Balcony sex in Bangsar South apartment, KL: Can you guess who is in trouble?

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Police say they know the ‘actor’ but where is he?


Wednesday May 27, 2015 MYT 11:19:00 PM

Cops: ‘Balcony sex’ man may have fled Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: Police are verifying information that the man in the “balcony sex” case has left the country.

Brickfields police chief Asst Comm Muhammad Azlee Abdullah said there was a possibility that the suspect was gone given the fact he was a foreigner.

“The longest you can stay in Malaysia is a month. But we don’t know for sure if he’s out of the country or not,” he said.

ACP Muhammad Azlee added that the police believed he could still be in the country.

“That is why we need to verify everything first,” he said

Police say they know the ‘actor’…

Malay Mail Online

Man in Bangsar South balcony sex video identified, says police

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Police have identified a male suspect in a sex video recording of him having the intercourse with his woman partner at the balcony of an apartment in Bangsar South, last Tuesday.

Brickfields district police chief, ACP Muhammad Azlee Abdullah said based on information from members of the public, the man in the video was a foreigner in his 30’s, and was renting the apartment with his partner.

He said further investigation revealed that the man was still in the country.

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Cops say it’s not the couple in the video but the ‘filmmaker’ who is in trouble!


Thursday May 14, 2015 MYT 12:17:26 PM

Balcony sex couple may be charged for gross indecency, says lawyer

PETALING JAYA: The couple caught having sex on a balcony of an apartment could be charged for gross indecency, said a criminal lawyer.

Lawyer Sreekant Pillai said that any charge would fall under Section 377D of the Penal Code.

The act says that anyone who conducted an act of ‘gross indecency’ with another person in either public or private could be jailed up to two years.

“They have been filmed and the video has gone around,” he told The Star Online.

Another lawyer, who did not want to be named, said that because the couple performed the act in the open, there were grounds for them to be charged.

“It was inside the bedroom it would be a different story. But this was on the balcony, out in the open where they could be easily seen by others. It would be difficult to argue,” he said.

Free Malaysia Today

You’re in trouble, balcony sex filmmaker

May 13, 2015

Police are looking for the “outraged” individual who made a 30-minute film of his neighbours having sex on their balcony


PETALING JAYA: The individual who videotaped a couple having sex on their apartment balcony is now in trouble for the possession of pornographic material.

The filmmaker had captured the sex act — which lasted 30 minutes — in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

ACP Muhammad Azlee has advised the public to stop circulating it. He said the police may consider bringing the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on board to block it from being spread on social media.

According to him, it was wrong of the individual to distribute the video.

“Spreading the video is similar to distributing pornography. Police are obligated to find the person behind the video, whether a report has been lodged or not,” he was quoted as saying in The Star Online.


Cops: ‘Balcony sex’ filmmaker in trouble

PETALING JAYA: The person who videotaped a couple having sex at an apartment balcony should be hot and bothered as police say he or she could be probed for possession of pornographic material.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Muhammad Azlee Abdullah also said it was an offence to circulate the video, which came to light after a vernacular newspaper reported about it on Sunday.

When contacted yesterday, ACP Muhammad Azlee said the person who recorded the video could keep it but it was not right for him to send the footage to other people.

“Spreading the video is similar to distributing pornography. Police are obligated to find the person behind the video, whether a report has been lodged or not,” he said.

Asked whether the couple could be investigated for indecent exposure, ACP Muhammad Azlee declined to comment, saying that police had not verified the actual location yet.

Couple in Malaysia brazenly has sex on balcony — in full view of residents

Couple In Bangsar South Caught Having Sex On Balcony

Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2015 12:23
Written by Ashraf Wahab

KUALA LUMPUR – An unidentified man and woman were spotted having sex in broad daylight at the balcony of an apartment unit purportedly in Bangsar South here, the Guang Ming Daily reported.

The couple’s activity was spotted by another tenant in the area whom recorded the act before sending it to the daily.

The tenant said the activity lasted around 30 minutes although he did not mention when it actually occurred.


Wednesday May 13, 2015 MYT 2:59:44 PM

Public romps common at balcony sex condo, says cleaner


KUALA LUMPUR: Having sex out in the open is apparently a common thing in the apartment complex in Bangsar South where an unidentified couple was spotted in the throes of passion.

According to a cleaning staff who declined to be named, couples often have sex in the pool of the apartment during weekends and late hours.

“They are always doing it out in the open and for everyone to see.

“It’s gross because I have to clean it up later,” said the cleaner, who has been working there for over a year.

She said the residents in the apartment were mainly foreigners and expatriates who stayed for a few months at a time.

“They (the expats) are the ones always doing it as there are very few locals staying here.

“The management doesn’t know because they are closed during the weekends,” she said.

The cleaner said she has stopped working the weekends anymore because she was sick of stumbling upon the sex acts.



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