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Witness: Rosmah and Jho Low had a “close” relationship. Did Najib know about that? Hmm…

… . .

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Fish Leong and Tony Chao: It’s all over….

… Did Fish Leong divorced her husband due to a third party? Netizens suspect he might be gay. https://t.co/2WqSGDfloW pic.twitter.com/pVxU6TQGKg — Hype Malaysia (@HypeMY) September 10, 2019 . https://www.malaymail.com/news/showbiz/2019/09/10/after-reports-of-cheating-husband-malaysian-songstress-fish-leong-ends-marr/1789175 ..

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Asia Sentinel: Public (govt) universities are Malay bastions with their “Malay-Islamic” agenda of exclusion…

… Malaysia is now witnessing the opening of a fissure into two completely different philosophies of higher education. On one side are the public universities with a structure and culture purporting to produce industrial fodder, and on the other side … Continue reading

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Wee Ka Siong speaks: But the message is lost because of the credibility of the Messenger…

… Serve him right….LGE pic.twitter.com/yND1yHfaZ1 — Annuar Musa (@AnnuarMusa) September 9, 2019 ..

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