Minarwan Nawawi, 3 time hockey Olympian: Where have all the Sikhs, Indians, Chinese and Eurasians gone? Received via WhatsApp…

Something to think about.

MINARWAN NAWAWI, AN EX 3 TIME HOCKEY OLYMIPAN IS ASKING, “where have the Sikhs, Indians, Chinese and Eurasians gone.?”

A good question.

He went on to say, “we had all the races in my team. We fought as a family and roared like a tiger against some of the best in the world.””It had been 19 years since we last played in the Olympics,” he said.

In my opinion:

1. It will take another generation to get all races to play.

2. The problem is not MHA, OR FAM OR BAM. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT POLICY WHICH DISCREETLY AND PROUDLY FOLLOWS THE KETUANAN POLICY even in the employment of civil servants and teachers.

3. When teachers are all of one race and have this idea of KETUANAN, no students of other race gets near to the sports field, except the crazy Indians and Chinese, etc who love the sports, diligent and excel.

4. Many present day sports teachers are made to coach who themselves have not played the game. If they are too religious, as most of them now are, they just stand under the shady trees and give the Football to the players without any coaching at all. The players run in bunches all over the field. This is during PE periods.

5. Parental support is very important to children excelling in sports. Parents get disillusioned when their children are not given places in University for thee courses they like. They don’t prefer computers choosing the courses. The also are not happy to see some students who don’t do well in exams are given places in medical, Law and Business faculties but their children who do well given unimportant subjects. You can’t blame MHF or FAM or BAM.
Sports Associations can only use what is in the pot.

6. Not only students get hurt when good players are not chosen for Schools and District “based on their skin colour,” an often quoted phrace in Malaysia. (You can forget National, because they get dropped at school level.) Even parents get hurt and sometimes cry with their disappointed, disillusioned and hurting children.The Government has a lot to play in the advancement and success of Sports. If not we will only see one race participating in our country’s sporting events.The Olympics will forever be a dream, because it played only by our underachieving sportsmen.We still hear people asking where are the Chin Auns, Arumugams, Santok Singhs?

They will never come as long as the Government policies remain unchanged.We must also ask where are the Indian, Chinese, Eurasian and Sikh teachers who walked the corridors of our schools and who doubled up as able Sports teachers.


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