Were you at #TangkapMO1? The police will want to ‘talk’ to you.

#TangkapMO1 Rally: On Now!

Merdeka Day
31 August 2016

MP summoned by police to give statement on TangkapMO1 rally


DAP parliamentarian Teo Kok Seong has been summoned to give his statement to the police over the Tangkap Malaysian Official 1 (TangkapMO1) rally.

As he was not one of the organisers, Teo said he did not think that he would be summoned for his statement.

“I am not the organiser. My presence was to support the student group.


27 August 2016

TangkapMO1 rally illegal, no arrests so far, say Dang Wangi police


Zulaikha Zulkifli     Published Today 6:17 pm

Dang Wangi police chief Zainol Samah said that the recently concluded TangkapMO1 rally urging authorities to take action against the mysterious ‘Malaysian Official 1′ (MO1) accused by US authorities to have pocketed US$731 million of stolen 1MDB monies, is not in accordance with the law.

He said that despite rally organisers having submitted a notice to police, they did not follow the guidelines outlined in the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

“This rally is not in accordance with the law. Even though they sent in a notice, it did not fulfill the guidelines,” he told reporters after the rally at Dataran Merdeka.

Zanol said that police estimated that a total of 2,000 protesters were at the rally today.

Asked what action will the police be taking against the organisers of the TangkapMO1 rally, Zainol said that the matter will be left up to the officers handling the investigation into the matter.

“Let police investigate,” he said when asked further.


Police to review photos, videos of rally


KUALA LUMPUR: Police will review photos and videos taken during the “Tangkap Malaysian Official 1” rally before proceeding with the next course of action.
Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainol Samah said he has yet to receive the full report or if any untoward incidents took place during the rally.
“We will review photos and videos of today’s rally and will conduct an investigation,” he said.

Zainol said more than 1,000 participants had gathered at Dataran Merdeka today despite the rally organiser’s failure to obtain a permit.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/08/168681/police-review-photos-videos-tangkap-mo1-rally

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2 Responses to Were you at #TangkapMO1? The police will want to ‘talk’ to you.

  1. It is hoped that the students would remember today come GE14. says:

    This student rally had been in the air for over a month and still deemed illegal?
    Why wasn’t permission granted after so long? Somebody prefers to sleep?
    All kinds of excuses can be created to put the students in a bad light.

  2. Ayya Misai says:

    Soon or later my open letter will be blocked in Malaysia. I want more US citizen share my open letter. Please read my open letter to Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton & all US citizens. Tq.

    Click to access 1.pdf

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