Singapore PM #LeeHsienLoong, unwell during speech at National Day Rally, resumes his speech to a standing ovation!

22 August 2016

Top story, Aug 22: Anxiety, then relief, as PM Lee completes rally after taking ill. More on


21 August 2016

PM Lee takes the stage to resume his speech, to a standing ovation from audience



When I heard abt Singapore PM Lee I said OH SHIT!

Again, PM Lee will be resuming his speech later tonight

PM Lee “fine, perfectly normal, just taking a rest now”: DPM Tharman

POPSPOKEN Retweeted The Straits Times

DPM Teo Chee Hean has announced that PM Lee will return to greet the guests and complete his speech.


Was watching the NDP rally when PM Lee just fainted halfway. My god. But he stood up and apologise after that. Wow

Prayers for PM Lee tonight, I hope he doesn’t overwork and takes it easy now! Whatever happened was scary but he’s in good hands now

Red Dot Oz Retweeted Bhavan Jaipragas

I think nobody will mind if PM Lee chooses to rest instead.

Red Dot Oz added,

good lOOOOORT MY HEART IS BEATING SO FAST I hope pm Lee is ok 😦

Singaporeans were concerned when Lee Hsien Loong wavered for a little, then stumbled and held onto the podium.


PM Lee taken ill while speaking at National Day Rally Read More :


PMO Statement: PM Lee took ill while speaking at . Medical team is attending to him now. They assess his condition is not serious.

PM Lee collapses as he talks about the pending changes to the Elected Presidency scheme

omg pm lee‘s Instagram :’) so heart warming I really hope he’s okay



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