Jamal Yunos leads Red Shirts in confrontation against Bersih 5 at Teluk Intan…

3 October 2016

No need to sack Jamal, says Bung Moktar

PETALING JAYA: The Umno Disciplinary Board does not need to sack Sungai Besar Umno Division Chief Jamal Yunos over his actions to disrupt the Bersih 5 convoy in Teluk Intan, Perak, a party leader from Sabah said today.

Umno Supreme Council Member Bung Moktar Radin said this was because Jamal was not acting in his capacity as an Umno division chief, but as the leader of the Red Shirts movement.

“I don’t blame Jamal because Bersih also act like thugs. I watched the video. Bersih also acted rudely,” the Kinabatangan MP told FMT.

Yesterday, former Gopeng Umno Wanita Chief Hamidah Osman said Jamal’s actions to disrupt the convoy tarnished Umno’s good name and encouraged thuggish behaviour.

Hamidah, who was sacked from Umno for disciplinary reasons last November, said a leader should not invite his followers to rough up those who participate in public programmes, as Bersih had the right to carry out programmes so long as they did not run afoul of the law.

Meanwhile, another Umno Supreme Council member, Aziz Kaprawi, said only the police were allowed to determine who broke the law.

“Both Bersih and the Red Shirts movement are non-governmental organisations (NGOs). As long as there is no breaking of the law, their activities are permissible. Only the police can determine who broke the law in this case,” Aziz said.

He added that it was Bersih participants who first displayed thuggish behaviour, pointing to past rallies where Bersih participants overturned a police car, assaulted cops and vandalised public property.

No need to sack Jamal, says Bung Moktar

2 October 2016

Peaceful Malaysia? Retweeted Tan Keng Liang

If Red Shirts behave like Bersih, why not?

Peaceful Malaysia? added,

Watch Jamal Yunos in action.



Video shows Jamal in Bersih scuffle

October 1, 2016


Bersih’s Maria Chin Abdullah says Red Shirts leader caused the fracas, but Jamal says Bersih people started pushing and shoving.


PETALING JAYA: The Bersih electoral reform group has posted a video showing a scuffle between its activists and supporters of the Red Shirts movement supporters, led by the movement’s leader Jamal Yunos, in Teluk Intan, Perak.

The video, lasting 1m 37s, was posted on the Bersih 2.0 page on Facebook.

A standoff between Bersih activists and the Red Shirts supporters can be seen.

At first, Bersih activists are seen talking to Jamal and his Red Shirts followers, but things get out of hand when Jamal snatches a banner from the Bersih activists.

The scuffle takes place very close to a police van, and people can be heard calling for the police to step in and within a few moments, the scuffle comes to an end.

Bersih 2.0 chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah accused Jamal of having caused the scuffle when he attacked a Bersih activist. However, Jamal, who is Sungai Besar Umno division chief, denied Maria’s allegation.

Maria told FMT that the Teluk Intan police had blocked the Red Shirts supporters from coming near the Bersih activists. While the two parties were negotiating, Jamal launched his attack.

Maria said that a police officer there witnessed Jamal’s attack and that Jamal should have been arrested on the spot.

Video shows Jamal in Bersih scuffle

1 October 2016

It has come to this. Riot police in place in Teluk Intan. Red Shirts force Bersih group to stop, we were marching to town


Konfrontasi di Teluk Intan.

Jamal Yunos loses his head yet again

2m2 minutes ago

Penyokong BERSIH, Baju Merah bertempur di Teluk Intan


Bersih and red shirts clash in Teluk Intan

Geraldine Tong     Published Today 6:43 pm     Updated Today 6:47 pm

The ruckus starts when red shirt leader Jamal Md Yunos tries to grab a banner from a Bersih participant.

The red shirts and yellow-clad Bersih supporters physically clashed for the first time in Teluk Intan today after red shirt leader Jamal Md Yunos tried to grab a banner from Bersih participants whom he confronted.

Nearing the end of day one of Bersih’s seven-week convoy, Bersih participants traveling from Lumut to Teluk Intan were blocked from their final destination, the town’s famed Menara Condong, by a group of red shirts led by Jamal.

Bersih’s attempt to ask Jamal to give them passage failed when the red shirt leader suddenly grabbed their banner and landed a punch on one of the participants holding the banner, which started a small fight.


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