RPK, who fled Malaysia, tail between his legs, can create lies out of anything…

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Azmin Ali responds to The Gay Sex tapes, and reactions to his responses…

…17 June 2019..16 June 2019....https://twitter.com/MalaysiaGazette/status/1140128496917762048..

‘Who gave the contact info?’ Azmin wants explanation from party leaders

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Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali said the PKR leadership should explain why those who circulated sex videos purportedly of him had the contact numbers of all branch leaders.

He said even he did not have access to such information.“Certainly, this is something alarming; the leadership must take full decision to investigate.“These WhatsApp groups (which circulated the videos) contained all the contact numbers of the branch chiefs and also the lower-ranked office-bearers at the branch level.“I do not have access to that information. So, the question now is: who provided this information and establish these WhatsApp groups?“They have a group for Sabah, a group for Sarawak and a group for the peninsula, so this warrants the leadership to explain,” Azmin told reporters today after attending the Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house for the Gombak Setia state constituency.https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/479808…

Azmin unfazed by Haziq’s carnal intercourse case

Annabelle Lee | Published: | Modified:

zazmin1.jpgMohamed Azmin Ali is unperturbed by news that Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz is being investigated for various offences, including carnal intercourse.Haziq previously implicated the economic affairs minister as the other man with him in several sex videos which were spread on social media.Azmin has denied any involvement in the videos.Asked today if he was concerned about the carnal intercourse probe, Azmin said he was not.“No. To me, from day one (this) is gutter politics.“And I have made my statement […] I will not condone this.“But since the report is there, let the authorities continue with the investigation. No one should intervene with the process,” he said when approached by the media after attending a Hari Raya Aidilfitri event in Bukit Antarabangsa in Kuala Lumpur today.The PKR politician reiterated that he was ready to assist the authorities in their investigations.Azmin previously characterised the scandal as a “nefarious” attempt to destroy his political career.He also threatened legal action against Haziq.https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/479720…https://twitter.com/AzminAli/status/1139671862466629632…

Azmin tells supporters that ‘the truth shall prevail’

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Embattled Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali has assured his supporters that “the truth shall prevail” after he was implicated in a series of leaked sex video clips over the past week.

In a message to his followers, Azmin, who is also PKR deputy president, described the crisis as a “most trying time” for him.“To all friends and well-wishers, thank you for your kind and reassuring words, thoughts and prayers.“I am deeply grateful for the support and care you have shown me in this most trying time but fear not for the truth shall prevail and we shall overcome. In God we trust,” he said in a Twitter posting this morning.https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/479702…https://twitter.com/CamtuJangan/status/1138562516282306560…

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Chua Soi Lek’s sexual tryst in Batu Pahat was filmed by his enemies in the MCA: Why is that not a surprise?

16 June 2019


Now, I hold a candle for Chua Soi Lek


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COMMENT | In his recent book, Dr Chua Soi Lek detailed how his misadventure in a Batu Bahat hotel 12 years ago was secretly filmed by his enemies in MCA.

In politics, your worst enemies are the ones from within, the Brutuses inside your own party, not those you are wary of outside. In Chua’s case, this is most glaring. The former MCA president and health minister was stabbed in the back by his own party people.

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH heads the Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) and can be reached at sirsiah@gmail.com

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek; born 2 January 1947, also known as Chua Kin Seng, is a Chinese Malaysian politician from the state of Johor. He is the 9th President of the Malaysian Chinese Association, a major component party in Barisan Nasional coalition. Wikipedia



Former MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek has not been shy about addressing his extramarital affairs 10 years ago in his autobiography, which is slated to be released on Sunday.

The vocal former health minister said he had “nothing to hide” when it came to the sex video scandal.

He said those who didn’t like him would always talk about the video but he stressed that he was now living a happy life and was not bothered about what his detractors said about him.

Revisiting the scandal during an interview, he said he had no regret in admitting he was the person in the covertly-taped video as the incident did not taint his political career in the long term.

He said “I made a mistake, I never hid it, I admitted it, I apologised and I paid for it.”

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Wan Azizah to make way for Anwar Ibrahim as DPM: Will the latest speculation become fact?

18 June 2019


16 June 2019




17 June 2019



Will Wan Azizah move over for Anwar now?

Given the way Dr Mahathir Mohamad is playing games over the exact moment when Anwar Ibrahim is to take over as prime minister, I would call upon Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to make a strategic chess move by resigning as the deputy prime minister as soon as possible since she has already said she would do so if her husband becomes the PM and she does not condone nepotism in her party.

Now, before any feminist jumps down on my throat, let me declare that I was the only consistent defender of Wan Azizah ’s right to keep her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in 2008 when practically all in the then Pakatan coalition felt that she had to resign her seat to make way for her husband.

At the time, I said that either the chief minister of Penang or the menteri besar of Selangor could have relinquished their seats for Anwar since they already had enough on their plates in looking after their own respective states without hogging federal constituencies as well.

No feminists at that time raised any objections even though Wan Azizah was already an elected MP in her own right.

From the first time that she entered the political arena as the candidate for the parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh, after her husband’s incarceration, Wan Azizah has been treated as the seat-warmer for Anwar.

Again, during the hare-brained “Kajang Move” in 2014, Wan Azizah was supposed to be the “interim menteri besar” for Selangor except that the plans went awry and Mohamed Azmin Ali ended up as the menteri besar instead.

The consequences of this ill-thought-out political scheme had even more serious consequences for the then Pakatan Rakyat coalition when PAS was ejected from the coalition.

Fast forward to GE14 and the surprise victory for Pakatan Harapan with the following results: PKR 49, DAP 42, PPBM 12, Amanah 10. BN garnered 79 seats, with PAS getting 18 seats.

Granted the PH coalition parties were grateful to Mahathir for helping achieve the victory, but I found it bemusing that Wan Azizah, as the leader of the PH party with the most seats, should once again be the “eternal interim whatever”.

The PH leaders had apparently agreed that Mahathir would be the PM-designate even though his race-based party had only won 12 seats! No doubt there was some horse trading to ensure certain outcomes which have since come to pass.

Why were PH leaders so desperate to have the old PM as a second-term PM? Didn’t the Malaysian people vote for change? What was wrong with having Wan Azizah as the PM? After all, Mahathir’s party had won only 12 seats and PH was not a registered coalition. Thus, what was so intimidating about the role to deter Wan Azizah from becoming the interim PM?

The time is therefore opportune for Wan Azizah to vacate her deputy prime minister’s post for Anwar as a precursor to his taking over the PM post from Mahathir in one year’s time.

After all, Anwar needs a little bit of time to get back into the role of deputy prime minister after his two decades in Mahathir’s prison.

Kua Kia Soong is the adviser to Suaram.


There has been speculation that Anwar and his supporters are involved in the plot to implicate Azmin Ali in the Gay Sex Saga in their power struggle.

Anwar denies he and his supporters behind sex video plot

B Nantha Kumar | Published: | Modified:

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has denied his and his supporters’ involvement in the dissemination of a series of sex videos implicating his deputy Mohamed Azmin Ali.

As Anwar told reporters last night, there is no reason for them do so, as they are all from the same party.

“What would be the reason for us to do this? We are from the same party and from Pakatan Harapan,” he said after attending a Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house at his constituency of Port Dickson.

“There is an agreement (for me to replace Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister). The prime minister himself has given me his word in person. Even last week, he gave me his word again.

“There’s already (an attempt) to slander (Azmin) and this cannot be justified by more slander.”

Soon after Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz confessed to being one of the men shown in the videos, speculation was rife on the involvement of Anwar and his supporters.

Azmin has since characterised the scandal as a “nefarious plot” to destroy his political career.

‘All in Harapan back me’

At last night’s event, Anwar also brushed off allegations of a power struggle between himself and his deputy, and that this has caused a rupture within Harapan.


“All parties have given their support to me,” he said.



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The Hotel Four Points by Sheraton in Sandakan, Sabah, was where the Gay Sex videos were purportedly filmed…

The name of the hotel, room number, date and time were stated at the end of the video.



AddressHarbour Square, 90000 Sandakan


Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan 

 Sandakan Harbour Square Sandakan Malaysia Show Map

4.6/5 Outstanding

“Location is very convenient, not ***y people using the swimming pool, but when we called uber, the positioning is always wrong, downsta…”

Show all 270 reviews


15 June 2019


PETALING JAYA: The hotel in Sandakan named in the Haziq Aziz sex video said today it is cooperating with the authorities investigating the video, but would not confirm if a man had entered the room where a cabinet minister was alleged to be staying in the early hours of May 11.

FMT had asked the hotel if a man wearing sunglasses and a hoodie entered room 2526 of the hotel some time between 1am and 2am on May 11. The hotel was also asked if it would furnish CCTV footage from that day to facilitate police investigations or on requests from the media.

In answer to FMT, a spokesman for Hotel Four Points by Sheraton in Sandakan, Sabah, said tonight:

“We are aware of the recent reports in connection with the alleged video involving Mr Haziq Abdul Aziz and Mr Azmin Ali. The hotel is currently cooperating with local authorities and fully respects the privacy of our guests. As such, we are unable to provide further information.”

The details in FMT’s request to the hotel were taken from screenshots of chat messages that have been widely circulated after Haziq made a startling claim of having engaged in sexual acts with PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali during the election campaign for the Sandakan by-election.

His claims have been strongly denied by Azmin, who is economic affairs minister.

Screenshots of chat messages that have been widely circulated show a message to an “Azmin Ali” saying: “Can I come to your room?” The response was: “Afif and Hilman next door”, to which the person replied: “Ok. I will use sunglasses and a hoodie”

The name of the hotel, room number, date and time were also stated at the end of the sex video which Haziq said had been recorded without his knowledge.

Hotel named in sex video stays mum


12 June 2019

Sabah top cop says Bukit Aman probing gay sex video taken in Sandakan hotel

KOTA KINABALU, June 12 — Federal police have taken charge of investigating a viral homosexual video implicating a federal minister, Sabah police said today.

Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said the investigation is under the purview of Bukit Aman police, even though the incident was said to have been recorded at the upscale Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Sandakan during its parliamentary by-election on May 11.

“Bukit Aman is handling it,” he said in a WhatsApp message to local reporters who asked if Sabah police were investigating the scandal.

The Four Points hotel mentioned in the video is the only international chain hotel in Sabah’s east coast district.



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The Orang Asli at Hulu Terengganu…

15 June 2019


23 Orang Asli came to live in Kampung Gerdong, Hulu Terengganu in stages with 7 of them originating from Kuala Koh while 16 others had just moved from Kuala Koh on June 8.  There are 4 Orang Asli settlements in three districts: two in Hulu Terengganu and one each in Besut and Kemaman.


Orang Asli patients at Hulu Terengganu Hospital stable

KUALA TERENGGANU, June 15 — All seven Orang Asli patients from Kuala Koh, Gua Musang, Kelantan who were warded at Hulu Terengganu Hospital for coughs and breathing difficulties are still being treated at the hospital.

Terengganu Health director, Dr Mohd Jusoh said all of them are in stable condition.

“Apart from the seven, another patient who was awarded at the same hospital for diarrhoea and vomiting is still being treated for acute gastroenteritis (AGE),” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

All eight patients warded at the hospital are aged between four and 25 and they comprised three female and five male members of the tribe.

Twenty-three Orang Asli came to live in Kampung Gerdong, Hulu Terengganu in stages with seven of them originating from Kuala Koh while 16 others had just moved from Kuala Koh on June 8.

Terengganu have four Orang Asli settlements in three districts namely two in Hulu Terengganu and one each in Besut and Kemaman.

Meanwhile in Kemaman, Menteri Besar Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar said the people should give space to the parties responsible to identify the actual cause of the incident in Gua Musang and its relation to the seven Orang Asli now being warded at Hulu Terengganu Hospital.

“Since the tragedy occurred, various assumptions and interpretations were given by various parties on the actual cause which have not been confirmed. Just let the authorities do their job.

“We will give our full cooperation to resolve the matter as quickly as possible,” he said when officiating the Islamic Primary School Teachers Day and Aidilfitri gathering in Chukai, Kemaman. — Bernama





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The now defunct Malaysian Insider, Jho Low, RM36 million, Apandi’s brother-in-law and The Edge Malaysia…

15 June 2019



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N Gobalakrishnan loses defamation case against ex Bar President, Manjeet Singh Dhillon…


Ex-MP Gobalakrishnan to pay RM150,000 for defaming ex-Bar president


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Najib’s SRC International Trial. Day 21 – 25. 10 – 14 June 2019. Bernama: Highlights..

14 June 2019


[Infographics] Najib-SRC case: This week’s highlights


Najib’s trial: this week’s highlights

Last update: 14/06/2019



KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s role in SRC International Sdn Bhd’s dealings, his allegedly full control over SRC’s administration following the amendment to Article 117 of SRC’s Memorandum, and as “ultimate boss”, were amongst key evidence disclosed in his trial this week.

Day 21 (June 10):

  • Former Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP) chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Azian Mohd Noh testified that Najib, who was also the finance minister at the time, was her ultimate boss and thus had influence over KWAP’s decision to grant a loan to SRC International Sdn Bhd.
  • Azian, 66, the 38th prosecution witness in Najib’s trial said although there was no legal compulsion on the accused’s part, the former prime minister still wielded a certain degree of influence, given that he was the finance minister and the fact that Ministry of Finance Incorporated owned SRC International Sdn Bhd.
  • “The words compulsion and influence give different connotations. There was no legal compulsion but I cannot say the same for the word influence. The annotation in the (SRC International loan application) letter came from the prime minister and finance minister in charge of KWAP.
  • “He was my ultimate boss so I cannot deny there was a certain amount of influence,” she said.
  • SRC International Sdn Bhd board of directors ex-chairman Tan Sri Ismee Ismail as the prosecution’s 39th witness, testified that the reason he resigned from the company was because of the issues arising from the resolution to approve the unaudited SRC’s account for 2013.
  • Ismee, 54, who was also a former 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) non-executive director, said he resigned because he did not agree with the CEO’s management of the company’s accounts and finance. Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil was then the CEO of SRC.
  • “The management of SRC had earlier requested for the board members to sign a resolution to approve audited account for the year 2013.
  • “But, later we found out that the audited account, which we approved, was not audited yet. I was made aware of the account by a newspaper report which stated that the SRC did not open an account with the Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM),” he said.
  • Ismee told the High Court that all board members of SRC visited the headquarters of Bank BSI Limited, now known as EFG International, in Lugano, Switzerland, in Sept 2013, to ensure that the funds belonging to the company were still at the bank.
  • “We had to go because many issues had arisen regarding the funds in Switzerland. We had to go and check with the bank because all this while, the management only talked about it. We went to get comfort that our money is secured in BSI Bank,” he said.
  • In reference to one of the meeting minutes which stated that a sum of money was brought back from Switzerland after the visit, he said the money was brought back as it had not been used for the original investment purposes.
  • He said the money was part of the funds meant for investment in a joint venture with an Abu Dhabi investment company, Aabar Investments.

Day 22 (June 11):

  • The witness also testified that Najib had various roles in the operation of SRC as the ex-prime minister was the adviser emeritus of the company due to the inclusion of clause 117 to SRC’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • He said Najib was a shareholder of SRC in his capacity as finance minister as the company was owned by Finance Ministry Incorporated.
  • “I followed the instructions of the prime minister who was also adviser emeritus of SRC, finance minister and corporate representative of Finance Ministry Incorporated,” he said.
  • Ismee maintained his evidence that Najib had full control over the administration of SRC based on the amendment to Article 117 which was added into the Memorandum and Articles of Association of SRC by Najib, who is also SRC Advisor Emeritus.
  • “Article 117 implies that SRC must take into consideration the Advisor Emeritus’ advice in material and strategic matters as well as execute the advice.
  • Najib was the Advisor Emeritus and was also Prime Minister at the time,” he said adding that the Advisor Emeritus should have control over SRC’s board of directors and the company.
  • The amendment was to add Article 117 into SRC International’s memorandum of association, which led to Najib’s appointment as advisor emeritus of the company.
  • Ismee further said SRC received a RM4 billion loan from KWAP and a grant of RM20 million from the Malaysian government as startup capital.

Day 23 (June 12):

  • Ismee said the SRC board of directors was never told the RM2 billion second loan facility obtained from KWAP was credited into a ‘mystery’ SRC bank account and later debited out on the same day.
  • He also admitted that the board was not aware of the ‘other’ active SRC bank account opened at AmBank and also said that the board had no control over it.
  • The witness also agreed with the suggestion by Najib’s lawyer Harvinderjit Singh that the SRC ‘s board of directors was uncertain about the veracity of a proposed joint venture involving Abu Dhabi-based company, Aabar Investments PJS.
  • Harvinderjit was referring to the minutes of meeting in which Nik Faisal told the company’s board in 2011 about the proposed joint venture following a high-level meeting between representatives of Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, which led to the initial application by SRC for an RM3.95 billion loan from KWAP.
  • Ismee also concurred with Harvinderjit’s assertion that the BoD was not shown any other documents by Nik Faisal as proof of this proposed joint venture.

Day 24 (June 13):

  • Ismee told the High Court that he did not meet Najib over doubts in the Finance ministry subsidiary’s account auditing status as he wanted to investigate the matter.
  • “ I needed to investigate the non-filing and I called audit (firm) Deloitte on the delay. They (Deloitte) said they had not received several audit confirmations from the management.
  • “I took responsibility and asked what audit confirmations were outstanding. They (Deloitte) gave me info which deals with local banks, among others. It was on my table for two weeks and I dealt with it one by one. I took responsibility to close the accounts,” he said.

Day 25 (June 14):

  • Ismee denied that the proposal to change ownership of SRC International Sdn Bhd from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) to Minister of Finance (Incorporated) (MKD) was mooted by the company itself.
  • Under cross examination, he said the ownership change was approved by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in February 2012 on the prime minister’s instructions through MKD.
  • The hearing presided by High Court Judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali continues on June 17 with cross examination of the same witness.




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The Gay Sex Saga: Haziq Aziz is arrested, examined at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and out on bail…

15 June 2019





Nothing is hidden for long…








Haziq to be probed for carnal intercourse, distribution of obscene material





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