#TangkapMO1 Rally: On Now!

#TangkapMO1 Rally. As for Jamal Yunos…

27 August 2016

rally: Scenes around gathering places at Sogo, Masjid Jamek and nearby Dataran Merdeka

1m1 minute ago

Di – duit rakyat dicuri dan diguna utk temasya arak dan pesta judi!


“I’m here to make the smallest change” – Yasmin, 18

27 Ogos 2016, Sogo KL. Bersama teman seperjuangan.


  1. The caricatures , banner , posters are out. Speeches call on going . 2.30


Suasana di SOGO – ayuh! Datang ramai2!

rallygoers congregate at one of the meeting points, Aug 27, 2016. — Sunpix


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