Yes, Cyrus Janssen is a CCP mouthpiece, but just one of many White Monkeys serving the interests of the Communist Party of China



What is Cyrus Janssen’s net worth?

Cyrus Janssen is an American YouTube channel with over 195.00K subscribers. It started 15 years ago and has 171 uploaded videos.

The net worth of Cyrus Janssen’s channel through 16 May 2022


Videos on the channel are posted in the categories Politics, Society.


Cyrus Janssen is a well-known CCP mouthpiece in China although he’s moved to Vancouver with his Chinese wife and kids. Why would someone who sings praises of China leave China and move to, as Beijing calls it, a foreign anti- power? He’s now spreading CCP propaganda and disinformation.

In view of the recent death threats received by China critics and Hong Kong activists in Canada, everyone has to stay alert to suspicious figures. You never know who’s sitting next to you in a coffee shop or restaurant.

This CCP mouthpiece lives in Vancouver.

This CCP mouthpiece takes advantage of the freedom of speech in western democracies and uses TED talks as a platform to spread his CCP disinformation and propaganda. His story-telling approach to propaganda can easily catch people off-guard.


April 03, 2022 2:11 AM


Last April, CGTN invited English speakers from around the world to join a months-long competition that would end with jobs as social media influencers in London, Nairobi, Kenya or Washington.

British video blogger Jason Lightfoot raved about the opportunity in a YouTube video and has accrued 200,000 subscribers with headlines like “The Olympics Backfired on USA — Disastrous Regret” and “Western Media Lies about China.”

This image from YouTube shows Cyrus Janssen’s YouTube web page. (YouTube via AP)

The video topics are in sync with those of other pro-China bloggers like Cyrus Janssen, a U.S. citizen in Canada. During the Olympics, Janssen and Lightfoot shared identical images on the same day of Gu in posts celebrating her three-medal win and blasting the U.S.

Janssen told AP he’s never accepted money from the Chinese government. But when pressed for details about some of his partnerships with Chinese tech firms, Janssen responded only with questions about an AP’s reporter salary.

YouTubers Matthew Tye, an American, and Winston Sterzel, who is from South Africa, believe, in many cases, China is paying for content.

They were included last year on an email pitch to numerous YouTube influencers from a company that identified itself as Hong Kong Pear Technology. The email asked them to share a promotional video for China’s touristy Hainan province on their channels. Pear Technology followed up in another email with a pitch for them to post a propaganda video that asserted COVID-19 originated from North American white-tailed deer, not China.

Sterzel and Tye didn’t hear anything further after they requested the company provide evidence to support that claim.

“There’s a very easy formula to become successful,” Sterzel said in an interview. “It’s simply to praise the Chinese government, to praise China and talk about how great China is and how bad the West is.”



US-China friction turns into YouTube fame (and laughs) for online influencers

Published November 1, 2020

Updated November 1, 2020

Mr Cyrus Janssen, a former golf coach turned business consultant and now pro-China YouTuber, has a similar theme to Mr Rich.

“The overwhelming majority of Chinese people support the Communist Party of China. The Chinese government is forward-thinking, it is constantly changing, and it is improving the lives of Chinese people,” said Mr Janssen in an August clip on his YouTube site focused on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Every time Mike Pompeo opens his mouth, the Chinese people love their country even more,” Mr Janssen said in the video, which state media outlet People’s Daily later linked on its website.


CGTN is China state-affiliated media


Opinion 14:27, 11-Sep-2020

CGTN Interview: ‘When China and U.S. work together, the entire world wins’

Abhishek G Bhaya

The escalating political, diplomatic and economic hostility between China and the U.S. has created a rather difficult situation for people on both sides who want relations to return to normal and believe that cooperation between the world’s two leading powers is the only way forward. In the battle of narratives attempted at fanning hyper-nationalism, it becomes increasingly hard for people who want peace to prevail and genuinely admire both countries for their distinct accomplishments.

For instance, at a time when decoupling is the buzzword to describe the current state of China-U.S. relationship, is it “un-American” for an American citizen to support China? That is precisely the dilemma that Cyrus Janssen, an American entrepreneur, public speaker and China watcher, has had to confront recently.

Currently based out of Vancouver in Canada, Janssen has previously lived in China for nearly a decade. He has a lot of admiration for China and strongly opposes the Western narrative that portrays China as an enemy and the biggest threat to the world. Earlier this year, Janssen also started a YouTube channel with an aim to educate people about China and help Washington improve relations with Beijing.

CGTN Digital’s international editor Abhishek G Bhaya caught up with Janssen to understand what it is like to be an American who also supports China in this increasingly polarized world and what the future holds for China-U.S. ties?

Edited excerpts:–TG1zNkSPYY/index.html


Doubts resurface over China’s Covid-19 figures. Meanwhile, Cyrus Janssen states in his video that China’s numbers can be trusted.


Canadian court to investigate Cyrus Janssen, who broadcasted his attendance at the Meng Wan Zhou Trial in Vancouver…


Cyrus Janssen, “Huawei vs America: Why Meng Wanzhou will be released in 2021.”


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