False alarm! No bomb threat at K L Sentral.

If every unattended bag caused a bomb scare, the police, the K9 unit, fire brigade and bomb disposal unit would have to be there. Think of all the man hours involved…

28 Feb 2016

5h5 hours ago

KL Sentral gempar, beg pakaian disangka bom Selanjutnya di

27 Feb 2016

4m4 minutes ago

Translated from Indonesian by

Whoever in KL Sentral right now pls evacuate immediately. Bomb threat. It’s not a drill.

Seems like the suspected bag has been taken out to be investigated. KL Sentral is safe for now. Kudos to KL Polices!


Rote, rumors spread so many times, got on tenterhooks! Sigh…
‪#‎Today‬ China press

(吉隆坡27日訊)吉隆坡中環車站(KL SENTRAL)發現可疑背包,引發炸彈驚魂,幸好只是虛驚一場!

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