NUBE hunts down the Human Resources Minister!


Bank unionists storm Segamat in bid to oust Subra
The billboard, located on the main road of Segamat town, bore an image of Subramaniam with the words “Thank you Datuk Seri S Subramaniam who is concerned for the workers”.
This is followed by a list of union names, that among others include the National Union of Teaching Profession, All Malayan Estates Staff Union, Printing Industry Employees Union, National Union of Petrolem and Chemical Industry Workers.
Subra’s bid to counter Nube courts more problems
JOHOR BN’s attempt to counter National Union of Bank Employees’s (Nube) picket in Segamat, against caretaker human resources minister S Subramaniam, by putting up a billboard of several unions expressing thanks to him ended up courting even more problems.

The Sabah Bank Employees Union (SBEU) said it was shocked to learn that its name had been used for Subramaniam’s campaign, who is BN’s incumbent and candidate for Segamat.

“We are a trade union movement that is not aligned to any political party, therefore we were shocked to learn that our name had been used for campaigning in West Malaysia.

“We deny alignment to any political party and our objective is to serve the workers, not any politicians,” said SBEU secretary-general Catherine Jikunan when contacted.

She added the union hopes its name can be removed from the billboard as it did not consent to it.

Free Malaysia Today

NUBE shoots return fire at Subra

K Pragalath | May 3, 2013

The union denies that it is politically motivated and throws back the accusation at the BN candidate for Segamat.

PETALING JAYA: The National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) today hit back at human resources minister S Subramaniam for attributing political motivation to its protests against him.

“We deny Subramaniam’s claim that our pickets against him and three banks are politically motivated,” NUBE leader J Solomon said in a press release.

“The allegation has no basis. The only politically motivated gathering is the illegal demonstration conducted rowdily by his supporters.

“It is ironic that Subramaniam charges us to be politically motivated when we are seen to be protesting against him. Yet at the same time he proudly heralds a list of unions he claims are supporting him.”

Subramaniam, who is MIC’s deputy president and its candidate for the Segamat parliament seat, alleged yesterday that NUBE was aligned to Pakatan Rakyat.

Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar also said that the union was biased. He noted that Subramaniam’s opponent in the election, PKR’s Chua Jui Meng, was at the picket held in the evening yesterday.

Solomon said Chua’s presence at the demonstration did not mean that NUBE supported his candidacy. “Chua came, shook hands and left,” he told FMT.

Subramaniam and Chua are in a straight fight for Segamat, which has 47,115 voters—46% Chinese, 44% Malays and 10% Indians.

In 2008, Subramaniam beat DAP’s Pang Hock Leong by nearly 3,000 votes.



Police haul up Nube members for anti-Subra picket

Police have summoned all members of the National Union of Bank Employees (Nube) to the Segamat district police headquarters for picketing against caretaker Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

The police want to record statements from all of the more than 150 Nube members who took part in the picket in Segamat yesterday and today, the union’s secretary-general J Solomon said.

All the Nube members in the picket are now at the Segamat district police headquarters, queuing up in two lines for their statements to be taken.

Police haul up Nube members for anti-Subra picket



Nube pickets for second day in Segamat
10:04AM May 2, 2013

12.25pm – Segamat: The National Union of Bank Employees (Nube) continues its second day of picketing in Segamat – beginning at 11am this morning – but was then asked by the police to disperse some 90 minutes later.

The 200 red-clad picketers, like yesterday, were met with a counter-protest by BN even though their numbers are significantly less today, at around 10.

About 10 Light Strike Force officers are also deployed at the scene as a precaution.

Nube plans to hold another two-hour picket later today, but is unsure whether the police would allow the go-ahead after today’s early dispersal.

Nube pickets for second day in Segamat


Nube president Tan Eng Hong denied Subramaniam’s accusation that the union was playing politics by picketing so close to the general election.

“It so happens that the general election is only four days away from May 1 and so we are celebrating Workers Day.

“We are apolitical, if we are political we would have held a nationwide picket against BN but no, we are only targeting Subramaniam in Segamat because he has victimised the workers,” he said.


Bank unionists storm Segamat in bid to oust Subra

JOHOR The National Union of Bank Employees (Nube) did not mince its words today in vowing to see caretaker Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam’s defeat in Segamat as more than 200 of its members descended on the town.

Not to be outdone, Subramaniam’s supporters, clad in blue BN T-shirts, mobilised in equal numbers across the street but were simply overwhelmed as Nube members came prepared with drums, kompang and South African  horns, the vuvuzela.

The red-clad Nube members created a carnival-like atmosphere along the row of banks on Jalan Kampung Genuang as they danced and sang “Tolak Subra” (Reject Subra) to the tune of various songs and waved large Nube flags.

Subra’s supporters watched on as they tried to outdo the Nube group with a handful of honks and placards reading “We love Subra, We love BN”.

However, the deafening drums and vuvuzelas drowned out the BN group as passing cars honked to the tune of the Nube songs.The picketers also danced to the tune of popular South Korean hit ‘Gangnam Style’ and chanted “Arise workers, long live the workers!”



Bank unionists storm Segamat in bid to oust Subra


Malaysian Insider

NUBE’s plan to picket in Segamat is politically motivated: Dr Subramaniam

May 01, 2013

SEGAMAT, May 1 – The plan by the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) to picket on the last three days of the campaigning for the 13th general election (GE13) here is politically motivated, said Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

He said there was no issue that could be used as the basis for the union to come to Segamat and try to create chaos in the streets because the issue on the formation of the Maybank internal union had already been referred to the court.

“If they continue to hold the picket here, it is as though they don’t respect the decision of the court. In fact, I have asked the NUBE to wait for the decision of the court but they refused to do so,” he said at a media conference on the Workers’ Day celebration, here today.

Subramaniam said the NUBE had previously requested for his ministry to drop the application for the formation of an in-house union for Maybank but the decision to drop the application did not benefit any party and it became a court case.

Describing the NUBE plan as an attempt to create provocation, Subramaniam, who is also the incumbent Member of Parliament for Segamat, said their presence here certainly had political motive as they had chosen the 13th general election period to make their protest. – Bernama



Nube threatens to defeat Subra in Segamat

JOHOR The National Union of Bank Employees (Nube) is planning on a sustained picket in Segamat against the BN incumbent, Dr S Subramaniam, who is defending his seat.

NONESubramaniam (right in photo), the caretaker human resources minister, is already having to deal with the rising momentum of campaigning by PKR rival Chua Jui Meng (left in photo).

Nube has vowed to hold three consecutive days of picketing from today – Labour Day – to ensure Subramaniam is defeated in Segamat.

“He has been the worst human resources minister ever. We will make sure he is no longer minister (after the 13th general election on Sunday),” Nube president Tan Eng Hong said when contacted.

Nube is upset that Subramaniam had supported the formation of an internal union in Maybank which has diluted its own influence over employee-related matters.

Nube threatens to defeat Subra in Segamat


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