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Watch “Pupils in Penang and Johor skip school after Covid-19 cases detected” on YouTube…


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Penang had 2 communist-themed cafes with Mao Zedong wall paper, in Pulau Tikus and Juru!

.. Jap, gambar ini kena report polis tak? Mao shake hand dengan Tun Razak pic.twitter.com/iLqDzNIyZ0 — YS ingat cap ✊ ingat PSM (@yeeshan_13) January 3, 2021 .. On 2 January 2021, police raided the Xiang Ge Li Li La Authentic … Continue reading

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Penang: Under IS threat?

… 12 September 2016 … The Star ‏@staronline 1h1 hour ago Penang police step up security measures over IS threat http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/09/12/penang-police-step-up-security-measures/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter … FMT Penang police heighten security over IS threat FMT Reporters September 12, 2016 Penang police chief says they … Continue reading

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Malaysia faces a water crisis! #Malaysia #WaterCrisis

— No, it is not just Johor or Pulau Banggi in Sabah. It is all over the country. Sabah: Pulau Banggi Water Crisis #BanggiWaterCrisis Johor water rationing — 26 April 2016 New Straits Times ‏@NST_Online 11h11 hours ago Bukit Merah … Continue reading

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Komtar Tower fire: False alarm!

— — 光大60樓傳出火災,近10輛消防車和義消隊趕到了解情況。 當時,檳首長林冠英還在光大辦公樓開有關州議會的會議,收到消息後也下來了解情況。目前他還沒證實火災消息是否誤傳,但現場消息指60樓曾起火。 The 60th floor, everbright coming out of the fire, nearly 10 fire trucks and the teachings of the consumer team rushed to understand the situation. At that time, LIM Guan Eng still carry on with the … Continue reading

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Penang: Waterspouts. Video and Photos.

— … Harian Metro Retweeted Harian Metro (Utara) ‏@HMUtara 54m54 minutes ago Penduduk gempar fenomena belalai air berlaku dekat Jeti Butterworth [Video] http://hmtro.com/1HqB7B5  Pix pembaca — New Straits Times ‏@NST_Online 1h1 hour ago Pictures of Penang hit by waterspouts go … Continue reading

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2 Youths rude to an MBPP enforcement officer are not DAP members. And not Gerakan or MCA members, we hope.

— — 26 November 2015 REMEMBER THE TWO GUYS WHO WERE RUDE TO THE PENANG CITY COUNCIL OFFICER? Star November 26, 2015 MYT 6:51:31 PM Penang duo plead guilty to verbally abusing wheel-clamping officer by christopher tan Leong (right) and … Continue reading

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Sorry, NO car-wash centre with BIKINI-CLAD GIRLS! Not in Penang, anyway.

— A car-wash centre with BIKINI-CLAD GIRLS! In Penang!!! Wait, don’t get excited, guys! The Police went, they saw NOTHING like the girls in bikinis in the photo below, and they left empty-handed (and disappointed?) … Rossifumi ‏@ReyzaCFC 13h13 hours … Continue reading

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Penang State Merdeka celebrations: No schools, no Army, no Police…

— PUTRAJAYA WINS. LIM GUAN ENG BACKS DOWN. “In the spirit of Merdeka and to protect the office of the Yang Di Pertua Pulau Pinang as head of state, we reverse the decision to use the theme ‘Clean, efficient, trustworthy’ … Continue reading

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Penang and The Mother of All Traffic jams!

— 3 September 2015 Road closure: Friday 11.00pm to Monday 5.30am The road will be closed to allow for concreting works for the 390m special span. Malay Mail Online Penang lifts stop-work order for construction of flyover only for weekends … Continue reading

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