New Zealand marches against Roast Busters!



New Zealand police probe claims of online ‘rape club’ Police are investigating a gang of young males who boasted online about stupefying underage girls with alcohol then having group sex with them.


THIS IS NOT THE ROASTBUSTERS PAGE, confession page….confess anything about the roast busters, if you don’t like a post, message in and we will delete it

Roast Busters


— The New Zealand Herald

Police interview Roast Busters

By Rebecca Quilliam , Audrey Young @audreyNZH 5:44 PM Monday Nov 4, 2013 Do you have more information? Email us here. Police were interviewing two men in relation to the “Roast Busters” facebook page this afternoon. Detective Bruce Scott from Waitemata police told APNZ one of the men had voluntarily gone to a police station this afternoon. He had previously refused to co-operate with police investigating the group, Mr Scott said. Another man who had previously spoken to police was also being re-interviewed today. “We wanted to talk to him and he was happy to talk to us.” Mr Scott said the case had been “vigorously investigated” by a officers from the child protection team, and he didn’t think there was any more police could have done to bring a case. “We continue to look for evidence that will assist us in determining whether there has been any criminal offending and then once we’ve got this evidence we can make a determination on what our next move is.” Mr Scott said the Roast Busters facebook page had been left open for “operational and tactical reasons”. … He said police needed to be careful not to re-victimise the girls by pressuring them into making a statement. “We continue to talk with girls involved in the group. The difficulty is that we don’t want to re-victimise the girls, some of them don’t wish to engage with us and we can’t push them to talk to the police.” He said there were several reasons why the girls may not want to make formal statements. “They’re fearful of the process, they’re worried about their peer group, they’re traumatised by what’s happened to them and it affects them talking.” For more, click on: — The New Zealand Herald

Apology over ‘Roast Busters’ activity

By Rebecca Quilliam 10:13 AM Monday Nov 4, 201 Do you have more information? Email us here. One of the founders of a group calling themselves the Roast Busters has apparently apologised online for his involvement in the group, whose members claim to have had sex with intoxicated underage girls and then named and shamed them on a social network website. Online comments have mostly condemned the group’s activities, but some were supporting the Aucklanders, aged between 17 and 18. The Facebook page created by the group was exposed by 3News last night, and the page has since been taken offline. Police have said the group had been operating since 2011, but as none of the girls had made a formal complaint about the behaviour of the young men, they were unable to lay any charges against them. For the full article, click on: — 3News

‘Roast Busters’ sons of high-profile entertainer, cop


Monday 04 Nov 2013 6:05p.m.

More details about a group of young Auckland boys called the ‘Roast Busters’, who’ve been luring girls into underage group sex and boasting about it online, can now be revealed.

One boy being questioned by police is the son of a celebrity with an international profile, while the other is the son of an Auckland police officer.

One girl, who is choosing to remain anonymous, says the Roast Busters stole her soul.

“They don’t understand how I feel inside; they don’t understand how this has hurt me,” she says.

Police say the girl is one of a number of drunk, underage victims they’ve interviewed about being exploited by the Roast Busters.

The family of former Roast Buster Joseph Levall Parker has told us he left the six-member group mid-year, while several others have also bowed out.

For more, click on:


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4 Responses to New Zealand marches against Roast Busters!

  1. Frank Jackson says:

    This problem is rife in New Zealand. Authorities go to extraordinary lengths to encourage under age sex. Our 14-year old daughter was also victim of a gang like this in Auckland. NZ authorities gagged us (parents) and our two sons in order to keep us quiet. The NZ Head of State gave the men medals.

  2. sarah says:

    Not suprised that one of them is a cops son. How can the police not do anything? They are just as bad if they do nothing. The sick animals need a bullet

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