The DAP is NOT registering ICs for Chinese nationals: There is no Project IC DAP for the Chinese…







The National Registration Department today denied a claim made in a viral video that Kepong DAP is planning to register MyKad for undocumented Chinese nationals.

In a statement today, the NRD urged the public to stop sharing the video clip, which contains the message: “Kepong DAP is planning to register MyKads for illegal Chinese immigrants. Look at what the Chinese are doing. The Malays are still sound asleep.”

The footage in the clip, the department explained, was actually taken late last year at an event organised by Kepong DAP.

During the event, non-citizens, temporary IC holders and permanent residents thronged the Kuala Lumpur City Hall office in the hopes of altering their citizenship status.

“The programme organised by Kepong DAP at the end of 2018 merely involved an explaination and briefing session on citizenship and ID application procedures by the NRD,” the statement read.

“No application was handled that day, and the NRD requested those present to go to the nearest NRD office for citizenship and ID application matters.

“The NRD wishes to remind everyone that legal action can be taken against the spread of false information by any irresponsible individual.”

Anyone with information may contact the NRD through its website, or through its corporate communications unit at 03-8880 7077/7067/7069/8206 and




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