The increasing number of Homeless in KL shows BN-UMNO’s failure and lack of ideas…

Ops Qaseh: War against the Homeless and Poor in KL

Yes, the homeless mostly sleep on salvaged cardboard boxes. A tikar would mean they can roll up, carry their ‘bed’ yang guna tuk alas lantai


4 August 2017

According to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, 2,707 operations to rescue the homeless were carried out last year, in which 1,610 locals and 668 foreigners were rescued.

4 August 2017

Homeless folk hurting business, say KL traders

Noel Achariam Nabihah Hamid

Middle Town Bistro owner Abdul Rahman Taib at his outlet in Kuala Lumpur earlier this week. He says he has had to fire homeless folk he hired as they had a drug addiction. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, August 4, 2017.

TRADERS in Kuala Lumpur are angered by the presence of homeless folk near their business premises, saying it causes a drop in sales.

“Since the homeless started hanging around here, my business has seen a drop of 50%,” Abdul Rahman Taib, 55, who has been operating the Middle Town Bistro in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee for three years, told The Malaysian Insight.

“There have also been incidents where they defecated next to my bistro. This has affected my sales and I’ve seen a significant drop in customers.”

He said he had previously hired the homeless, but had to fire them because they had a drug addiction.

“I tried to help them, but they don’t want to help themselves. I hope the authorities will conduct more raids to tackle the issue.”

Shin Sow Lin, who manages a handbag and accessories shop, said there had been a decline in the number of tourists at her business.

“When tourists enter, the homeless harass them. Some tourists are kind enough to give them money, but they keep asking for more.”
Mah Seng Photostat Centre owner Alvin Pang, who has been conducting business in the area for four years, said soup kitchens were the reason why there were many homeless folk in the area.

“The soup kitchens keep giving out food and the homeless keep returning. They also litter after they eat,” he said, urging authorities to look into the issue.

The Malaysian Insight’s visit to the area found that there were fewer homeless folk near the Bangkok Bank in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee.

12 July 2017

DBKL limits soup kitchen distribution areas in city

Preveena Kumar

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has issued a directive limiting the locations of soup kitchens to just three areas in the city: Anjung Singgah, Pusat Khidmat Gelandangan and Pusat Transit Gelandangan.

The reason for the restriction on soup kitchens is because of the lack of cleanliness and inconsistent feeding routines practised by the different soup kitchen groups.

According to a 2014 Malaysiakini report, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Loga Bala Mohan said the guidelines would not involve soup kitchens operated from premises such as houses of worship and shoplots.

Speaking to Malaysiakini yesterday, the coordinator for Dapur Jalanan Soup Kitchen, Quratulain Atiqah, 26, said she was aware of the directive.

“This is probably an initiative of DBKL to keep the streets clean,” she said.

“However, we at Dapur Jalanan Soup Kitchen use reusable utensils and therefore, we do not see why cleanliness should be an issue on our side,” Quratulain added.

Dapur Jalanan Soup Kitchen serves food to the homeless every Sunday, at Jalan Panggong in Kuala Lumpur.

“We will continue to serve the needy at our regular spot,” she said when asked whether the new directive would affect the service of her soup kitchen.

However, other soup kitchen operators hold different views.

Directive long in coming

Justin Cheah, the project director for Kechara Soup Kitchen Society Malaysia (KSK), told Malaysiakini that the directive was long in coming.

KSK has been operating in the country since 2006 and also provides other assistance to the homeless and needy.
Asked how this directive would affect his soup kitchen, Cheah said the only inconvenience would be informing his clients about the shift.

Malaysians are 10th most generous people in the world BUT THE DBKL IS TRYING TO STOP SOUP KITCHENS BY RAIDING THEM!

27 November 2015



PETALING JAYA – Malaysians are among the world’s most generous people in the world.

Their charitable efforts have earned the country the 10th spot in the Charity Aid Foun­dation’s (CAF) World Giving Index for 2015.

In the report released this month, Malaysia also obtained a score of 52.

The index by Britain-based CAF looks at three measures of giving – donating money, volunteering time, and helping a stranger.

Malaysia scored 62 per cent when it comes to helping strangers, 58 per cent in donating money and 37 per cent in volunteer services.

zaA chart showing the generosity of countries’ citizens. Graphic: The Star/ANN



2 October 2015

Malaysian Insider

Clothing, mats for KL’s forgotten homeless at free night market

Clothing, mats for KL’s forgotten homeless at free night market

Embedded image permalink

In the dead of night, Kuala Lumpur is a different creature. The weary corporates, sunburnt tourists and excited shoppers have mostly retired for the day, leaving the streets of the capital quiet but for the few who have no other place to go.

And as the city rests, social activist Syed Azmi Alhabshi and his friends begin exploring the streets to find the true natives of Kuala Lumpur – not yuppies in suits and ties, but people who have turned the bridges, pavements and roads into their “home”.

Syed Azmi’s target is not the homeless community of Chow Kit, where volunteers already provide food, education and basic goods to help them weather a tough, cold and often wet night outside.

Instead, he and his friends seek those overlooked by do-gooders, those who sleep on roads whom volunteers have yet to discover.

And it takes walking up to these people, introducing himself, and asking them how they are, for Syed Azmi to learn that Kuala Lumpur’s homeless are segmented into different communities, and not all are receiving the same aid as those in Chow Kit, already well known in the capital city for various charity works reaching the homeless.

“They’re different groups, and they can’t all just mix around or gather in Chow Kit to collect free food and items, because they might fight. They aren’t socially good with others,” Syed Azmi told The Malaysian Insider.

“When I ask them about visits from soup kitchens or volunteers, they will say, ‘oh, that’s in Chow Kit, that’s different’.”

The homeless which Syed Azmi and his friends encounter on their midnight walks have no donated straw mats to sleep on the cold pavement. They must spend the precious few ringgit they earn on cardboard boxes which often don’t survive the night.

Spurred by this discovery, Syed Azmi has shared on Facebook his plans to organise a free night market for the homeless outside of Chow Kit.

He is calling for Malaysians to meet him at the National Mosque this Saturday at 11pm with donations – clothes, windbreakers, straw mats, and even bicycles – for the homeless.

“Preferably no food, because DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) complains that food causes a mess in the streets.

“We prefer non-perishable items. Windbreakers, bicycles even – anything to help them find better jobs.”

– See more at:

Pakaian, tikar di pasar malam percuma untuk gelandangan dilupakan

Translated from Indonesian by

Clothes, mats on the market for a free night bum forgotten

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1 October 2015

Feeding The Needy even had a lawyer on standby tonight. Just in case anything happened. And then after about 45 minutes or so – it happened.

Feeding The Needy is one of the many soup kitchens who feed the homeless, on a daily rotation basis – taking turns to serve the urban poor.

Apparently, one of the kitchens last night faced a DBKL sweep. They had their things taken, and volunteers and homeless alike picked up.

klubbkidd™ Retweeted Tomi Leo

Yes. Jabba The Hutt rules supreme.

klubbkidd™ added,


Heard DBKL‘s been detaining homeless, testing them 4 drugs, incarcerating the + & sending the rest for “rehab.” Constitutional?



what is their beef with soup kitchen and the likes? It’s norm in any metropolis to feed the homeless

For many – it’s their first meal of the day. How can you be so damn heartless. I don’t blame the officers on duty. It’s their job.

Witnessed a DBKL raid at a Pasar mlm once before. I know officers doing their job but no need to be harsh n obnoxious.

So dbkl is back to harrasing the homeless and soup kitchens! Wth is wrong with you dbkl??

33m33 minutes ago

Wah DeeBee KL kacau soup kitchen bagi makan kan urban poor. Dickhead tahap karma ni.

There were shouts of “DBKL datang! Mereka kat belakang! Clear! Clear!”. Volunteers started packing, ushering the homeless to disperse.

Please. Help our soup kitchens. Help them to help our homeless. Help them to help our brothers and sisters in need.

you’d be surprised to know that DBKL blue collar staff, frequent the soup kitchen as well- the urban poor.

Just because the homeless are not entitled, rich fatcats – doesn’t mean they have no rights. Enough is enough, DBKL.

13m13 minutes ago

em well, diorang takde duit nak bagi DBKL tu.

Translated from Malay by

em well, ^ bond.mp4by money for DBKL tu nak

DBKL tak berhati perut. Kejam. Zalim. It is disgusting and I am seriously angrier than I ever have been to see what I saw tonight.

whatalulu Retweeted klubbkidd™

dbkl keeping busy with the soup kitchen, in the wrong way 😦

whatalulu added,

Soup kitchen starts feeding homeless at Jalan Medan Tuanku shelter today

Soup kitchens can start operations today at the newly constructed homeless shelter in Jalan Medan Tuanku, Kuala Lumpur.

Federal Territories secretary-general Datuk Seri Adnan Md Ikhsan said the shelter was completed and open to the homeless.

“We understand that there was a slight delay in the construction, but the shelter is now ready. We have installed a temporary canopy and we will soon call for a tender to build a permanent roof,” he said this afternoon at the shelter in Jalan Medan Tuanku.

Adnan said the shelter could be a permanent fixture on Jalan Medan Tuanku for the next five years.

“City Hall is in charge of maintenance and will make the necessary repairs on any defects.”

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen founder Munirah Abdul Hamid will be starting operations tonight at the shelter.

“We have already instructed our volunteers to inform the homeless that we are moving our operations from in front of CIMB bank to the shelter. Most of the homeless are familiar with the shelter location as they have been here twice,” she said, adding that she was expecting more than 400 homeless people to show up.

Soup kitchen operators are ready to help run two newly built shelters in KL

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