Tiger, Tiger, Dead in the Night? At the hands of Orang Asli kids?

14 Oct 2016


Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) Enforcement Acting Director, Rozidan Md Yasin told NST Online that initial information gathered suggests that the incident took place in Pahang.

“Investigations are ongoing and at this stage, it is difficult to confirm the location and when it took place,” he said.

13 Oct 2016

URGENT! Message from MYCAT (Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers)

Dear all,
There are photos circulating on FB about a tiger that was killed (attached), you may have already seen them. They surfaced last week, Perhilitan is investigating. If you have any info about this from your sources, feel free to communicate with Perhilitan directly (1 300 801010) or you can channel it through us (019 3564194). Perhilitan says that based on preliminary info, this tiger was poached in Pahang.

We will share the photos on FB (since they are already out there), but with blurred out faces of the men. Please share freely.

Add your voice to the call for #NoMoreDeadTigers at bit.do/mycatpetition


Orang Asli kids kill tiger

October 13, 2016

PETALING JAYA: Pictures of two Orang Asli children killing a tiger have gone viral on social media.

Following that, a wildlife watchdog is appealing to Malaysians to come forward to identify the people behind the killing.

Malaysian Nature Society President Hendry Goh said the incident took place last week in Pahang.

“The tiger was killed with a snare, usually used by the Orang Asli. They will wait for the tiger to walk into the sharp snare that kills the animal,” he told FMT.

Goh posted the pictures of the incident on his Facebook page today, urging people with knowledge on the incident to contact the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) at 1 300 801 010 or call MNS at 019 3564194.

He said poachers continue to use Orang Asli to kill wildlife in Malaysia.

“The poachers will give a bit of money to Orang Asli to kill the animals.

“In return, they make thousands in US dollars by selling the skins and other organs on the underground international market.”

MNS, he said, is hoping to preserve tigers, which are a national symbol.

Celebration! Four Orang Asli acquitted by Court is a Time of Joy!

Orang Asli to face prosecution over trapped tiger

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