Dominated by UMNO, these Minions (MCA, MIC, MyPPP and Gerakan) can’t deliver many votes…

No hopers. #AllTalkFewWinners

noun: minion; plural noun: minions
  1. a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.
    synonyms: underling, henchman, flunky, lackey, hanger-on, follower, servant, hireling, vassal, stooge, toady, sycophant;

    informalyes-man, trained seal, bootlicker, brown-noser, suck-up
    “if working for you means being your minion, I’m not the person you’re looking for”
late 15th century: from French mignon, mignonne .

9 January 2018

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Let’s remember what these Analysts predict: The marginal seats most likely to fall back to Barisan Nasional include Raub, Selayang, Alor Star, Taiping, Beruas, Kampar, Gopeng, Kuantan and Gelang Patah.

Who are these Analysts?
(1) Lau Zheng Zhou, The Centre for Public Policy Studies, which is funded by The Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli).
(2) Lee Chun Hung, SEDAR Institute.



MCA, Gerakan may win up to 20 seats at GE14, says report

THE recent MCA and Gerakan tie-up could lead to both parties winning up to 20 parliamentary seats at the next elections, reports The Star today, citing two think-tanks.MCA is expected to contest 40 parliamentary seats and 90 state seats while Gerakan is expected to vie for 45 parliamentary seats in the 14th general election, according the Centre for Public Policy Studies, which is funded by The Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli).Disgruntled MCA members, who stayed away in the 2013 elections, might vote this time, said research and business development director Lau Zheng Zhou.

The marginal seats most likely to fall back to Barisan Nasional include Raub, Selayang, Alor Star, Taiping, Beruas, Kampar, Gopeng, Kuantan and Gelang Patah.
Both Chinese-majority BN components received just 15% of Chinese votes in the 2013 elections.

The parties are hoping for a swing of 25% to 30% in Chinese support, with a combined 15 to 20 seats between them, according to SEDAR Institute chief executive officer Lee Chun Hung.

The MCA-Gerakan rally last week is also “a statement of intent of both parties’ preparedness, focus and determination to regain political prominence”, he said.

Gerakan was jointly set up by former MCA president Lim Chong Eu, who quit the MCA in 1960. The multiracial party took hold of Penang until 2008 general election.

After the huge setback in 2008 and 2013 general election, BN leaders mulled direct membership and the merging of MCA, Gerakan and SUPP, which has yet to materialise.


2 January 2018

MCA, Gerakan to hold ‘Stronger Together’ assembly this weekend

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MCA and Gerakan will hold a joint assembly ahead of the next general election to reflect their unity in upholding moderation.

The gathering, dubbed “Perhimpunan MCA-Gerakan Teguh Bersama” (MCA-Gerakan Stronger Together Assembly), is expected to be held at Dewan San Choon,Wisma MCA this Saturday.

“This gathering is aimed at strengthening the good working relationship between us, to express our commitment and determination in jointly preparing for the general elections, and to present the achievements by both.

“We will also take the opportunity to show and defend our country’s distinguished diversity, and to uphold our government’s administration and practice of moderation in policies.

“We have a very long experience of cooperation under the structure of BN, especially in upholding the governance of moderation and multiracialism,” MCA secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan…..and Gerakan secretary-general Liang Teck Ming said in a joint statement.


3 December 2017

MyPPP asks BN for one Johor state seat in GE14

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MyPPP has urged the Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) to consider giving a state seat to be contested by the party in the coming 14th General Election.

Party president M Kayveas said MyPPP had supported and was loyal to the central and state BN, and the time had come for the party to be given the trust to contest.

“There are 56 state seats in the Johor State Assembly. We are not asking for many, MyPPP is only asking for one seat.

“MyPPP has shown solid loyalty which cannot be questioned.

“The time has come, we want to test the central and state BN’s loyalty to MyPPP,” he said in his speech when opening the 2017 MyPPP Convention here today.

The convention, which was attended by 1,100 delegates,was opened by Johor BN deputy chairperson Abdul Latif Ahmad.

– Bernama

15 September 2017


Singapore truly multi racial, culture and religion. Malaysia shud learn from this red dot south of us. There is much to learn. Salute SPORE.


3 September 2017

MCA open to discussion with BN component parties on seat exchange

MCA is open to discussion with other Barisan Nasional component parties on the possibility of exchanging seats to increase the chances of their candidates winning in the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).

Party president Liow Tiong Lai said seat allocation was no longer an issue and that MCA was satisfied with the seats allocated to the party based on the last general election’s quota.

“If an exchange (of seats) is better for BN, then we are willing to do so,” he told reporters after meeting with the Perlis MCA Committee members in Kangar today.

26 July 2017

Kit Siang: MCA doomed if Hadi’s Bill gains ground (MMO)

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — MCA will lose yet more relevance if it does not prevent Barisan Nasional partner Umno from aiding PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang with his so-called Shariah Bill, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang asserted today.

Lim said Hadi’s private member’s Bill would not reach the floor of Parliament unless facilitated by the ruling BN, as government matters must be prioritised according to the Standing Orders.

“Whatever the MCA protestations and public postures, the undeniable fact is that MCA is part of the Barisan Nasional government coalition that has allowed Hadi’s RUU355 Bill, which goes against the very basis of the Merdeka Constitution 1957 and Malaysia Agreement 1963,” Lim said in a statement today.

He also questioned how MCA will respond when Umno was viewed as courting federal Opposition party PAS on this subject, using the basis on Malay-Muslim unity.


In Barisan National all the top leadership positions are held by UMNO. Where is d so-called power sharing? Only VPs from component parties !


MCA won 7 in GE 13 but had 15 in GE 12.
MIC won 4 Parliamentary seats in GE 13. It had 3 in GE 12.
Gerakan won 1 Parliamentary seat in GE 13. It had 2 in GE 12.
MyPPP won an egg in GE 13. And in GE 12.,_2013

20 July 2017

It is Umno-dependent MCA that fears a Malay tsunami, DAP says

Amin Iskandar

It is not the Chinese voters but MCA who is afraid of a Malay tsunami in the next polls, a DAP strategist said.

This was because MCA is dependent on Umno’s success, and if Malays no longer voted for Umno and Barisan Nasional, it meant MCA’s political career would also end, said DAP political education director Liew Chin Tong.

“MCA depends not on its own strength but on Umno to survive.

“If Malay voters were to abandon Umno, MCA would also be cast into the dustbin of history,” the Kluang MP told The Malaysian Insight.

The Star today quoted MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon as saying that the opposition’s talk of a Malay tsunami was a tactic to scare Chinese voters.

The deputy education minister said the claim was only to frighten the Chinese into voting for the opposition.

Liew told The Malaysian Insight that the Malay tsunami in the coming polls was a reality, and BN was truly afraid of it.

“When the non-Malays feel that Umno will suffer a huge loss in the tsunami against the party and Prime Minister Najib Razak, the majority of Malaysians will take the chance to see the federal government change for the first time in Malaysian history,” he said.

Recently, former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said a Malay tsunami in the next polls would be unstoppable because Malays had lost faith in Umno.

UMNO has several subsidiary parties to ‘feed scraps’ to: the MCA, Gerakan and PPP.

Besides the Transport Ministry, the only other ministries headed by non-bumiputeras are the Health Ministry held by MIC president Dr S Subramaniam and the Commodities and Plantations Ministry held by Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong.


1 May 2017


2h2 hours ago

MIC targets winning seven parliamentary, 14 state seats in GE14: Subramaniam


SUNGAI PETANI: The MIC aims to win at least seven parliamentary and 14 state seats in the coming 14th General Election (GE14).

Its president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the party viewed its chances as being bright in winning several seats in Johor, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Malacca, Pahang, as well as two seats in Kedah.

Dr Subramaniam, who is also Health Minister, said he was confident of the matter based on the current work on the ground carried out by the party machinery, such as encouraging new voters to register as well as carrying out activities with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to help the people.

“We have identified our chances of winning six out of the nine parliamentary seats to be contested in GE14 and, if possible, will try to secure seven seats.

“At the state level, although in the last general election we only contested in 18 seats, this time however, we will contest all 19 seats and aim to win at least 13 or 14 seats,” he told reporters after attending the “MIC Retreat: Gearing Towards the 14th General Election” programme at Aimst University near here, today.

In the 13th General Election, Barisan Nasional (BN) won 133 out of 222 parliamentary seats contested, with MIC contributing four seats to the coalition.

MCA, Gerakan and MIC fear being ‘cheated’ by UMNO: These fears are not unfounded…

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