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An Ex Vice President of the Malaysian Indian Congress is to be charged for money laundering…

… Last year, the man and his son were charged with submitting false claims of nearly RM13mil to the Drainage and Irrigation Depart­ment. He is accused of making the claims for river restoration works in Melaka five years ago. Read … Continue reading

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The MIC branch chairman and an underage sex scandal: A black eye for MIC, already faced with obscurity…

… 4 November 2017 New Straits Times‏ @NST_Online Police question man who has allegedly asked for sexual favour from woman By FAISAL ASYRAF AND VEENA BABULAL – November 4, 2017 @ 6:56pm KUALA LUMPUR: Police have questioned the man who had … Continue reading

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BN Civil War: MyPPP loses to MIC in fight over Cameron Highlands…

…   …   … In GE 13, BN won by 462 votes. … Cameron Highlands is a federal constituency in Pahang, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Dewan Rakyat since 2004. The federal constituency was created in the … Continue reading

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The Mega MyDaftar: A pre GE 14 gimmick? It was MyDaftar in GE13…

… The “Mega Mydafter” campaign to register and seek approval for thousands of Indians in the country without identification documents. Moggy Narayan and 24 others follow  MaranMatters‏ @MaaranMatters 11h11 hours ago Can we trust MIC? FROM MyDaftar in GE13 to Mega … Continue reading

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Dominated by UMNO, these Minions (MCA, MIC, MyPPP and Gerakan) can’t deliver many votes…

… No hopers. #AllTalkFewWinners … min·ion ˈminyən/ noun noun: minion; plural noun: minions a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one. synonyms: underling, henchman, flunky, lackey, hanger-on, follower, servant, hireling, vassal, stooge, toady, sycophant; … Continue reading

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Raja Sara Petra advised Indians to turn away from MIC to Gerakan: Reactions!

… 26 September 2016 malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini #Letters My reply to Sara Petra on Indian M’sians should turn to Gerakan Satees Muniandy I would like to refer to the recent comment by Sara Petra that Indian Malaysians should turn to Gerakan … Continue reading

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BTN and Perkasa say Indians and Chinese are ‘pendatang’. And wouldn’t Perkasa love to have BTN teach everyone about this?

— Najib may have told Gerakan that the Chinese are not pendatang, or the MIC that Indians are not pendatang, but do his own people listen to him? Even the BTN director defies the PM! … 15 July 2017 Malay … Continue reading

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Wan Azizah wins the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat vacated by Anwar Ibrahim

— Simon Thong ‏@weehingthong 2m2 minutes ago #Vindication of @anwaribrahim: @drwanazizah wins the #PermatangPauh Parliamentary seat vacated by him http://ln.is/wordpress.com/bOEQi … — malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini 6m6 minutes ago Hundreds of motorcycles escorting .@drwanazizah after the official announcement of #PermatangPauh by-election results … … Continue reading

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MIC vice-president Datuk M. Saravanan’s EXPOSED GLOCK: Much ado over nothing?

— POLICE WILL INVESTIGATE THE CASE OF THE MIC VICE-PRESIDENT WITH THE EXPOSED GLOCK… (http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/MIC-with-Gun2.jpg) “On that day, my coat button gave way, exposing the gun. I think some parties only want publicity by uploading that photo,” said Saravanan, who … Continue reading

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‘Keling’, a most racially sensitive word…

… Keling, sometimes kling, is not a neutral word. Speaker or listener, you can’t escape the derogatory nature of the word. “In the Chinese and Malay communities, keling is augmented into various words of their language to form new phrases … Continue reading

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