‘Hot’ Coffee Lam: Sizzling hot. As a fitness guru with 1.52 million YouTube subscribers….

Coffee林芊妤 1.52M subscribers•277 videosValerielam0921@gmail.com (work contact) and I am qualified yoga instructor in HK too


There are a lot of self-righteous people on social media, and many are envious of her success.



Coffee Lam, top Hong Kong YouTuber and fitness influencer, on her tough childhood, being a TVB actress and the ‘incident’ that almost killed her

Coffee Lam’s yoga and fitness videos have seen her become the first Cantonese-language content creator to gain more than a million subscribers

After once collapsing on a TV set in a pool of blood, she turned to yoga to address her health, but worse was to come

Christina Ko

Published: 7:30am, 2 Feb, 2021



Since TVB terminated Coffee Lam‘s (林芊妤) contract following her public restroom sex scandal, the 30-year-old turned into a successful yoga guru. Within 10 years, she went from an unknown actress to a fitness goddess with about 874,000 YouTube subscribers. Even her toddler son, T.Y. Chak (翟德彥), has 110,000 followers on Instagram. Transcending a rough patch in her life, today, Coffee has both a family and a career that she’s proud of.

“Although I once hit a low point in my life, I unexpectedly found something that I love, and it became my career – my income is not bad either,” Coffee expressed. “I’m luckier than most people.”


8 December 2018


Hong Kong’s top 10 trending YouTube videos of 2018 revealed

  • From a guy talking about adopting his poodle Brownie to fitness videos and comedy street scenes, this is one varied list
  • Former TVB actress Coffee Lam features in two
PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 December, 2018, 6:33pm
UPDATED : Friday, 07 December, 2018, 6:33pm

Second on the list is yoga instructor and former TVB actress Coffee Lam’s 20-minute fitness video explaining how to get slimmer thighs in two weeks, featuring fellow TVB actress Grace Wong as a guest. It was published in April and has over 2,580,000 views.



The seventh top-trending video filmed the reactions of bystanders to “smoke-producing farts” and features Coffee Lam. Published in April, it has over 686,000 views.


16 June 2017

Coffee Lam (林芊妤) shares live broadcast on Facebook on 12 June and it makes people feel she is suffering. Initially, she laments life is hard with her wet eyes as many unhappy stuff happen this week but she usually shares good news only. Although Coffee is very strong, but she will still be affected and thanks the supports from her fans. Her fans tell her not to cry and Coffee says: “Troubled over my problems and please do not worry. I am a person full of positive energy and face it happily.”

The reporters from Ming Pao (明報) contact Coffee on 12 June and she says: “Work problem and nothing related to my relationship. My boyfriend and I are fine.”




19 March 2016

Saturday morning run !! Wah…原來我已經有半年無跑過街,如果唔係你地我應該3k 就放棄啦😹…trying to pick myself back up 💪😌


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Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.


Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.

我另外開咗個yoga Instagram account ah!!! 以後所有關於yoga既相都會post係 😆👉 coffee.lam.yoga 👈😆 ‪#‎followmeifyoulikemyyogapics‬

Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.

29 Feb 2016


朝早一落機就即刻去500-hour yoga teacher training 繼續進修🙏… 全日既節奏有點快😹 好似發緊夢仲未醒咁,教既呢個動作好岩未訓醒既我😛訓陣先😪

Headed to morning as soon as the plane immediately go to the 500-hour teacher training to continue the notion that has been continuing education 🙏… Both daily rhythm a bit fast 😹 like fat tight dream still not wake up like this, uh, teach both a move good rock did not wake up to both i 😛 training first showers 😪

Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.

I kicked the sun 🙈 💫 that’s why the sunset has come🌅

Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.

Maldives, I love you ..🌴

Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.
Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.


Coffee Lam(林芊妤)'s photo.

Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal (2015) 720p BluRay

RT videosurvival: Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal FullMovie …

6 June 2015

Coffee Lam will consider teaching naked yoga

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Speaking of the box office, Chung Hiu very confidently said, “The goal is to break HK$ 20 million. Because it is a normal Hong Kong film, its word of mouth and box office have been good. HK$ 20 million is an entrance, anything over would be bonus. (How would you repay the audience?) Earlier Cheung Kin Sing said that he would take off his clothes and show off his muscles. I will keep him company and go swimming together. If it reaches HK$ 40 million, we will go skinny dipping!

However, Cheung Kin Sing did not spare the only female attendee Coffee, asking her to join in the “skinny dipping” session.

Coffee said, “If you go skinny dipping, I will hold your clothes for you. I will teach yoga next door. Naked yoga is very popular overseas!”

When asked if she will teach, she said: “Sure! I would consider it, next question!” Cheung Kin Sing even joked that internet users could vote to support Coffee to muster up the courage to get naked.


18 May 2015

After toilet scandal, Coffee Lam is back with attention-grabbing publicity stunt

Coffee Lam Chin Yu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik, Tommy Wong Kwong Leung, Anita Chui Bik Ka and Ashina Kwok Yik Yui yesterday promoted their new film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL.

According to an article by Hktopten, the actors first went to a parking lot for a “car smashing” ceremony.


Coffee Lam then did the honours of smashing the vehicle in a figure-hugging yoga outfit.


Malaysia Chronicle

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 09:49

‘Sex-in-toilet’ starlet Coffee Lam’s new movie mimics real life – she gets sex scene in bathroom!


The movie IMPRISONED – SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE RICH AND PRODIGAL held its film wrap banquet two nights ago.

Attending actors included Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Ashina Kwok Yik Sam, Coffee Lam Chin Yu and boss Stephen Shiu Jr, reports Hktopten.

Coffee said she had an intimate scene in the bathroom for the movie. Was the director having a little fun at her expense? She said, “I have already let everything go, honestly I feel the director is more or less playing a prank, but I get back up wherever I fall down.”



Coffee Lam denies bruises caused by domestic violence

21 Jan – Hong Kong actress Coffee Lam recently denied bruises on her arm to be the result of domestic violence.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who wore a sleeveless dress at the Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza on 19 January, was asked about the purplish bruise on the inside of her arm, which she explained to have been caused by stasis dermatitis and a fever she suffered a week earlier.

“I went to Australia on a vacation before going to Palau for my new travel programme recently. I must have been infected due to my lack of rest,” said Coffee.


Malaysia Chronicle

No. 3 – Coffee Lam

In June 2014, former TVB actress Coffee Lam (林芊妤) was caught having a 30-minute tryst with rich heir Will Lam (林知譽) inside a mall restroom. Following the scandal, Coffee’s past relationships were also exposed, and she was fired by TVB. Coffee’s notoriety shot up after the restroom scandal and she was offered more jobs, including movie roles and event appearances.

For HK’s most Googled celebrity:

Sire Ma Tops Google HK’s Most Searched Celebrities of 2014


The movie, “Imprisoned: Survival Guide for the Rich and Prodigal”,  co-stars Gregory Wong, Babyjohn Choi, Anita Chui, Justin Cheung, and Liu Kai Chi.

Coffee Lam doesn’t mind restroom set love scenes

17 Nov – Moving on from her past scandal, actress Coffee Lam stated that she has no problem performing scandalous scenes for her upcoming film, “Imprisoned: Survival Guide for the Rich and Prodigal”.

“This is not intentional. It would be very tragic if I let my past affect me too much. But I can’t control what other people might say or think, so I wouldn’t mind so much about it,” said Coffee.

She added, “The most important thing is whether I could live with my conscience.”

When asked if the movie’s production team paid her well, the actress, who has been working as a yoga instructor since her departure from TVB, replied, “It’s not that much, but I am still satisfied. I have to thank TVB for this.”


Coffee Lam calls herself stupid but lucky after this happened to her

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She left her mobile phone in the taxi but the driver returned it to her.


Coffee Lam reveals the one thing that keeps her this smoking hot

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“My skin is better as I go for yoga frequently. My skin colour and lips remain natural and rosy even without cosmetics, and I really appreciate what I have now. I will continue to strive for my targets despite feeling tired.”

Main Image for Story


Coffee Lam has many men wooing her — but tells them to stay away

As for receiving flowers, photos of which she had posted on Weibo (微博), Coffee explained that it was from her suitor who had been wooing her for years.

09 August 2014
/ 1 day ago
Coffee Lam has many men wooing her — but tells them to stay away
Main Image for Story

Coffee Lam (林芊妤) wore a black short skirt to attend the movie premiere, Girls (閨密), in Kowloon (九龍灣), reports Asian E-News Portal.

She disclosed that she was teaching yoga class and had accepted many advertisements related to beauty and fitness. Coffee also said that she was planning to open a yoga school.

When asked if she had gained any capital from that guy who was involved in the disabled toilet incident with her, she said: “I am currently single and have no boyfriend. We still keep in contact and I decided to stop, as I need more mature men.




WHEN SHE WAS WITH TVB, SHE WAS REPORTEDLY PAID HK$4,000 a month. Now she has earned HK$50,000 in the past month!

Coffee had been a TVB artiste for several years and was given portray cameo roles. Her monthly salary? $4000 HKD.

Since the ‘scandalous’ toilet incident and subsequent sacking by TVB, she has been teaching yoga. Coffee charges $1000 HKD per lesson. Although she does not have an agent, Coffee finds it easier to deal with clients directly and often makes appearances at mainland China events.

It is estimated that Coffee now earns $50,000 HKD monthly salary from teaching yoga and other side jobs.

Despite her controversial restroom behavior, Coffee is a filial daughter. Coffee remains frugal even after her increased income from yoga lessons and beauty sponsors. She still takes the subway when going out, and when spotted shopping for her new apartment, she turned her head away from expensive items, opting for lower-priced alternatives instead.

This is the first time I’m renting my own apartment. I hope everything goes well. I found a very good path for myself, which is to become a yoga instructor. I will also make occasional appearances at public and events, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and film ads,” Coffee said.


Unemployed no more: Coffee Lam says toilet scandal helped her find more jobs and higher pay

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Coffee Lam Receives Jobs After Being Fired by TVB

Coffee Lam found her first job after the toilet scandal — find out what she had to do

Embedded image permalink


19 July 2014
/ 5 hours ago
Unemployed no more: Coffee Lam finds work after being fired by TVB

Coffee Lam received her first job offer after being terminated by TVB due to a 30-minute public toilet scandal, reported Jaynestars.

The 24-year-old was seen looking in good spirits and decked out in full yoga gear at a shopping mall earlier this week.

The yoga enthusiast’s first job since the incident was to teach the holistic exercise in front of a crowd at a shopping centre.

She taught the audience a series of exercises by demonstrating each move, according to Jaynestars, and was unafraid to arouse talk about the restroom scandal.



BAD NEWS IS GOOD NEWS BUT NO NEWS IS BAD NEWS! This means that Hong Kong reporters have to resort to dirty tricks: dig up whatever they can and use it in creative ways to sell more papers!

Malaysian media are no different. Look at what Malaysia Chronicle does.

Sunday, 13 July 2014 10:10

Flirtatious actress Coffee Lam was played out by her playboy ex-Mr Hong Kong contestant BF

Nothing much is said except for a rehash of previous (OLD) news. It’s the way things are written and photos are used that hints at scandalous sexcivities by Coffee Lam. Indeed, the guy is made out to be a playboy BUT COFFEE LAM is labelled FLIRTATOUS!

Click on the link below for full details:



The Insider


Coffee Lam’s recent toilet scandal has the media digging through her past and bringing up her past relationship with former Mr Hong Kong participant, Joey Law.

According to Jaynestars, the media’s attention has shifted to Law’s serial dating habits and charming ways to win beautiful women’s hearts.

Other than Coffee Lam, the actor is said to have dated Christine Kuo, and has been linked to DaDa Lo, Samantha Ko and Roxanne Tong.

Law is rumoured to be dating his co-star from Come Home Love, Angel Chiang, according to Jaynestars.

Coffee Lam’s toilet scandal brings up past relationship with ex-Mr Hong Kong contestant


Coffee Lam is grateful for true friends.


Coffee uploaded a group photo with Sire Ma (馬賽) and Alan Wan (溫家偉), and said: “I feel very nervous upon facing the public again but still, many people tell me to ‘jia you 加油’. Unable to sing when it is too crowded…… Thank you. I would like to express my gratitude for your support and I will continue to ‘jia you’! My state of recovery is fast though I am stupid, please do not worry!”.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
Please credit our website if you wish to repost the news. Thank you.





Malaysia Chronicle

Pressed for details about what the pair exactly did in the disabled public restroom inside the IFC Mall, Coffee spilled, “We didn’t have sex in the restroom. I was very drunk and uncomfortable, so I threw up that night. Will brought me to the restroom and later kissed me.

I also like him, and my groans were a natural reaction. Afterwards, a cleaning lady knocked and asked if anyone is inside. At that moment, I really wanted to quickly get out of there, so I told Will I’m heading home first. I sensed there were others waiting outside and it scared me out of my drunken state. It didn’t occur to me that reporters were waiting, so I was shocked when I opened the door.”

Although Coffee respects TVB’s final decision in terminating her management contract, she expressed she cannot accept the fact that the company thinks she is trying to use the scandal as a publicity stunt to promote herself.



Coffee Lam: “I am unemployed!”

Coffee Lam:

4 Jul – The verdict is out on the restroom scandal with actress Coffee Lam revealing that she is now a ‘freelance’ artiste.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress attended a meeting with TVB Executive Virginia Lok on 2 July at TVB City and left the premise around an hour later, saying, “This was a big lesson for me, and also a big misunderstanding.”

“I should have return to TVB as soon as the incident occurred and explain it, but I may have been too childish and did not handle it properly,” the actress added.

Refusing to elaborate more on the meeting, Coffee thanked the company for its assistance and expressed her gratitude to the people who cared for her during her difficult time.

Coffee also asked the media to give her and her family some space, saying: “I have just become unemployed. Don’t waste your money following me around.”




Friday, July 4, 2014

On her Weibo: Coffee Lam shares a picture of a small kid pointing with his finger


On her Weibo: Coffee Lam shares a picture of a small kid pointing with his finger

Video: Coffee Lam caught with Will Lam in Mall’s toilet



Coffee Lam is fired by TVB; Tsang Sing Ming denies she is blacklisted, Thursday July 3, 2014

Yesterday, 02:03 PM

Source: SingPao
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums


Yesterday around 11:49 am, Coffee, who wore a white top with jeans, arrived at Tseung Kwan O TVB City…

After meeting Virginia Lok for approximately one hour, she left TVB City around 1:40pm , and was once again surrounded by the media. Reporters asked whether her contract has been terminated and is now “free”? She replied: “Yes.” She expressed her gratitude for the company’s six years of training and cultivating her, and admitted that this was a very big lesson for her, but also a very big misunderstanding.

She also expressed that the situation is now over, and hopes that everyone can give her and her family some space. She doesn’t have any plans for the future for now and plans to take a break. Asked if she will contact Wilson Chin, who expressed that he’s willing to help her? She stated that he is her big savior, but she will rest first before making any decisions.

Afterwards, TVB’s Communications department Co-Director Tsang Sing Ming stated in an interview: “Miss Lam returned to the Artistes department today. Miss Lok took the time to meet and talk with her.”….Both understood each side’s perspectives, so in the end, they agreed to terminate their contract.

TVB will still issue six month’s salary

He expressed that TVB understands and sympathizes with Coffee’s situation, so they made a special arrangement. Because Coffee’s contract was to expire December 2014, TVB will still issue the rest of the six month’s salary…He denied that they have blacklisted Coffee.



BETRAYED BY A FIEND! The so-called friend gave her kissing photos to reporters.

In regards to her relationship with Will Lam, Coffee stressed that she never knew about his status as the heir of High Fashion International Ltd.

“We were introduced by a friend, but I didn’t know who he was. He only told me that he has to attend meetings every day, but I never asked more about it. Even if I knew, I would never use him to promote myself,” she said, admitting that the two of them are still in contact.



Coffee Lam’s kissing photos not a publicity stunt

30 Jun – TVB actress Coffee Lam recently dismissed the speculations surrounding the leaked photos of her kissing her ex-boyfriend, Joey Law, according to HK Channel.

The “Triumph in the Skies II” actress, Coffee Lam previously made headlines for her alleged lewd behaviour with a wealthy heir, Will Lam, but more recently she was hit with another controversy when copies of her intimate photos with “Come Home Love” actor, Joey Law circulated through the media.

Despite Coffee’s clarification that it was perpetrated by a betraying friend, speculations sparked as to whether it was the actress herself who had released the photos to gain publicity, especially since it was a collection of self-snapped photos taken on her camera phone.

To this, the actress said, “I’m not that kind of person. It was my friend who shared the photos. If I can choose, I’d rather not be in the tabloids at all.”

Coffee also claimed to be ‘technologically impaired’, saying, “I started using iPhone in 2009 and have no idea on how to back up my photos. One of my friends did it for me. And now the friend betrayed me and gave copies of the photos to reporters.”



30 June 2014
/ 7 hours ago
Coffee Lam unable to face her family due to shame over 30 min toilet scandal

Since the incident broke out, Coffee has been allegedly crying at a friend’s house and has not been able to face her parents due to shame. On the other hand, Will immediately left Hong Kong for Hangzhou to avoid the paparazzi.

Coffee’s only response was through WhatsApp – pleading to the paparazzi and asking them to not bother her family members. However, those pleas fell on deaf ears – reporters quickly paid a visit to the video game store owned by Coffee’s parents.

When asked to speak about Coffee’s indecency, Coffee’s mother immediately defended her daughter’s honor, vehemently stating that she was innocent.

While crying at the same time, Coffee’s mother said, “This is her personal life, why go after her? Why write about this to such an extreme extent?”

Although the reports have pointed at Coffee for possibly being a gold digger due to Will being the heir to a $900 million HKD company, it may not be entirely true.

Coming from a rather humble family, Coffee’s parents, elder brother, nephew, and niece live together in a small public house. Besides relying on the video game store income, Coffee is the primary income provider.

Even when she underwent cervical cancer surgery last year, she resumed filming My Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> after a short break to prevent delays in production.

Since Coffee was never a major star at TVB, there is a possibility that the company will cut her jobs. Already announcing that Coffee has to take responsibility for her own actions, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) disclosed that the upper management team will make a decision soon regarding Coffee’s scandal.

Luckily, Coffee maintained good relationships with people in the industry. Some of her friends and colleagues recommended jobs in Beijing for Coffee to secure additional income.



Gosh, even Lionel Messi tweeted about the incident!

TVB Actress, Coffee Lam, Had Quickie Sex in Public Restroom? via

Coffee Lam caught in new scandal — then says friend betrayed her

Coffee’s past love life was also exposed, when copies of her kissing photos with TVB actor Joey Law (羅天宇) surfaced.  Asked how these photos leaked out, Coffee said she was betrayed by a friend.

Joey and Coffee met on the set of 2009′s Love Kickoff <南華夢飛翔>. The two reportedly dated for a few years and later broke up on peaceful terms.

Speaking of her current relationship with Joey, Coffee revealed, “We still contact each other and are just like siblings! I have a great relationship with his mother and I call her ‘mother’ too. When Joey’s mother was asked to comment on Coffee, she said, “She is a great girl!”

While Joey and Coffee were dating, the couple loved to take photos together in Joey’s small apartment. Besides the kissing photos, there were also private photos of Joey sleeping and eating on a couch. Another photo showed Coffee wearing Joey’s shorts, depicting the close lifestyle they shared.

Suspected to have released the photos herself as a publicity stunt, Coffee said, “I’m not that type of person. My friend shared the photos. I’d rather have no news at all.

“Plus, I’m terrible with computers. In 2009, I just started using an iPhone and don’t know how to back up my photos. One of my friends did everything for me, and now I’m betrayed! My friend thought it was fun and gave the photos to the reporters.”

According to tabloids, Coffee was never single after joining the entertainment industry. Right after breaking up with Joey, she dated former TVB artiste, Dan Poon (潘宗揚), who is now a veterinarian in mainland China.

Although reports claim she and Dan never officially broke up, Coffee clarified they already did so half a year ago.

Coffee revealed they are still in touch, and that she never knew Will is a rich heir.

“We met through friends, and I didn’t even know his Chinese name at first. He told me he has to attend meetings every day, and I never asked him anything further.

“Even if I knew he is rich, I wouldn’t use him to promote myself. We are still in contact right now, and he is a very caring person.”

Coffee added she would not think about dating Will until the incident fades.



27 June 2014

/ 2 hours ago

Kenneth Ma’s sarcastic remarks about Coffee Lam’s toilet scandal


When asked about the ‘disabled toilet gathering’ which caused Coffee to be terminated from TVB, Kenneth said: “I am a failure as she did not invite me to the gathering. I am unsure about this but I guess do not need to be terminated. There may be a chance but needs to wait for the company’s decision.”.


Ma and Lam are known for their unforgettable scene in Triumph in the Skies II (衝上雲霄II), where Coffee Lam was lying on top of Kenneth Ma.


高登馬迷/友賽事閒聊區(341) 賭神柏寶力- 香港高登

Friday June 27, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/coffee-lam-calls-sick-delays-meeting-tvb-075600582.html


Coffee Lam, who was scheduled to meet with TVB’s top management to discuss her future and explain her recent restroom rendezvous, recently postponed the meeting due to health issues.

According to Mingpao, TVB Executive Virginia Lok recently confirmed the news, saying, “At 10am [of 24 June], she was a no-show, so we called her family. They said that she was down with fever and was unable to answer the phone.”

“Three hours later, she called us back and asked to be given a few days of rest before meeting us and thanked the company for understanding,” said Lok.

In regard to the possibility of Coffee being terminated from TVB, Lok stated, “That will be decided by the company later. Right now, we have to listen to her explanation. We have granted the delay but this cannot be taken lightly. We are strict in maintaining the company’s image.”

Meanwhile, in regards to the leaked photo of Coffee kissing actor Joey Law, who turned out to have dated her for a few years, Lok said that the company will try to investigate it, but make no indication whether they will summon the actor as well.


MORE DIRT IS DUG UP ON COFFEE LAM! Photos from 5 years ago have been dug up! She is seen kissing ex-boyfriend, Joey Law, a former Mr Hong Kong participant.


Coffee Lam makes headlines again with scandalous photos | Asianpopnews


Coffee Lam makes headlines again with scandalous photos | Asianpopnews

asianpopnews.com390 × 435Search by image

Joey responded that the photos were taken four to five years ago. Asked if he had suspected that it was an deliberate publicity by Coffee, Joey said..

Click on this link:

Coffee Lam makes headlines again with scandalous photos


14 hours ago – After the restroom sex scandal, Coffee Lam is in hot soup again with scandalous photos on her and her ex-boyfriend. A series of kissing photos 

公厕呻吟女星林芊妤遭出卖 亲嘴欲照泄出

Toilet groaning kissed actress Lin Qianyu is sold according to escape http://www.kwongwah.com.my/news/2014/06/25/43.html (Translated by Bing)

公厕呻吟女星林芊妤遭出卖 亲嘴欲照泄出

二零一四年六月二十五日 下午三时二十二分



Asian Fanatics

Started by foreverleila , Jun 18 2014 10:00 PM

Yesterday, reporters contacted Coffee, however they did not receive any reply. After the situation, she quickly deleted all her photos with the opposite sex on social-media platforms, including intimate photos with her ex-boyfriend, Dan Pan, and a love affidavit saying “Two people must love each other forever, or all luck is lost”, etc. Netizens uncovered Dan Pan’s background, exposing that he is quite rich. After the news of his ex-girlfriend, Coffee broke out, he immediately deleted his social media platform account. Some netizens left comments for Coffee, criticizing that she has no ethics, and even suspected that she may have did this on purpose to create news. There were also fans who voice their disappointment, worrying that her career path may end.



Coffee Lam Delays Meeting With TVB Executives Due to Fever




樂易玲﹕發薪金至合約終止 文章日期:2014年6月24日



TVB Plans to Fire Coffee Lam After Sex Scandal


Will Lam is the heir of High Fashion International Limited – a business worth HKD 900 million (approx. USD 116 million).

According to Coffee’s mother, the two of them have been dating for two months before the restroom ruckus brought their relationship to the media’s attention.



Coffee Lam regrets her toilet fling action

22 Jun – The past few days might have felt like the longest hours for TVB actress, Coffee Lam when a recent controversy of her and her wealthy boyfriend Will Lam’s 30-minute restroom rendezvous made tabloid headlines.

According to Mingpao News, not only was the actress criticised by the public, she may be suspended by TVB as well. Furthermore, her family members were reportedly harassed by reporters who wanted more details and comments on the scandal.

In response to her personal life, the 25-year-old actress, who reportedly has been staying at her friend’s house since her scandal broke out, posted on Weibo, “I admit that I was careless that night and did not control my actions properly at a public area.”

“I am truly sad, because I have disappointed my family and friends. I understand that I have to bear the consequences and I will bravely face it,” she said.

Coffee also hopes that the media will give her more space and allow her to move on from the issue, “Who doesn’t make mistakes? I will definitely change.”



AT LEAST, MOM’S ON YOUR SIDE! But that man left for Hangzhou, China to avoid all the publicity!


20 June 2014
/ 1 day ago
TVB actress could be fired over 30-minute toilet scandal: Mother defends her in tears

Coffee’s parents currently rent a small shop that sells video game products. When a reporter visited the mother at her shop, she broke down in tears, and defended Coffee, saying that she was drunk that night.

Mrs Lam said, “This is her personal life. Why do you all keep going after her? Why did you all have to write so ruthlessly about her?”

Mrs Lam said that Coffee had been dating her boyfriend for two months. Although she had not meet him, Coffee had mentioned to her before that he was courting after her and treated her well.

Coffee expressed regret over her behaviour and apologised on her Weibo.

“I admit that I was lax that night and did not watch my conduct at a public area. I was heartbroken because I disappointed my family and friends. I truly understand that I have to bear the consequences and I will face it bravely. Who doesn’t make mistakes? I will change.”

After the scandal, Will reportedly has asked for a transfer to Hangzhou’s office to avoid the media.


Was Coffee Lam’s toilet scandal staged? New video shows another side to story



JUST AS IMPORTANT IS THE QUESTION, WHAT WILL HE DO? Will Will Lam do the decent thing and propose to her? Marry her?


One was Coffee Lam, and the other was Will Lam, said to be heir of High Fashion International Limited.

Will Lam is listed as ED, Executive Director.

11Lam, Will Gee Yu  32 MED 1-Apr-2014



Here is a summary of what the company does.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Last $3.09 HKD
Change Today -0.01 / -0.32%
Volume 10.0K

High Fashion International Limited, an investment holding company, manufactures, retails, and trades garments primarily in Greater China, the United States, and Europe. It primarily offers upper tier products, women and men products, woven silk and knitwear, sportswear, intimate apparel, neckwear, and home furnishings and textiles. The company also provides printing and dyeing products; silk ties; and apparel accessories, such as plastic bags, hand tags, labels, clothes-racks, and stickers. In addition, it is involved in sandwashing of fabrics; manufacture and trade of accessories and gifts; silk weaving; and provision of procurement, undertaking, and management services. High Fashion International Limited was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

high fashion international (608) Top Compensated Officers

Co-Founder, Chairman, Managing Director and C…
Total Annual Compensation: $8.6M


TVB Executive, Virginia Lok, added that the issue is very clear and that there may be a necessity for the company to rearrange Coffee’s current projects due to her tainted image.

Meanwhile, Coffee has recently written an apology via Weibo, admitting her mistakes and asking for forgiveness. She also promised to change and will not repeat such a mistake ever again.

TVB to take action against Coffee Lam

19 Jun – Due to the controversy surrounding TVB actress Coffee Lam’s indecent behaviour with a male friend, the broadcasting company recently revealed that they will not hesitate to take further action against her.

According to Mingpao News, previously, Coffee Lam, who is most known for her supporting role as Kenneth Ma’s girlfriend in “Triumph in the Skies II”, sparked controversy when she was spotted entering a public restroom dedicated for the disabled with her date, a wealthy businessman, Will Lam at the IFC Mall and spent around 30 minutes inside the restroom.

However, the 25-year-old actress was later shocked when she found some reporters waited for them outside the restroom. Coffee tried to explain to the reporters that the two of them were only discussing and were not doing anything indecent, while Will avoided the scene by moving into the men’s restroom.

When TVB Executive, Virginia Lok was asked regarding this issue, she said that the company is very concerned with such matter, especially when an artiste is accused of inappropriate behaviour.

“If there is a lack of moral standards [in our artists], then there’s nothing else to say. It is highly improper for a woman to act in this manner especially in public,” said Ms. Lok.



9 June 2014/ 1 day ago

TVB actress’ 30-minute toilet scandal: More juicy details of what she was overheard telling date in restroom


TVB actress, Coffee Lam was reportedly caught behaving indecently in a public restroom with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited.


After she said she wanted to use the restroom, she was reportedly dragged by Will to a handicapped toilet.

The report stated that the paparazzi then recorded what was overheard in the toilet.

Coffee had said to Will: “I like you a lot, but I feel you are only toying with me.” The guy then responded by saying he warmed up slowly.

Coffee then said: “If you warm up slowly, then why are you so quick to kiss me? Do you always kiss girls that you meet for a few times?”

After that, heavy breathing and moaning sounds were heard. There was also reportedly sounds of someone knocking on the toilet walls.

Coffee was overheard saying, “I am so scared that someone will knock the door.” She also requested to move to the guy’s place.

After about 30 minutes in the toilet, the couple walked out and was shocked seeing reporters stationed outside the restroom.


Jayne Stars

TVB Actress, Coffee Lam, Had Quickie Sex in Public Restroom?

By on June 17, 2014

TVB Actress, Coffee Lam, Had Quickie Sex in Public Restroom? thumbnail

Above: “Triumph in the Skies 2″ starlet, Coffee Lam, was caught behaving indecently inside a public restroom.

TVB actress Coffee Lam (林芊妤) was speculated to have had quickie sex inside a public restroom. She and a male friend, Will Lam (林知譽), shared a spacious restroom stall for people with disabilities located inside a Hong Kong mall. Confronted by the press after the 30-minute tryst, Coffee said that she did not do anything indecent inside the restroom, explaining that it was only a “gathering to talk” .

After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend several months ago, Coffee was spotted on a date with 31-year-old Will Lam at the IFC Mall. Will is the heir of High Fashion International Limited, which has a $900 million HKD market capitalization. Although Coffee and Will apparently only met a few times, his hand was seen resting on Coffee’s buttocks after kissing her passionately.

The couple rushed into a public restroom and stayed for roughly 30 minutes. During that time, loud knocking sounds and heavy breathing were heard. After some shuffling, Coffee and her date began speaking heatedly. Afraid that someone might knock on the door, Coffee openly asked to go to Will’s house. She also said to Will, “I like you, but I feel like you’re playing me.”

When Coffee and Will finally opened the restroom door, they were shocked to find reporters waiting outside. Will went back into the restroom, while Coffee explained that they were not doing anything indecent.



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