Edmund Santhara is just another political frog…



DEPUTY Federal Territories Minister Edmund Santhara is just being melodramatic over his sacking from PKR, said party president Anwar Ibrahim.

“He left the party in February when he decided to join the band of traitors,” Anwar said during a Facebook live session today.

“Just say that he wants to leave but to pretend to be sad, that’s just being melodramatic.”

Anwar was responding to a question about Edmund, who sarcastically thanked Anwar for sacking him from PKR on his birthday on April 3.Edmund, a former PKR central leadership committee member, was among 11 PKR MPs to join sacked deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali and vice-president Zuraida Kamarudin during the political crisis on February 24.

Following the crisis, Edmund, who is first-time Segamat MP, was made a deputy minister under Muhyiddin’s cabinet.

Anwar said it is equally hypocritical of some of the sacked members, including Rembia assemblyman Muhammad Jailani Khamis, to raise the issue of due process.

“They didn’t have any qualms about joining the traitors then. So, why should they talk about due process now?

“Anyhow, they should appeal to the disciplinary committee if they feel their suspensions or sackings were unfair,” said Anwar.

Yesterday, PKR announced that it had 348 members that included leaders at the national and division levels.









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