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Watch “Protest PR: the creative team behind Hong Kong’s anti-government demonstrations” on YouTube


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Protesters: Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong at Lion Rock (13 September 2019)…

… Hongkong celebrates traditional Moon Festival today Mooncakes say: Hongkong add oil, Free Hongkong Lantern says: No rioters, only rogue regime pic.twitter.com/CmY2e1iU2y — Claudia Mo 毛孟靜 (@ClaudiaMCMo) September 13, 2019 .. 13 September,Tonight Lion Rock ,HongKong.📡🔦💡👭💕👫🔗❤️👬🖇🔆 Real HongKongers Connect!#FreeHongKong (Photo … Continue reading

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#BeWater: Hong Kong Protesters target the Subway system (13 September 2019)…

… Hong Kong protesters have a new target: the subway. Latest from the front lines https://t.co/SokM0DvvJ8 via @WSJ — Mike Cherney (@Mike_Cherney) September 13, 2019 Hong Kong Protesters New Target: City’s Vaunted Subway System Protesters accuse operator MTR of aligning … Continue reading

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Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary, Hong Kong…

… Anson Chan: “we were never asked (at the 1997 turnover) to love or embrace the communist party- that wasn’t part of the deal.” — Peerless Stupidity (@Yangmalaoren) September 4, 2019 .. Hong Kong’s former No 2 criticises city’s response … Continue reading

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