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At the UMNO Annual General Assembly 2017: Attacking the Opposition…

… Is Umno playing the Race card? 7 December 2017 .. theSun‏ @theSundaily Najib: Malays will be homeless, degraded if Pakatan wins Posted on 7 December 2017 – 11:11am Last updated on 7 December 2017 – 03:58pm Amar Shah Mohsen, Haikal … Continue reading

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Ex Attorney General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali says he has returned to UMNO but did he ever leave?

— An UMNO man back then in the 1990s. An UMNO man now. … 15 July 2018 .. .. Malaysia Chronicle‏ @MsiaChronicle It’s my right to be in Umno, says Apandi Newly appointed Umno supreme council member Mohamed Apandi Ali said … Continue reading

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13 Umno Negeri Sembilan branch chiefs: Please step down, Najib…

— WILL THEY GET SUSPENDED OR SACKED? The 13 Umno branches Kampung Linggi Taman Selasih Taman PD Utama Taman Dato’ Abdul Samad Sua Betong, Kampung Teluk Sungai Sekawang Bukit Tembok Taman Intan Duyung Taman TKK Kampung Pachitan Bunga Raya Taman … Continue reading

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FAIL! Jamal Yunos and his Ampang Rally against the Selangor Government

— Jamal Yunos insisted that there would have been 5,000 people if it were held at Spectrum Mall in Ampang. They never made it to the Spectrum Mall. Nobody wanted to go. — Jamal, the last speaker at the gathering, … Continue reading

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The NST on Twitter on 1 Oct 2015 is still almost all about Najib, Najib and Najib.

— The NST is right wing and pro-government. The New Straits Times is part of Media Prima group of companies. The Media Prima group has equity interests in TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and TV9. In addition, the Group also owns more … Continue reading

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The MCA: From 7-11 to 1+3D DaMaCai party to ¾ (tiga suku) party?

— The MCA: From 7-11 to 1+3D DaMaCai party After the last general election, MCA was mocked as the ‘7-11′ convenience store due to the party only wining seven parliament and 11 state seats. If the Chinese continue to vote … Continue reading

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Rumour of the sacking of 7 UMNO leaders spreads like wildfire!

— 1 Muhyiddin, who was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister on July 28 2 Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir 3 MP Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, who heads the Kulim/Bandar Baru division 4 Former Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Said 5 Former Perak … Continue reading

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Anina Saadudin, Umno member, sued Najib to retrieve chunk of RM2.6b, was sacked, and now heads an NGO named “Empirical Malaysia”…

— Video: Wanita Umno Kutuk Najib: Anina Saadudin scolds Najib. ‏@malaysiakini 2h2 hours ago ‘Langkawi Wanita leader’s speech extreme’    .. 16 September 2017 is she saying ppbm is worse than umno? –> Anina Saadudin quits PPBM — … Continue reading

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Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan claims he has evidence that there is a “Mission to Criminalise Datuk Seri Najib and 1MDB”…

— See this report: Did Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan get SCAMMED? Sarawak Report: Your editor never worked for Sarawak Report… — — Malaysiakini Jul 15, 2015 By Radzi Razak Video, email claim S’wak Report forged docs ‏@malaysiakini 7h7 hours ago … Continue reading

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Of Tengku Adnan, Malaysiakini, Dr Mahathir’s portrait in the dark, a loose connection, Jews, CIA agents and ‘Christians’…

— MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING — Tengku Adnan ‏@TengkuAdnanReal 6h6 hours ago Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Ingat2lah laman2 web yg putar belit.salah kita kunjungi mereka.ini kerja yahudi nasrani n penitipan CIA terhadap kita — Tengku Adnan ‏@TengkuAdnanReal … Continue reading

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