Video: Haunting at Tune Talk office? Or a prank? #HungryGhosts

GHOST?!Something strange happened last night in our office. It freaked us out when we check the CCTV foootage.
Our chinese colleague said that it’s not really a good month. So be careful everyone

13 August 2016

Chairs move and paper gets thrown at man who is alone in Malaysian telco office


When he was seated at his desk, working on his computer, the chair next to him spins on its own.

As the man moved closer to investigate, another chair behind him moves as well, but this goes unnoticed by the him.

But he does notice when a stack of paper gets flung at him by an unseen force.

He immediately stands up and makes a phonecall, visibly spooked by what happened.

Hungry Ghosts. If a hungry man is an angry man, what about a hungry ghost?

Ghosts. Hantu. 鬼.

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