Is China already holding Hong Kong protesters in secret detention camps?




Social media users shared concerns after several troubling videos circulated online – one appearing to show handcuffed students being loaded onto a train and another of a train with blacked-out windows.

Users suggested the people loaded onto the train were from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and  expressed fears they didn’t know where the trains were going, the names of those on them or if they’d be back.


The videos are thought to have been taken on November 18.

One person tweeted: “Arrested protesters are getting transported out on a train.

“Unknown at this time where they will be sent. Residents and press are heard asking for their names.”

Taiwan News allege that Facebook group, Clear Voices from the Island, uploaded a post – now deleted – that shows “apparent protesters allegedly being loaded onto the train.

“The author of the post then writes that there is a high-resolution photo of a train originating from Hung Hom Station taken at 12:01 p.m. and showing people in handcuffs being led on board.”

Another Twitter user shared footage of the train, captioned: “Our kids can’t be disappeared!”

It was pointed out the train in the footage was part of the East Rail Line of the Mass Transit Railway with the final station stops, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau being border checkpoints into China.

Last week students were marched off by police after barricading themselves into the city’s university campuses and constructing crude weapons including a “giant gas canister nail bomb” they allegedly planned to use against police.

Unofficial reports say hundreds of students previously at the protest sites are unaccounted for.


佢哋想del片 麻煩分享出去

已經傳咗6日 都好似無人知佢哋係個🤔

1201 紅磡 火車 [清晰相] ‼️

更新 粉紅色衫小朋友已有律師跟進🙏🏼


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