Going CRAZY at Uniqlo, IOI Mall, PutraJaya!



KUALA LUMPUR: A video of shoppers pushing and shoving as they tried to get hold of T-shirts at an Uniqlo outlet at IOI Mall, Putrajaya, has gone viral on Facebook.

They were there for the UNIQLO x KAWS collection, which was restocked on Aug 30.

The collection was launched in Malaysia in June.

Youtuber Sammicci, who uploaded the video, said he was also trying his luck at the store.

It showed shoppers queuing in front of the outlet.

They rushed in as soon as the staff opened the doors.

Screams could be heard as shoppers scrambled for T-shirts and tote bags.

A man is seen climbing onto a rack to look for suitable designs and sizes.

He then threw a T-shirt to another shopper who stood not far from him.

He was soon joined by another man who also got onto the rack.

Other shoppers whipped out their phones and started recording the uncivilised behaviour and some shouted at the men in protest.

A voice could be heard yelling: “Where are your manners?”, but the man appeared unconcerned.

Sammicci said the T-shirts were gone in two minutes.

The video also showed the aftermath, when most of the shoppers had left the store.

Clothes hangers and trash were strewn on the floor.

Based on the comments under the video, this was not the only outlet that was swarmed by shoppers. Some said they had had similar experiences at other stores, though less chaotic.

When announcing the return of the collection, Uniqlo had said that each shopper was limited to one piece per design and colour for both the T-shirts and tote bags.



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