Does your face mask cause irritation to your skin?


Face Mask Skin Irritation Is a Real Thing—Here’s What a Dermatologist Says You Can Do

Add these skincare items to your routine if you’re wearing a reusable face mask. By Taylyn Washington-Harmon April 14, 2020

The internet is filled with photos of health care workers who are dealing with skin issues from wearing medical-grade masks hours on end. So I wondered: How can the average mask wearer—even someone crafting a makeshift mask out of a bandana or scarf—keep their skin clean and protected after wear? Whether you’re an outdoor athlete or just taking a break from social distancing by walking your dog every day, Adeline Kikam, DO (better known as @brownskinderm), chief resident dermatologist at Corpus Christi Medical Center in Texas, gives Health her best tips for how she keeps her own skin healthy after wearing a mask.


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