The MCA and MIC: Under the sarong of PAS and UMNO?











KUALA LUMPUR: MCA will build consensus, understanding and close the gap between the various racial or religious groups, says Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker (pic).

The MCA vice-president said the party will not follow DAP’s stance against the political cooperation between UMNO and PAS or label the act “Taliban-like”.

“On the contrary, we are going to engage and remind them to be mindful of the fabric, content and spirit of the Federal Constitution, that is the very foundation of our beloved country and has given us peace, harmony and progress for the past 60-odd years,” he said in a statement on Sunday (Sept 15).

The cooperation between political parties is partial and inherently a norm, and there are common issues and platforms that political parties should work on, he said.

“We do not want ‘apartheid’-like politics in Malaysia whereby cooperation with or among certain religions or races is seen to be a ‘taboo’ or ‘forbidden’,” he said.

Ti said that all political parties should be accorded their rightful dignity and respect.

“In the spirit of the founders of Malaysia, we must attempt to build inter-racial and inter-religious understanding, cooperation and tolerance.

“MCA will continue to uphold this spirit of our founding members, provided that the Constitution and its spirit is not being trespassed or trampled upon,” he said.

Despite having suffered collateral damage in the last general election, MCA will hold on to the belief that the way forward is cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect and understanding, he said.



Guan Eng’s ‘political trickery’ causing racial tension, claims MCA veep

PETALING JAYA: MCA has warned Lim Guan Eng against “cunningly pitting” the party against PAS and Umno over the boycott of non-Muslim made products, saying the DAP secretary-general should stop playing the race card.

MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker was referring to Lim’s criticism of MCA and MIC for “not even daring to raise their objections to their political masters in PAS and Umno” over their alleged support of the boycott campaign.

Ti reminded Lim of a news report on Sept 2 that quoted MCA president Wee Kia Siong as condemning “irresponsible” groups calling for the boycott. Wee also said it was important for all Malaysians to support local brands.

“Let’s not hurt each other or hurt ourselves because no rational businessmen would choose their customers based on race and religion,” Wee had been quoted as saying.

Ti accused Lim of “cleverly wanting to up the tempo and temperature of race and religion by pitting MCA and MIC against PAS and Umno”.

“It is this (kind of) very cunning political trickery by the likes of Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders that have caused a rising of the racial temperature on the national scale,” he said.

Ti, who is also a senator, warned Lim against “playing or firing up racial conflicts to divert his personal issues” and avoid Wee’s challenge for a debate on issues concerning the Penang tunnel.

He said Lim should heed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s call that all Malaysians should not play up sensitive issues in the interests of any party.

Meanwhile, MIC vice-president C Sivarraajh told Lim to “shut up” and “focus on his flaws as finance minister”.

“Who said we didn’t oppose the boycott? MIC and MCA said clearly (to) buy Malaysian products, regardless of whether they were produced or sold by Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans or Sarawakians,” he told FMT.

The former Cameron Highlands MP claimed that it was Pakatan Harapan that started to politicise the boycott after PAS and Umno leaders began campaigning to buy and support products made by Malays.

Sivarraajh said there was nothing wrong in supporting such products.

“But it is wrong when they urge Malaysians to boycott other businesses,” he said.

“Boycotting is not good for Malaysia. The economy will be affected once everyone starts to boycott each other’s products.

“I believe we should all focus on developing the nation rather than stage boycotts,” he said.

FMT has reached out to Lim for comments.

Guan Eng’s ‘political trickery’ causing racial tension, claims MCA veep


DAP’s u-turn saga – Where is PAS welfare state now?

On Monday    22-05-2017 15:51:00

22 May 2017

Press statement by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker


DAP’s u-turn saga – Where is PAS welfare state now?

DAP Lim Guan Eng’s latest attempt to “white wash” or exonerate responsibility for their cooperation, empowering and undertaking on behalf of PAS is indeed laughable. We all knew what DAP did in the previous two general elections in their attempt to gain and wrest power. Their undertaking on behalf of PAS and throwing political caution to the wind has been classic DAP’s politics.

DAP had gambled off the political rights and standing of the Non-Muslims and Non-Malays since 1969 when they won handsomely in every general election. Can Lim Guan Eng or DAP tell us what the minority non-Muslims and Non-Malays have gained every time DAP increased in seats at the expense of MCA?

Post 1969 – We lost a few important Cabinet posst such as Minister of Trade etc culminating with the loss of the Finance Ministry which was in the hands of MCA.

In 2008 and 2013, we see the emergence of PAS into a national threat as a result of DAP’s empowerment of PAS by exchanging votes between PAS and DAP which allowed DAP to wrest many seats from both MCA, MIC and Gerakan etc.

Now that PAS (a party in the backyards of the East Coast and north Peninsular) has emerged as a party with national influence as a result of DAP’s support, DAP is saying UMNO is better than PAS to escape any responsibility for their empowerment of PAS.

In the Rocket’s continued u-turns for political expediency rather than working together to protect the rights of non-Muslims and Malaysians in general, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng latest’s salvo that “PAS more extremist, racist and chauvinistic than UMNO (The Malay Mail Online, 21 May 2017) is classic DAP’s twist and turns.

Now, DAP is copying and doing a cut-and-paste of MCA’s warning that “PAS is a threat to our national wellbeing.” I have said many times that between UMNO and PAS, it is like the “devil and the deep blue sea” and DAP’s attempt at painting PAS as innocent and pure compared to UMNO during the “Asalkan Bukan Umno” and ” UBAH” years were politically irresponsible and should be condemned.

At least Lim has now acknowledged that UMNO “does not talk” the way PAS does.  (The Malay Mail Online, 21 May 2017).”

MCA had repeatedly warned voters against balloting for PAS when PAS never minced its words and actions of their intentions to implement hudud law and to have a theocratic state by amending the Federal Constitution.

Instead of supporting MCA’s cautions, Lim Guan Eng inked an agreement on 29 April 2013 (just six days before going to the polls on 5 May 2013) with PAS represented by its President Dato’ Sri Hadi Awang that “PAS has the right to fights for its concept of an Islamic state.”

It was MCA which warned and stated that based on theocratic regimes worldwide, despite these countries having Cabinets and elections, they also have a Council of Elders (similar to PAS Syura Council) consisting of religious clerics who enjoy absolute power and can override decisions made by the government.

The Bagan MP’s memory is so conveniently short that he should be reminded that in the 2008 and 2013 general elections, it was Guan Eng and his father Lim Kit Siang who openly embraced Hadi Awang for the cameras, just to convince and lull non-Muslim to vote PAS.

In spite of all cautionary calls by MCA, DAP continued to whitewash PAS as a party that was no more keen to establish an Islamist state, but to implement a “PAS for All” welfare state which was just a façade.

Prior to becoming BFFs, Kit Siang had long lampooned Dr Mahathir Mohammad as “racist”, “tyrant”, “thief” and even likened him to Uganda’s Idi Amin and Tanzania’s Robert Mugabe for not relinquishing power for so long and for refusing to resign.

DAP had demonised UMNO, but now claims “PAS is worse than UMNO.” So since DAP was in an unholy yet strategic alliance with PAS, DAP should label and acknowledge itself as “worse than PAS which is worse than UMNO.”

Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker
MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman
MCA Central Committee Member
MCA Kuantan Division Chairman

-MCA online-






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