Bersih 5 Lumut convoy attacked by Red Shirt bikers

1 October 2016


A Merah V2 supporter burns a Bersih flag in protest of the Bersih 5 roadshow in Lumut and Sitiawan, Oct 1, 2016. — Sunpix by P. Chandra Sagaran

Update: Many cars from Lumut have been attacked by Red shirts on motorcycles. Yellow flags ripped off, cars boxed in

1 October 2016

Bersih 5 claims Lumut convoy attacked by red shirts bikers

Andrian Wong     Published Today 3:17 pm     Updated Today 3:29 pm

The Lumut, Perak leg of the Bersih 5 nationwide convoy was allegedly attacked by a gang of red shirt supporters on motorcycles as the electoral reform group started their journey this morning.

“Yes. they attacked when we were gathering at Lumut’s Marina Wings Water Front. There were about 100 of them.

“They shouted, ‘Mati! Mati! Bersih! Bersih!’ (Die, bersih),” Bersih secretariat manager Mandeep Singh, who was with the group, told Malaysiakini.

He related when they started moving at about 9.30am, the red shirt bikers on about 30 to 40 motorbikes tailed the convoy and started pulling flags from convoy vehicles, kicking the cars and punching their vehicles’ side mirrors.

He said however there were no physical attacks on the participants thus far.

“But we are not sure what will be happen if we were outside,” he said.

Cops witnessed incident

Mandeep said they finally outran their pursuers after they separated and regrouped somewhere on the way to Teluk Intan after 12pm, and they do not know where the red shirts bikers are now.

Mandeep said there were plain clothes police officers recording the attack using cameras, though they did nothing when the incident occurred.


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