Wheelchair-bound ‘Datuk Seri’ arrested, said to be related to case of ‘bullet-riddled’ body found in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur #BigShotCrime

24 August 2016

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Datuk Seri arrested

Posted on 24 August 2016 – 12:01am

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested a wheelchair-bound Datuk Seri and a gunman believed to be responsible for the murder of a man whose bullet-riddled body was recovered from his car in Taman Segar, Cheras, on Sunday.

Sources told theSun that the businessman, in his 50s, was picked up from his house in Cheras the same day.

The suspected gunman surrendered to police on learning he was being sought in connection with the case. He led police to the recovery of two handguns, said to be licensed firearms belonging to the Datuk Seri.

Kuala Lumpur police CID chief SAC Rusdi Mohd Isa, when contacted, confirmed the arrest of the suspected gunman but declined further comment, saying more details will be revealed at a press conference today.



Police solve “bullet-riddled” body case with arrest of seven

August 24, 2016

Wheelchair-bound Datuk Seri among those arrested to facilitate investigations into case of man who was found dead with multiple shots in his car, on Sunday.

PETALING JAYA: Police have arrested seven suspects, including a wheelchair-bound “Datuk Seri”, in connection with the murder of a man whose bullet-riddled body was found in his car in Taman Segar, Cheras, on Sunday.

According to a report in The Sun, the ‘”Datuk Seri” in his 50s was picked up from his house in Cheras the same day.

His arrest comes following the surrender of the gunman, who also led the police to two handguns – licensed under the name of the Datuk Seri.

Five other suspects in custody in connection to the case include a woman, said the report. Police believe they have solved the case with the arrest of the seven suspects.

The deceased, believed to have links to secret societies, was said to have been deeply in debt with many people, including the Datuk Seri, and was on the run for many years until he was tracked down last Friday, said the report.

He was abducted and taken to a house in Taman Segar, where gunmen shot him at least six times, before dumping his body in his car.

A woman known to the suspects, and who had witnessed the killing, notified the police out of fear for her safety, which led to the arrests, said the report.



Bullet-riddled body poser: Main suspect arrested

By Hariz Mohd – 23 August 2016 @ 8:43 PM
KUALA LUMPUR: Police earlier today arrested the main suspect in murder case of a man, whose bullet-riddled body was found in Taman Cheras on Sunday.
The male suspect was the seventh person arrested in connection with the case so far. Sources said the man was taken into custody when he turned up at a police station this morning and surrendered himself.
He is now being held to facilitate investigations under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

It is learnt that the man also owns a firearm, which police believe had been used in the murder.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/08/167782/bullet-riddled-body-poser-main-suspect-arrested

Man believed to be a gang member shot dead at Taman Segar

KUALA LUMPUR: The body of a man riddled with gunshot wounds and stuffed in a car was recovered on Sunday at Taman Segar, Cheras here after a woman who witnessed the killing alerted police.

The victim who is in his 50’s and is believed to be a member of an underworld gang had suffered at least five gunshot wounds to his body.

Sources said a district police team on recovering the remains of the victim, launched a hunt for the killers before arresting six suspects within hours.

Preliminary findings by police showed that the man was waylaid by his killers while driving his four-wheel-drive vehicle at an unknown location here on Friday before being taken to a house in Taman Segar where he was gunned down by his captors and his body placed in his car.

It is learnt that on Sunday, a woman who is known to the killers and had witnessed the murder took the matter to the police after fearing for her safety.

Investigators are on the hunt for another suspect and believe the murder was related to bad debts and loan sharks.



Man’s bullet-riddled remains found in pickup truck in Cheras

By Hariz Mohd – 22 August 2016 @ 11:23 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: A man was murdered in cold blood before his body was dumped inside his own pickup truck at Taman Cheras, here.

The victim’s bullet-riddled remains were only discovered by authorities on Sunday evening, believed to be a few days after the murder took place.

Sources said police have so far arrested six people, including a woman, to facilitate investigations into the murder.

A source said the decomposing body, which was wrapped in pieces of cloth and plastic bags, was found during police checks on the truck following a report received from the woman.

It is learnt that the woman told police that she was a friend of the victim, and that he was killed on Friday morning following an argument about a debt.

“From initial investigations, police found that the victim was killed inside a double-storey terrace house at Taman Cheras.

“His body was then taken into the Hilux, parked in front of the house,” said a source.

It is believed that his killer wanted to get rid of the body by dumping it elsewhere, but the plan did not go through.


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