The Batu Arang shootings: 4 went out, 3 men are shot dead by police and the 4th (a woman) is “missing”…

Son claims late father arrived in M’sia only recently, had no criminal record

Fion Yap & Annabelle Lee | Published: | Modified: can

The family of a Sri Lankan national shot dead by Malaysian police has produced proof to dispute the authorities’ claim about his immigration and criminal records.Forty-year-old V Janarthanan was one of the three men killed in a Sept 14 shooting which took place in Batu Arang, Rawang.Selangor police told the media that he had been killed in pursuit as part of a home robbery gang.They said Janarthanan had also been involved in a robbery in Sentul back in 2016.The police further cast aspersions on the family’s claim that the UK permanent resident had only recently arrived in the country, saying their checks had found no record of his arrival at any Malaysian entry point.At a press conference today, Janarthanan’s teenage son P Logitharan said his father had been working as a manager in a supermarket in Portsmouth, the UK for the whole of 2016.He said therefore, it was impossible for his father to have committed any crime in Malaysia as he was in the UK at the time.Logitharan also showed his father’s flight details to the media which revealed the travel itinerary of Janarthanan as well as the whole family.

The itinerary showed that they departed from London’s Gatwick Airport on Aug 26 this year and arrived at KLIA the next day on Qatar Airways flight QR852.

He also displayed a baggage tag bearing Janarthanan’s name and flight number. The flight details showed he was slated to fly back to London on Sept 23.In light of these documents, the family’s lawyer P Uthayakumar accused the police of “tampering” with immigration records.“Now, the Selangor police chief (Noor Azam Jamaludin) and CID chief (Adnan Azizon) are liars. Have they tampered with (the records)?“Who erased the immigration records? Who erased it?” he asked.Logitharan’s mother G Moganambal was also said to be involved in the shooting incident. She is now missing.Why label my son a criminal?

Also present were Janarthanan’s mother, N Thanalakshmi and stepfather T Navaratnaraja, who arrived in Malaysia from Switzerland where they are permanent residents.Speaking in Sri Lankan Tamil, Thanalakshmi was inconsolable as she mourned her son.“We were so scared to come to Malaysia. My son comes from a decent family and now he is suddenly labelled as a criminal.“I usually can’t sleep without first talking to my son. I do not know how to face life after this,” she said through her tears.Navaratnaraja was upset that his stepson had not only been shot dead but was now being misrepresented as a felon, adding they had last met in June this year in the UK.According to Selangor police, Janarthanan and two other men were involved in an armed robbery incident and were all killed during an exchange of fire.Police said that they found two guns, three machetes and face masks in their vehicle.The family today stood by their counterclaim that the three men and Moganambal had gone out for dinner in Serdang before they were “kidnapped” and shot by the police in Rawang.They have demanded police to reveal footage from the dashboard cameras of their vehicles to set the record straight as to what happened.… @malaysiakini

Rawang shootout: ‘Show dash cam footage, set record straight’

Fion Yap & Annabelle Lee | Published: | Modified:

The family of two men who died in a police shootout are demanding that police publish footage from their dashboard cameras (dash cam) to set the record straight as to what happened.

At a press conference today, the kin of G Thavaselvan and V Janarthanan disputed the police’s version of events of the Sept 14 shooting which took place in Batu Arang, Rawang.

They were represented by their new lawyers P Uthayakumar and M Manoharan, who were appointed yesterday.

“If the Selangor police chief (Noor Azam Jamaludin) said that they have nothing to hide and the Criminal Investigation Department chief (Adnan Azizon) said they got nothing (to hide), make public the car dash cam.“It will show whether they (the police) shot first, (whether) these people shot back and whether (Janarthanan’s wife) G Moganambal was there, there is the clear-cut evidence […]“Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah (you will be brave if you are right but be afraid if you are in the wrong) […] the dash cam, they have it in the police cars, so where is the dash cam?” asked Uthayakumar.If the footage revealed that the police did not have sufficient grounds to shoot to kill, the lawyer pressed for those responsible to be prosecuted.According to Selangor police, the two men along with a third male, S Mahendran, had been involved in an armed robbery and were all killed during an exchange of fire. Police said that they found two guns, three machetes and face masks in their vehicle.Moganambal was not killed in the shootout and is now missing. Mahendran was not represented today.The family today stood by their counter-claim that Thavaselvan, Janarthanan and Moganambal had gone out for dinner in Serdang before they were “kidnapped” and shot by the police in Rawang.

‘Media not fair’

Selangor police further described Thavaselvan as being a triad member who had 23 criminal records and was wanted for a robbery when he was shot.They also said he was a former Simpang Renggam prison inmate detained under the Emergency Ordinance 1969 and the Prevention of Crime Act 2014 (Poca).Asked during the press conference to respond to this characterisation of Thavaselvan, Uthayakumar in turn accused the media of helping the police “divert” the issue.“This is a diversion by the police; even (if) he got hundred cases under his name, the police have got no right to shoot to kill… no right.“[…] You are helping the police, the police strategy is to divert,” the lawyer said, adding that Thavaselvan’s wife Jasminder Kaur was not aware if he had any criminal convictions.When the same question was directed at Jasminder, Uthayakumar again accused the media of helping the police.“Why are you diverting? […] You are being pro-police!” he said, to which journalists explained they were merely trying to ask a question and not taking sides.Uthayakumar maintained that the media had not been fair in reporting this case by highlighting Thavaselvan’s past convictions.Even if her husband did have a record, Jasminder questioned why he was shot dead by the police.“His past criminal (record) has got nothing to do (with this). You guys can catch him under Poca… don’t care but why was he shot to death?“[…] My husband is dead, I want to know what is the reason” she said.…The “missing” woman was not in the car with the 3 men. Two of the men are members of Gang 08.

Harian Metro @hmetromy
#ShahAlam Dua daripada tiga penjenayah yang maut selepas berbalas tembakan dengan polis di Jalan Rawang menghala ke Batu Arang, Sabtu lalu, adalah ahli kumpulan kongsi gelap Geng 08.
Dua penjenayah ahli Geng 08
DUA daripada tiga penjenayah yang maut selepas berbalas tembakan dengan polis di Jalan Rawang menghala ke Batu Arang, Sabtu lalu, adalah ahli kumpulan kongsi gelap Geng 08.

Dua penjenayah ahli Geng 08 [METROTV]

Siraj Mohd Zaini
DUA daripada tiga penjenayah yang maut selepas berbalas tembakan dengan polis di Jalan Rawang menghala ke Batu Arang, Sabtu lalu, adalah ahli kumpulan kongsi gelap Geng 08.Ketua Polis Selangor Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin berkata, dua lelaki berkenaan dikenali G Thavaselvan, 31, dan S G Mahendran, 23, serta semakan mendapati mereka mempunyai rekod lampau berkaitan samun di Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur.Menurutnya, seorang lagi lelaki warga Sri Lanka yang maut dalam kejadian berkenaan dikenali sebagai J Vijayaratnam, 40, dan turut mempunyai satu rekod lampau berkaitan samun di Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

“Thavaselvan mempunyai 23 rekod lampau berkaitan samun dan lain-lain kes jenayah selain turut berada dalam senarai dikehendaki oleh Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kuala Selangor manakala Mahendran dan Vijayaratnam masing-masing satu rekod jenayah samun di Sentul.“Vijayaratnam pernah dikesan tinggal lebih masa pada 2013 dan tiada rekod kemasukan dia ke Malaysia seperti didakwa keluarganya dia masuk ke negara ini 31 Ogos lalu,” katanya pada sidang media di Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen ( IPK) Selangor hari ini.Mengulas lanjut, Noor Azam berkata, pihak polis kini sedang mengesan isteri Vijayaratnam dikenali G Moganambal, 35, yang dipercayai hilang pada hari sama.Beliau berkata, wanita tempatan itu beralamat di Taman Bayu Permai, Rawang dan sehingga kini dia masih gagal dikesan pihak berkuasa.“Polis juga menafikan dakwaan keluarga yang mendakwa Moganambal berada di dalam kereta terbabit ketika insiden tembak menembak itu.“Polis juga sedang menyiasat dakwaan yang menyatakan suami isteri ini pemegang pemastautin tetap (PR) United Kingdom,” katanya.Dalam pada itu, Noor Azam berkata, pihaknya bersedia berjumpa dengan Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (SUHAKAM) yang menerima aduan daripada keluarganya dalam insiden berkenaan.Berita berkaitan LUMPUR: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) today said it will investigate the deaths of three men and the alleged disappearance of a woman involved in a shootout with police in Batu Arang, Selangor, on Saturday.Suhakam agreed that there were questions that needed to be answered after it received information from the families of the deceased.“Our concern is whether there was abuse of power by the police. Suhakam will investigate the shooting and also the missing person,” said commissioner Gerald Joseph.It was reported that the police had ordered a car carrying the three men – Sri Lankan national Janarthanan Vijayaratnam, his brother-in-law Thavaselvan and Maghendran Santhirasegaran – to pull over at Bandar Country Homes, but they ignored the order, sparking a 7km chase.The police said the men were robbers and had opened fire on the officers during the chase, forcing them to return fire, killing all three.Family members said Janarthanan’s wife, Moganambal Govindasamy, was also present during the incident. However, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaluddin denied this, saying there were only three men and no woman in the car.Joseph said the families claimed the men were not criminals “but only the police will know”.“We hope the police can speed up their investigations and the families can be informed of the results,” he said after receiving a report from the family members through their lawyer, Sivahnanthan Ragava.Joseph said if Moganambal was in the car and still alive, “then the police should find her as soon as possible”.He said Suhakam would meet with Selangor police and also obtain feedback from the investigating officer at Bukit Country Homes.“We will also interview the forensic doctors who performed the post-mortems. The families should be allowed access to the full report,” he said.Sivahnanthan said the families wanted to hear the truth as “many doubts have arisen on the issue”.He asked how police could say the three men were responsible for a string of robberies here, beginning in May.He said Janarthanan and Moganambal were permanent residents in the United Kingdom and had arrived in Malaysia for a holiday with their family last month.“Their family is quite wealthy in the UK,” he said.Sivahnanthan also said Moganambal had told her sister her whereabouts at 1.38am before she went missing.He said the initial report the family received from the hospital contradicted the information the police had provided them.“We want the inspector-general of police and the Selangor police chief to give us a better explanation,” he said. LUMPUR, Sept 17 — The police have denied allegations that a woman was also present in a Volkswagen Polo car in which three men were shot dead in a shooting incident at Batu Arang, near Rawang, on Saturday.Selangor police chief Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin said investigations at the scene found only three suspects believed to be involved in robbery cases around Rawang, Batu Arang and Kundang.“I would like to stress that there was no woman with the three men who were shot dead, and we (the police) only retaliated after the suspects opened fire against the police first,” he said when contacted.He said this in response to allegations by one of the family members of the suspects killed in the incident that the authorities did not wish to disclose information about the suspect’s wife who was with him at the time of the incident, and has remained missing until now.

Noor Azam said if the family members lodged a report of the missing woman, the police would conduct an investigation into the matter.Earlier, family members of the three men lodged a report with the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) requesting a full investigation be done into the incident.Meanwhile, Suhakam Commissioner Jerald Joseph said they would investigate whether there was abuse of power involved on the part of the police, or if there was any violation of standard operating procedures during the incident.

“Suhakam will meet with the Selangor Police Chief and investigating officers to get the details of the case,” he said.

On Saturday, Noor Azam was reported to have said three men suspected to be involved in robbery cases were killed in a shootout with the police, with two semi-automatic handguns, three machetes and three face masks recovered at the scene. — Bernama

New government, but same old police force

P Ramasamy | Published:

ADUN SPEAKS | A 7km chase of four people by the police from Batu Caves to Batu Arang in the early hours of last Saturday ended in a shootout, in which three suspected robbers were killed.The fourth one, a woman, Moganambal Govindasamy, is missing.The dead are Moganambal’s husband, Janarthanan Vijayaratnam, of Sri Lankan origin who holds a UK permanent resident status and works in the UK, Moganambal’s brother Thavaselvan and their friend Maghendran Santhirasegaran.While the police are sticking to their version that the three men shot dead were robbers fleeing from the police, the family members might have a different story to tell.The police under the changed political circumstances must wake up to the idea that the repetition of the old narrative, “there was chase, the robbers shot at the police and the police returned fire resulting in their deaths”, is not acceptable.The public must know exactly what happened in the Rawang shootings, resulting in the death of two relatives and a friend, and with one woman gone missing.One of the relatives has claimed that the bodies would not be claimed unless the police can account for the missing woman (Moganambal, on right in photo below, with her husband Janarthanan).zzzfff.jpgToo many incidents of police shootouts resulting in the deaths of suspected robbers have not gone beyond the testimony of the police.Other than the versions provided by the police in the shooting incidents, there are no other alternative interpretations as how the so-called robbers met their fate.Testimonies from family members have been drowned in silence as though they are considered biased and a cover-up of the wrongdoings of their dead relatives.To date, in the cases of those who died in police shootings, no serious inquiries have been held to ask for police accountability and whether, in the first place, the shootings were justified.Meanwhile, despite the assurances of the new inspector-general of police, there is no qualitative change in the manner of police operations in the country. Human lives are being lost.Even with the emergence of the new government and the promise of institutional reforms, some members of the police force are acting with impunity.Deaths in custody, deaths resulting from police shootouts and other abuses emanating from the uniformed personnel are acts against public interest.The Batu Arang killings are not the first – and certainly not going to be the last.But what is important is that the government must initiate a full inquiry to ascertain really what happened.Were those who were shot dead really robbers or were they merely suspects?What happened to one of the dead person’s missing wife, Moganambal?Why would a UK citizen, Janarthanan, who was on a short visit to Malaysia, engage in robbery?

P RAMASAMY is the state assemblyperson for Perai. He is also deputy chief minister II of Penang.The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

Free Malaysia Today @fmtoday

Family of man killed in shootout wants cops to reveal wife’s whereabouts


PETALING JAYA: Family members of a man killed in a shootout with police on Saturday claim that authorities are withholding information on his wife who was present during the incident but who has not been seen since.Sivahnanthan Ragava, the lawyer representing the families of the man and two others also shot dead, said the police had informed them that Moganambal Govindasamy was apprehended but had refused to say where she was.However, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaluddin denied this. He told FMT this evening that there was no woman in the car. There were only three men in the car. No woman,” he said.He said he could not confirm the arrest of Moganambal as he had not been informed on the arrest of any woman.Moganambal’s husband – Sri Lankan national Janarthanan Vijayaratnam – her brother Thavaselvan and another man Maghendran Santhirasegaran were killed in a shootout with police following a high-speed car chase at Batu Arang, Selangor.The Star quoted Noor Azam as saying the trio, whom he described as robbers, had ignored an order by a police patrol team to pull over their car at Bandar Country Homes.This led to a 7km chase, during which two of the men allegedly opened fire at the police officers, forcing them to return fire and killing all three.Noor Azam said the car was found to be a stolen vehicle, adding that police seized two pistols, a machete, three ski masks and gloves from the suspects.Sivahnanthan said the families were questioning the police’s version of events.He claimed that the police refused to tell the families the whereabouts of Moganambal, who was also in the car.“They don’t know what happened to her, whether she is alive or not, as the police refused to give them any information.“The police must give a satisfactory explanation as to what happened to the woman,” he said, adding that the families had lodged police reports.

Family of men shot dead by police in Rawang demand answers

Hariz Mohd | Published: | Modified:

The family of two men shot dead by cops in Batu Arang, Rawang in the early hours of Saturday is demanding answers from police on what had transpired and the fate of the wife of one of the deceased who is now missing.

They said they were puzzled with police’s statement that the duo (G Thavaselvan and V Janarthanan), who were in-laws, and their friend (S Maghendran) all of whom police shot dead in the incident, were suspected members of a home invasion gang.

Left: G Thavaselvan; Right: S Maghendran

According to Jasminder Kaur, 31, her husband G Thavaselvan, 31, had gone out with his sister G Moganambal, 35, and Moganambal’s husband V Janarthanan, 40, and Thavaselvan’s friend S Maghendran, 23, the night before to dine at a restaurant in Serdang.Janarthanan is a Sri Lankan citizen who holds a UK permanent resident status and works in the UK.He, Moganambal and their three children had been living in Portsmouth and arrived here on Aug 27 to visit a sick relative, according to Jasminder.

Jasminder Kaur

Jasminder said they lodged a missing person report on Saturday when the four failed to return home but learned later on Sunday that the three men had been shot dead.”I want to get a clear picture of what happened to my husband. Where is my sister-in-law and why was my sister’s husband murdered? What am I going to tell their kids?”Jasminder said that it was unacceptable to be told that her sister-in-law’s husband was involved in crime here, claiming that the family was well to do in the UK and had only come here for a visit.”Until we get justice, and get my sister-in-law back, we won’t claim their bodies,” said Jasminder when met outside Bukit Aman where she and family members had arrived to lodge another police report on her missing sister-in-law.Jasminder added that the four had left in a Perodua Alza rented by the visiting family while the vehicle that was reportedly involved in a police chase was a Volkswagen Polo.She said the Alza the four had used when they went out on Friday evening had been found in Serdang, not far from the restaurant they had gone to that night.Meanwhile, Janarthanan and Moganambal’s eldest son, Logantharan, 17, said he could not believe that his dad had been shot dead by police.”We heard the news that three men had been shot but I didn’t believe it as my dad is not like that. And my mom is still missing. We hope the police will find her. Because we want our mom back.”We have lost our dad, we have no one else. We got our future in the UK,” he said.The family’s lawyer Sivahnanthan Ragava, when contacted, said they wanted the inspector-general of police to look into the matter seriously and provide answers on what had happened to the woman.He also questioned how Janarthanan had become a suspect when he had only come here for a visit after six years, while Moganambal’s last visit to Malaysia was three years ago.On Saturday, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaludin held a press conference saying that a team of police officers from the state CID’s Serious Crime Division together with Gombak district police had shot dead three suspected robbers during a shootout at Jalan Batu Arang at about 5 am that day.He said at Bandar Country Homes, the men had refused to stop for checks when ordered to by police and a high-speed chase ensued before the suspects’ vehicle went out of control and crashed.According to Noor Azam, shots were then fired towards the police and the police team returned fire, killing all three. Police also seized two semi-automatic pistols and three parang, among other items.When contacted, Noor Azam said police would investigate the family’s claim regarding the missing woman.He said police would also want to establish her connection with the suspects.

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