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Could China invade Taiwan in early 2021?

.. China threat: Taiwan aims US missiles at Beijing after imminent invasion plot exposed MILITARY tensions between China and US escalated further today, after a strong ally of President Xi warned that Beijing would invade US-backed Taiwan “early next year”. … Continue reading

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The Fellowship of National Taiwan University Hospital has not released this message: The symptoms of critically ill patients with Covid-19 is like the combination of SARS and AIDS. Even discharged patients could be long-term asymptomatic carriers.

.. .. 台灣事實查核中心 Taiwan FactCheck Center 【部分錯誤】網傳「台大醫師團契訊息…重症新冠肺像 “SARS+AIDS”…免疫系統也幾乎全被摧毀…多器官衰竭是新冠病毒重要死亡原因…出院的病人可能會像B型肝炎病人一樣,長期帶病毒生存」?  2020-04-24  偽代言新冠肺炎新冠病毒特性 網傳「台大醫師團契訊息…重症新冠肺像 “SARS+AIDS”…免疫系統也幾乎全被摧毀…多器官衰竭是新冠病毒重要死亡原因…出院的病人可能會像B型肝炎病人一樣,長期帶病毒生存」,經查: 一、臺大醫院未發布此訊息。 二、專家指出,COVID-19的重症患者,通常本身有其他疾病,肺臟功能不好時連帶影響心、腎等器官,有時會引發多重器官衰竭。但不是只有COVID-19,細菌感染等其他疾病也會引發多重器官衰竭。 三、COVID-19患者體內的淋巴細胞會降低,而淋巴細胞是參與免疫反應的細胞之一。但包括SARS在內的很多病毒,患者體內的淋巴細胞也會降低。 四、新冠病毒是否會侵犯免疫系統、如何侵犯免疫系統,以及傳言指稱的「長期帶原者」的說法,有待更多科學研究釐清。 因此,傳言為「部分錯誤」訊息。 For the whole article: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/3721 .. English translation Fact check report Partially false A message from National Taiwan University Doctor Fellowship … Severe … Continue reading

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MACC widens its probe from the award of RM30 million contract for Covid-19 testing to several other MOH emergency procurements…

.. .. MACC investigating several MOH Covid-19 emergency procurements – sources https://t.co/VoEXp94ezM pic.twitter.com/cu8nqrNfDl — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) May 5, 2020 .. THE Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) have finally opened an investigation into some questionable dealings in the critical supply of … Continue reading

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The latest accusation against China; You withheld information of the severity of the coronavirus to allow yourself time to hoard medical supplies!

.. Accusing Chinahttps://t.co/TxaRUiYXcR — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) May 4, 2020 .. China stands accusedhttps://t.co/DWRdjvv4xl — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) May 4, 2020 .. Covid-19: China hid details of outbreak to hoard medical supplies, US report says Published 04 MAY, 2020UPDATED 04 MAY, 2020 … Continue reading

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On May the 4th, many queued at the pawn shop: Pawn and eat, or let your children starve!

.. .. .. Malaysians rushing to pawnshops a sign of ailing economy, says Anwar https://t.co/XQAocxA5E1 — Malay Mail (@malaymail) May 5, 2020 Kedai pajak gadai sesak bukti kesusahan rakyat, kata Anwar https://t.co/G2N57xqzhX pic.twitter.com/M27FlSAWER — Malaysiakini (BM) (@mkini_bm) May 5, 2020 … Continue reading

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Victor Anthony: Why Tengku Zafrul should resign…

.. LETTER | Why Tengku Zafrul should resign https://t.co/zsvf552EOa pic.twitter.com/1Fx71YSOc3 — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) May 4, 2020 ..

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Johor implements the conditional MCO. No surprises there.

.. Pemandangan di JPJ Taman Daya, Johor Bahru. Beratur panjang kalah nak masuk SG la. pic.twitter.com/pnkJ0sZoPG — Izzuddin Safuan🇲🇾 (@IzzuddinSafuan) May 4, 2020 Johor agrees to implement Putrajaya’s CMCO with conditions, says MB https://t.co/nMhZcPPFFZ — Malay Mail (@malaymail) May 4, … Continue reading

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Does your face mask cause irritation to your skin?

.. Face Mask Skin Irritation Is a Real Thing—Here’s What a Dermatologist Says You Can Do Add these skincare items to your routine if you’re wearing a reusable face mask. By Taylyn Washington-Harmon April 14, 2020 The internet is filled … Continue reading

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Edmund Santhara is just another political frog…

.. COMMENT | Poor Edmund Santhara just can’t catch a break https://t.co/vrBre17xWx pic.twitter.com/hho4h5Itvw — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) May 7, 2020 .. DEPUTY Federal Territories Minister Edmund Santhara is just being melodramatic over his sacking from PKR, said party president Anwar Ibrahim. … Continue reading

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It’s MCO 5 now! May the 4th! First Day of the conditional MCO…

.. Dine-in not encouragedhttps://t.co/Xabtf5ODas — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) May 5, 2020 .. .. The MCO4 has been cancelled , Malaysia is now in phase 5 of the MCO. It’s been gazetted . This applies to all states 😅. Under MCO5, there … Continue reading

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