Vista Summerose Sdn Bhd sues the DBKL over clamping ban…

1 January 2018


In October last year, newly-appointed mayor Nor Hisham  ordered for the suspension which took effect in November.

He then directed for DBKL’s enforcement team to take over the clamping job.

Nor Hisham told StarMetro then that his legal department would review Vista Summerose’s contract and that DBKL would take over clamping operations using its own standard operating procedure and by-laws.

When asked why DBKL was taking over the job, Nor Hisham said, “The parking operator is too aggressive and unreasonable.”

In a press conference later, Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad also agreed and supported Nor Hisham’s decision (to suspend clamping).

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A COMPANY engaged to manage parking in Kuala Lumpur has filed a multi-million ringgit suit against Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for breach of contract.

Vista Summerose Sdn Bhd through its counsel Tetuan Haizan Choo & Co has filed a writ of summons at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

The company entered into an agreement with DBKL to manage parking and carry out clamping exercise until September 2020.

However on Oct 1, Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan ordered the suspension of all clamping operations, indefinitely.

Vista Summerose is now claiming over RM80mil for breach of contract, special damages and damage to reputation and interest.

It is claiming to have suffered losses and damages related to the clamping contract, its right to summon illegally parked vehicles as well as compensation to staff who were terminated as a result of the cancellation of the contract.

Vista Summerose was engaged following a contractual agreement between DBKL and Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP) in June 2015.

DBKL outsourced its parking contract to YWP, which then hired parking company Vista Summerose to carry out the job. YWP is the welfare arm of the Federal Territories Ministry.

When contacted, Nor Hisham said he was aware of the suit but was not privy to the details.

Vista Summerose managing director Datuk Nik Haidi Nik Mohamad (pic) confirmed with StarMetro that he was suing DBKL for breach of contract.  “We have no choice but to take this matter to court.

“DBKL did not discuss with us or send us due notice but went ahead and slapped us with a termination notice.

“We terminated more than 100 staff last month and we are still servicing loans taken to purchase the technology and equipment that was needed to manage parking in the city.

“Then there are baseless allegations made against me and my company which hurt our reputation.

“We are a responsible company with more than 30 years experience in managing parking in Malaysia,’’ Nik Haidi said.
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20 May 2018


Excerpts from

May 20

Why No Open Tender for Lucrative DBKL Contract?

The Federal Territories Foundation (YWP) and your Parking Fees

The lucrative concession contract to collect parking fees (from parking machines) was awarded to the Federal Territories Foundation (YWP) in 2015.

Lim Lip Eng, “I also understand that through the agreement of the contract, for every RM1 paid for parking, DBKL receives only 35 percent from it.”

…questions related to clamping of vehicles could not be answered by YWP as they said that the issue (clamping) was not under its purview.

“According to Fadzil, the operation of vehicle clamping and collection of fines were not under YWP. But DBKL had already told us that those operations were done by a contractor which was “supposed” to be under the purview of YWP.

27 May 2018

KL mayor: No more clamping of vehicles in the city … for now

Saturday, 26 May 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Mayor Tan Sri Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz has agreed to suspend clamping operations in the city with immediate effect pending a meeting with Kuala Lumpur MPs next Wednesday (May 30).

Mohd Amin said that it was a request by the MPs following a meeting they had with parking operators a few days ago.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) outsources its parking contract to Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP), which in turn hires parking contractor Vista Summerose to do the job.

Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan is the welfare arm of the Federal Territories Ministry.

“So on Monday, we won’t be clamping any vehicles but I do anticipate some problems as people will be parking everywhere and obstructing since there will be no enforcement,” said Mohd Amin.

He added that if the MPs didn’t want the current operator, then DBKL would have to review the contracts in terms of compensation.

“It is not going to be so easy to stop it,” he said.

DBKL has been urged to suspend the parking contract that was awarded to YWP on the grounds that the local authority did not call for an open tender.

Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng had said that if the contract was awarded on unreasonable grounds, then it must be reviewed.

He proposed that DBKL put on hold the collection of parking fees for the time being.

When contacted, Vista Summerose managing director Datuk Nik Haidi Nik Mohamad said that he was notified of the mayor’s decision (to suspend clamping) and will abide by it.

Nok Haidi however expressed concern over the decision, saying that public respect for traffic will deteriorate in the long run.



Owners of clamped vehicles must pay RM50 fine within four hours or the vehicle will be towed away and imposed a RM100 fine.

22 August 2016

Mulai 1 Sept, tayar kenderaan yang halang lalu lintas dan salah parkir akan kunci – DBKL


DBKL to clamp wheels for illegal parking from Sept 1


KUALA LUMPUR: Effective Sept 1, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) will clamp the wheels of those vehicles parked illegally and causing traffic congestion in the federal capital.

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Mhd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz said such drastic action would be implemented at all areas in the city, especially along major roads which were identified as public or tourist spots.

The areas include Jalan Masjid India, Jalan Tun Sambanthan (Brickfields), Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Jalan Bulan, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Jalan Chow Kit, Jalan Kenanga, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Solaris Mont Kiara and Jalan Klang Lama.

Mhd Amin said owners of clamped vehicles must be present to pay a RM50 fine within four hours after the clamping.

Failure to do so would result in their vehicles being towed and imposed a RM100 fine, he said.

Parking Hell in KL City centre parking: No thanks to Tengku Adnan and the K.L. mayor…

New LRT Stations: Parking will cost you RM4 per entry per day. From 15 August 2016. #CostOfLivingInKL

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