Football: JDT beat Perak, Perak fans beat JDT fans?

The bad blood between the two teams can be traced back to the Larkin Stadium on Jan 18, 2014, when Perak team manager Datuk Azhar Ahmad’s car windscreen was smashed and the Perak team bus was blocked by JDT fans after the home team had won their Super League match with a 2-0 score.

7 August 2016

Police arrest two JDT supporters, open investigations into incident at Ipoh Stadium


IPOH: Police have arrested two supporters of Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) who brought flares into Ipoh Stadium during the Super League match between Perak and JDT last night.
Ipoh police chief ACP Sum Chang Keong said investigation papers had been opened against the two supporters aged 25 and 31, under Section 8 of the Explosives Act 1957.
Two more investigation papers would be opened under Section 147 and 148 of the Penal Code.
Police received seven reports as of 4pm, two regarding injuries involving policemen and personnel on duty, and five from Perak supporters.
Sum said a commotion broke out between the supporters of both teams following name calling and provocation between the two sides.
“The JDT players and supporters were escorted safely by police multi-purpose vehicles to their respective hotels and the North-South Expressway between 1 to 1.30am,” he said, adding Perak’s supporters were dispersed from the stadium.

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edge Perak 1-0 to extend lead in Super League



The management of the Perak Football Association (PAFA) have failed to ensure the safety of JDT fans during the Malaysian Super League fixture on the 7th of August 2016 at Perak Stadium, Ipoh. As soon as the final whistle was blown, JDT fans were threatened by the home fans and objects were thrown at them, causing injuries. The visiting JDT fans had moved to the centre of the pitch for fear of their safety. There was an individual from the media that alleged that his camera was stolen. All the JDT fans were checked and screened one by one and after nothing was found, that same individual from the media suddenly found his camera. Enough with the slander. Adding to this, the fans’ buses were also attacked as they were leaving but the lowest point of the night was when the Johor state anthem was sung, the home fans were throwing insults at the visitors and even chanting “JDT bangsat”. This should never have happened. Security forces had only allocated 100 personnels of the Royal Malaysian Police to control the safety of 35,000 fans as opposed to Stadium Tan Sri Hassan Yunos, Larkin which allocates no less than 1,000 personnels to ensure safety.











Fight breaks out between Perak and JDT fans

IPOH: A few scuffles broke out in the stands between fans of Perak and Johor Darul Ta’azim (JDT) after the end of a match here on Saturday night.

This follows the chanting of provocative songs and slogans throughout the match.

Police were initially able to contain the fights, but matters escalated when JDT fans were allowed onto the field  – with some seen provoking Perak fans.

Among those injured was NSTP cameraman Supian Ahmad, who lost his camera during the fracas.

“They came in droves and they stole my camera. I didn’t know that this would happen. I’m shocked,” he said when brought to the grandstand for treatment.



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