Jeff Ooi: In deep s*** over ‘kucing kurap’ remark, now calls Selangor MB ‘bugger’.



Now he calls Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid, ‘bugger’!

 You have to respect the man’s right to speak the truth bluntly!

Responding to another user Eric Law who criticised Ooi, the latter said: “Don’t be a troll. Be fair to the rakyat. I always call a spade a spade, a donkey a donkey.

“I own a holding in Selangor, I pay rates to MPSP, who are you to deny my rights as a common folk who pays Khalid’s salary indirectly?

“My property is my right, it’s none of your bloody business. You get the government you deserve and you are not complaining, ha? But the millions out there do.”


*If a political party like the DAP can’t accept a person like Jeff Ooi, who calls a spade a spade, it means that it has forgotten its history of speaking bluntly against what is wrong.


10:56AM Apr 27, 2014

Lim on why DAP keeps ‘sack the bugger’ MP

The DAP appears to be unfazed over the outspokenness of Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi who had recently called for Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim to be sacked over the water woes in the state.

The party’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said he had been asked why he continues to keep Ooi close to him and delegate important tasks of the state to him despite his repeated notorious outbursts and bluntness.

“I say I rely on Ooi the way I rely on all my other leaders because I see his strength and not his weaknesses,” Lim said last night at the party’s Impian Malaysia dinner in Penang to raise funds for small infrastructure projects in the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak.

“He speaks boldly and bluntly, sometimes we also get a scolding from him but we look at his other strengths.

“Khalid has overstayed our welcome. Sack that bugger,” he added, without mincing his words.


7:11PM Apr 23, 2014

Sack that ‘bugger’ MB, says ‘mandi kerbau’ MP

Frustrated with the water woes in Selangor, an outspoken DAP leader has called for Khalid Ibrahim’s head to roll.

In a Facebook posting, Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi said such a situation had not arose even when the state was administered by BN.


Ooi, who is now based in Penang, also owns a house in Subang Jaya, Selangor, which is constantly subjected to water supply cuts.

“I have been a ratepayer in Selangor for donkey years as I own a house in Subang Jaya.

“Now that I am based in my hometown in Penang, I only come home once in a fortnight, even just to sleep.

“And it’s water-cut whenever I come back lately. Practically mandi kerbau (haphazard shower) every time!

“A wakil rakyat (elected representative) must imagine the inconvenience Selangor folks face every day,” said Ooi, who attached a photo of the buckets in his bathroom to his Facebook post to stress his point.


Ooi also said that Khalid’s residence was certainly not subjected to water rationing, and added: “Correct me if I am wrong.”

“We never faced water rationing as protracted as this before, not even during BN days. A Pakatan (Rakyat) failure is a Pakatan failure.

He didn’t get into the Penang DAP State Committee. Was it fall out from the kucing kurap mess?


02 December 2013| last updated at 11:09PM

Ooi lost polls bid ‘due to insult’

GEORGE TOWN: Jelutong member of parliament Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun failed in his bid to be elected to the 15-seat state DAP committee.

The two-term MP, who was on the receiving end of a public backlash after his kucing kurap remark directed at low-ranking local authority workers, secured 120 votes, one of the lowest among the 49 contenders for the committee.

Observers felt that Ooi paid dearly for his derogatory remark, which was reflected by his being rejected by the 689 party delegates voting for their state committee during the party’s state biennial election at the Georgetown City Hotel here yesterday.

Ooi lost polls bid ‘due to insult’


02 December 2013| last updated at 11:10PM

Union: Apology not accepted

GEORGE TOWN: The Amalgamated National Union for Local Authorities Employees chairman Saleem Sulaiman refused to accept DAP member of parliament Jeff Ooi’s apology over the latter’s kucing kurap remark.

He described Ooi as arrogant and that the apology only came after he was forced to make it by party chairman Karpal Singh.

“Ooi should say sorry to the council workers and not just the DAP delegates. He has openly insulted public servants so he must apologise to us.”



Jeff Ooi apologises after earful from Karpal

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi has apologised to DAP delegates and the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) for his controversial ‘kucing kurap’ remark, which had irked many quarters.

Ooi went up to the stage at the party’s state convention in Penang today, grabbed the microphone and said “I sincerely apologise if it had hurt people’s feelings”.

B DAP conventionOoi said he could not retract his statement as he had uttered the words. However, since the party’s national chairman Karpal Singh (right) had asked him to, he now offered his apologies.

“No one can tell me to apologise except Karpal Singh, the national chairman and the Tiger of Jelutong,” he added.

When he said this, the crowd booed at Ooi.

Earlier, in his speech, Karpal had strongly taken Ooi to task for insulting lower rank MPPP officers who were sent to handle illegal hawker issues in Jelutong, which Ooi had complained about.

Karpal said he could not direct Ooi to apologise as only the central executive committee (CEC) had that power. But he added that the matter would be taken up to the CEC if Ooi remained defiant.

“I call upon the ‘New Tiger of Jelutong’ Jeff Ooi to openly and unconditionally apologise to the Penang Municipal Council workers,” he said at the state DAP convention today.

When Karpal said this, the delegates clapped.

Jeff Ooi apologises after earful from Karpal

Free Malaysiakini

PKR wouldn’t have reps calling others kucing kurap’

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said if any of his party representatives were to use the term ‘kucing kurap‘ on junior officers, they would be strongly reprimanded.

Anwar said it is demeaning to use the word although Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi may have meant it differently.

“Sometimes in a multiracial society, certain sensitivities (in people) may be lacking,” Anwar said when met at the launching of Seberang Jaya assemblyperson Afif Bahardin’s service centre in Tingkat Siakap 3, Taman Siakap.

“In Malay, the term ‘kucing kurap‘ is really insulting to the lowest rank of society,” he added.

“It also means a diseased cat and should not be used against the lowest,” he said.

Ooi had defended himself saying he grew up in a kampung and was familiar with the term, which he meant as ‘small fry’.

Anwar meanwhile said, “I (once) used a vulgar Hokkien word before before knowing what it meant. When I found out I quickly apologised.”.

“He (Ooi) may have grown up with the word, but to the public it is a very demeaning word.”

Asked if Ooi should apologise for his remarks, Anwar said, “Yes, he should.”

‘PKR wouldn’t have reps calling others kucing kurap’

Why did it take Lim Guan Eng so long to speak up? The whole thing is now a festering sore, maybe worse.

Free Malaysia Today

Lim censures Ooi says comments ‘unfair’

FMT | November 30, 2013

Meanwhile Penang Health, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee chairman says Jeff Ooi should use proper channels if he had a problem with any quarter.

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng broke his silence over the ‘kucing kurap’  issue when he said he concurred with State Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow that Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi should not have uttered degrading remarks against low-ranked staff.

“I’m of the same opinion as Yang Berhormat Chow. As he represents the state, Jeff Ooi should listen to what Chow had said,” Lim told reporters at the State Assembly lobby here yesterday.

Chow was reported saying that Ooi’s ‘kucing kurap’ (people of no significance) remarks on two ill-informed Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) officers were unfair and uncalled for as he was ill-advised on the reason why a senior officer did not accompany him during a visit to an illegal hawker site.


Lim censures Ooi says comments ‘unfair’

Malay Sons of Penang Association plans to present a stray cat and dog each to Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua.

Free Malaysia Today

Stray animals as gift for DAP duo

Athi Shankar | November 29, 2013

Members of Malay Sons of Penang Association hold a protest after Friday prayers against Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua.


GEORGE TOWN: A Malay NGO plans to present DAP parliamentarians Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua a stray cat and dog each as tit-for-tat for their recent damning remarks against civil servants.

Malay Sons of Penang Association president Jahangir Abdul Sukkur also called on other Malaysians to do the same to both the DAP elected representatives.

“We will make an appointment to meet the MPs and present the animals as gifts to them.

“We want to show them how stray cats and dogs look like,” he told newsmen after leading a brief post-Friday prayers demonstration against the MPs Jeff Ooi of Jelutong and Tony Pua of Petaling Jaya Utara outside Masjid Melayu Jamek Lebuh Acheh here today.

A association committee member Wan Shahriwal Salim told the crowd Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s deafening silence on the issue confirmed that the DAP was a “racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam” party.

Stray animals as gift for DAP duo


Malaysian Insider

I will not aplogise for “kucing kurap” remark, says a defiant Jeff Ooi

November 28, 2013

A defiant Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, who has lately become a controversial figure in Penang for his “kucing kurap” remark, is not losing sleep over the issue even as various quarters have criticised him, including his own state party chairman Chow Kon Yeow.

The two-term DAP parliamentarian, who had said before that he will not retract or apologise for the remark, is now more determined to “unearth more weaknesses of the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP).”

I will not aplogise for “kucing kurap” remark, says a defiant Jeff Ooi

He called them small fry, so their ‘big brothers’ come out to show their displeasure!



The Star

It was also reported that Ooi had used the words “kucing kurap” on a number of lower-ranked council officers during a visit to Jelutong market last Saturday.

He was alleged to have used the demeaning words on the public servants after he found that they were low ranking officer.




Jeff Ooi branded ‘anjing kurap’, ‘pandi kutty’

Four trade unions representing Penang Municipal Council workers sank their claws into Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi today for his “kucing kurap” remark and called him “anjing kurap“.

Representatives of the four unions – Kesatuan Kebangsaan Perkerja-Perkerja Pengguna Tempatan (Anulae), Penang Municipal Services Union, Kesatuan Pegawai-Pegawai Kanan and Kesatuan Buruh Majlis – vented their frustration at a press conference in Komtar today.

They held a huge banner denouncing Ooi as “arrogant, rude and lacking in manners”. They then shouted “anjing kurap” and “hidup pekerja“.

Spokesperson for the unions, Saleem Salleh (left) said if Ooi refused to apologise within 10 days from today, they would bring a bigger group to protest.

“We also plan to send a protest letter to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng,” he said.

“We will now boycott Ooi”s constituency visits,” he added.

Jeff Ooi branded ‘anjing kurap’, ‘pandi kutty’

He’s got 48 hours to apologize! The hole is getting deeper and wider!

Malaysian Insider

November 26, 2013

The Penang Malay Congress (KMPP) has given Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi 48 hours from today, to apologise and withdraw his “kucing kurap” (small fry) remark against the staff of the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP).

KMPP president Rahmad Isahak said if Ooi failed to do so, it only showed that he was anti-Malay and a chauvinistic politician who chose to ridicule the MPPP staff.

“For him to save the situation, we challenge Ooi to apologise to the MPPP staff who are mostly Malays, and if he fails to apologise, we will not hesitate to hold a peaceful gathering to demand that he do so.

“Besides that, we will guarantee that the residents of Jelutong, particularly the Malays, will not vote for him in the next general election because of his bad manners. That is my promise as one of the voters in the area,” he told a news conference today.

No sympathy from Penang DAP either! Indeed, they seem to have disowned him over the matter.


More slamming for Jeff Ooi, from DAP as well

The Penang DAP has distanced itself from Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi’s offensive remark referring to the low-raking local council staff as ‘kucing kurap’ (small fry or insignificant staff).

State DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow said Ooi’s remarks do not reflect the DAP’s nor the state government’s view, and appears to be a “casual remark” or Ooi’s “personal view”.

Chow said Ooi has not aired his complaints against the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) in any internal meeting, whether with the party or the state government.

“There are 40 DAP representatives in Parliament, and the state cannot be responsible for every statement issued by them,” he said.

More slamming for Jeff Ooi, from DAP as well


Now PKR Youth slams Ooi over ‘kucing kurap’ remark

In the latest ‘kucing kurap’ spat between DAP and PKR, the Penang PKR Youth wing has come out to defend the state PKR chief, Mansor Othman.

State PKR Youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin said Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi’s rudeness in describing the low-ranking staff of the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) as ‘kucing kurap’ (small fry) was uncalled for.
Dr Afif BahardinAfif (left) said Mansor, the state PKR chief and Nibong Tebal MP, was not interfering in Ooi’s constituency but merely suggesting that he respect others, even if they are low-ranking staff.

“To label someone ‘kucing kurap’ is simply unprofessional,” Afif told Malaysiakini.

“Don’t treat civil servants as BN leaders used to treat them, as every civil servant has dignity,” added Afif, who is state executive councillor in charge of health.

Now PKR Youth slams Ooi over ‘kucing kurap’ remark


Monday November 25, 2013 MYT 7:49:31 AM

Ooi’s trip to the market causes ruckus

GEORGE TOWN: A DAP politician’s visit to the Jelutong market here caused a commotion when he was shouted at by a Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) staff member and his wife.

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi was speaking to reporters about the illegal hawkers issue when Mohd Rofi Osman, 58, and his wife, former Penang Wanita PKR chief Aminah Abdullah, confronted Ooi and loudly asked for an explanation over the insults he allegedly hurled at lower-ranking MPPP officers during his previous visit to the market.

Despite the ruckus, Ooi just smiled at the couple and did not respond to them.

When met later, Mohd Rofi said he wanted Ooi to retract his statement and make a public apology for humiliating civil servants.

“Who is he to call the lower-ranking officers small fry? He must have forgotten that it was us, the small fry, who assisted him to be elected,” said Rofi, who added that he would be present at all of Ooi’s programmes to pester him for an apology.

Ooi’s trip to the market causes ruckus

Malaysia Chronicle

Sunday, 24 November 2013 22:51

TRAILED, HOUNDED & SHOUTED AT, Jeff Ooi feels the heat from his ‘kucing kerap’ comments

aa  aa

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi’s remark that the Penang Municipal Council low ranking officers are “kucing kurap” (insignificant) landed him in a war of words with former PKR state wanita chief Aminah Abdullah at the Jelutong market in Penang.

Ooi, who was on a constituency visit at the Jelutong market this morning, was approached by an angry Aminah regarding the remark he made while he was speaking to reporters on the issue of illegal hawkers last week.

Aminah, accompanied by her husband, Mohd Rofi Osman, a staff of the MPPP health vector department, told Ooi to withdraw his remark, which supposedly “denigrated” the council’s president Pattahiyah Ismail.

Upon seeing her, Ooi said “Oh, political superstar” and walked away from her, declining to respond to her and Rofi.

Unsatisfied, Aminah trailed Ooi, shouting “Tarik balik (withdraw) your kucing kurap statement”.

Rofi, also followed, shouting “I am MPPP staff”, and scolding Ooi for his comment against Pattahiyah.

“As an MP, how could he say such things?” Rofi shouted, oblivious to the marketgoers who stopped in shock to witness the scene.

As Aminah was trailing Ooi, his aides tried to halt her. One even held her arm, to which she snapped “don’t touch me”.

When Ooi paid no heed to their demands and went about his job talking to the market vendors, Aminah told the press “We will hound him in every market (until he retracts his remarks)”.

“YB only looks after the Chinese,” she snapped.

The Star

21 November 2013| last updated at 10:02PM

Jeff Ooi must apologise for labelling lower-ranked council staff as “kucing kurap”

GEORGE TOWN: Penang PKR chairman Datuk Dr Mansor Othman today ticked off Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi for being rude at Penang Island Municipal Council president Datuk Patahiyah Ismail when he asked her to resign if she was no better than her predecessors.

He described Ooi’s outburst as not reflecting the true stance of Penang Pakatan Rakyat.

“If he wants to reprimand a civil servant, he should do so through proper channels and prudently.
“Ooi’s action in admonishing the council president in the media is uncalled for and inappropriate.
“It does not reflect professionalism by a member of parliament,” he said in a statement to the local press corp here.
t was reported that Ooi had challenged Patahiyah to resign as council president if she was no better than the officers who used to serve during the Penang Barisan Nasional administration.


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