Before GE 14, hounded by UMNO: Sheila Majid and Nur Fathia Latiff…

Of politicians, celebrities and RM1,200 hairdos

Didn’t someone once say that Washington is the Hollywood for ugly people? Perhaps Putrajaya is where “ugly” Malaysians go. These are the people who desire to be in the limelight, but who were born without a talent like singing or acting. The next best thing for them is to become politicians.

Politicians surround themselves with “yes men” and ignoramuses to make themselves look good. It is all about ego – the politicians’.

When singer Sheila Majid lamented the high cost of living, expensive food, scarcity of jobs and depreciating ringgit, she was vilified by Treasury secretary-general Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah.

“Why is she complaining about the cost of living? What’s her income?” he said.

Sheila voiced concern on issues which affect the people, whereas Irwan only showed his arrogance. What has Sheila’s income got to do with her empathy for the rakyat?

Perhaps Irwan would have shared Sheila’s views if he were a junior employee at a private company, not a high-ranking civil servant.

Umno information chief Annuar Musa meanwhile suggested that economics is not Sheila’s forte.

Under his watch as Mara chairman, millions of ringgit in taxpayers’ money was used to pay for real estate at allegedly over-inflated prices.

Mara Inc officials were said to have pocketed about RM13 million in kickbacks in the purchase of Dudley International House in Melbourne.

Where was the good economic sense there? Moreover, the matter attracted the scrutiny of Australian authorities and tarnished Mara’s reputation.

In responding to Sheila’s views on the cost of living, Rizal questioned the price of tickets at her latest concert which he said had gone for several hundred ringgit each.

Ticket prices are determined by marketing companies – he should question them.

But Rizal did not criticise his boss’ wife for her extravagance when she complained about having to pay RM1,200 for hair treatment. Talk about being selective in his criticism of our favourite celebrities and the prime minister’s wife.

Mariam Mokhtar is an FMT columnist.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

10 December 2017


Harapan accuses Umno of fueling threats against artistes who speak up

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Wanita Pakatan Harapan accused Umno of fuelling threats against artistes who speak up about the state of the country.

Its information chief Aiman Athirah made reference to the attacks against such artistes during the recently concluded Umno annual general assembly.

“The speeches of the Umno leaders were aimed at pressuring and silencing the voice of the people which were expressed through the artistes.

“It was as if a signal to pro-Umno gangsters to send threatening messages to artistes like Nur Fathia Abdul Latiff,” she said.

Aiman, who is also Amanah’s women’s wing chief, was referring to Fathia’s claim yesterday that she was threatened by an unknown person.

Fathia had previously expressed sadness at the attacks against former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is now in the opposition.


Actress Nur Fathia claims man threatened to ‘give her a bullet’ over support of Dr M


PETALING JAYA: Actress Nur Fathia Latiff claims she was attacked by man who threw a chain at her and even threatened to “give her a bullet”.

Nur Fathia, who recently received flak after she posted a tribute to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said the man, who was bald, had a parang in the back of his car.

She wrote on Twitter that the man warned her “not let a bullet reach her”.
“He threw a chain at me that hit my shoulder!

She also said that the man told her that there was no point in lodging a police report as no action would be taken.

Nur Fathia is known to be vocal on social media about issues ranging from the price of fuel to politics.

8 December 2017


Yoursay: Why can’t our wives afford Birkin handbags?

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YOURSAY | ‘Be strong, Sheila Majid. The rakyat agree with you.’

‘How come RM888 tickets sold out if M’sians suffering?’

Clever Voter: It’s quite obvious that the establishment wouldn’t like to hear the truth. Jazz queen Sheila Majid is not expressing her own opinions but that of the majority of the citizens.

Doesn’t this tell us that Umno is out of touch, and yet it claims to represent the nation? It’s about time more celebrities speak out.

Léon Moch: Rizal Mansor (aide to PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor), did all 30 million Malaysians buy tickets to Sheila’s concert?

Surely those who bought the tickets cannot be said to be representative of all Malaysians. If so, one can claim that all Malaysians are billionaires as some of them appear in the country’s billionaires list.

Anonymous_3ef7: How can someone like him equate the sale of tickets to our cost of living? What Sheila said is so true as to what is happening to many of us.

Anonymous 2460541488536656: Apparently, Rizal does not know that Malaysia has one of the highest gaps between the rich and the poor.

Hamzah Paiman: Rizal, since the economy is so bad, the highest they could charge for a Sheila Majid ticket was RM888.

By right, the tickets could have been sold higher, perhaps at RM1,888. That is why the entertainers are all unhappy.

Anonymous_3e86: Of course, there are many who can still afford to pay for such expensive concert tickets. But a lot more are feeling the pinch and cannot afford even to pay their house rents.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Be strong, Sheila. The rakyat agree with you.

TV host Azwan Ali said Umno does not need entertainers’ support. So why get so riled up by some honest comments from Sheila?

Rizal said no government would want to see its people suffer. But Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) allegedly stole the rakyat’s money by the billions.

Senior Citizen: Rizal, when your boss can afford to buy millions ringgit worth of jewellery, it does not mean the rakyat are rich and the country’s economy is good.

Simple Malaysian: Indeed, if Malaysians are not suffering, why can’t all our wives afford Birkin handbags and pink diamonds?

Is this man so out of touch with the people? Please use some common sense before speaking out.

Rupert16: Of course, with Rizal’s boss and other Umno leaders allegedly living lavishly through ill-gotten public funds, what do they know about the economic hardship that is being endured by the ordinary rakyat?

Justice for Malaysia: Some people can visit hairdressers and pay RM1,200 to get their hair done, and buy handbags costing thousands of ringgit.

How many can afford that kind of spending? Can Ahmad’s, Ah Chong’s and Muthu’s wife afford them, and not forgetting diamonds? Rizal, you tell us.

Anonymous#26191220: Why bash our diva queen for speaking up? How about Jho Low’s licentious and wild party with socialite Paris Hilton and her well-heeled friends, allegedly fully funded by 1MDB?




Dr M: Are celebrities not citizens with rights to speak on country’s issues

Published:     Modified:

Celebrities are Malaysian citizens too, and have the right to comment on issues within the country that affects them, said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Do citizens not have the right to comment on issues that they face?

“The rising prices and things like that are felt by them and so they comment on it.

“What right do Umno members have in denying their (celebrities) rights?” Mahathir questioned, in a one-and-a-half-minute video clip posted on his Facebook page today.








Artistes are not political idiots, says local actor Miau Miau

Published:     Modified:

Local actor Lim Ching Miau, better known as Miau Miau, has expressed her support for jazz singer Sheila Majid after the latter was criticised by various parties for tweeting about the rising cost of living in Malaysia.

Lim said in a Facebook post yesterday that artistes are citizens who have the right to express themselves, and that they are not “political idiots”.

“This Malay singer has voiced out the opinion of the people, is it wrong?

“Don’t forget that we, as artistes, are also citizens. We are not political idiots. We have the right to express ourselves.”

When contacted, Lim told Malaysiakini that all citizens were suffering from the rise in fuel prices and cost of living.

“I’ve been living in Kuala Lumpur for 17 years since I graduated from high school and I’ve witnessed the rise in the prices of goods. However, our salaries have never risen, and have instead fallen.

“We’re all living in Malaysia and we know the pain of living far beyond our means. Whoever holds a Malaysian identity card has the right to express his or her thoughts,” Lim said.

“I already mentioned this problem many years ago, we have been suffering since early on! People have been complaining and asking for change on social media for a very long time,” she added.

Lim added that people are now “suffocating” because of the rise in prices of goods.

“After the implementation of GST, I found that all things had become more expensive, the extent of the price increase is not only 6 percent but goes far beyond that.”

“Regardless of whether it is because of the inflation, the implementation of GST or other international problems, the prices are getting higher and the people are now suffocating.”

Lim also noted that people are suffering from an increase in fuel prices, which was “unreasonable” given that Malaysia is an oil-exporting country.





6 December 2017


5h5 hours ago

Its okay, we will stick with our classy Sheila Majid. U can keep your trashy Azwan Ali, UMNO.


simonthong‏ @simonwhthong
2h2 hours ago
simonthong Retweeted The Long Tweet
🐀 mouse trying to go after a tiger 🐯
The Long Tweet
Rosmah’s aide trains gun on Sheila Majid

Rosmah’s aide trains gun on Sheila Majid

SINGER Sheila Majid came under fire today, from an aide of Rosmah Mansor, for her Twitter lament yesterday on the state of the country.

Rizal Mansor, who is an aide to the prime minister’s wife, questioned how it was that tickets for the jazz queen’s concert in August which were priced at RM888 were snapped up despite her complaint of the high cost of living.

“Yes, you are a national jazz queen and considered a legend by fans, but how could they afford to buy the concert tickets priced up to RM888 if the country’s economy is really so bad.

“Can your fans who are most probably in the middle-age group afford to buy such expensive concert tickets if it is true that they have been struggling for the past few months,” said Rizal in a statement.

He said, as a veteran artiste with vast experience and influence, Sheila should understand that many issues concerning the economy are out of the control of the government due to external factors, which has caused the value of the ringgit to depreciate and made it more challenging to create job opportunities.


Azwan Ali to Sheila Majid: Go to hell!

Shakira Buang
(Updated )


Popular TV personality Azwan Ali has condemned songstress Sheila Majid for publicly complaining about rising cost-of-living issues.

Azwan told reporters at the sidelines of the Umno general assembly that he was shocked that Sheila, a person whom he respected, would make such remarks.

“Her whining will spoil the new generation. You are a major artiste. Successful. Has a Datuk title. Rich. You have millions of followers.

“Is this not because of the government? Go to hell!” Azwan said.

Azwan said that Sheila’s…..comment was “suicidal” and accused her of forgetting that she had benefited from BN.

“She is influential. A diva should use ‘common sense’ and not get emotional. People respect her. By making such statements, it is suicidal.

“What she says won’t affect BN. Najib doesn’t need entertainers to win elections. Najib is too big a name,” he said.



5 December 2017



Dr M sings Sheila Majid’s praises for speaking out about M’sia

Published:     Modified:

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has heaped praise on veteran singer Sheila Majid and other celebrities for speaking out about the state of the country.

Retweeting her comment on Twitter, Mahathir said: “One by one, Malaysians icons speak up for the future of the country.

“From (actress) Nur Fathia Abdul Latiff, Aznil Nawawi and now Sheila Majid.

“The youths, in particular, must have the courage to step up. The future is in your hands. If not us, who else?” he said, using his Twitter handle @chedetofficial.

Earlier today, Sheila had weighed in on the state of the country’s economy, claiming that Malaysians were “tired and angry” at being squeezed.

“Food is expensive, the ringgit is weak, cost of living is high and jobs are scarce. Malaysians are becoming tired and angry for being squeezed over debts we did not create.

“Stop making excuses and looking for faults. Focus on the job of getting our country back on track,” she said on Twitter.


Golongan butthurt muncul. Sheila Majid tak mention pun BN ke apa sendiri terasa. Lolol





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