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Frustrated Mayor of DBKL says, “Stop putting up illegal advertising buntings or I’ll have you CANED!”

— It must be stressful being Mayor of KL City. If someone is not repairing your potholes, or holding a Bersih rally, they are putting up illegal advertising buntings… Since January this year, DBKL had brought down a total of … Continue reading

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Fahmi Reza: Vindicated by the Court of Appeal

— Fahmi Reza ‏@kuasasiswa 11h11 hours ago 3 years ago I was targeted & arrested by DBKL & detained by the cops for occupying Dataran & exercising my right to protest in this country. — — 1. #OccupyDataran staged their … Continue reading

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The increasing number of Homeless in KL shows BN-UMNO’s failure and lack of ideas…

— Ops Qaseh: War against the Homeless and Poor in KL klubbkidd™ ‏@klubbkiddkl 23m23 minutes ago Yes, the homeless mostly sleep on salvaged cardboard boxes. A tikar would mean they can roll up, carry their ‘bed’ yang guna tuk alas lantai … Continue reading

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Will Rahman Dahlan issue a clean-up bill to the organisers of Red September 16?

— The politician’s politician Rahman Dahlan, who sent Bersih4 a clean-up bill, now says, ‘Petty’ to talk about #Merah169 clean-up bill — Star Thursday September 17, 2015 MYT 12:22:47 PM Rahman Dahlan: Red shirt rally was dirty but no smell … Continue reading

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A Crude and Pompous FT minister and Bersih 4

— BERSIH 4: 29 & 30 AUGUST 2015. KUALA LUMPUR, KUCHING, KOTA KINABALU — 9:52AM Aug 21, 2015 By Stephen Ng Of nudity and pornography ‏@malaysiakini 3h3 hours ago #COMMENT Stephen Ng | Of nudity and pornography  COMMENT Federal … Continue reading

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“Pilihan No.1 Pelabur” was doctored to become “Pilihan No. 1 Pelacur”!

— It is not a typo but the work of a Dr Photoshop. Mischief is involved! Someone doctored the photo. It should read “Pilihan No. 1 Pelabur”. Malaysian Digest follows Melayu Baru ‏@melayubaru1 Jun 18 “Pilihan No 1 Pelacur“ — … Continue reading

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Occupy UM: Photos and Reports

— OCCUPY UNIVERSITI MALAYA Thirty students at a time are determined to brave the rain and mosquitoes to keep the “Occupy UM” protest going outside Universiti Malaya’s (UM) gate until its administration lifts the “unjust” punishment meted out to eight … Continue reading

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