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Hong Kong faces a resurgence of Covid-19…

.. Worries in Hong Kong over Covid-19https://t.co/gz4bAU5RHz — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) May 13, 2020 .. Emerging cluster in Hong Kong could derail plans to reopen schools. Part of that cluster: A 66-year-old grandmother & her school-age granddaughter https://t.co/LXh4cxvU7o via @scmpnews — … Continue reading

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An online petition calls on the White House to investigate Bill and Melinda Gates for crimes against humanity and medical malpractice.

.. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-call-investigations-bill-melinda-gates-foundation-medical-malpractice-crimes-against-humanity?fbclid=IwAR0L2JSKv56Rmm97A3IpDnA0YtNQiO_tzXDDxymQBtd076OEJDWVa7kMRFk .. White House petition to investigate Bill Gates gains almost 400K signatures in few weeks .. Going after Bill Gateshttps://t.co/NwAgmXSO7E — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) May 13, 2020

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On the 51st anniversary of May 13, 1969, the truth still eludes us…

.. Kesan rusuhan selepas peristiwa 13 Mei yang dirakam… very rare video… pic.twitter.com/gvspyEnA1k — helme hanafi (@ayathelme) May 13, 2020 .. My retrospective from last year on the fiftieth anniversary of Malaysia's deadly race riots: "Mahathir's political career was forged … Continue reading

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The Nexus Institute: Watch “Will China’s rise be peaceful?” on YouTube

.. Eric Li, venture capitalist, believes that “no country has ever been invaded, not a single shot fired” by China. Here’s the evidence that contradictd him: Tibet was invaded and annexed. Mao Zedong called the invasion a liberation. ..

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All my Greta Thunberg Posts: Chopsticks, China, Climate change, etc…

.. No, Greta Thunberg did not ask the Chinese to stop using chopsticks to save the trees. It’s fake news. .. Greta Thunberg, Stewart Miller and his “transphobic” meme of her… .. Greta Thunberg brings out the best, or worst, in others… .. … Continue reading

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Watch “How Women Fight Coronavirus | Dear Alyne” on YouTube

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Maszlee questions newest appointment of TNB chairman…

.. His lawyer says Mahdzir is just a witness in a solar hybrid project court case against Rosmah Mansor. #FMTNews #TNB #MahdzirKhalid https://t.co/YfkEcGj795 — Free Malaysia Today (@fmtoday) May 13, 2020 .. Maszlee questions Mahdzir's TNB appointment https://t.co/zFMQNzJnYJ pic.twitter.com/FYcr9f2GjI — … Continue reading

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Is Najib???

.. Dont have to wait for 60 days, BN fell immediately after i vote for PH on May, 9 (2018) … haha 🤣😂 https://t.co/m2jZklmUDH — Tg.Haslinda (@tg_haslinda) May 13, 2020 .. News to me that God is on the side … Continue reading

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Citizen Nades: Is Umno back in business?

.. Is Umno back in business? https://t.co/iHXygypufV — Citizen Nades (@CitizenNades) May 13, 2020 ..

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Leaked audio shows that Mahathir did not make the decision to leave Harapan.

.. https://m.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?height=224&width=400&href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FBersatuTVOfficial%2Fvideos%2F248831796330919%2F .. Leaked audio reveals 'Muhyiddin entrusting Dr M' to decide on Harapan exit https://t.co/42eZHS4nFb pic.twitter.com/cHMRbLhziT — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) May 12, 2020

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