It’s murder, not reckless driving! #NoFearOfTheLaw

10 August 2016

Police change reckless driving case to ‘murder’ after viewing CCTV footage
By PHUAH KEN LIN – 10 August 2016 @ 8:33 PM


GEORGE TOWN: Police have launched a manhunt for two men for their role in the murder case of a motorcyclist on the island.
Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mior Farid Alatrash Wahid said the investigating team has re-classified the case from ‘reckless driving’ to ‘murder’ after initial investigations revealed that the incident was premeditated.
He said footage obtained from a closed circuit television grab showed both men alighting from their car to beat up the motorcyclist.
In the 2.40am incident, S. Muniandy, 42, died on the spot due to severe head and bodily injuries.
Mior said that minutes before the incident, the driver of the car had rammed into a road block at Lebuh Light and sped off for one kilometre before crashing into the motorcycle.

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