At the UMNO Annual General Assembly 2017: Attacking the Opposition…

Is Umno playing the Race card?

7 December 2017


Najib: Malays will be homeless, degraded if Pakatan wins

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has warned the Malays and bumiputras that they will be displaced and degraded to the lowest level should the opposition gain power in the coming General Election (GE).

The Umno president said it was pertinent that the group make sure Barisan Nasional’s (BN) came out of the elections victorious to ensure the survival of the Malays and the country in general.

“Certainly, the Opposition’s loathe towards the Malay and bumiputra’s privileges goes way back, and the dignity of our noble race will stepped on.

“In fact, worse than that, we will be made homeless and degraded to the lowest level (terbangsat) in our own country,” he said in his policy speech at the Umno General Assembly here today.

Najib pointed out the privileges currently enjoyed by the Malays, including the position of the institution of the Malay rulers, as well as the Majlis Amanah Rakyat, Tabung Haji and Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) would be undermined if Pakatan Harapan wins the election.

“The size of our civil servants will also be downsized, while our proud Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM) will have it’s objectives failed if the opposition wins,” he said.


Gerakan man urges Umno to tone down racial rhetoric

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Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong in a Facebook post today shared a photograph from the ongoing Umno general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, where a large banner was displayed with the slogan “Bersatu Melayu”.

“I wonder what the reaction would be if an organisation displays a banner of ‘Bersatu Iban’ or ‘Bersatu India’ or ‘Bersatu Cina’ or ‘Bersatu Kadazan’?” said Yong. “Don’t get me wrong, (it has) nothing to do with race or religion. Ideally, it sounds better if (it says) ‘Bersatu Rakyat Malaysia’ #1Malaysia.

Meanwhile, military veterans group Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan called on Umno to stop fanning racial sentiments in speeches and instead work towards uniting the nation.

“Please, Umno, ask your members to grow up and start to think Malaysia as a whole,” Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji said in a statement today.



Veterans group to Umno: Grow up, stop fanning racial sentiments

PETALING JAYA: A veterans group today slammed Umno for linking DAP with the Chinese, saying there is no need to inflame racial sentiments with such tactics.

“We do not hear of any one saying ‘Umno Malays’, ‘MCA Chinese’, ‘MIC Indians’ or ‘PBS Kadazan’. Only the party name is mentioned, and rightfully so.

“However, when it comes to DAP, ethnicity has to be linked to it,” National Association of Patriots (PPK) president Brig Gen (Rtd) Mohamed Arshad Raji said in a statement.

Mohamed Arshad said this was an old campaign tactic which had been used for over 50 years now.

“Such tactics are divisive and create blind hatred, and the wounds cut too deep to prevent speedy healing.
“Please, Umno, ask your members to grow up and start thinking of Malaysia as a whole.”

6 December 2017





Umno’s smear campaign explained

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COMMENT | Umno knows that it cannot clean itself up from the stain of the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) money laundering scandal. Umno cannot rehabilitate its corrupted image in time to win back support for the general election.

Umno cannot rise to the higher moral ground. So, its strategy is to drag its opponents down to its level by smearing them with allegations of corruption and scandal.

Last Thursday, this strategy was deployed against Umno’s key threats in the Opposition: Dr Mahathir Mohamed and Anwar Ibrahim were both fingered by a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) with the blame for Bank Negara’s old foreign exchange market losses; and, Azmin Ali saw a relative remanded by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) based on a tenuous link to a sand-mining firm.

The fact that the most prominent Malay Opposition leaders were smeared in a single day smacks of an orchestrated political move. Umno doesn’t view them separately, we shouldn’t either. Umno-affiliated bloggers knew of the MACC raid days in advance.

Where there is a weakness, Umno will exploit it. Where there is no corruption, Umno will manufacture it. As the 14th general election draws closer, we can expect more strikes to be launched against the Opposition and Selangor, particularly against its popular menteri besar.

The 1MDB scandal involves massive losses of billions of ringgit from Malaysia. It also involves Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and members of his family as beneficiaries. Because Najib is haunted by these allegations of financial mismanagement and nepotism, Umno is now trying to discredit the opposition in these same areas.

Thus, they hope, the public will believe that Anwar and Mahathir are worse financial stewards than Najib, or that Azmin’s relationship with his family can in any way be compared to Najib’s.

It has long been part of Umno’s playbook to use national institutions such as the RCI and MACC to pursue party interests.

Earlier this year, the MACC made a spectacle out of raids on Selangor’s Universiti Selangor (Unisel) by inviting the press to witness it firsthand. The much-hyped investigation has yet to yield any charges.

YIN SHAO LOONG is strategic communications director at the Selangor Menteri Besar’s Office.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


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5 December 2017


Outside Umno assembly, a Pakatan wall of shame



KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Umno has put up an exhibition condemning Pakatan Harapan leaders including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the site of the party’s annual general assembly this week.

The exhibition on the ground floor of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) was mooted by Umno’s information bureau led by Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

The exhibition wall portrayed the PH coalition as secretly dominated by the DAP, with other parties including Dr Mahathir’s PPBM being subservient.

Among the caricatures include those depicting the former prime minister as co-operating with DAP to allegedly strip the Malays of political power.

In one picture, Dr Mahathir and PPBM president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin are shown as boxers, with DAP’s Lim Kit Siang as the referee.

Another accused PH as a whole of being against Islam, based on its opposition to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s proposed amendment to the Shariah sentencing limits.

More targets include the Penang state government headed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

On the opposite of the exhibition is a wall depicting Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s various achievements as prime minister.

The exhibition featuring around 20 such pictures and caricatures will be launched later today by Najib.


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