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Nadira Adnan, Tengku Adnan’s ‘rich and famous’ daughter…

… 18 November 2018 Take a look at Tengku Adnan’s impressive home… … 25 September 2018 .. Nadira Adnan Enny Beatrice’s daughter https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&q=nadira+adnan+songs&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFuLVT9c3NEwyjy8pK6zIVULlaollJ1vp55YWZybrJxaVZBaXWBXn56UXAwDLovyYOAAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjMjbqK99TdAhXLbn0KHRwzBzgQMTAiegQICRBJ&biw=1366&bih=632 … … Hey tweeps pic.twitter.com/0fZRH3Tbdi — Tengku Nadira (@NadiraAdnan) July 19, 2018 .. Insyallah this is all … Continue reading

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Tengku Adnan goes to trial for corruption on 3 – 5 and 10 – 12 Sept 2019…

… On Nov 15 last year, Tengku Adnan claimed trial to receiving RM1 million gratification from businessperson Tan Eng Boon, through a Public Bank cheque belonging to Pekan Nenas Industries Sdn Bhd, which was deposited into his CIMB Bank account. … Continue reading

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At the iCHEF 2007 Malaysia, Tengku Adnan fumbles: Fake certificate as genuine…

… 28 March 2017 .. Minister Fumbles: Fake certificate as real. New Straits Times‏ @NST_Online Misunderstanding sparks internet meltdown over ‘world’s largest gathering of chefs’ in Putrajaya (file pix) Social media went into overdrive yesterday when the image of a certificate … Continue reading

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It’s Tengku Adnan again, “I am not going to declare what I have, because if I do, I’m afraid that my children or wife may be kidnapped.” Well, he just told everyone how wealthy he is…

— Tengku Adnan, “Let mat rempit race on K.L. streets!” — This UMNO Very Big Shot who dotes on mat rempit offers another Pearl of Great Wisdom. I hope he does not imply that kidnappers are more to be feared than … Continue reading

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Tengku Adnan Fantasizes: By 2020, hawker stalls to be converted to food trucks…

— CAN HE BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY? Take a look at the following Posts and decide for yourself. 1 FT MINISTER TENGKU ADNAN WINS THE FOOT IN MOUTH AWARD FOR HIS SEXIST STATEMENT! 2 Tengku Adnan’s Mission: Demolition of ALL temples ‘squatting … Continue reading

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A Crude and Pompous FT minister and Bersih 4

— BERSIH 4: 29 & 30 AUGUST 2015. KUALA LUMPUR, KUCHING, KOTA KINABALU — 9:52AM Aug 21, 2015 By Stephen Ng Of nudity and pornography malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini 3h3 hours ago #COMMENT Stephen Ng | Of nudity and pornography http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/309361  COMMENT Federal … Continue reading

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Of Tengku Adnan, Malaysiakini, Dr Mahathir’s portrait in the dark, a loose connection, Jews, CIA agents and ‘Christians’…

— MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING — Tengku Adnan ‏@TengkuAdnanReal 6h6 hours ago Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Ingat2lah laman2 web yg putar belit.salah kita kunjungi mereka.ini kerja yahudi nasrani n penitipan CIA terhadap kita — Tengku Adnan ‏@TengkuAdnanReal … Continue reading

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Putrajaya Precinct 15: Another ‘natural’ disaster?

________________________________________________ Penang Umno HQ mishap: As expected, it’s Anwar’s fault! Is the UMNO Building in Penang TILTING? —– WILL THEY BLAME ANWAR IBRAHIM, TOO? Pakatan Rakyat Supporters Tengku Adnan at UMNO/BN in Putrajaya’s Precint 15. —– Curi-curi Wang Malaysia shared Irsyad Sidi‘s … Continue reading

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