The Exploding Escalator: At Pandan Kapital shopping mall, K.L. No one was on it at the time…

25 Oct 2016

Shoppers stunned as escalator explodes in Pandan mall



KUALA LUMPUR: Shoppers at the Pandan Kapital shopping mall were stunned when an escalator within the complex exploded at noon today.
The elevator, linking the lower ground floor to a floor above, is believed to have blown up following a technical glitch.
By a stroke of luck, no shoppers were on the escalator during the incident. No injuries were reported.

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53m53 minutes ago

Eskalator meletup di Pandan Kapital. Saya sdg semak jika ada cedera. Kecemasan email


1h1 hour ago

escalator meletop di Pandan Kapital. Alhamdulillah Allah lindungi mak dan semua orang dekat situ. tiada kecederaan 😌😢

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