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Did the Education Ministry cheat on Malaysia’s school scores on Pisa?

… Pisa is a triennial international survey produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to benchmark the performance students worldwide. In 2015, over half a million students, representing 28 million 15-year-old students in 72 countries, took the … Continue reading

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Video of the intimate HM and Teacher: Education Minister denies that they are HM or teacher.

… In their passion, did they forget about the CCTV? … 25 September 2016 Harian Metro ‏@hmetromy 22h22 hours ago #icymi Pilihan utama pembaca laman Web myMetro pada 23 September 2016. http://bit.ly/2cuIbbw Menterinya Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid berkata, rakaman itu … Continue reading

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Terengganu Education Department Director, Shafruddin Ali Hussin: You had better train your students to clap for Very Big Shot!

— … Published on May 25, 2016 Guru-guru di Terengganu dipaksa untuk berlatih tepuk tangan atas arahan Pengarah JPNT kerana beliau mengatakan bahawa guru-guru tidak tepuk tangan semasa majlis bersama YAB MB Terengganu. — 27 May 2016 Malay Mail Online … Continue reading

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Vernacular Schools: Not a cause of disunity unlike the “doctrine” of Ketuanan Melayu…

… The idea of a single stream, first mooted by Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim in 2009 has been debated for years. Single-stream schools ― either in the Malay or English language ― are seen by their proponents as a … Continue reading

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Are some Chinese-medium schools collecting GST?

— One parent said that there were about 200 schools around the country that were imposing GST on extracurricular activities. The Rakyat Post GST imposed on extracurricular activities KELANA JAYA, May 15, 2015: Parents, who send their children to Chinese vernacular … Continue reading

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They keep demanding the shut down of Chinese and Tamil Primary Schools!

_____________________________________________________________ Proponents of vernacular education previously pointed to Article 152(a) to defend the existence of such schools, noting that it states citizens were free to use any language other than Bahasa Malaysia for education. http://my.news.yahoo.com/malay-groups-insist-vernacular-schools-unconstitutional-095800779.html … 29 September 2015 The … Continue reading

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Education in Malaysia: Not up to standard!

_________________________________________________ Malaysian Universities: Still NOT highly ranked.. — Malay Mail Online Forbes writer: Weak English, school system leaves Malaysian workforce vulnerable in region KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Malaysians’ deteriorating command of English and education system leaves its workforce vulnerable to … Continue reading

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