My Dear Papa – karya Nurul Hana Anwar, menceritakan detik detik ketika 20 September 1998…

zzzanwar.jpgAnwar Ibrahim, accompanied by his wife Dr Wan Azizah, being led out of his house in Bukit Damansara by masked policemen, on Sept 20, 1998. (AP pic)

Indeed it was exactly 20 years ago – on Sept 20, 1998 – that scores of masked policemen in riot gear barged into Anwar’s house and arrested him in an incident that arguably marked the beginning of a political upheaval that culminated in Barisan Nasional’s (BN) downfall last May.

The rise, fall and rise again of Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar was arrested on 20 September 1998 and detained without trial under the country’s controversial Internal Security Act (ISA). The Home Minister at the time was also the Prime Minister, Mahathir. Weeks later, Anwar was charged with corruption for allegedly interfering with the police investigation of him. While he was in police custody in 1998, Anwar was beaten by the then Inspector General of Police, Rahim Noor. The public and the media only witnessed his black eye after he was brought to Court for the first time, and Mahathir remarked that it could have been a self-inflicted injury to garner public sympathy. Rahim was subsequently found guilty of assault and jailed for two months in 2000. He made a public apology to Anwar and paid undisclosed damages.[17]

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