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Sex and the single girl in Malaysia

— Malaysia has them all… School girls and school boys and sex. Pregnant school girls. Pregnant teens. Pregnant unmarried women. Unwanted babies. Baby dumping. — 30 October 2015 THE SCHOOL GIRL AND HER 8 INTIMATE FRIENDS Yesterday, police detained eight … Continue reading

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Florida airport: Boeing 767 catches fire with 101 onboard, 15 hurt

— — Retweeted 391 times CNN Breaking News Verified account ‏@cnnbrk 6h6 hours ago Plane catches fire at Florida‘s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport; passengers evacuated. http://cnn.it/1RglnpL  — The Straits Times ‏@STcom 4h4 hours ago Several hurt as plane catches fire at … Continue reading

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Indian airline IndiGo, “Sorry, you can’t come on board because your dress is too short.”

— Retweeted 43 times Times of India Verified account ‏@timesofindia 4h4 hours ago Woman in short dress not allowed on #IndiGo flight http://toi.in/UpdPFb  — 29 October 2015 Indian airline blocks woman in short dress from flight The Straits Times ‏@STcom … Continue reading

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End to 3-day punishment of RTM Mandarin news team for using ‘downcast’ photo of Najib?

— DID THE ‘ORDERS’ COME FROM THE HIGHEST LEVEL? OR WAS SOMEONE INSIDE RTM TRYING TO CARRY BIG LEG? — 31 October 2015 ‘Minister orders return to status quo for RTM Mandarin news’ malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini 3m3 minutes ago ‘Minister orders … Continue reading

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Revealed: ‘True Bersih Girl’ who advised Maria Chin about putting on make-up had plastic surgery in Taiwan.

— ‘True Bersih Girl’ had advised Maria Chin, “Get a new hairdo. Add a bit of mascara as well.” Well, A GREAT NUMBER OF PEOPLE, PERHAPS 200,000, LIKE MARIA CHIN JUST AS SHE IS. New hairdo or mascara NOT needed. … Continue reading

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Home Minister says, “No demonstration to remove the PM since 1988.” What about #TangkapNajib and Bersih 4 rallies?

— BERSIH4 KUALA LUMPUR. 29 & 30 AUGUST 2015. Bersih4. 2ND DAY, 30 August 2015. #DearNajib #TangkapNajib: Humour and Irony as weapons… #TangkapNajib car sticker gets Murnie Hidayah, Kuching lawyer, in trouble with the police — No demos to oust M’sia PMs since 1998, … Continue reading

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Gua Musang: 1 Orang Asli dead from poisoning, 8 being treated

— 29 October 2015 River pollution suspected in Gua Musang Orang Asli death malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini 27m27 minutes ago River pollution suspected in Gua Musang Orang Asli death, p… http://twib.in/l/E95bpKgzzn7  | https://twibble.io  A senior citizen died after suffering from purging and … Continue reading

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Processed meat and red meat: Cancer causing?

— — WHO links processed meat consumption to cancer Twenty-year-long study finds hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats raise risk of colon, stomach and other cancers. The American Cancer Society has long urged people to eat less processed and … Continue reading

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