Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has a doctorate but…


He has a fixation on himself, pig farms, night clubs, alcohol and the Chinese, and not necessarily in that order.

Tee wants a Chinese Muslim leading Umno, PAS some day

May 2, 2016

Controversial preacher laments that Muslim converts are not appointed to top posts in religious organisations as racism is still rife in the country.

PETALING JAYA: Despite Umno being a Malay-based party, controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee Abdullah hopes to one day see a Chinese Muslim lead the nation’s biggest political organisation.

Tee, in his weekly column published in Sinar Harian, said also he hoped a Chinese Muslim could one day be at the helm of PAS.

These declarations come in the wake of Tee’s claims that MCA would likely never admit Chinese Muslims into their party. MCA is a Chinese-based component party of the Barisan Nasional.

“MCA is racist which is why it says the Federal Constitution is racist,” he wrote, alluding to MCA spokesperson, Ti Lian Ker, who had last month said the Federal Constitution was coloured by racial and religious provisions.

Earlier, Tee said he was saddened by the fact that many Muslim organisations, including zakat (tithe) institutions, were filled with Malay Muslims. It was as if, he lamented, there were no Muslims of other races.

With this being the case, he advised Muslim converts against pinning their hopes on getting appointed to top posts in Islamic institutions like religious departments or councils and added, “Converts would only be placed in departments for converts.”

Tee pointed out that Christian organisations did not hesitate to appoint a Chinese Christian to a top post if he or she was qualified for the job.


23 May 2016

Free Malaysia Today

Don’t be too greedy or power hungry, Tee tells Chinese

May 23, 2016

Controversial preacher defends Adenan Satem over the chief minister’s decision not to appoint a Chinese deputy chief minister in Sarawak.


PETALING JAYA: Controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has urged his fellow Chinese not to be too greedy or power hungry, saying the community already “received more than what was fair.”

In his column in Sinar Harian today, Tee defended Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem on his decision not to appoint a Chinese as a deputy chief minister, an issue the preacher claimed had been played up recently by many social media users and media belonging to the “ultra kiasu.”

Tee explained that it was justice – the cornerstone of all civilisations – that was important and not political appointments, and hoped the people of his “race” realised this.

He urged them to be satisfied with the economic opportunities already presented to them, which had given them wealth without any of their rights being taken away, unlike the situation in communist countries.

“Don’t be too power hungry or greedy.”

“Do not become like the ultra kiasu political parties in Peninsular Malaysia,” he said, while also praising other ethnic groups in Sarawak for not demanding a DCM post, even though they had more of a right to the post, than other ethnic groups that had migrated there.


3 May 2016

MCA: Has Tee realised being ‘sepet’ is a disadvantage? via


2 May 2016

Tee wants a Chinese Muslim leading Umno, PAS some day

May 2, 2016

Controversial preacher laments that Muslim converts are not appointed to top posts in religious organisations as racism is still rife in the country.


PETALING JAYA: Despite Umno being a Malay-based party, controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee Abdullah hopes to one day see a Chinese Muslim lead the nation’s biggest political organisation.

Tee, in his weekly column published in Sinar Harian, said also he hoped a Chinese Muslim could one day be at the helm of PAS.

These declarations come in the wake of Tee’s claims that MCA would likely never admit Chinese Muslims into their party. MCA is a Chinese-based component party of the Barisan Nasional.

“MCA is racist which is why it says the Federal Constitution is racist,” he wrote, alluding to MCA spokesperson, Ti Lian Ker, who had last month said the Federal Constitution was coloured by racial and religious provisions.

Earlier, Tee said he was saddened by the fact that many Muslim organisations, including zakat (tithe) institutions, were filled with Malay Muslims. It was as if, he lamented, there were no Muslims of other races.

With this being the case, he advised Muslim converts against pinning their hopes on getting appointed to top posts in Islamic institutions like religious departments or councils and added, “Converts would only be placed in departments for converts.”

Tee pointed out that Christian organisations did not hesitate to appoint a Chinese Christian to a top post if he or she was qualified for the job.


Free Malaysia Today

Tee explains why he’s ‘popular’

August 3, 2015

He says he’ll continue to speak the truth even if it means imprisonment


PETALING JAYA: Sinar Harian columnist Ridhuan Tee has declared that he will continue to “express the truth” in his writings despite the controversy he courts and even if it leads to his imprisonment.

“It is more worthwhile going to prison for defending the truth than to end up there defending the enemies of Islam,” he says in an article that aknowledges that he has plenty of detractors.

“I’m not an Umno member and I don’t speak for Umno,” he says. “There’s nobody to protect me. I do what I do in the name of God and country.”

He rejects allegations that he makes controversial statements merely to draw attention to himself, claiming that he was in the public eye even before he started writing for Sinar Harian.

“Hello,” he writes. “I’ve been receiving attention and have been popular since a long time ago. There’s no need for me to seek publicity.

“I’ve maintained my stature because I stick to my principles.”


Malay Mail Online

Ridhuan Tee: To stay afloat, PAS should boot all ‘ultra kiasu’ pro-Pakatan leaders

KUALA LUMPUR, May 25 — PAS should remove all its “ultra kiasu” members who support the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact to ensure the Islamic party remains a relevant and respected entity, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah said.

The Sinar Harian columnist and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin lecturer claimed these “ultra kiasu” PAS members no longer have the best interests of Islam at heart and warned that if they were to continue supporting PR, specifically DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, they will soon be eliminated from the political scene altogether.

“PAS’s ‘ultra kiasu’ leaders that support the ‘ultra kiasu leader’ have alternative agendas. They want to be elected as ministers when the ‘ultra kiasu’ manages to snatch Putrajaya one day,” he said, referring to Lim as the ‘ultra kiasu leader.’

“As such, I hope PAS’s top leaders will clean out the ‘ultra kiasu’ in PAS, which is becoming more cancerous. PAS must remove them or PAS will no longer be respected,” Tee said in his column today.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/ridhuan-tee-to-stay-afloat-pas-should-boot-all-ultra-kiasu-pro-pakatan-lead?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed#sthash.40M9H34U.dpuf

As always, he offers a simplistic view.

Malay Mail Online

Ridhuan Tee: Alcohol to blame for prostitution, rape, incest, AIDS

KUALA LUMPUR, May 18 — Alcohol is likely to blame for prostitution, rape, incest, and even the spread of AIDS, controversial lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah claimed today in a column labelling liquor as the “root of all evil”.

The Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin lecturer also urged Malaysia to close all breweries in the country and stop serving it during flights, and told Muslims that they should only wait until heaven to consume alcohol.

“If you want to drink alcohol so much, make sure you enter heaven in the afterlife, because alcohol there is like a flowing river. Drink to your heart’s content.

“But in life, you cannot, because it brings harm. Take lesson from this,” Tee said in his column in Malay daily Sinar Harian.

Tee was referring to verse 47:15 in Quran, which describes heaven as possessing rivers of “unadulterated water, milk, delicious wine, and clarified honey” for the righteous.

He also cited a research by the US Department of Justice which he claimed found that rape cases involving drunkards occur at least once every day.

The study also says that most AIDS patients consume alcohol, Tee claimed.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/ridhuan-tee-alcohol-to-blame-for-prostitution-rape-incest-aids#sthash.SBIWu43D.dpuf

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Teo Chee Kang, “Being a Muslim convert, airing such a proposal reflects that Tee himself is an ‘ultra kiasu‘, who is always in constant fear that he may not be accepted by the Muslim community.”

Ridhuan Tee has suggested that the EC should require people wanting to become elected representatives, whether at the parliamentary or state levels, to have at least a credit in Bahasa Malaysia in their SPM results.  

3:59PM May 4, 2015


LDP: Ridhuan’s ‘BM rule’ will disqualify most

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Teo Chee Kang has criticised a suggestion to require prospective election candidates to possess at least a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia to qualify to contest.

In a press release today, Teo said this suggestion would result in inequality among Malaysians.

“If a credit in BM in the SPM is made a legal requirement, half of the Malaysian citizens may lose their right to contest in the general elections,” said Teo, who leads the BN component party, which holds three seats in the Sabah state assembly.

In KUCHING, Sarawak PKR vice chairperson See Chee How reporters that chief minister Adenan Satem and his entire state cabinet would not qualify to contest in elections if the rule was put in place.

The Malay Mail Online quoted him saying that he had checked the educational backgrounds of the nine cabinet members and found that they had not sat for the Malay-language papers during their Senior Cambridge Examination (SCE) and the Higher School Certificate (HSC).


Malay Mail Online

More pig farms and nightclubs if ‘ultra kiasus’ win in Dr M-Najib row, Ridhuan Tee warns

KUALA LUMPUR, May 4 — Controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah warned today that Putrajaya could fall into the hands of the “ultra kiasu” if the conflict between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Najib Razak to continues to persist unabated.

He said the ferocity of Dr Mahathir’s recent attacks on Najib “frightens” him as it puts Malay unity at risk, and could ultimately lead to a total split in the country’s dominant ethnic group.

“I cannot imagine if our country falls to the hands of the ultra kiasu. At the very least, they will ask for the role of deputy prime minister.

“They will continue to insist on vernacular schools and increase the number of houses of worship. The UEC (Unified Examination Certificate) will be endorsed,” he said, referring to the China-recognised education certificates issued by independent Chinese secondary schools here.

“Illegally occupied land will be given 999-year leases. And there will be more pig farms, alcohol factories, gambling and nightclubs as well,” Tee continued in his Sinar Harian column today.

Tee often uses the “ultra kiasu” euphemism to refer to those in the DAP, the Chinese and the Christians, although he has also denied targeting only the Chinese.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/more-pig-farms-and-nightclubs-if-ultra-kiasus-win-in-dr-m-najib-row-ridhuan?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed#sthash.AzSnQ6Lq.dpuf

Free Malaysia Today

Tee: I was told to back Dr M, but I didn’t

May 4, 2015

He says he instead warned of non-Muslims exploiting the Mahathir-Najib dispute for their own benefit

ALING JAYA: Ridhuan Tee has denied a news report that said he supported Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s call for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation.

Referring to the speech he delivered as an opener to Mahathir’s address to the public two Saturdays ago, he says his main message was that the political battle between the former prime minister and Najib did not profit Muslims in any way.

Writing for his Sinar Harian column, the controversial preacher also denies reports that he was one of the organisers of the event, billed as “A Statesman Speaks”.

Tee says he was invited to speak for 15 minutes and was indeed told by the organisers to speak “in tune” with Mahathir.

“I accepted the invitation to speak in good faith, but I did not choose sides in the dispute. The gist of what I said was that the crisis between Tun M and the PM would not bring any profit to the Muslim community, but would instead benefit the non-Muslims, who are bound to exploit the situation. I told those present to discuss the truth, not who’s right and who’s wrong.”

He tells his readers that he believes the nation must be saved from falling into the hands of the “ultra kiasu”, his code phrase for political parties controlled by non-Muslims.


We get it, Tee. You’re Chinese and your Malay is good. Just get off your pedestal, will you?

Free Malaysia Today

Tee mocks MPs who call themselves ‘wakil lakyat’

April 27, 2015

He also criticises journalists who haven’t mastered Malay.

Controversial preacher and academician Ridhuan Tee has censured MPs and state assemblymen who don’t bother to improve their proficiency in the national language, targeting the Chinese in particular.

He says in his Sinar Harian column today that he is “nauseated” by their inability to speak Malay properly and he questions their worthiness as representatives of the people.

He goes on to mock their pronunciation of Malay words – ‘”lu” for “kamu” (you), “terbulu-bulu” for “terburu-buru” (hasty), “laja” for “raja” (king) and so on.

“As a Chinese,” he says, “I admit that it is hard to say words with the letter ‘R’ in them, but if the Chinese minorities in Terengganu and Kelantan can say it right, why can’t others?”

He suggests that the Election Commission make it a requirement for anyone seeking election to at least have an SPM credit for Malay.

“We don’t want Parliament to be turned into a pasar malam (night market),” he says.
Think what you like about the man, you have to admit that he has a point.

Being a politician and representative of the people should necessitate that you have a proper command of the language. You do not just represent your ethnic group; you represent all the people in your constituency. And the fact is that the Malay language is the lingua franca in less urbanised areas.

And it certainly is a shame when members of Parliament speak the language so badly that you are forced to wonder if they speak for their Malay voters at all.


Tee blames news portals for distorting ‘rape’ article

February 27, 2015

Ridhuan Tee insists he did not blame women solely for getting raped but that sexy clothing did play a part and sometimes rape was fated.

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee has got all hot around the collar about the irresponsibility of some news portals who deliberately took his arguments about rape out of context with the express purpose of selling controversial news at his expense.

Commenting on his recent opinion piece “Bila sijahil berbicara” (When the ignorant speak), Tee told The Rakyat Post that he never said only women were to blame for rape, or that female figures make all men want to rape them.

“My words were clear,” said Tee. “Those who are rational will not rape. Only a minority does.”

“These backlashes and misunderstandings were the result of certain irresponsible news portals that did not even bother to read the article properly,” he countered.

“They (the news agencies) only scanned through it to find what would sell and published it without considering putting in the whole context,” Tee said.

“What they did was unfair to me, but I don’t care. The intelligent ones will know how to go to the source of the reports and understand what I was actually trying to convey,” he rationalised.


Malay Mail Online

Baggy clothes didn’t stop my rapist, victim tells Ridhuan Tee

Published: February 24, 2015 07:51 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — Baggy jeans and a loose T-shirt did not prevent her sexual assault in 2001, rape survivor Rosheen Fatima told controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah who claimed that women’s bodies attract rapists.

In an article titled, “My body is not an invitation” in women’s magazine Elle Malaysia, Rosheen insisted that there is no justification for rape and said Tee was merely engaging in victim-blaming.

“Shame on you, Ridhuan Tee. Put the blame where it belongs. There is only one thing that causes rape: rapists,” Rosheen said.

“Rapists make a choice to rape. There is no invitation, no fate that intervenes. It is a choice to rape. A choice to brutally assault and traumatise a fellow human being. There is no justification. Ever,” she added.

Rosheen said she was raped by strangers in 2001 – one of 1,386 reported cases – and pointed out that rape cases have increased since, with 2,998 rapes reported in the country in 2012, citing statistics from women’s group Women’s Aid Organisation.

“These figures show that rape culture exists. And misogynistic comments like Ridhuan Tee’s that attempt to justify rape are only adding to the problem,” she said.

Rosheen described rape culture as an indifferent society in which rape is normalised and where victims are blamed.

“It is rape culture that forces survivors to be silent. To not come forward. To be ashamed of something that is not their fault,” she said, noting that only one out of 10 rapes is reported.

Rosheen said she was not ashamed of what happened to her.

“It was not my fault. I am a woman. My body is not an invitation,” she said.


Malay Mail Online

Rape could happen to anyone, MCA tells Ridhuan Tee

Published: February 17, 2015 02:47 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — Anyone could end up a victim of rape and not just women who “flaunt” their bodies, MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon said today amid a controversial claim by columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah that women’s bodies invite rape.

Chong said rape is a crime that is not confined to just women and their choice of dress, as there are cases where victims are children and possibly even men.

“While Ridhuan Tee wants to blame attire and confine rape to women, he ignores other factors involving rape, i.e. paedophiles who prey on minor children, in particular those who have not even reached puberty.

These child victims are not only girls but young boys too,” Chong said in a statement, adding that a woman’s choice of attire does not explain the reasons for rape committed on men and women by those of the same gender or incest.

Chong today ridiculed Tee’s argument that pinned the responsibility for rape on women, pointing to the case of 24-year-old computer engineer Noor Suzaily Mukhtar who was sexually assaulted by a bus driver in 2000 despite being clad in a tudung and loose-fitting attire.

“Irrespective of how a woman is attired, there is no excuse whatsoever for men to be in failure to control their emotions and physique and then rape a woman.

“As a man, a husband and a father, I am totally disgusted that Ridhuan could even debase his own fellow man like as if there is only one thing in our mind as soon as we see a woman,” Chong said.



Malay Mail Online

Women’s bodies invite rape, Ridhuan Tee says

Published: February 16, 2015 04:11 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 — Controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah claimed today that women’s bodies attract rapists, amid an uproar over a recent Friday sermon that linked women’s dressing to sexual assault.

Pointing out the difference between the shape of women’s and men’s bodies, Tee said in his column on Malay daily Sinar Harian that by “exposing and flaunting” their bodies, women are motivating men to commit rape.

“The logic is simple. Women’s bodies are alluring and arousing,” said Tee in the article titled “Bila si jahil berbicara (When the ignorant speak)”.

The lecturer at the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin’s Research Institute for Islamic Products and Civilisation was explaining his reasons for disagreeing with a claim by G25 earlier this month that Kelantan will be overrun by paedophiles should the PAS government implement hudud.

Tee also claimed that wearing short skirts and going to nightclubs could lead to rape, sexual assault and other forms of violence against women.

Civil rights group Empower said last Monday that women’s clothing has nothing to do with rape, pointing out that rape victims in several high-profile cases in Malaysia include those wearing headscarves and young girls in “modest” clothing.

“The ultra kiasu said it’s those who cover their aurat who are the most commonly raped. It’s because loose cloth is easily removed, compared to tight pants,” said Tee today.


It was reported that Ridhuan Tee was denied entry to Sarawak when he arrived at the Kuching International Airport.

Ridhuan Tee, “No, I never went to Kuching.”


Saturday December 27, 2014 MYT 2:29:55 PM

Barred from Sarawak, Ridhuan Tee says he was never at Kuching airport

PETALING JAYA: Controversial academician Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, who has been banned from entering Sarawak, says he did not arrive at Kuching International Airport on Friday.

He said his scheduled talk at a mosque was cancelled and blamed Sarawak PKR for what he claimed was pressuring of the Chief Minister’s Office to bar him.

In his blog post Saturday, Dr Mohd Ridhuan – who has come under fire for his “extreme views” on race and religion – said he decided on Thursday to cancel his trip to Sarawak, a day before his scheduled religious talk in Tanjung Datu.

He claimed it was the pressure from Batu Lintang PKR assemblyman See Chee How that had forced the Chief Minister’s Office to state that he was banned from entering Sarawak.

It was reported on Friday that Dr Mohd Ridhuan was denied entry to Sarawak shortly after his arrival at Kuching International Airport, following a directive from the Chief Minister’s Office.

Prior to that, Borneo Post reported that See had notified state police chief Datuk Seri Muhammad Sabtu Osman, state Immigration Department director Datuk Robert Lian and Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s political secretary Abdullah Saidol to register his complaint over Dr Mohd Ridhuan’s presence.


Nope. Sarawak won’t let him in.


Friday December 26, 2014 MYT 4:06:36 PM

Ridhuan Tee barred from entering Sarawak

KUCHING: Controversial academician Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah was barred from entering Sarawak Friday morning.

He was told when he arrived at the Kuching International Airport that he was on the state’s persona non-grata list, Sarawak Immigration Department Hamfatullah Syawal Hamdan said.

According to a Sarawak-based newspaper, he was scheduled to give a talk at Masjid Daerah Kecil Sematan as part of the Jom Bersantai Sematan 2014-2015 programme Friday night.

The Semantan council is in the state seat of Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem, who since taking office in April, has repeatedly said he has no qualms about banning “extremists, religious bigots and racists” from entering the state.


Malaysian Insider

PKR rep cries foul over Ridhuan Tee’s talk in Sarawak

A public talk by lecturer and television host Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah in Kuching tomorrow has drawn protest from a PKR state assemblyman, who said the organisers were insensitive for inviting the controversial speaker.“This is definitely sending out a wrong signal to all Sarawakians as the chief minister has been repeating himself openly that this state will not welcome racists and religious bigots and extremists,” Batu Lintang state assemblyman See Chee How was quoted by Borneo Post as saying.http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/pkr-rep-cries-foul-over-ridhuan-tees-talk-in-sarawak

Borneo Post Online

Controversial speaker coming to town

by Jonathan Chia reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on December 25, 2014, Thursday

KUCHING: News of a controversial speaker coming to town to speak at a scheduled public talk tomorrow night (Dec 26) has prompted Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How to raise the alarm to relevant authorities.

Dr Mohd Redhuan Tee Abdullah, a senior lecturer of the National Defence University and a columnist infamous for making numerous controversial statements will be speaking at Masjid Daerah Kecil Sematan as part of the Jom Bersantai Sematan 2014-2015 programme, a move that See believes is “most unwise and insensitive” on the organisers’ part.

“He was investigated by the Defence Ministry for allegedly teaching ‘ethnic cleansing’. The infamous lecturer and column questioned about the building of the Calvary Convention Centre in Bukit Jalil near the national capital, saying that Christians do not deserve a big place of worship given that they only make up 10 per cent of the country’s population.

“He used his columns to attack the vernacular schools and the non-Malay communities, warning that five million immigrants are ready to come to Malaysia and take their places.

“He even cited MH370 and MH17 tragedies as ‘lessons’ that MAS should make air hostesses dress according to Muslim norms and ban alcohol on board their planes, that Malaysian authorities should follow Brunei’s lead without regards to local sentiments or concerns about human rights,” he said in a statement yesterday.

See said he had already notified State Police Commissioner Datuk Seri Muhammad Sabtu Osman, State Immigration Department director Datu Robert Lian and Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Abdullah Saidol through SMS to register his concern and to notify them of the scheduled public talk.

“The organisers of the ‘Jom Bersantai Sematan 2014-2015’ programme is most unwise and insensitive to invite such a controversial personality to Sarawak and to include his ‘ceramah’ as part of the official function to be held in Sematan until the new year day.



Free Malaysia Today

Tee: Alcohol, exposed flesh caused MAS’ air tragedies

November 3, 2014

Ridhuan Tee beseeches Malaysians to follow the Islamic ways of Royal Brunei Airlines.

PETALING JAYA: Ridhuan Tee, senior lecturer of the National Defence University has offered the main reasons behind the tragedies of MH370 and MH17 that struck MAS this year.

In his column “Buka Minda” (Open your mind) in Sinar Harian today, Tee said MH370 went missing and MH17 was shot down simply because Malaysians were reluctant to be more Islamic.

Asking, “Aren’t the lessons of MH17 and MH370 not enough?” Tee attributed these tragedies to the in-flight crew that did not bother to dress in a more Islamic manner and the serving of alcohol that was prohibited in Islam.

The issue of alcohol was one he spent a lot of thought on, saying tourists “were practically bathing in alcohol in their own countries.”

He also implied MAS was reluctant to ban alcohol onboard their flights for fear of losing customers. This, he found too frivolous saying, “Our alcohol is not as good as theirs”, a statement he contradicted himself immediately after when he wrote, “And besides, the alcohol we serve (on our flights) are brands from their countries.”

He also observed that it was not foreigners who wished to drink alcohol, but Malaysians themselves.



3:49PM Aug 18, 2014


Ridhuan Tee: No Khalid, Selangor will be ‘Darul Babi’

Controversial Sinar Harian columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah warned today that Selangor will be known as ‘Selangor Darul Babi’ if current Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is removed from his position.

In his column titled ‘PAS perlu bersama MB Selangor’ (PAS must stay with Selangor MB), Ridhuan reminded PAS that the real enemy is not Umno, but the ‘ultra-kiasu’, which means any individual who is against Islam or Malays.

Ridhuan said one of the main aggravations that Khalid’s detractors have against him is the lack of approval for a RM100 million integrated pig farm in the state.

“I am worried, if this project is approved, Selangor will be known as ‘darul babi’. Too many pig farms in Selangor, and this has caused discomfort among the people, especially the Muslims,” he argued.



8:20AM Aug 20, 2014

By Yoursay

Sedition only for Form 5 students, not Ridhuan

Ferdtan: It looks like Sinar Harian columnist and National Defence University lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah wants to change the name of Selangor Darul Ehsan to ‘Selangor Darul Babi’.

If he is not charged with disrespect to the sultan then it means that the authorities have no objection.

Doc: “Selangor Darul Babi.” It sounds seditious to me. Then again “sedition” only applies to the common people (for example, Form 5 students) and opposition politicians.

Ridhuan Tee, Isma, Perkasa and Jati are pro-Umno goons, thus it is just impossible for them to have any seditious intention.

The Malaysian: The police should charge Ridhuan for insulting my home state Selangor and twisting our beautiful state name Selangor Darul Ehsan to Selangor Darul Babi.

HRH the Sultan of Selangor is surely hurt by this remark as HRH is an educated man who does not stand for such lowly nonsense.

Fellow Malaysians, please do not stoop so low and be like the brainless idiot, Ridhuan Tee. Let’s pray that our PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) will take immediate action.

Worried Sick: My God, Ridhuan Tee must be leading a charmed life. He can use terms like ‘Selangor Darul Babi’ and yet get away with it.

HRH the Sultan of Selangor should personally insist that this man be charged in court to safeguard HRH’s reputation and the dignity of his state.

YF: How is it that Ridhuan Tee can insult the Sultan of Selangor by calling his kingdom a derogatory and insulting word?

This is ‘derhaka’ of the highest order and what’s more no Umno leaders are taking any action against Ridhuan Tee.



Free Malaysia Today

Ridhuan Tee, the King of all Kiasu

June 20, 2014

FMT LETTER: George Lee via email

When you became a Muslim convert, you thought this could alter your race in official forms.

When you accused non-Malays of being hypocrites who robbed the rights of the Malays, you thought this could make you more Malay.

When you called on Muslims to boycott eateries run by non-Muslims, you thought this could wipe out your Chinese heredity.

When you told stewardesses to be properly attired so as to protect their ‘aurat’, you thought this could make women more subservient.

When you plagiarised your doctorate thesis, you thought this could fast track your success.

When you questioned the loyalties of non-Malays towards our sportsmen, you thought this could prove that non-Malays do not love their country.

When you challenged non-Malays to migrate, you thought this could exert merciless dominance towards the minorities.

When you conjured up the fallacy that Islam is under threat, you thought this could divert attention from your dubious identity.

When you suggested hudud be implemented by force, you thought Malaysians were fools still living in the Stone Ages.

When you complained that big churches cannot be built, you thought the faith of a religion lies solely on the size of its place of worship.

Tee Chuan Seng, enough is enough! You have proven that you are truly the King of All Kiasu.


Free Malaysia Today

Storm in a Tee cup

June 17, 2014

Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah lashes out at Christians for building a huge church in Bukit Jalil. Seems like the danger might be only in his head.

Jasmine Wong

Looks like nothing riles Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah more than insignificant developments in the religious community that for some inane reason Tee equates as an affront to all Muslims.

As the biggest church in Southeast Asia takes shape in Bukit Jalil, Tee sees it fit to admonish the Christian community of overstepping their boundaries when they make up just 10% of our population.

Honestly… the nerve of these Christians!

Never mind that most churches are bursting at the seams every weekend, with many a church-goer, young and old, sitting on plastic chairs along its wings, in the basement and under the church porch in sweltering heat. Never mind the hunt for precious bays to park cars. Or the long trek to church once a spot is found… far, far away.

To Tee, size matters. Or rather it threatens. The bigger the church, the bigger the threat to Muslims. Going by that logic alone, would it not also mean the smaller the brain, the less logic it produces?

Malaysians from all walks of life and all religions should listen to Tee more for comic relief than anything else.

To fume over his remarks is to give him more credit than he deserves. His is a twisted ideology of fear, hatred and domination coming from a misguided soul whose sole aim is to annihilate all others not of his religion.

Malaysians are far more intelligent than that. Better instead to brew a nice hot cup of tea and have a good laugh… at Tee’s expense!

Jasmine Wong is a FMT columnist



Ridhuan Tee, “We have been too good in allowing them to build the biggest church here when they make up less than 10% of the population.”


Christians shouldn’t be allowed to build mega churches, says Ridhuan


Controversial columnist Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is now perturbed by the size of the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) in Bukit Jalil, the largest church in Southeast Asia, saying that Christians did not deserve such a big place of worship given that they only make up 10% of Malaysia’s population.

The lecturer said instead, Buddhists deserved bigger temples because they accounted for 20% of the population.

“We have been too good in allowing them to build the biggest church here when they make up less than 10% of the population.

“This does not include the churches in each state, district and also those in shophouses and in Orang Asli settlements.

“To be fair, the Buddhist deserve more as they make up more than 20%,” he said in his article in Sinar Harian titled “What is fair and what is not”.

The RM200 million 55,700-square-metre building which began operations in July last year, boasts a 5,000-seat auditorium, as well as a multi-purpose hall, classrooms, lecture halls, a nursery and retail stores and cafes.

According to Ridhuan, Muslims in Malaysia were so good, adding that the comfortable conditions enjoyed by the non-Muslims here did not exist in neighbouring countries.

He added that the government has given a lot of leeway to other groups to air their views to the extent it was now posing a problem.

“I remember the saying, 10% of conflicts arise from opposing views, 90% from the wrong voices.

“What is happening today is that we have given freedom to the 90% immoral voices that keep talking about their rights. In the end, we feel pressured.”


Ridhuan Tee:“We have been too nice all this while. Look at how we have allowed them to build the largest church, when Christians number less than 10 per cent (of the population.) This does not include the churches in every state, district, area, shophouses, and Orang Asli villages,”

No more Mr Nice Guy, Muslim convert writer tells Putrajaya
KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — Putrajaya is already too accommodating towards non-Muslims here, said controversial Muslim convert writer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah when telling the federal government to rebuff critics of the way it was handling racial..


He blames the “ultra kiasu”, a reference he uses for the Chinese, for the Cadbury incident.


8:44AM Jun 11, 2014

Don’t trust Ridhuan, after all he has Chinese blood


‘Let us not curse him for the pain he must have suffered.’

‘Don’t be too grateful to non-Malay voters’

Tholu: Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, I give you four reasons why you are not a human:

1. You are a traitor to your race to call them ‘ultra kiasu’ despite you being one of them.

2. You are not a true adherent of the Islamic teachings since Islam doesn’t preach racial and religious discrimination.

Remember the story in which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is said to have stood up as a Jew funeral procession was passing by Him?

So having forsaken the religion of your ancestors and being a bad example of a Muslim convert, you are a ‘stray creature’ without a religion (unless stray creatures can be categorised as humans).

3. Humans have, well, humanitarian instincts – filial piety, feelings of mutual understanding and respect and sensitivity towards the feelings of fellow humans regardless of their race and religion. (You do not possess any of these).

4. Respectable and dignified humans do not curry favour with the powers-that-be for material (and perhaps political) gains. You are shamelessly doing it with Umno.

Ipohcrite: “Do not be too thankful to other people and forget our own,” so said Ridhuan Tee.

Now, I wonder, what he meant by “other people” and “our own” since he is still Chinese by birth and even though he has converted and embraced Islam, he is by no means a Malay at all.

Ridhuan is indeed one very confused fellow as he is still an ultra-kiasu even though he refuses to admit it. Either way, he will never be “our own.” I actually feel sorry for this guy.

Speaking Sense: Ridhuan, no matter how you try to dishonour them, you were still born to Chinese parents. And it is not necessary to dishonour them and people of other races just because you choose to become a Muslim.

By all means, continue to be a Muslim and try to benefit all you can from being one, but leave the other races out of your warped logic.

When are you going to understand you can change your religion, but you cannot change your race. You curse yourself whenever you curse your race.

BTN: Well, if we accept this Chinese Muslim’s argument than you better watch out.

His blood and family are all Chinese and as it stands based on his admission, they are all ultra-kiasu. Don’t trust him as he is a Chinese. This is what he is telling you.

Anonnona: Ridhuan is totally immersed in hatred of the non-Malays. Something done by a non-Malay in the past must have hurt him so badly that he is blinded with hatred.

Let us not curse him but have compassion for the pain he must have suffered and is still suffering to cause him to be what he is today. Let us bless him instead of scold him.

The above is a selection of comments posted by Malaysiakinisubscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments.


He blames the “ultra kiasu”, a reference he uses for the Chinese, for the Cadbury incident.

He also claims to have experience of “rearing pigs and eating pork”.


1:00PM Jun 2, 2014

Ridhuan warns of ‘DNA babi’ and ‘ultra kiasu’

Controversial academic Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has penned about the dangers posed by pork and the “ultra kiasu” to Muslims.

For his argument, the lecturer also gleans from his experience of rearing pigs and consuming pork before embracing Islam.

Ridhuan’s column in Sinar Harian, which was published today, comes in the wake of claims that porcine DNA was found in two Cadbury chocolate products, which has since been proven false.

The Chinese convert blamed the “ultra kiasu” – a reference he uses for Chinese – for the Cadbury imbroglio, which sparked off outrage among Muslims.

Disagreeing with the calls by some to torch the Cadbury factory, Ridhuan, however, suggested that its licence be revoked, arguing that it would not bankrupt the

‘Ultra kiasu will become bolder’

“This is important to serve as a lesson to others. If not, the ultra kiasu will become bolder. I am worried that in future, we will consume pork even though not in the form of real pork.

“This is because, the ultra-kiasu are producers and we are consumers. In short, as long as we are not producers, until then, it will be difficult to get the true meaning of halal,” he added.

Based on his experience of “rearing pigs and eating pork”, Ridhuan also claimed that pork lard is one of the best ingredients to add shine and flavour to food.

“If there are food which shine such as noodles, cakes and others, it is possible that it is mixed with this forbidden food,” he said.


Free Malaysia Today

A sportsman’s response to Ridhuan Tee

May 29, 2014

FMT LETTER: From Eddie Lim Yit Min, via e-mail

And so he’s done it again. Ridhuan Tee has somehow managed to turn a night of almost-sporting-jubilance for Malaysians into a race-fueled field day for himself.

I won the gold medal eventually, and when I was watching back the fight on the video recorded by my teammate, I heard the most amazing comments from my teammates that wouldn’t have been possibly audible if it wasn’t for the video.

One of them was cursing when points weren’t registered for me, sometimes in swearwords that I didn’t even know existed in the Chinese dictionary. He was Indian. And man, was he good at it. The first person who congratulated me subsequent to the match, apart from my teammates, was Malay.

And my teammates who threw me up in the air in celebration were Malays, Chinese, and Indians. These are the exact people who I will forever treasure in my life. These are people who have gone through more extreme physical training than what most people will ever be subjected to in their lifetime.

They are the ones who showed me that the reason we trained hard was for the glory of our nation, family, friends, and ultimately, ourselves. Race, was never in that sentence. I would’ve had no doubt that it would’ve been my name they would be shouting no matter what country or race I faced.

And so, just to answer your question, professor, yes I would whole-heartedly support Misbun if he were to go head-to-head with Lin Dan. Why? Because I think Malaysians are just cool like that. Either that, or because I think he hensem.

The writer is a former SEA Games gold medallist in taekwondo



#TeamShaarin – Malaysians’ fight against Ridhuan Tee

Infamous for spewing seemingly racist comments, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a columnist and university lecturer, recently got attacked on Twitter for all the nonsense that he writes about.

A television producer and friend of mine, Sha’arin Razali Wong, via Twitter, told Tee to keep quiet if he didn’t have anything intelligent to say.

A series of tweet exchanges went on between the two of them and let’s just say that Tee turned out to be very crude in his responses.

As we all know, Tee doesn’t have many fans out there, and especially not in the more open-minded New Media world where people are more progressive.

Other people started tweeting against Tee and in support for Sha’arin. In fact, a hash tag was created that started trending – #TeamShaarin.

At the end of it all, Tee, whose responses were mainly calls for Sha’arin to come and meet him personally so he can ‘teach’ him, just decided to keep quiet.

Now, Sha’arin is a friend of mine and I know where his anger and annoyance towards Tee is coming from. His father, like Tee, is a Malaysian-Chinese-Muslim convert.

His father is a practicing Muslim and faithful Malaysian. Never would he spew out comments that call for racial disunity and religious elitism.

So, for Sha’arin, it is personal. And guess what? I come from a multi-racial and multi-religious family too. So it is personal for me too.

Go #TeamShaarin!


“The first person who congratulated me subsequent to the match, apart from my teammates, was Malay. And my teammates who threw me up in the air in celebration were Malays, Chinese, and Indians.”
Lin Dan or Misbun? — Eddie Lim
MAY 28 — And so he’s done it again. Ridhuan Tee has…

Open Letter with reference to Teluk Intan by election!

 May 28, 2014
urlDear Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Ibrahim Ali and Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman

Ooi Chai Giap

Dear Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Ibrahim Ali and Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman,

Dear three of you, who are very “big mouth” with regard to 3R – Race, Religion and Royalty.

I write this open letter, perhaps the shortest and simple to test your stand:

Mah Siew Keong = Gerakan = BN = Calon dari Pendatang/Penceroboh

Dyana = DAP = PR = Calon berjiwa rakyat

Yes, three of you make your stand, which candidate you choose/support!


I heard Ridhuan Tee says that since he converted to Islam, he has become Malay. Tomorrow, I’ll convert to Christianity and become Italian.


Sometimes very penat explaining to people that not covering idiots like Ridhuan Tee, Perkasa etc won’t make them go away.


This is another joke that made my day. Lol. Kalau misbun lawan ridhuan tee, siapa cina sokong? Hahahaha

Embedded image permalink



Even Ridhuan Tee already becomes Malay! LoL

Ridhuan can think and dream like a Malay, but he is still a Chinese. The fact also remains that Ridhuan was…




9:00AM May 28, 2014

Whatever Tee says won’t make him more Malay

YOURSAY ‘You are a Chinese, regardless how you hate yourself as being one.’‘Chong Wei vs Misbun, who will they support?’
David Dass: This is totally confused thinking. It first assumes that Chinese Malaysians will not support a Malay badminton player if his opponent is a Chinese from China.And Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has no basis to say that. Secondly, who made him the guy in charge of nationalism.And thirdly, he draws some kind of analogy between disloyalty and voting for the DAP. And he goes on to say that he is anti-Chinese and pro-Malay because he is defending Islam which is under threat.So Chinese by that fact alone are both anti-Malay and anti-Islam. He should take a course on straight thinking.Guyintheglass: The more Ridhuan speaks, the more he shows his lack of knowledge. The analogy used is a poor one.In the 1992 Thomas cup semi-final against China, all Malaysians were solidly behind Malaysia.For the record, the first singles was between Rashid Sidek and Zhao Jianhua which Rashid won. I think arguing with Ridhuan will bring down one’s IQ.Casey: A betrayer is a traitor. Ridhuan not only betrays his family and ancestors, he betrays the Malays whom he professes friendship.Ridhuan is also a traitor to the Malays and the nation solely because, while professing friendship by championing the Malay’s cause, he distorts facts, incites ethnic hatred, fuels religious bigotries, and selfishly set the nation on a collision course.Majoring On The Minor: A wise man once told me to beware of the swinging pendulum – that we all need to make an effort to take the middle path. Ridhuan is such a pendulum.The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other: from a Chinese, and now to a somewhat Malay who needs to keep justifying his “Malayness” through bellicose statements against his Chinese roots.It is true, then, that the Malays are an accepting lot – that they will let a Chinese defend their Malayness for them. But the more Ridhuan does so, the more value-less the Malay identity is.

Ferdtan: Ridhuan, sorry to disappoint you – don’t think that by bashing your own kind you can be one of them. You were there to make some Malay ultras entertained that they can make a fool of at least one willing stupid Chinaman.

That was the ultimate racial supremacy satisfaction. I read the same thing in one of the Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s autobiographies.

Long time ago, before he was well known in politics and well-off from his private medical practice, he said he employed a personal Chinese driver, which he said haughtily, was unheard of (uncommon) in those days – a Chinese servant driving a Malay master.

Nothing wrong with that – it was only an employment but he insinuated (and not correct in taking pride) for a different reason.

Iiiizzzziiii: I do not know Ridhuan and I also do not wish to make claim of meeting or socialising with him. If he professes to be the champion and defender of Islam, then I think he is doing a very bad job at that.

With words that come out from him, they only serve to drive many away and yet the sad thing is he is not aware of his own action.

He claims to an educated person, but his rationale and thinking do not reflect an ounce of wisdom. Ridhuan is like an empty vessel that makes a lot of noise.

At a personal level, I find this Ridhuan character very interesting. What made him said the things seems to indicate a highly insecure character and with a low self-esteemed, hence the need to engage in self-justification reinforcing the belief that he is a self-worthy person rather than a loser.

Perhaps we may meet one day, but definitely not in this lifetime.

Malaysian Born: This is one terribly confused and rather twisted individual.

They hit the nail on the head when they said he had an identity complex but in reality I think his psychosis seems to be far more complex than that – this need to attack non-Muslims while constantly working on being perceived as a Malay himself.

2Kali5: Ridhuan, no one question or want to deny you in your right to convert into and defend the sanctity of your religion, Islam. We do not question your patriotism, but what irks so many is that you seem to say that only Malays can and are patriotic.

We don’t deny that you are now a Muslim, but it does not detract from the fact, you are a Chinese, regardless how you hate yourself as being one, and whatever you do or say will not change you into a Malay, ipso facto, period.




Accused of plagiarism and teaching ethnic cleansing, he compounds his own unpopularity by resorting to rude chauvinism.



Ridhuan Tee is just…sad.

Embedded image permalink

u shut up. Manners where? I teach u politics latee u kno

You shut up tu lawak hahahha

kelakar betul

One bad thing about the internet is that it sometimes endorses stupidity. Kalau takde net org tak kenal pun Ridhuan Tee, ISMA semua ni.


Malaysian Insider


Kepada Ridhuan Tee – Yap Boon Kah

May 28, 2014

Jangan mensyaki kesetiaan orang Cina kepada Malaysia, kami marah bila orang suruh kami balik China. Kami sudah memotong tali perhubungan dengan China, kami hanya lawat sebagai pelancong, bukan sebagai bekas warganegara.

Bagi saya, soalan Ridhuan satu soalan bodoh. Saya rasa tiada rakyat Malaysia yang tidak sayangkan negara. Adakah Datuk Lee Chong Wei akan biarkan Lin Dan menang dalam pertarungan Piala Thomas? Supaya negara China boleh dapat piala? Bukankah semua pemain Piala Thomas 2014 orang Cina? Tidakkah mereka bermain bermati-matian untuk negara? Adakah ketua pelatih Rashid Sidek meragui kesetiaan pemain Malaysia?

Orang Cina di Malaysia yang berupaya untuk berhijrah ke negara barat berbuat demikian untuk masa depan anak mereka, peluang pendidikan yang lebih cerah. Semua rakyat Cina setia kepada negara. Mereka merungut kerana tidak diberi peluang pelajaran dan perniagaan yang sekata. Jika mereka melihat Misbun dan Lin Dan bermain di kaca TV sama ada di Melbourne atau London atau New York, ultra kiasu akan sokong Misbun.

Saya tidak faham kenapa Ridhuan bencikan bangsanya sendiri. Siapa antara ahli keluarga dan kawan-kawan Cinanya  dahulu yang ultra kiasu, tidak setia kepada negara, tamak, mempergunakan rakan Melayu mereka, menghina Islam, tidak membayar cukai dengan jujur.

Google translation

Do not suspect the loyalty of the Chinese people to Malaysia, we get angry when people tell us to go back to China . We’ve cut the tie with China, we only visit as a tourist , not as a former citizen.

For me, the question, Ridhuan, is a silly question. I do not think Malaysians do not love the country. Will Datuk Lee Chong Wei let Lin Dan win the Thomas Cup without a fight? So that China can get the trophy? Not all players in the Thomas Cup in 2014 the Chinese? Do they play tooth and nail for the country? Does the head coach Rashid Sidek doubt loyalty Malaysian players?

I do not understand why Ridhuan hates his own people. Who among family members and his Chinese friends before the ultra kiasu, not loyal to the country, greed, exploit their Malay friend, insulted Islam, do not pay taxes honestly.

* Penulis ialah pembaca The Malaysian Insider.

* Ini adalah pendapat peribadi penulis dan tidak semestinya mewakili pandangan The Malaysian Insider. 



Shamil Norshidi, President of Kelab Umno in the US East Coast, “Ridhuan Tee, learn to be Malaysian.”

Malaysian Insider

A piece of advice for Ridhuan Tee and Abdullah Zaik – Shamil Norshidi

May 15, 2014

This letter is addressed to both Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and his friendly neighbour Abdullah Zaik of Isma.

Let’s first look at Abdullah Zaik’s claims of a racial invasion. According to you, Mr. Zaik, non-Malays have no say in the proposed implementation of hudud law because they aren’t full citizens. According to you, Mr. Zaik, Malays should stand guard against the Malaysian Chinese population as they are foreign “trespassers”, out to manipulate the so-called rightful owners of the land.

This week, you said Jewish conspirators were trying to discredit your opinions by accusations of racism and extremism.

But here’s a thought, perhaps your propositions come from your high neuroticism; a high and dangerous response to perceived threat.

Perhaps also, your vast discomposure stems from an empty mind…

My advice for you Mr. Zaik would be to find a hobby. How about re-reading the Quran? Maybe this time you would see that your actions lie in contradiction to Islam, that your opposition towards Jews and non-Muslims goes against the practices of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

This next point pertains to Ridhuan Tee who has continued to propose that citizens unhappy in Malaysia pack their bags and leave. Well that’s stupid. I think your comments show a lot about your social courage (or lack thereof).

Mr. Tee, my advice would be to grow some social courage. Why not look at these colourful temples and grand churches welcomingly? You claim to defend Islam but Islam itself promotes the learning of different customs and cultures.

I guess it’s also important to bring up the term “topper”. You are a “topper”, Mr. Tee, because you see yourself as a “know-it-all”. In your tone, in your unjustified confidence, you forget that these citizens you want to get rid of are unhappy because they love this country. They want what’s best for the country. How dare you propose migration?

* Shamil Norshidi is president of Kelab Umno in the US East Coast.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.



: I love this Ridhuan Tee guy, when he says something, everyone else sounds clever! Power la u bro ” hahahaha

Ridhuan Tee adalah jelmaan syaitan Freemason. X percaya? Lantak lah

is Bebop going to be in the new TMNT? because Ridhuan Tee can be good substitute

kata orang bestari, banyak cakap maka banyak silap. ridhuan tee mgkn x pernah terjumpa ‘fatwa’ itu maka dia tak tahu bila utk menutup mulut



Kami tak perlukan Ridhuan Tee untuk melayukan melayu dengan mengutuk cina sebab kami tahu mundurnya melayu bukan kerana cina, tapi sebab kemalasan mereka sendiri.

If Ridhuan Tee is an academician..I am as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor!

Ridhuan Tee sokong Michelle Yeoh atau Fish Leong?

Ridhuan Tee sokong Dyana atau Mah?

Ridhuan Tee sedih korang bully dia


RIDHUAN TEE-HEE-HEE gets a lesson in English.

*Ridhuan Tee: Who are you want to say like this.

*Sha’arin Razali Wong:  Kalau tak tau tweet dalam BI, tweet je dlm BM, tak apa bro. (If you don’t know how to tweet in English, then tweet in BM).


Ridhuan Tee-hee-hee gets a lesson in English

Bekas suami Aktres Handalan Ida Nerina, Sha’arin Razali, adalah jejaka kacukan Cina-Melayu.


3:49PM May 27, 2014

Ridhuan vs Tweeter user: The winner is…

Controversial academician Ridhuan Tee’s shuttlecock analogy with a racial twist appears to have ruffled the feathers of a producer.

The two exchanged smashes on Twitter.

Among others, Sha’arin Razali Wong told Ridhuan, a Chinese Muslim convert, that his father had rooted for Misbun Sidek when the Malaysian shuttler played against China’s Yang Yang in the 1998 Thomas Cup final.

“My dad is Chinese, Malaysian and Muslim,” tweeted the former drummer of rock band Blackrose and husband of local celebrity Yasmin Hani.

The exchange started when Ridhuan responded today to a tweet from Sha’arin three weeks ago, which read: “Just wanted to say that if you have nothing intelligent to say, I suggest you just shut up.”

Ridhuan Tee: Who are you want to say like this.

Ridhuan Tee: Sha’arin you shut up.

Sha’arin Razali Wong: (Based on Ridhuan’s response ‘Who are you want to say like this’) Kalau tak tau tweet dalam BI, tweet je dlm BM, tak apa bro. (If you don’t know how to tweet in English, then tweet in BM).

Ridhuan Tee: Why should I tweet with you.

Ridhuan Tee: Come here, I teach you what is politics.

Sha’arin Razali Wong: (Responding to ‘Come here, I teach you what is politics’) For someone who claims to be an Islamic teacher, is this all you can say?

Ridhuan Tee: Watch your words first. The way you tweet to me, Islamic?



Malaysia Chronicle

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese will support a badminton player of their own race, even if he is from China, when he is pitted against a Malay, controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah suggested today, barely a day after Malaysia’s loss to Japan in the Thomas Cup final.

Ridhuan said determining loyalty to the country when a local ethnic Chinese plays against a Chinese national was “naive” as all Malaysians would pick the Malaysian Chinese.

“Let’s say, it was (Datuk Lee) Chong Wei or Lin Dan versus (Datuk) Misbun (Sidek) or Lin Dan versus Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia. Who will support whom?

“So stop pretending to want to show love for Malaysia, but vote for the ultra kiasus,” Ridhuan wrote in his Sinar Harian column which was published today.

Malaysia’s all-ethnic-Chinese team, led by Chong Wei, failed to capture the Thomas Cup after losing 2-3 to Japan in New Delhi last night.

Ridhuan, an ethnic Chinese convert to Islam, said some within the local Chinese community did not acknowledge or respect the rights of Malay and Bumiputera citizens.


1:12PM May 26, 2014

‘Chong Wei vs Misbun, who will they support?’

Firebrand Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has served another salvo at Chinese Malaysians, this time using a badminton analogy.

According to him, using a singles bout between Lee Chong Wei and China’s Lin Dan is a poor example to show how much Chinese Malaysians love this country.

“Both (players) are Chinese. Of course, we will support the Chinese Malaysian over the Chinese from China,” the academician said in his column in Sinar Harian today.

The real test, according to Ridhuan, would be a match between Lee and Misbun Sidek or Lin Dan versus Misbun, or Lin Dan versus Indonesia’s Taufik Hidayat.

“Who would they (Chinese Malaysians) support?” asked the Ridhuan, who teaches ethnic relations at the Malaysian Defence University.

“So there is no need to pretend in showing love for this nation, when they (Chinese Malaysians) vote the ‘ultra kiasu’ party,” he added in reference to DAP.


Misbun — Tan Zhong Yan · Malay …
Ridhuan Tee defends himself
The Rakyat Post2 hours ago

Ethnic Chinese will back own race against Malays, Ridhuan Tee

The Malay Mail Online7 hours ago
Malaysia’s all-ethnic-Chinese team, led by Lee Chong Wei, failed to capture … controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah suggested today, … “Let’s say, it was (Datuk Lee) Chong Wei or Lin Dan versus (Datuk) Misbun (Sidek) or Lin … Misbun vs Lin Dan: Saya sokong Misbun — Tan Zhong Yan · Malay


“Has this university lecturer even contemplated that the actions he advocates could spiral out control if overzealous spies descend to vigilantism, hooliganism, urging disruption during church services – all of which contravene the law and civilized behaviour?” he added.


11:28AM May 20, 2014

MCA flays Ridhuan Tee over ‘spy on churches’

A MCA leader has described controversial academic Ridhuan Tee Abdullah as a “jaundiced sputter”, who is trying hard to forget his Chinese roots.

Koo Chin Nam also accused the “holier than thou” Muslim convert of letting down his religion with the latest call to infiltrate churches.

Koo is the MCA syariah law and policy implementation special task force deputy chairperson.

Under normal circumstances, he said that it would be best to ignore Ridhuan’s (right) views.

“However, his latest call as reported in Sinar Harian that ‘I hope there are Muslims who can enter churches in disguise to hear what is discussed’ is unbecoming of him as an educated Chinese Muslim,” he added.

Koo said the inflammatory call could lead to a colossal misunderstanding.

“He has grossly overstepped the boundary on the limitation of how much tolerance decent and peace-loving Malaysians can hold against narrow-minded bigots who are clearly out to sow distrust and instability in multiracial and multi-religious Malaysia.

“Surely, Islam as a virtuous religion does not condone nor teach its adherents to trespass another religion’s holy house with the primary objective of fault finding or creating mischief,” he added.

Koo also urged the police to probe Ridhuan for sedition and questioned if his latest call was tantamount to encouraging Muslims to commit identity theft.


Malaysia Chrtonicle

Monday, 19 May 2014 13:33

SPY ON CHURCHES CALL: With teachers like Ridhuan Tee, Malays risk becoming a RACE OF RUFFIANS!

KUALA LUMPUR — Controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah today suggested for Muslims to infiltrate churches in Malaysia to witness what he alleged to be Christian condemnation against them.

Writing in support today of a seminar at a Shah Alam university that questioned the divinity of Jesus Christ and the authenticity of the Christian Gospels, Tee also claimed this was held as a response to the alleged spread of Christianity in Malaysia.

He then urged Muslims to visit churches undercover to witness for themselves the conde Save mnation he alleged was being aimed at them.

“I hope there are Muslims who can go enter churches in disguise to hear what is discussed,” Tee wrote in his Sinar Harian column today.

Earlier in his opinion piece, the senior lecturer with the National Defence University defended a May 6 event held at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) that has antagonised Christian and other faith groups with the claims made by speakers, arguing that it was academic in nature.

Tee claimed that the criticism against the seminar was disproportionate to that which followed his allegation of a priest’s alleged attack against Islam in a church, which he claimed was made months prior.

“Unfortunately Muslims do not go to churches to see how they condemn Muslims. We are accused of oppression and cruelty towards Christians, with examples from ‘Malay cruelty in the ethnic cleansing of the Chinese during the Japanese Occupation of 1942-1945’. The fact is far from the point,” he wrote.

“Why were there no police reports made? Because we do not know what happens in churches.”


In refuting the allegations made by Teresa kok, Ridhuan said that the “kiasu spinster” who attacked him in Parliament should continue to study and obtain more degrees.

Malaysia Chronicle

Monday, 09 December 2013 13:18

RUDE RIDHUAN TEE refers to Teresa Kok as ‘KIASU SPINSTER’,denies teaching ethnic cleansing Written by Malaysia Chronicle

KUALA LUMPUR – Opposition lawmakers rapped controversial lecturer Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah for “rude name-calling” after he referred to one them as a “kiasu spinster” (scaredy-cat spinster) when issuing a denial that he had taught ethnic cleansing in university.

“It only show how unhealthy the situation in the country has become due to Umno-BN’s deliberate cultivation of politics into areas such as the academia which should remain neutral and independent in their views,” MP for Batu Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.


Ridhuan, an associate professor at the National Defence University Malaysia, had told a Malay daily that he was willing to be investigated over the allegations made in Parliament by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

The lecturer, who also writes for Umno-backed daily Utusan Malaysia said that “even in war against the enemy, Islam does not allow us to conduct ethnic cleansing because among them are those who are innocent like the old, children, women, environment and religious houses”.

“My answer is, please conduct an investigation. I am ready any time alongside thousands of my students,” Ridhuan wrote in his column in Sinar Harian on Monday.



Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “purloining and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions,” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like expulsion.


In parliamentary debates last month, Teresa Kok had questioned why no action was taken against the professor and newspaper columnist after a fellow academic complained that Ridhuan had plagiarised his work.


Teresa Kok (DAP-Seputeh) had asked about Ridhuan, who allegedly “taught ethnic cleansing to students in his course”.

Kok had asked what the government is doing about Ridhuan who has been accused of also teaching things which contravene “defence ethics and laws”.

Citing his columns in Malay language dailies, Kok said Ridhuan had also glorified fascist leader Adolf Hilter and supported the ethnic cleansing of Jews.


Mindef to probe if Ridhuan Tee ‘taught ethnic cleansing’

The Defence Ministry will investigate allegations that Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah had taught ethnic cleansing at the university.

However, Deputy Defence Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri (left) said it is not wrong for a lecturer to raise issues of ethnic cleansing if this is based on facts.

“I do not have information on this but we have to be fair (to Ridhuan) and look at whether the subject was taught in a seditious manner or (if it was) to expose students to facts that they need to know,” Rahim said during Question Time in the Dewan Rakyat today.

“As far as I know, lecturers recruited to teach at UPNM have wide experience and knowledge, and if they were exposing things … based on facts, and not seditiously, it is not a problem. We will investigate this matter and inform you of the outcome.”

Mindef to probe if Ridhuan Tee ‘taught ethnic cleansing’

The penalty for plagiarism is always severe so as to punish the offender and to discourage others from engaging in it.

Free Malaysia Today

Plagiarism: Much more than storm in Tee-cup

COMMENT The case of prominent Utusan Malaysia columnist, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, who has been accused of plagiarism, should be of public concern for several reasons.

Firstly, within academia, there are few worst sins than plagiarism.

Harvard policy requires instructors to report all suspected cases to the dean of the college, and most such cases are ultimately adjudicated by the administrative board.

If the majority of board members believe, after considering the evidence and your own account of the events, that you misused sources, they will likely vote that you be required to withdraw from the college for at least two semesters.

A serious charge of academic dishonesty has been allowed to remain unanswered since 2010 when the authorities were first notified about it.

Apparently nothing has been done by the university authorities or the Higher Education Ministry. Worse still, the alleged guilty party has been promoted rapidly in the university system.

Now what do these developments say about our university system? That plagiarism is perfectly acceptable among academics, in particular those writing in the national language in the university system? That the National Defence University does not view plagiarism as a serious issue?

Or that plagiarism is so pervasive in the university system that it is of little use in trying to fight it? Or that if plagiarism stems from an academic who is waving the Islamic or racist battle flag that favours the ruling party, it is somehow deemed to be acceptable?

The public whose taxation monies are used to finance our universities need to remind the authorities that this is not just any storm in a teacup but one that reflects on how serious we are about upholding international standards.

LIM TECK GHEE is director of the Centre for Policy Initiatives.

Plagiarism: Much more than storm in Tee-cup

Like This Page · November 22




Ridhuan Tee promoted despite allegations of plagiarism

This is Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lecturer Airil Yasreen, whose work Professor Ridhuan Tee (UPNM) is accused of having plagiarised.


Lecturer wrote to UPNM over Ridhuan’s alleged plagiarism

This is Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.



Published on Nov 20, 2013
Although repeatedly accused of plagiarism, Utusan Malaysia columnist Ridhuan Tee has been promoted from an ordinary lecturer to a professor at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), revealed his former colleague, Ariffin Omar today, who is now a DAP senator from Penang.


Lecturer wrote to UPNM over Ridhuan’s alleged plagiarism
3:17PM Nov 22, 2013

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lecturer Airil Yasreen yesterday revealed that he had already written to Universiti Pertahanan Negara Malaysia (UPNM) over allegations that Professor Ridhuan Tee from UPNM had plagiarised Airil’s articles written on his blog.

In a lengthy explanation on his Facebook account, Airil said that he had also forwarded the email he had sent to the deputy vice-chancellor of UPNM to UTM’s lawyer, but has not heard any response from UPNM to date.

“Maybe they are still investigating so we have to wait,” he said.

Airil said that he himself was not aware about the alleged plagiarism until March this year when he was contacted by a Free Malaysia Today reporter who sent him a copy of Ridhuan’s alleged academic thesis work which is said to have been plagiarised from Airil’s 2009 blogpost.

“Here, I need to stress on the fact that it was a copy given to me because I am not sure whether the copy given to me was indeed Ridhuan’s academic work,” Airil said.

“But as far as the copy that was given to me was concerned, it was definitely plagiarism,” he added.

Lecturer wrote to UPNM over Ridhuan’s alleged plagiarism

Like This Page · Today at 2:30pm · Edited ·
论文不引出处学生投诉 前同事力证利端.郑(郑全行)是文抄公


I held a press conference with Senator Dr Ariffin Omar, a former lecturer of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) at the Parliament House today.We showed to the journalists the evidence of plagiarism by Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, the lecturer of UPNM and columnist of Utusan Malaysia, and we pressed Minister of Education and Vice Chansellor of UPNM to take our complaint and evidence seriously.After the press conference, I handed the complaint letter against Dr Ridhuan Tee that was signed by Senator Dr Ariffin and me to Kamalanathan, the deputy minister of education; and a copy to Vice Chansellor of UPNM.Below is our joint press statement:Kementerian Pendidikan Mesti Mengarahkan UPNM Untuk Mengambil Tindakan Terhadap Tindakan Plagiat Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.Ucapan bajet yang dibentangkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan bagi tahun 2014 telah menegaskan bahawa Kerajaan akan memberi fokus memperkasakan institut pengajian tinggi awam dan swasta ke arah melahirkan graduan yang berkualiti dan memenuhi permintaan pasaran kerja.Sekiranya Kerajaan ingin mencapai tujuan memperkasakan institut pengajian tinggi di negara kita, maka Kementerian Pendidikan dan pihak universiti mestilah mementingkan kualiti, prestasi akademik dan tindak-tanduk pensyarah di universiti tempatan, di samping mengambil berat terhadap segala aduan terhadap anggota akademik yang tidak berkualiti dan tidak berperangai betul di universiti tempatan kita, khususnya universiti awam.Kami ingin menyampaikan kekesalan kami terhadap Kementerian Pendidikan dan pihak Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) kerana tidak mengambil berat tentang aduan yang dibawa oleh Vel Paari, Ketua Pemuda MIC terhadap tuduhan plagiat Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, seorang pensyarah di UPNM pada 8 Mac 2013, dan juga ucapan YB Teresa Kok, Ahli Parlimen Seputeh di Dewan Rakyat pada 7 November 2013.Di sini, kami ingin menunjukkan salah satu bukti plagiat oleh Dr. Ridhuan Tee dalam kertas projek bahasa Inggeris untuk memenuhi “Kursus Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (PTK4) Kumpulan Pensyarah Gred DS 51 Siri 1/2010 pada 24 Mei 2010 – 4 Jun 2010”.Sekiranya kita menyemak artikel asal Dr Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin dalam laman webnya “Airil Sametok” http://airilsametok.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html, kita akan mendapati Dr Ridhuan Tee telah salin hampir seluruh artikel Dr Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin, termasuk tatabahasa Inggeris yang salah dalam artikel asalnya, tanpa memberi apa-apa rujukan kepadanya. Kami difahamkan tulisan akademik Dr Ridhuan Tee ini merupakan artikel yang menyumbang kepada kenaikan pangkat beliau daripada pensyarah kanan ke Professor Madya di UPNM.
YB Senator Dr Ariffin pernah bertanya Menteri Pengajian Tinggi di Dewan Negara pada 20 Disember 2012 tentang tindakan yang diambil tentang masalah plagiat dalam Universiti-universiti tempatan, jawapannya ialah “Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi memandang serius sebarang kes plagiat yang berlaku dan juga plagiarism tiada tempat dalam dunia akademik kerana ia boleh merosakkan nilai keilmuan dan kesarjanaan.”Dalam bidang akademik, kes plagiat tidak boleh dipandang ringan. Sekiranya kesalahan ini tidak dibendung dengan cepat, prestasi dan kedudukan sesebuah universiti akan terjejas, sehingga ijazah universiti tempatan di negara kita tidak lagi diiktiraf oleh universiti di luar negara.Walaupun terdapatnya peruntukan pelucutan ijazah atas salah laku plagiat dan penipuan akademik di bawah Seksyen 73, Perlembagaan Universiti dan juga peruntukan hukuman kepada sesiapa yang melakukan kesalahan yang boleh mencemarkan nama Universiti termasuk plagiat dan penipuan penyelidikan di bawah Kaedah Tatatertib Pelajar dan Akta Badan Badan Berkanun (Tatatertib dan Surchaj) 2000, tetapi kesalnya kami tidak melihat sesiapa yang telah dihukum ataupun didakwa di bawah peraturan-peraturan ini sehingga hari ini.Kami mendesak pihak UPNM dan Menteri Pelajaran untuk mengambil aduan kami dengan serius dan mengambil tindakan yang sewajar untuk menunjukkan bahawa Kerajaan memang serius untuk memperkasakan institut pengajian tinggi dan menaik-taraf kualiti pensyarah di universiti tempatan.
Malaysian Insider

Come and face me, Ridhuan Tee tells critics over plagiarism allegations

November 21, 2013
Pro-government academic Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (pic) has shrugged off accusations of plagiarism, and said his critics were out to “character assassinate” him.Ridhuan, who is now associate professor at the National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM), said such claims would not affect his credibility.Saying his detractors took issue with his views, Ridhuan, who is a columnist for Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, challenged them to state their arguments instead of making baseless allegations.
“Come and face me. If they are not happy with my arguments, why resort to such character assassination? Arguments can be countered through proper argument,” he told online news portal Malaysiakini.
Professor Tee denies charges of plagiarism

Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia professor Ridhuan Tee Abdullah denied today that he plagiarised other people’s work for his academic performance and said those making such claims were out to “character assassinate” him.

Ridhuan, who is also an Utusan Malaysia columnist, said those who made the allegations were people who did not agree with what he writes.

He challenged those who do not agree with his arguments or views to state their arguments and not to make blind accusations.

Professor Tee denies charges of plagiarism


Ridhuan Tee promoted to prof despite allegations

Although repeatedly accused of plagiarism, Utusan Malaysia columnist Ridhuan Tee has been promoted from an ordinary lecturer to a professor at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), revealed his former colleague today.

Ariffin Omar (left), now a DAP senator from Penang, told a press conference at the Parliament lobby that the accusations that Ridhuan was plagiarising other people’s writing for his academic work was actually investigated by the university.

“But the vice-chancellor didn’t take it seriously and instead he was promoted. It was like a big slap on the face of academicians,” he added.

Ariffin taught Strategic Studies in UPNM between 2010 to early 2013, and was at the university when Ridhuan was promoted in early 2012, allegedly owing to a plagiarised academic work he wrote in 2010.

Ridhuan Tee promoted to prof despite allegations

Facebook Pages

Act on Ridhuan Tee Abdullah or face the music


The Intelligent Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah



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