FAKE NEWS? Khalwat at the UMNO AGM? Every AGM?

5 December 2017



Harakah retracts ‘khalwat during Umno AGM’ report

Published:     Modified:

The website of PAS journal Harakah Daily has removed an article citing a former Umno figure who complained about khalwat (close proximity) taking place on the sidelines at the Umno annual assembly held every year.

According to Harakah Daily deputy editor Azmi Yusof, the article was removed upon realising that the source for the story was former Klang Puteri Umno division head Wan Ashima Kamaruddin and not from someone in PAS.

“We removed the article because it was an allegation by Wan Ashima and not by someone from PAS, as Harakah Daily is the party’s organ.

“It was uploaded because we made a technical error in our news selection process,” Azmi told Malaysiakini.

He added that Harakah Daily will not be offering Umno any apology.

Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/404545#2Hl0wR2PePCo3jqy.99

5 December 2017




5 December 2017


Khalwat goes on during Umno AGM every year, claims ex-Puteri Umno

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A former Klang Umno Puteri committee member claimed that many cases of khalwat (close proximity) occur every time the Umno AGM comes around.

Wan Asshima Kamaruddin, who is now a PAS member, said this is based on her 17-year experience in Umno.

“I challenge the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) to carry out huge raids to arrest those engaging in khalwat.

“How many couples are engaging in khalwat, how many couples are non-Muslims (committing khalwat) with Muslims,” she said, as reported by Harakah Daily today.

Wan Asshima stated that she is revealing this now because she no longer wants to abet the “immoral” acts allegedly occurring at the Umno AGM.

“We can see there, how many wives of people and husbands of people are in one room.

“If I were to say anything, they’d say I’m being defamatory, or being disgraceful, but I saw all those immoral acts during my 17 years there.

“And I will never again abet in such things,” she said.

t was reported in early November that Wan Asshima had quit Umno to join PAS, despite purportedly being offered an RM1.5 billion project.
Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/404312#LsHrAOBY9tulKBDI.99

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