he knows he “is not a Muslim” and that is the reason he sources his meats from the “same place Muslims get their meats”.

The man is heard saying: “I am sorry but I am new here, but the instructions are as such.”

Earlier, Gopy, in laying out the problem, says in the audio clip that 300 students had petitioned against the removal of the only Indian food shop on campus but that it was unsuccessful.

“(After running the outlet)…for the past six months, the college terminated my contract due to ISO shariah law in which non-Muslims are not allowed to do any sort of business as they say it’s not halal,” the message reads.

FMT cannot independently verify the veracity of the statement made by Gopy.

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#Blunder by Nanyang Technological University (NTU): Blames staff for “English only” food sign policy…

A notice received by stall operators at North Spine Food Court – one of 12 at the university – told them to do this before renewing their contracts in August.

28 June 2017


NTU says sorry for confusion over language on menu signboards

ztf.jpgA noodle stall displaying a bilingual menu at a foodcourt in Nanyang Technological University.ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

SINGAPORE – Nanyang Technological University (NTU) offers no excuses for the recent food sign language incident that “has resulted in anguish and anxieties among members of the Chinese community”.

“We are sorry for the confusion and our lack of clarity on the issue,” said NTU president Bertil Andersson, promising that a thorough investigation would be carried out.

He clarified that there is no university policy prohibiting the use of the Chinese language on food stall or retail space signboards.

22 June 2017


Stalls in NTU food court told to remove Chinese characters from signboard come August


Stomper Say How alerted Stomp to a recent article on Lianhe Wanbao, which reported on the food stalls in cafeteria at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) that were instructed to remove Chinese characters on their signboards.

According to the article, the etablishment, North Spine Food Court, is managed by Select Group.

Reporters also received calls from vendors claiming that they received instructions from the management to remove all Chinese characters from their signboard by August end, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

When reporters visited the food court, they found that only two of the 12 stalls did not have Chinese characters on them.

A 40-year-old stall owner complained that many vendors did not comprehend and were dissatisfied with the arrangements but did not dare to voice their opinions for fear of ruining relationships with the management.

NTU president apologises after English-only signage controversy


June 28, 2017
SINGAPORE — A week after news broke of the controversy of businesses on campus being told to switch to English-only signage, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) president Bertil Andersson has apologised, blaming the wrong instructions on varsity staff who had acted without sanction.

In a statement Wednesday (June 28), he reiterated that the university would get to the bottom of how the incident arose and pledged to hold to account any staff found to have acted contrary to NTU policies and values. A panel of five members will be tasked to investigate the matter, which is expected to take six to eight weeks.

“We accept responsibility for this incident and for (our) initial responses to the media which, with the benefit of hindsight, did not address the lapse clearly. We offer no excuses for what has happened that has resulted in anguish and anxieties among members of the Chinese community,” he said.
“I wish to put on public record and to reassure everyone that there is no policy at NTU that prohibits the use of Chinese language on signboards at food stalls or retail spaces. The initial findings show that the problems arose as a result of instructions given to food court operators to present their signages in English only. This action was not sanctioned through any NTU policy.”

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Miranda Kerr, Australian supermodel, hands over Jho Low’s gift of jewellery worth US$8.1 million (RM35 million) to the DOJ…

Malaysian billionaire Jho Low dated supermodel Miranda Kerr for about a year in 2014. According to Page Six, it was during that time that Low gifted Kerr a $1.29 million 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond that was engraved with her initials — MK. It was, as the publication claims, his first gift to his then-girlfriend.

What followed were other similarly large ticket items like a $3.8 million 8.88 carat diamond pendant as well as $1.98 million 11 carat earrings and matching necklace, ring, and bracelet.

27 June 2017



Miranda Kerr hands over RM35 million jewellery to DoJ


AUSTRALIAN model Miranda Kerr has handed over jewellery worth US$8.1 million (RM35 million) gifted by Jho Low to the US Justice Department, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The jewellery is allegedly bought with funds siphoned off 1Malaysia Development Bhd by Low, or Low Taek Jho.

Kerr transferred the gifts on Friday to government agents from her safe-deposit box in Los Angeles, a spokesman told the WSJ.

Among the presents are an 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond valued at US$1.29 million and a US$3.8 million 8.88 carat diamond pendant.

The DoJ filed three civil suits to seize assets, including Kerr’s jewellery, amounting to US$4.5 billion allegedly bought with money siphoned off the state investor.

Replying to

Australian model & reportedly Jho Low’s ex has handed over more than $US8mil worth of jewellery to the US DOJ for probe.



17 June 2017

1MDB Love affairs with Miranda Kerr/ Jho Low.


zf.jpgTIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

16 June 2017

Teen Vogue

Miranda Kerr in Million-Dollar Jewelry Scam Because of Ex Jho Low

The U.S. government is now involved.

Miranda Kerr is now happily married to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel but, before Spiegel (and after ex-husband Orlando Bloom) came Malaysian billionaire Jho Low, whom the supermodel dated for about a year in 2014. According to Page Six, it was during that time that Low gifted Kerr a $1.29 million 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond that was engraved with her initials — MK. It was, as the publication claims, his first gift to his then-girlfriend. What followed were other similarly large ticket items like a $3.8 million 8.88 carat diamond pendant as well as $1.98 million 11 carat earrings and matching necklace, ring, and bracelet.

Page Six writes that Low looked to jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz when shopping for the aforementioned gifts, telling her “he had $1 million to $2 million to spend – and that size mattered, according to the suit.”

As the suit states, all of this money is believed to have been taken from the 1MDB fund in Malaysia. The U.S. government is currently attempting to seize the assets that were purchased with the stolen funds. Leonardo DiCaprio is also involved, as he was reportedly gifted art and the like in the same fashion.

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AirAsia X flight D7 237 landed safely but detractors attack Tony Fernandes and AirAsia because of the pilot’s telling the passengers “to pray”…

29 June 2017

Praying part of airlines’ emergency SOP, say aviation experts

June 28, 2017

Usually, those who question the necessity for prayers are people with no religion, says former RMAF investigating officer.

KUALA LUMPUR: Pilots have been comprehensively trained to be mentally prepared, including to pray during an emergency, according to aviation experts.

They said the move by the AirAsia X D7237 pilot to ask the 359 people on board to pray after the Airbus A330-300 experienced engine trouble was not wrong.

In fact, they said, it was part of pilots’ practice to calm passengers and ensure control over the situation.

Former Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) investigating officer Capt Abdul Rahmat Omar Mohd Haniff said praying during flights was nothing unusual.

In fact, he noted, many airline companies including British Airways (haj and umrah chartered flights) would switch on a video recording of the “doa musafir” (Muslim travellers’ prayer) before take-off.

“Usually, those who question the necessity for ‘doa’ (prayer) are people with no religion,” he said.

Rahmat was commenting on the Kuala Lumpur-bound flight from Perth which was forced to turn back 90 minutes into the journey after the aircraft encountered technical difficulties over the airspace near Carnarvon on the western Australia coast.

28 June 2017


Tony Fernandes

11 hrs · 

Facebook Mentions


Super proud of all my crew led by Captain Ibrahim. And first officer Vincent and Purser Ruijaruuneglai who did a superb heroic job bringing back everyone safely. Airasia don’t make engines and all airlines have engine failures. But when it does happen it takes great pilots and great leadership in times of crisis. I’m beaming with pride. From videos you can see all guests calm , and from the many emails and whatsapp I got , the Captains announcements kept everyone calm. If it was a full service airline the pilot would have been a hero. But because it’s a low cost carrier press and so called experts make wild accusations and forget the heroics of our crew. I want to thank the many Australians who have praised airasia for all we have done despite all the adverse press. Adelaide here we come.


27 June 2017


My name is Madeline Wright and I was involved in the Air Asia engine incident on sunday morning (24th june) traveling from Perth to Kuala lumpur on my family’s way to Vietnam. After hearing the loud bang, our aircraft began to shake vigorously and panic fell across all 359 passengers. Our reassuring captain talked us through the whole situation and gave us every piece of information he had.

The way we all cooperated and remained calm throughout the event made it easier for crew aboard to help us and for our captain to fly us to safety. No one screamed. The fact that we and other passengers paid less for a flight is not the reason for this planes accident. A technical problem like this could happen on any plane and Air Asia’s cheaper flights are not to blame. The aircraft was checked thoroughly before departure like all planes are and was regulated by the same air safety organisations. People should not be criticising Air Asia for missing anything – technical problems happen all the time, even on more expensive flights. We didn’t pay less for a technical problem, we paid less for no electronic devices, no meals and less leg room. Air Asia is an amazing company and i have flown with them many times before, always with great service and perfect take off and landing.

It disgusts me that people are criticising our captain for telling us to pray and are trying to get him fired. The full context was, “Everything is under control in the cockpit. If you want to say a prayer, that might help too.” his ask for prayer was said in such way that it was only to make us feel better and if it helped that was an individual thing. He was professional. He was human. He was a reassuring voice during this event and gave us hope, he is the reason i am still alive and i cannot thank him enough. English was his second language and he had a little trouble speaking to us but what he said was enough. Interestingly, despite 80% of his passengers being Asian descent, he only spoke in English through the incident.

And to the people blaming Air Asia for the event, it was not their fault and they did their best to keep us comfortable during the incident and the aftermath. Yes, we did stay in an airport for several hours waiting on news of what was to happen next, but they provided us with vouchers for food and water and the wait was only to ensure the best for us. During this time it was telling that everyone was calm, tolerant and patient – not all like a standard 3-hr wait in a queue. We were given the choice of full refunds of tickets, a rescheduled flight, or to stay in the airport a little longer for a later flight. It took time because during the chaos period, they needed to work out a plan and then communicate that plan. I’d rather wait to get one correct story than get four hastily-delivered wrong stories.

For those of you criticising Air Asia, our pilot and we on board, please stop. The bravery of our crew and captain should be praised not criticised, they did the best they could for us, and everyone is safe.

AirAsia chairman: What’s wrong with seeking divine intervention?

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — AirAsia chairman Datuk Kamarudin Meranun has suggested there is nothing wrong with asking for divine intervention, after one of the budget airline’s pilot asked for passengers to pray amid mid-air panic.

The AirAsia X group chief executive said even he would do the same thing as the pilot of the aborted flight D7 237 from Australia.

“What is wrong with asking for prayers in whatever religion especially when you are in a tight position, seeking divine intervention while doing whatever humanely possible?” Kamarudin asked in a post on his Facebook page.

“He was calm and in control, and as a believer, he asked everyone to pray with him as he guided the plane to safety. I would have done the same thing,” he added.

Kamarudin’s response came following remarks by DAP member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who tweeted yesterday that AirAsia should not condone such actions by its pilots.

“Making statements is always easy when you are safely on the ground. Such a situation will never be easy to manage, but the objective was very clear… to land the aircraft safely and ensure the safety of all onboard,” he said.

Kamaruddin also praised the Airbus A330 pilot for being calm throughout the incident, saying that the public should be thankful that everyone onboard the flight was safe.

“As such, I stand by the pilot and his team as an individual and the management or shareholder of AirAsia,” saif Kamarudin.

Minister lauds AirAsia pilot for courage, professionalism

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — The pilot of the AirAsia X flight that was forced to return to Perth on Sunday due to the engine problems had acted with courage and “incredible professionalism”, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

The minister said the actions of the pilot and crew helped ensure there were no casualties during the Perth-Kuala Lumpur flight on Sunday.

“I would like to commend AirAsia X pilot and cabin crew for handling the emergency situation involving flight D7 237 with professionalism and courage.

“The pilot had handled the issue with incredible professionalism and act swiftly and proficiently to protect the safety of passengers onboard,” he said in a statement.

Liow said he also ordered the Department of Civil Aviation to investigate the incident and to publish its findings.

26 June 2017


It’s time to attack Tony Fernandes snd AirAsia…


…the Airbus A330 was forced to abort its flight to Kuala Lumpur some 90 minutes after it had taken off from Perth, after the aircraft suffered from an alleged engine mishap that caused the aircraft to vibrate “like a washing machine.”

The plane eventually landed safely.




So mr praying if flight has problem,AA SOP? Pls confirm!

I think you should reply to this idiot What’s wrong with praying(doa keselamatan) in time of crisis?


54m54 minutes ago

AirAsia X probes faulty Perth-KL flight, netizens ground Zaid over tweets

AirAsia X has launched an investigation into the reported engine problem that occurred on one of its flights bound for Kuala Lumpur from Perth, Australia.

Netizens tick Zaid off

In the news report, traumatised passengers were quoted saying the pilot had asked the passengers to pray on the way back to Perth.

The report prompted former law minister Zaid Ibrahim to comment on Twitter that the pilot’s alleged request was “unbecoming”.

In a series of tweets this morning, Zaid said the airline should not condone such behaviour by the pilot.

“The AirAsia pilot urged passengers to pray on the distressed Perth flight. Good lord, I much prefer if the pilot don’t tell me death is imminent.

“The pilot has to give hope, and leave the rest to God and the passengers. If AirAsia is big into prayers, engage proper imam and priest,” he tweeted.

His tweets however attracted criticism from netizens, most of whom asked what wrong had the pilot done in asking the passengers to pray.

Some pointed out there was nothing wrong in seeking divine intervention in times of crisis.

Others remarked that Zaid should be happy that the pilot had landed the plane back safely.

29m29 minutes ago

Air Asia avoided catastrophy thanks god, watch the details on this link


[Press release] AirAsia X statement on flight D7 237


14h14 hours ago

Pilot urges passengers to pray after AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth, Australia, starts shaking

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Sarawak Report’s ‘Crowd Justice Fund’ is a success! Raja Petra Kamaruddin calls for donations to fund Abdul Hadi’s legal action against Sarawak Report.

Sarawak Report managed to collect RM160,000 in 3 days. PAS wants to raise RM200,000 but doesn’t say how much it has collected yet.

26  June 2017


PAS seeks contributions to cover legal battle against SR

June 26, 2017

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad says in three days Sarawak Report has managed to collect RM160,000 and tells members to help the party.

On April 21, Hadi filed a defamation suit against Sarawak Report at the High Court in London.

Hadi is suing Sarawak Report article which suggested that Prime Minister Najib Razak had channelled RM90 million to PAS, an allegation which the Islamist party has denied.

Sarawak Report said it faces expensive legal fees in filing its defence against Hadi’s suit.

Previously, PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had also directed its members to contribute RM5 each while those in the leadership were to contribute RM100 each to fund the legal action.

At its recent muktamar, PAS had set up a special fund to collect money to cover the “costly” legal expenses of the suit.

The Islamist party was reported to have sought to raise RM200,000.

25 June 2017


Sarawak Report reaches GB£30,000 legal fund goal

Whistleblower website Sarawak Report has raised over GB£30,000 (RM160,000) for its legal fund to fend itself from a suit by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

The amount was raised in just three days through crowdfunding platform Crowd Justice. At the time of writing, GB£30,452 has been raised through 615 contributors.
Meanwhile, Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, through his platform Malaysia Today, also called for donations to fund Abdul Hadi’s legal action against Sarawak Report.

“As one can imagine, the cost to institute a legal action in the UK is not cheap and would involve a lot of funds, which understandably, PAS does not have.

“As such, PAS is appealing to all its supporters and members to donate to it, to help fund this legal action in the UK to clear its name,” it said.

The article had urged supporters to deposit money to the party’s bank account, therefore there the response cannot be measured.

Last month, PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said it had directed its members to contribute RM5 each while those in the leadership were to contribute RM100 each to fund the legal action.

Jun 24

A public appeal for donations to fund the legal suit against Sarawak Report

As one can imagine, the cost to institute a legal action in the UK is not cheap and would involve a lot of funds, which understandably, PAS does not have.

As such, PAS is appealing to all its supporters and members to donate to it, to help fund this legal action in the UK to clear its name.

Donations can be sent to their bank accounts as follows…

days to go
pledged of £30,000 stretch target by 589 people


Defend Sarawak Report

by Sarawak Report
Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report is being sued by PAS, the Islamic Party of Malaysia. We believe we have a strong case and need to stand up to the big money that appears to be flowing into their action.

For the past seven years Sarawak Report has detailed the consequences of politcal corruption in Malaysia on the environment, civil liberties and the prosperity of the nation.  We have worked on this project as a voluntary not for profit commitment.  It was our work that exposed what has become the world’s largest kleptocracy scandal, involving up to $7 billion dollars stolen from the development fund 1MDB.  Numerous banks have been already held to account and 15th June the US Dept of Justice issued a third court order for the sequestration of over $1.5 billion in assets bought with money stolen by 1MDB.  The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, has admitted he used much of this money to buy political support and to win the last election – although he claims that the $681 million that went into his own accounts came from a mystery Saudi Royal donor and not 1MDB as detailed by the joint US, Swiss, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, UK, Hong Kong and Luxembourg investigations into the scandal.

Sarawak Report has led on this massive international scandal all the way, revealing story after story both on the crime itself and the distribution of all the proceeds.  There have been numerous legal threats by various players, but so far none have sued us in the face of overwhelming evidence.  However,  Malaysia’s Islamic party PAS has now taken exception to being caught up in the scandal, having broken with the opposition alliance in order to collaborate with the Prime Minister’s own BN alliance at the very height of the exposures of theft from the development fund.  Sarawak Report pointed out that the PM distributes money to gain political support and that considerable largesse was noted to have been passing from his administration for the first time into PAS during this very period of intense scandal, at which point a section of the leadership chose to rupture its links with the opposition and later work with Najib instead – splitting the party’s own leadership and following in the process. 

PAS’s President Hadi has said he views our comments as a personal attack on his reputation in the UK, yet he is seeking to avoid placing security of costs in the UK court before we file our defence.  This forces us to pay for expensive legal support to file that defence, money we have little hope of retrieving, whether or not he continues with his case. We believe this is a politically motivated attack and that the people involved are hoping we will settle the action rather than place a defence.  They will then use that outcome, backed by BN’s powerful propaganda machine to seek to discredit us.  Please help us fight this case in order to counter this the latest of so many attempts to discredit our work.


25 June 2017

Our heartfelt thanks go to the stirling response of so many of our readers and supporters to our legal appeal.  Sarawak Report can now look forward to making a robust defence against the legal suit brought in London by PAS.

Within a mere 24 hours our Crowd Justice Fund has raised just shy of 5/6ths of the total sum we are seeking to achieve in the 30 day window for our campaign.  It is a fantastic result and a tribute to the unity and determination of those who want to see fair and open reporting on the situation in Malaysia and 1MDB.

PAS is seeking to avoid putting up the normal security for costs in this case, claiming that if it loses Sarawak Report would easily be able to claim back the millions of pounds fighting such a case could incur.

We would just have to pop into court in KL!

The result of this manoeuvre has been to force Sarawak Report to pay out tens of thousands of pounds just to open our defence in the UK, knowing that PAS can walk away with little danger of having to pay us back if they fail to brow-beat us into ‘settling’ their claim.

PAS have been boasting that they have been rattling their tin around the faithful in the mosque to raise money to fight for the reputation of the party – money that could perhaps have been better used to help the poor, since a good reputation tends to look after itself.

However, we too have supporters, since they have brought on this suit.  So far just under 500 souls have put their own money where their democratic beliefs are and as of writing this post, they have raised £24,000, which is RM130,000.

Let’s show PAS that they can’t snuff out Sarawak Report with tactics of this kind and make our target in record time!

Humble thanks for all your support – Editor, Sarawak Report.

updates expected…..

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Singapore’s Thieves’ Market on Sungei Road closes on 10 July 2017…

27 June 2017

5m5 minutes ago

S’porean Indian uncle speaks in fluent hokkien, defend Sungei Road market vendor’s right to do simple businesses.



14 Feb 2017 03:00PM

Last day of Thieves’ Market at Sungei Road on Jul 10

Singapore’s largest and oldest flea market has been operating since the 1930s, and holds memories for many Singaporeans.



Published on Jun 24, 2017

Over the last few months, 20-year-old Brendan Mayle Kor has been spending his Saturday afternoons studying the faces and mannerisms of the elderly vendors at Sungei Road Thieves’ Market very closely, looking for every line and crease that tells a story of their lives.

He then lays out a canvas and gets to work with his acrylics. Read more:

(Video: Wong Casandra/TODAY)

7 things you ought to know about Sungei Road market before it disappears

It’s official – Singapore’s oldest flea market in Sungei Road will close its final chapter on July 10, after eight decades of existence.

Once notoriously known as “Thieves Market” as stolen items were reportedly sold there, the open-air market will make way for residential and commercial developments.

Sungei Road Thieves Market | Remember Singapore


As its name suggests, the early days of Sungei Road Thieves’ Market had stolen goods peddled for sale. During that era, it was an open secret that if anyone’s belongings were stolen, he or she could likely find them in this flea market.

One of the biggest and certainly the oldest flea market in Singapore, Sungei Road Thieves’ Market today largely operates on Pasar Lane, Larut Road and Pitt Street, which are the minor roads off Sungei Road. Interestingly, the word pasar means market in Malay.

Sungei Road Thieves Market

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The much maligned Jho Low…

Low Taek Jho, often called Jho Low, is a Malaysian financier and the beneficiary of numerous discretionary trust assets said by the US Government to originate from corrupt payments out of the Malaysian 1MDB fund. Wikipedia
Born: November 1981, George Town, Malaysia

25 June 2017


Jho Low is doing rounds in What’sAp Group today… I received one..


4h4 hours ago

The Balloon Goes Up On 1MDB – Leo’s Paintings, Rosie’s Diamonds, Jho Low’s Yacht and Miranda Kerr’s Jewels


24 June 2017

15h15 hours ago

Will have to give back the jewellery Jho Low allegedly bought her with stolen money?


Miranda Kerr Embroiled In Jewellery Scam

THE jewellery Miranda Kerr received from former partner Jho Low was bought with stolen money from a Malaysian development fund, according to reports emerging from the US.

Kerr dated the Malaysian financier after separating from ex-husband Orlando Bloom in 2013, and prior to meeting her husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, in 2016. From Valentine’s Day 2014, Low is said to have started gifting the model jewellery with million-pound price tags.

For his first gift to Kerr, Low looked to Lorraine Schwartz. He told the American jeweller, who supplied Kanye West with the 15 carat engagement ring he gave to Kim Kardashian in 2013, that he had $1 million to $2 million to spend, and that size mattered. Low settled on a $1.29 million, 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond engraved with Kerr’s initials, Teen Vogue reports.

In November 2014, Low spent $3.8 million on an 8.88 carat diamond pendant for his then-girlfriend. A $1.98 million pair of 11 carat diamond earrings with a matching necklace, ring and bracelet quickly followed. All of these gifts are said to have been bought with some of the $4.5 billion Low stole from a Malaysian development fund.

The US Justice Department is attempting to seize back assets, including property, art, a yacht and a jet, that are alleged to have been bought with the money. Kerr is said to currently still be in possession of her gifts, but is cooperating with the investigation.


This is how disgraceful is Umno! Not even an Umno member dare to say a word about Jho Low! Jho Low is now even bigger than Umno!

23 June 2017

Jun 23

美司法部擬刑事提控 告劉特佐 首相添壓力

Translated from Chinese by

The Justice Department proposed criminal charges against Liu Tezuo added pressure, Prime Minister


Kiut apa Jho Low nih. Macam Doraemon. Similar too, can give unimaginable gifts from his pocket too.


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MIC man, S Vell Paari, son of Samy Vellu: Nothing wrong with MIC receiving funds from PM Najib. “All component parties receive money from BN, that is politics.”

There is nothing wrong with MIC receiving funds from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also the chairperson of BN, said party treasurer-general S Vell Paari.

“All component parties receive money from BN, that is politics.

“From the first prime minister, second prime minister, and even during the time of (former prime minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, all (BN) parties receive money for programmes and things,” he told Malaysiakini.


25 June 2017


Is MIC admitting it is dependent on Umno?

COMMENT | What kind of impression is S Vell Paari giving to all Malaysians about the party that he represents when he says there is nothing wrong with MIC receiving funds from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak?

The MIC treasurer-general claimed that “all component parties receive money from BN – that is politics.”

Such statements should not have been made by Vell Paari as it has a lot of hidden meanings behind it. There are several issues that I can think of.

Lack of independence

The MIC is supposed to represent the Indian community in Malaysia. It should remain both politically and financially independent, and have the political will to reject any amount of money given by the president of another party, whether in BN or Pakatan Harapan.

Should a dispute arise with Umno, MIC would not be able to effectively represent the Indian community. I would like to ask Vell Paari: Where is MIC’s moral independence then?

The feudalistic culture that Umno practices by giving money to its fellow partners in the coalition is unhealthy, and such practices should stop.
No wonder Malaysian Indians have given up on MIC in the past 10 years or so, when you have leaders who do not believe in political independence. Vell Paari should realise MIC’s precarious position, especially when his own father and former Works Minister S Samy Vellu lost in his own constituency.

MACC should investigate

Going by what Vell Paari said, it appears to me that MIC did receive funds from the prime minister.

This raises a lot of questions about the integrity of the prime minister. Was the amount of money indicated by whistleblowers accurate, or was there more money that had exchanged hands?

STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

23 June 2017

Nothing wrong with MIC getting funds from Najib, says treasurer

Geraldine Tong

There is nothing wrong with MIC receiving funds from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also the chairperson of BN, said party treasurer-general S Vell Paari.

“All component parties receive money from BN, that is politics.

“From the first prime minister, second prime minister, and even during the time of (former prime minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, all (BN) parties receive money for programmes and things,” he told Malaysiakini.

He was responding to whistleblower site Sarawak Report, which claimed that MIC received about RM19 million between 2012 and 2014.

Vell Paari pointed out that the funds were given to MIC and not its leaders, while the money had been declared in the party’s annual report and audited.

“Indirectly, what she (Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown) has done, in her effort to discredit me and MIC, is to show how much the prime minister has helped MIC and the Indian community.

In its report regarding the funds, Sarawak Report had described Vell Paari as a vocal defender of Najib, claiming that he had come out with a list of “top comical excuses drummed up over 1MDB”.

This is in relation to the MIC leader’s remarks concerning the latest United States Department of Justice (DOJ) filing over 1MDB.

However, Vell Paari said he is grateful to Najib for the help extended to MIC.

“Of course when somebody helps you, you have to be grateful, isn’t it? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist (to figure this out).

“She (Rewcastle-Brown) says I am a staunch supporter of Najib. Of course, only supporters support their leaders. Do you expect enemies (to do so)?” he added.

Sarawak Report had also alleged that the prime minister gave RM650,000 to the wife of former MIC deputy president S Subramaniam following his serious illness.

Quizzed on this, Vell Paari said Rewcastle-Brown should not pick on someone who is unwell.

“Stick to me. Why pick on a person who is not well?” he said.

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Mahathir: I resigned from Proton. I was not sacked.

24 June 2017


Proton is not such a disaster as spewed by Najib and honchos.Fair is fair.Evaluate professionally NOT spitefully



5 Apr 2016


To: Proton car owners and buyers

I feel I owe you all an explanation as to why I resigned as Chairman of Proton.

I was not expelled by Proton management or owners. I decided on my own, for the sake of Proton I should leave. I therefore have no grudge against Proton nor do I want it to fail after I left.

This is because Proton seems to be having difficulties with the Government and for some unknown reason sales of Proton cars have plummeted.

I know I am persona non grata with the Government. I do not want to be the cause of Proton’s inability to recover because of my presence.

I would in fact like to see Proton recover and do well.

So, please, Proton owners and buyers, don’t take it out on Proton because I am no longer the Chairman. Please continue to support Proton.

Proton has great ideas about introducing new models which are of good quality. This month they will launch the new Perdana. Later in the year they will launch the new Persona and Saga.

Proton cannot expect any help from the Government.

Only Proton owners and fans can help Proton. So please help Proton, your national car maker.

1. I am no longer the Chairman of Proton. However I feel a need to merely state the facts.

2. Firstly Proton is now privately owned after it was bought at RM5.50 per share (originally priced RM2.95 but bidding pushed the price up) largely from Khazanah and a few other share holders. Khazanah was supposed to hold shares for Bumiputras but is now representing the Government. Proton is not a GLC (Government Linked Company).

3. Government policy previously was to encourage local contents. All cars manufactured or assembled in Malaysia are entitled to rebates on excess duty based on the percentage of local contents used. Most foreign cars assembled in Malaysia has 30 – 40% local contents. Proton has almost 90% local content. Therefore the rebate for Proton is higher. It is not a privilege for Proton alone. All foreign and local cars enjoy this privilege. Local contents increase the cost of producing the car. This is because the deletion allowance by the foreign company is invariably lower than the cost of the local component.

4. The Government claims to have provided grants, various forms of assistance as well as tax foregone to the take of about RM 13.9 billion in total.

5. Most of this is made up of taxes foregone. Proton records show the following:
(1) RM1,320 million as tax incentives to Proton also eligible to non-national cars
(2) RM773.8 million in R&D Grant, Special grant, Stimulus package, eligible to all automotive manufacturers.
(3) RM12,532.6 million in customized incentives also eligible to all automotive players.

Total Government contribution from 1985 – to date amounts to RM 14,631.4 million.
Details of (1), (2) and (3) are appended.

Total contribution by Proton to Government since 1985 totals RM 24,905 million.
These are made up of the following:
(i) Excise duty from 1985 onwards RM 11,785 million
(ii) Sales tax from 1985 onwards RM 9,470 million
(iii) Corporate tax from 1985 onwards RM 1,410 million
(iv) Import duty from 1985 to 2008 RM 1,403 million
(v) GST from 1/4/2015 RM 28 million

Total RM 24,905 million

Clearly Proton has paid more to the Government than Government to Proton.
Capital injection by Government in 2 seed funds total RM 400 million. These have been fully paid up. On top of this, Proton had fully funded the 1.8 billion Ringgit Tanjung Malim Plant from its internal coffers which at that point had a staggering total of 4 billion Ringgit.

6. In addition Proton provides jobs for about 12,000 workers at any one time directly, and more than 250,000 souls indirectly. Proton reduced the outflow of funds probably amounting to more than 100 billion Ringgit.

7. Vendors also create jobs and reduce outflow of funds.

8. We can forget the development of engineering capability as our policy now is to encourage imports.

9. Incidentally all the countries exporting cars to Malaysia implement tariff and non-tariff barriers resulting in excluding Proton importation into their countries. This contrasts with our policy of allowing foreign cars to enter Malaysia with minimal or no restrictions.

10. It should be noted that Proton has to compete in its own domestic market against the likes of Toyota (10 million cars p.a.), South Korean car makers (5 million cars p.a.), German car makers (6 million cars p.a.) and others.

11. These companies can afford to lose on their cars in Malaysia and recoup in other markets. Apart from economy of scale, Proton cannot access foreign markets except those of poor countries with low Total Industry Volume.

12. Today the Government has no pride in national products. Imports are cheap and there are more consumers than producers. In democracy numbers count. So pleasing the more numerous is more important than national capacity of develop.

24 June 2017


[Infographics] DRB-Hicom and Geely partnership to take Proton, Lotus to higher level.




khalidkarim Retweeted Veritas Aletheia

Another point am trying to confirm~Gov will be paying PROTON about a billion post transaction.

khalidkarim added,

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When ‘WTF’ means ‘what the f**k’ and not ‘World Taekwando Federation’, you have to bow to the inevitable…

WTF, an acronym for “What the fuck?“, an expression of disbelief

24 June 2017



World Taekwondo Federation changes name because WTF acronym is embarrassing


The organisation hated the fact its name was internet shorthand for ‘what the f**k’ so it will now be known as World Taekwondo.

OK, that doesn’t sound like a big change but the alteration should save it some embarrassment in the future.

The change came shortly before the World Championships were due to start in Muju, South Korea, today.

World Taekwondo Federation changes name because WTF acronym is embarrassing


WTF? World Taekwondo Federation rebrands over acronym

SEOUL: The World Taekwondo Federation has changed its name to World Taekwondo after becoming uncomfortable with the “negative connotations” of its acronym, WTF.

The body has been named World Taekwondo Federation since 1973, but it has been considering a change since the slang abbreviation ‘WTF’ gained currency on social media.

“In the digital age, the acronym of our federation has developed negative connotations unrelated to our organisation and so it was important that we rebranded to better engage with our fans,” World Taekwondo president Chungwon Choue said on the body’s website.

The rebranding and launch of a new logo reflect a “commitment to evolving and adapting to remain relevant with today’s modern audiences”, World Taekwondo said.

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