Nude in Singapore: Could it be the stress and pressure? Even the guys are doing it!

1 Naked at Angkor Wat
2 Naked. At World Heritage sites.
3 Naked in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China
4 An exhibitionist and others at the Eiffel Tower, Paris


It’s not only a fine-you-for-any-offence society but also one that’s turning into a nude-in-public society. Exhibitionism is alive and growing in Singapore… And even the men are doing it!


8 June 2018


Naked woman on Singapore MRT platform causes a stir
PETALING JAYA: Photos of a naked woman at a MRT platform in Singapore have gone viral on social media.

According to citizen journalism site Stomp, the woman was seen naked at Singapore’s Pioneer MRT station on Wednesday (June 6) night.

In the photos circulated online, the woman seems to be completely naked apart from one sock on her right foot.

In another photo, the woman is seen clinging onto a man. Two items of clothing are seen lying on the platform floor.


A MRT staff member was also seen trying to cover the woman with a piece of cloth.



When contacted by Mothership, SMRT said the case is now with the police.

The police confirmed a call for assistance at Pioneer MRT Station was received on June 6, 2018 at about 10.30pm.

They revealed that the woman was subsequently arrested under the Mental Health Act.

According to the act, a police officer is duty-bound to apprehend any person who is believed to be mentally disordered and/ or dangerous to himself or other persons.

He is also required to take the mentally disordered person, along with a report of the facts of the case, to a medical practitioner.

Almost nude…

26 October 2017

9h9 hours ago

Singapore weather hot cannot blame


14 September 2017

19m19 minutes ago

Clothes are overrated along Tampines Ave 9

Naked man with shoes on & holding handphone took bus, walked along Tampines Ave 9

Maybe he was going to Yishun.


Coming in a close second after Yishun is Tampines.

This after a near-naked man was seen taking the bus and walking along Tampines Avenue 9 on Sept. 14 morning with nothing but his shoes on and handphone with him.

The incident occurred around 8.15am.

3 September 2017

7h7 hours ago

When hide & seek rules are not clear


13 August 2016


Man walks outside Tiong Bahru Plaza with butt exposed in hospital gown — then goes fully nude in public


Stompers Tony and Lynda saw a naked man walking outside Tiong Bahru Plaza at 3pm yesterday (Aug 11).

The Stompers were near the shopping mall when they spotted the man.

According to Tony, he was wearing a hospital gown, which left his butt exposed.

A photo Lynda sent to Stomp showed that he then removed the gown and was walking nude out in public.

20 July 2016

Naked woman on road continues shouting even after police arrive and try to cover her up



Stomper Ahmad was at the void deck of Block 11 in Upper Boon Keng in the morning of Jul 17 when he heard someone shouting at a nearby road.

Upon investigation, he saw a naked woman walking on the road.

In a video the Stomper took, the woman can first be seen walking on the right lane of the road.

The Stomper’s friends then approached her and tried to talk her into going onto the pavement.

The woman ignored them and continued walking.

“We called the police after that. When they arrived, they covered up to woman. As they were doing so, the woman still started shouting again. I am not sure what happened after that,” said Ahmad.

To watch the video:

29 Feb 2016

Sick trend of women posing naked at public places in S’pore continues


Dear Editors

These are a few of the 20+ images circulating online through local sex forums and social media recently of a woman in Singapore stripping and posing/walking fully naked on our local roads, at HDB void decks and corridors, at parks and gardens and in front of signboards.

The original posts on the local sex forum have since been deleted by the poster but the images are still being spread online. Please share this story/images as I would like to know what other locals think of these public acts.

Is this the kind of free society we want in Singapore? Are you supportive of this nudist lifestyle?

A.S.S. Contributor

<Editor’s Note: The admin team will not be entertaining requests for these photos. This post is for information and awareness purpose only. Sorry to disappoint>

– More at

– See more at:

17 January 2016

Near-naked man seen allegedly spitting into neighbour’s flat in viral video

Embedded image permalink

The clip shows the man, who looks like he is clad only in his underwear, walking out onto the balconey.

There, he seems to spit into his neighbour’s house below.

9 January 2016

Not totally naked but bad enough…

Man with genitals exposed walks into oncoming traffic near State Courts at People’s Park

Embedded image permalink

Man without pants struts around road opposite State Courts before he’s caught by the police

Embedded image permalink

A man was spotted running across the road opposite the State Courts — without his pants and underwear.

Footage of the man’s antics was caught on camera and uploaded on SG HardTruth Community.

The video credited to Sashimi begins with man clad in a red shirt pulling what seems to be a hose from a construction worker.

He then proceeds to walk across the busy road while yelling and even points at the drivers who honked at him.

At one point in the video, the bottomless man goes to the side of the road and bends down, exposing his bare buttocks.

The pant less man then boards a cab at the taxi stand before two police officers rush to apprehend him.

However, the adamant man refused to alight from the cab.

He finally gets out the taxi and the police try to handcuff him and cover him with a jacket.

4 December 2015

When you see it: Nude guy spotted on bridge at Yishun Pond

Posted on 4 December 2015
Embedded image permalink

Stomper Jessica was shocked to see a naked man on a bridge in Yishun Pond at 2pm yesterday (Dec 4).

The Stomper was not sure why the man was behaving in such a manner, but wanted to warn the public.

“Who knows what he might do as he dares to flash himself in public in broad daylight,” said Jessica.

8 November 2015

In this case, he was DRUNK and oblivious to the world!

Man found passed out outside lift at Woodlands block — with pants and shoes beside him

Embedded image permalink

A man was seen sprawled on the ground at the lift landing of a block in Woodlands, completely naked.

A Stomper sent in this photo to Stomp, which he said his friend saw at the foot of her HDB block early this morning, Nov 8.

In the photo, the man seemed to have passed out. His clothes and shoes were on the ground next to him, and he had stains on his body.

5 September 2015

Do as Singaporeans do?


I was walking along Jalan Besar area when I see this fully naked woman climbing out of a shophouse window and sat by the edge of the window. She start bouncing up and down and her ample bosoms were moving about uncontrollably. Many guys were standing around watching but doing nothing.

When she spoke, I was too far away to hear but she don’t seem to be local and cud be a vietnamese ktv hostess.

I left before the police came, not sure what her problem is.

Gerald Toh
A.S.S. Contributor

– More at

– See more at:

Woman climbs out of shophouse’s window at Jalan Besar and sits on ledge — in the nude

Posted on 04 September 2015

Woman climbs out of shophouse’s window at Jalan Besar and sits on ledge — in the nude

Embedded image permalink

15 August 2015 

A man was seen stripping on the bus yesterday on 13 Aug at about 5.30pm. 

“He might be seen around Commonwealth and Telok Blangah Way area.”

What was man thinking — stripping on bus?

Embedded image permalink

14 August 2015

In the video, the man is topless, and can be seen shuffling around the back of the bus.

She recounted:

“That guy always makes weird sounds at the back of the 145 double-decker bus.

“My friends and I wanted to sit at the back but he somehow don’t allow us.

“Other commuters ignored tat guy. My friends and I feel quite disturbed.

“I took this video secretly. If u saw this guy, don’t entertain him.

Click on the link for a video:

Here’s another guy, naked in public, but he’s drunk, so maybe he did not mean to show everyone his pisang dan guli guli.

Drunk men sprawled on ground in Bukit Batok — and one even took off all his clothes

Embedded image permalink

Drunk men sprawled on ground in Bukit Batok — and one even took off all his clothes

Posted on 02 July 2015

Stomper Valentino called the police after he saw two men sprawled on the ground last night (July 1) with beer bottles strewn around them. One of the men was fully undressed.

“I called the police and when they arrived, they asked the men to move off.

“I feel that stricter enforcement should be carried out to prevent such instances from happening again.”

Man showers in the nude — and in the open — at Changi Beach Park

27 May 2015 Stomper Zai was shocked to see this man completely naked and bathing in public at Changi Beach Park carpark 2 yesterday (May 26). The Stomper said this was not at a secluded place at all and he was bathing for a good 15 minutes. the men are doing it!

Naked man at Boon Lay Way says he was ‘stressed by high cost of living’

Man strolling naked at Boon Lay Way explains why he did it

Stomper Gulam said the man who was spotted walking stark naked around Boon Lay Way yesterday (May 20) said that he was stressed by the high cost of living. … Upon police arrival, the 32-year-old man was arrested under the mental health act. Police investigations are ongoing. … “He claimed that he was tired of living in Singapore with the high cost and was stressed. “He claimed he was going crazy when I spoke to him.”

Bizarre trend of women posing naked in S’pore continues — this time in the Clarke Quay area

30 April 2015

Stomper FishCakePie saw photos circulating on social media of two women posing in the nude in the Clarke Quay area. One of the photos show two men touching them inappropriately in public, while the other showed them baring their chests. This is the third case reported of late of women posing naked in public, in what seems to be a bizarre new trend in Singapore. zx’s next? Paint in his birthday suit?

‘Sexy’ uncle paints window grill of Yishun flat on third storey — wearing only his underwear

27 April 2015 Stomper Sheila saw a man painting his house in nothing but his underwear in a HDB flat at Yishun yesterday (Apr 26) at around 5pm. Based on the photos sent by the Stomper the man was painting the grills of what is believed to be the balcony of a HDB flat on the third storey. The bespectacled man looks to be in his 50s or 60s.

2nd case of woman posing naked in S’pore: Police requests for anyone with info to come forward

A spokesperson for the police is seeking information from members of the public regarding the case of the woman posing nude at various public locations in Singapore recently. Stomper GorillaBrother had alerted Stomp to photos of the woman, circulating on social media platforms and forums. … “Anyone with more information may wish to come forward to lodge a Police report via the Electronic Police Centre at or at any Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post so that we can look into the matter.” — —

Woman poses nude at various locations in S’pore — but that’s not all she did

April 2015

Stomper PapaSmurf said he stumbled upon these images, that show a woman posing completely naked in public at various undisclosed locations in Singapore, in a local forum. The photos, uploaded recently, were shot on different dates at carparks, in the middle of a road and HDB areas, among others. “According to the comments by the user who shot and posted the pictures on the forum, the couple did various acts between shots. Click on this link for more:

Guy has been walking around naked at Bukit Batok block for years

Stomper SA saw a man walk around naked at the corridor of Bukit Batok Central Block 227 at around 1.15am on Thursday (Mar 19). The Stomper added that the man walks around naked at least twice a week, and has been doing so for years. … “Sometimes, he will be wearing a g-string and a wig,” added the Stomper. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THE VIDEO! IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

Girl poses nude at public carpark in S’pore — then posts pic on Tumblr


25 February 2015 According to the Stomper, she and her friend had spotted this posting on Tumblr. In the photo, the girl is standing in front of a carpark’s entrance, completely nude and holding up the “peace” sign. ——————————————————————————————————–

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